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New and improved, meet unique mutants and experience their lives.
[Introduction] Basically, this is a second campfire to my first, "X-Men: Recreated". The first wasn't moving along too well, and I felt like a fresh start. Create your own mutant, and create their story of how they come/came to Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters, experiences they go through, friends they make, loves they fall in, and the powers that they struggle with.

Xavier is no longer running the school; Storm is.
Jean Grey is still a teacher, as is Scott (Cyclops).
Wolverine is also...well, he lives at the school, and is an occasional substitute.
Hank is a cafeteria worker. :) (If you don't know who he is, he's the big, blue, hairy guy.)
There is no Rogue, no Bobby, no John, no Magneto and no Mystique.
Nightcrawler lives at the school, but has no job there. He may occasionally be put into play.

Here are the rules:
Please fill our a character bio with a short first entry. You do not have to be living at the school from the very beginning, you can work your way there.
Please do not make your character any older than 17, and no younger than 14.
Your character may not have more then two powers.
You may use some cursing, fighting, and romance (it's actually encouraged slightly; it makes things more interesting) but please do not get overdramatic with the fighting, and not too excessive ont he swearing. This is rated 13+.
PLEASE try to make your addition within 1 week. If you have not, I will send you a reminder, wait a short while longer, and then skip your turn.
And most important of all...HAVE FUN!
The character bio is as follows:

How you got to be at the school: (if applicable)
Name/Nickname: Abigail Bolivar

Age/Birthday: 16/January 17th

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is tall and willowy with long, wavy dark brown hair and large, ice blue eyes. She has milky white, fair skin and everything about her is long and slender. Her skin is littered with small dark brown beauty marks, ranging from one on the left side of her jaw bone and one beneath her right eye, spread throughout her body to one on her very smallest toe. She wears many form-fitting layers and usually leaves her hair down and casual.

Personality: Unique, mystical, insightful and beautiful. Mysterious and alluring, she naturally attracts people to her; she's like a people magnet even though she most often wishes to be alone. Her soul is very beautiful if not a little shut up; she keeps her emotions hidden from everyone and therefore they don't know what she's capable of. She is very dependable and honest, and when she makes a decision, she sticks by it.

Mutation: she's a metamorph, and has the ability to move through solid objects.

Family: mother and father

Hobbies: reading, music, dancing, and photography.

History: Abigail grew up in a home learning nothing but about the badness of mutants. Her mother and father, strong anti-mutantists, drilled into her brain that mutants were a blasphemy of God, and that none found should remain living. So, when she started realizing what her powers meant, she knew she had to leave her family.

How you got to be at the school: N/A

Abigail stood in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom, staring at her reflection. This couldn't be. She was hallucinating. She was going crazy.

Crazy people don't know they're crazy, the voice inside her head contradicted her.

Trembling, Abigail watched her fair, willowy reflection change into a short, stout young girl. Now staring back at her from the mirror was Abigail's best friend. Unknowingly uttering a strangled cry of desperation, Abigail's reflection changed back to her normal self. A moment later, there was a knock on the door.

"Honey, are you alright?" A voice called from outside the door. Abigail jumped and faced the door that was concealing her mother. Her mother who would walk around the world to personally be sure that all mutants were caught.

"I'm fine, mom." Abigail squeaked.

Who're you trying to kid?, the voice inside her head whispered. You're far from fine.

Silently crying, Abigail turned on her computer and plopped onto her chair, only to fall through it and hit the floor.

Something must be done.
 Name/Codename: Caolan Donnachaihd /Dark

Age/birthday: 16 / september 10th

Sex: Male

Appearence: Tall, slender with dark blond hair tipped red. Considered by many to slightly feminine but still, anyone that knows him or even of him would tell you that his figure is hardly anything to go on because he's surprisingly strong and there's a harshness to his face that comes with independence. Intense blue eyes define his face and swallow emotion in their depths. Gothic.

Mutation: .... Darkness, he's able to use and malipulate darkness/light and shadow. He can summon shadow and use it to attack body and mind in various degrees and blend into it when wants. Can change light and dark in the immediate area and can see as well in the dark as in the day.

Personality: Deceptive. His outward image is a reflection of his outer personality, the one he lets people see. He can be cold, witty, sarcastic and moody on the outside. On the inside he's lonely and afraid but, friendly and loyal, he can keep a secret and he's not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and for his friends. His mind is so closed anyone would think of him as a normal teenager until they get to know him, which is when he'll let it open. He likes arguing and lives for the moments when he can lose himself in music and art. He learnt martial arts and speaks 7 languages fluently thanks to an old mentor when he was younger. his memory is like a steel trap.

History: He would like to forget it. His abilities were obvious at a very early age, when he was still living in Ireland. However it's not that simple. From about age 4 he lived with his older sister and his father as his mum was killed by the IRA. His father, violent by nature started off as simply abusive towards him, barely noticing his sister. However, one time when he was being tortured his sister became emotional and she discovered her own 'curse' she killed him. After that they ran. His sister commited suicide a year later and he was left to deal with his life on his own.
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Name/Nickname: Carlie Jacobs

Age/Birthday: 16/ 14 August

Gender: female

Appearance: Carlie has traight flameing red hair and pale green eyes. She is about five foot ten and weighs a measly 130 pounds. Her skin is naturally pale and despite all the self tans in the world she still looks pale.

Personality: She is very quite. She doesn't like revealling to much about herself to stangers. She does however have a weakness for animal lovers and poetry. The modern day romantic.

Mutation: She is able to time travel; to a point. She can not go more then three days forewad or backwards in time. Whenever she tries to go father, she ends up loosing the connection and returns to her original time.

Family: mother Jessica, father Lucas and brother Mark

Hobbies: knitting/crochetting, cooking

History: Carlie tried not to use her power to much but when she heard of Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters, she had to learn how to control her powers. She hopes one day to go back in time as far as one year.

How you got to be at the school: asked her family to join

[she.said] [EDIT:] Sage's character has been deleted in an attempt to make six even characters. Please try to make three male and three female. If you really don't want to make the only gender available, let me know and I'll add more characters to the campfire. But I find any more than 6 characters to be a little confusing.

Thanks. :)
Name/Nickname: Riley Wayne /Shield

Age/Birthday: 15/ November 23, 1990

Gender: Male

Appearance: He's a scruffy fifteen year old at average height with rust colored hair and light colored freckles. He's almost always has a smile on his face. He wears jeans and plain colored t-shirts.

Personality: Riley's a trouble maker plain and simple. He lives life for the fullest even if it means revealing himself as a mutant. He knows right from wrong and isn't heartless. He just wants to have fun. Riley's very brave and can be a show off.

Mutation: Able to create an impentetrable force field around himself of something else. It's transparent and kind of looks like a bubble. He can make a small one and use it as a weapon like a hard ball. He can also make them combust in a small explosion but he doesn't know he can do that yet.

Family: Older sister is 21 and younger sister who is 13.

Hobbies: Goofing off. Showing off to the girls. He's got a passion for comics and video games. Secretly he also enjoys a good book. Any kind of book. Reading is his passion.

History: Riley's parents died when he was thirteen about the time when his powers began to emerge. His father was already sick and his mother soon followed a month later after a long period of depression. His parents always told him to be proud of what he was. They didn't know he was a mutant. His older sister already had a decent job as a nurse so she is raising Riley and his younger sister. Riley discovered his powers and began to act out.

How you got to be at the school: You'll see

Riley ran as the school bell rang. People got out of his way as they saw the boy running to class with his paper mache model of the solar system. It was all done seconds ago and was still dripping wet, collapsing under it's own weight.

"No, no. Stay up," Riley begged his model as scraps of newspaper on Jupiter's Red Spot had begun to slide off. He cursed to himself. Then Jupiter broke off and fell.

Riley smiled. He looked left and right and created a small bubble force field forcing that levitated into the air. The clear bubble-like shield replaced Jupiter. It was going to have to last him until fourth period. He'd never made a force field last that long. It would take a lot of concentration to hold it there. Riley thought to himself with a smile that it had been a long time since he'd tested the limits of his powers. So he painted the sphere to look like another one of the planets.

The day went by well until lunch. That's when his solar system was starting to mysteriously hum. Riley had a gut instinct that something was terribly wrong. He ran into Mr. Stanich's room at the beginning of the fourth period. His teacher cocked an eyebrow and gave a smug smirk.

"Mr. Wayne? On time? It couldn't be," he teased. Riley narrowed his eyes. A regular prejudice anti-mutant. Riley knew Mr. Stanich had it in for him. Unfortunately, he couldn't prove it. Recent laws passed required mutants to tell their teachers of their powers.

"Mr. Stanich, can I please present my project first," Riley said looking at his solar system. The class snickered.

"Sucking up won't help your grade on your last minute project," Mr. Stanich commented. Riley looked at the class. He knew what they all were thinking. Riley was up to another prank.

"Please?" he asked again.

"Sit down, Mr. Wayne," said the teacher. Then to the class, "We will be starting alphabetical order beginning with Ms. Anderson." Riley's shoulders dropped as he exasperated noisily. The humming was steadily growing. A tall blonde girl stood up with her project. The humming grew louder. Riley stared at his project silently begging Jupiter to maintain itself from whatever it was going to do. As if to spite him, the sphere shield started to vibrate. Riley closed his eyes.

And Jupiter exploded.

[Virgo is out for summer!] Name/Nickname: Raiyne Korbin/ Fang (and occasionally Fluffy)

Age/Birthday: 17/12-13

Gender: Male

Appearance: Rather whippy and loose-looking with pale white skin and sharp
features. He has dark green/gold eyes with long silver hair. He has a pair of
magenta wolf-like ears on the top of his head that swivel and move
independently and a matching tail that, when limp, falls down to about his
calves. He has claws on his hands and feet, both are naturally black and wicked
sharp, as are his elongated canine teeth. He has three stripes of black fur on
either cheek and a long stripe down his spinal column that goes into his tail.
He wears casual clothes, usually jeans and a tee-shirt, though the denims
usually have a hole in them so he can move his tail freely.

Personality: Like your average puppy, playful and rambunctious, always nosing
into this and that. He loves to chase a ball, but refuses to tell anyone, so he
usually plays fetch with himself when he's alone. He's sweet-natured and
intelligent, he's willing to learn if someone's willing to teach, and
occasionally stubborn. He doesn't usually have a temper, but if provoked, he
will attack, like any normal animal. He has wolfish instincts, thinking of
people as a pack, and sniffing everything before touching. He has a deep rooted
fear of being alone, and hates when things are too quiet, usually howling to
break the silence.

Mutation: His DNA is almost a perfect and complete cross between wolf and man.
He can 'talk' to dogs on any sort and will eventually be able to switch
between a bright MAGENTA wolf (don't ever call him pink, he get's irritated.)
and his human-like form.

Family: He doesn't know them, he was abandoned as soon as he was born and an
orphanage that was vaguely sympathetic took him in.

Hobbies: Talking to 'Luna' the moon, drawing, playing fetch.

History: After he was brought into the orphanage, most of the children were
predjudiced against him, and they would corner him and hurt him until he was
about fourteen, then he ran away, living with the dogs and eventually leading
his own pack and speaking more dog than human. He and his pack lived in an old
church, mostly because he liked to look at the glass and all the pretty shapes.
He was later found by a group from the school, but ran away for the safety of
his pack. They've recently been searching for him but he is scared of the
others, uncertain how they will treat him.

How you got to be at the school: Not there just yet.
(Hey guys, sorry it took me sooooo long to make my addition, but I got caught up in my dance performance and then I had exams. I'm done everything now though, so I'm full of free time till I go on vacation at the end of July! :D )

Tucked away safely at the back of the classroom, Abigail hunched over her books as kids filed out for the weekend. The teacher remained at the front of the class, so far unaware that one of her students was left behind. This teacher was Abigails only hope; the only one she could tell. If she could even bring herself to do that much.

Gathering her books in her arms, Abigail braced herself and walked to the front of the room, standing in front of the teachers desk where Miss. Livingstone looked up at her, surprised.

"Oh, Abigail! What can I do for you?" Miss. Livingstone said. She was a young woman of average height, with long, bushy brown hair, big eyes and a big smile. She wore flowy skirts and earth-toned blouses. A hippy to the tee. And Abigail knew that she supported mutant rights, and that she could tell her.

"Um...Miss. Livingstone, I was wondering...if I could ask you something?" Abigail muttered, tugging at a loose piece on her textbook. Her teacher smiled.

"My dear, I'm afraid you just did, but you're more then welcome to ask me as much as you'd like."

Abigail let out a nervous giggle, and then took a deep breath. "I was wondering if you knew, if you had any advice, if you...could..."

Miss. Livingstone smiled again and put a finger to her lips, taking a seat at her desk. "Take another deep breath, my dear, gather your thoughts, and try again." After a moments pause, she did.

"I was wondering if you had any advice on what a mutant might do if they needed to get away from where they were like you know if their family was against it or something?" Abigails words rushed together in a nervous jumble, but she hoped to god they were still decipherable. A thoughtful expression took over her teachers smile.

"Hm...a mutant, you say?"

"It's a friend." Abigail blurted. "A friend of mine...she needs help."

"And you said that her family is against mutants? So she needs to leave?" Miss. Livingstone repeated and Abigail nodded her head. Her teacher smiled yet again. "Dear, I know exactly the thing. Here, let me find it for you...I mean, for your friend."

Miss. Livingstone took a key from around her neck and unlocked one of her desk drawers. Pulling it open she rummaged around in it only to dig up a crumpled piece of paper from the bottom. However, when she handed it to Abigail, she saw that it was not a piece of paper, but a brochure for a place called Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

"What's this?" Abigail asked, looking down at it quizzically.

"It's a school. Just as its name says, it's for gifted children. Such as...your friend." Miss. Livingstone winked at Abigail. "It's were children can be safe and learn. And the family need not even know it's for people of their kind, merely for regular "gifted youngsters". A prep school, let's say."

Abigail was silent, looking down at the brochure in her hand. Could this be just what she needed?

"Thanks, Miss. Livingstone." Abigail said, and rushed out of the room.

"My pleasure, child." Miss. Livingstone said quietly as the door closed behind her student. Her gifted student.

When glass falls on the ground it shatters into a thousand pieces. Fragmented crystals glimmer as they steal the light and scratch the air with splintering cries. They collapse inwards, circles of slither slight shards bursting and their violent explosion leaves them in piles of barbarous dust… Caolan never realised it until that moment... Those eyes as they broke with realisation.

"I'm a-" the girl was horrified with herself, the contortions coming from her arms as he watched her turn in the windows reflection.

He'd been walking behind her when he'd first seen them. The twig like spikes that were reaching out of her skin. Carefully he had diverted as much light away from her as possible, shrouding her gently within a cocoon to spare her the embarressment and ferocious hatred of many passer by. He left her staring in the glass. Her hopes and dreas shattered by the 'freak' inside her.

Sadly he shook his head. He had always had trouble controlling his powers but somethings were fine, somethings he could cope with. He had recognised the power in his mind, harnessed it to protect his inner thoughts but he had yet to completely hide the attacks inflicted by his own gifts. For that was how he saw them. They had saved his life as well as destroyed it. He had no friends, no living relatives anymore, but he had survived for nearly his entire life despite the unreliability of his powers.

"If only, if only, the buds in the valley, could blossem and bloom in the dark and the gloom..." He murmured seeking a way out of t he crowded street and finally finding it... Sliding into an alley beside a school. It would be safe enough... for now...
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Carlie sat in her room and stared at the brochure. This could be the answer to her prays. SHe would be able to control her time travel. She could expand on it. Maybe go as far back as a year and one day as far as she wants to.

Carlie dozed off as she dreamed of what she could one day acheive all because of Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters.
Riley was dead silent in the pricipal's office as she stared him down. His older sister, Mel, would be here soon. After half an hour of waiting the young woman in scrubs ran into the principal's office.

"I am so sorry I'm late Mrs. Clavell," Mel said immediately. Mrs. Clavell was not at all happy to see her. Mel's gaze immediately shot toward Riley. "What did you do?"

"It was an accident!" Riley whined.

"Ms. Wayne, if you'll have a seat, I'll explain everything," Mrs. Clavell said. Mel took a seat beside Riley. The young teenager fidgeted in his seat and crossed his arms across his chest. A few minutes later, Mel was yet again shocked to here of her younger brother's actions.

"You made your science project explode in class!" Mel screamed.

"I did not!" Riley said. "Look. My diagram broke and so I used my powers to make a ball and I painted it to look like my planet. Then out of nowhere it just exploded! I didn't mean to."

"As you may remember, Ms. Wayne, we have all mutants in public school sign a contract that they are never to use their powers at school. Regardless of whether this was an accident or not, Riley is going to have to be expelled by recommendation of Mr. Stanich," Mrs. Clavell said. Riley grabbed the armrests and stood up.


Mel stood up beside him. "Mrs. Clavell, Riley isn't a danger to anyone. He would never hurt anybody."

"And Mr. Stanich has had it in for me since day one," Riley said. He plopped down in his chair and sighed. "I'm gonna kill that guy."

Both women stared at him.

"No! Not literally. I mean..." Riley slapped his forehead. "Never mind. Mel, let's go." Riley slung his backpack over his shoulder and left. Mel shook Mrs. Clavell's hand.

"Thank you for your time," said the principal. "Oh. And here. I think you may want to take a look at an alternative school for mutants." She handed Mel a brochure with a fake smile.

"I think Riley may be more happy there. Among his own kind," she said. Mel narrowed her eyes.

"His own kind?" she repeated. Mel snatched the brochure from her hand. Riley was watching from a crack in the door. He knew his older sister had always been the protective type. Especially because of the intolerance of mutants. And he would not expect anything less than what Mel had to say next.

"Go to hell, you prejudice bitch."
Korbin stared at the woman in glass, a clawed hand reaching to touch the frozen scene, the woman cradling a child in her arms as a halo of light surrounded the pair. His ears twitched slightly, his bare torso shivering as he felt the sun move farther down in the sky and the magenta fur on his back bristling as he felt an unusual storm brewing, "Stay down." He yapped to the others of his pack and he hopped down from the windowsill, landing lightly on all fours with a low, territorial growl at the entrance of the shine den, as the others had taken to calling it. His nose wrinkled as he scented the thunder woman that had been here and seen him before, damn bitch-human, nosing where she wasn't wanted. With supernatural strength and speed, he leapt to the rafters, padding lightly across the heavy wooden beams.

"Hello?" The hairless-rat-bitch called.

He growled, "Why you come here?" His voice guttural, low, and dangerous.

"So you do live here." She said.

"You outsider, not pack, bitch." He snarled again.

She seemed offended by his speech and she searched for him in the twilight-lit glass den, "I'm here because you are not a dog. Come with me, please, I implore you, you do not belong here."

"You not belong, bitch, hairless little rat that you is." Korbin leapt to the ground, the shadows barely hiding him.

Her mouth set in a firm line, "My name is Storm." She ground out, her patience wearing thing.

Good, perhaps she would leave if he angered her more, "Thunder-bitch, you is, only that little patch of fur on your head, hairless rat." He snuck in between the pews, slipping past her and twining his tail about her ankle, making her start.

"I'm not a bitch." Her eyes flashed dangerously.

"You is. You is not male." Korbin stood on two legs, his back popping and he winced at the noise, as it had given him away.

"There you are, now stay still." She said, stepping forward.

"No!" Korbin danced away from her hand as she leaned forward to grab him, "You won't lay a hand on me!"

"Ah-ha! You can speak properly!" She shouted in triumph.

"I can! What's it to you?" Korbin leapt to the rafters again, but was startled to the ground when a bolt of lightning struck the wood in front of him, "Stop!" He ran again, towards the den this time, the fur on his tail, ears, cheeks and along his back bristling, "Leave the pack alone!"

This seemed to give her pause, "You have others here?"

"I do!" He swiped at her as she came close and she moved back.

"Who?" She peered around him slightly, gasping at the small pack of dogs hiding behind him, "You take care of them all?"

"No, I am their alpha, this is my pack." Korbin took another step forward, but she did not retreat and he growled in warning.

A light seemed to go off in the woman's head, "What if I guaranteed the safety of your pack if you came with? And the opportunity to learn something while you're at the school."

Korbin glared at her, "What would I learn?"

"How to read and write, to do many things, not just basic human things, but stuff to do with your powers as well." Her offer held appeal to him, but the pack...

"I cannot leave them." He said, his expression turning pensive.

"You could come visit." She put in quickly, "Once a month, on any day of your choosing."

He sat down heavily, tempted, and thought hard until a tennis ball rolled into his line of sight, one of the dogs had rolled it out and Korbin attacked it, the ball slipping from his grasp and bouncing off the wall. He barked happily, his hands and feet scrambling on the wood flooring, desperate for a purchase so he could chase it. "Come on..." He growled, until his claws finally dug in and he was off like a rocket.

"Oh gods... this is too easy." He heard the Thunder-female murmur, and a gust of wind blew the ball towards her, "And I'll let you chase this around on the large grounds we house." She held up his tennis ball and he was sold.

"Very well." He growled, standing straight and composing himself as if he hadn't even considered chasing the little yellow ball all over, "I'll attend your school, but I get to visit my pack on every full moon."

"Done." Storm said, tossing the ball at him and he caught it easily in his mouth, landing on two legs and looking once more at the woman in the glass before returning his attention to the woman in front of him and walking out, not bothering to cover up his chest and his traits that labelled him as 'mutant'.
Name/Nickname: Petris Bordon (Spark)

Age/Birthday: 16. Novemeber 28, (1989)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long brown hair that reaches to the middle of her back. Sharp, grey eyes and a small smile. Tall, about 5'5 and slender. She always has a bit of mocha color to her skin no matter how far into winter the season is, and there's a birthmark on the back of her neck, which she hasn't grown out of yet.

Personality: If anyone could describe her in one word it would be: blunt. She's not afraid to be herself and speak her honest opinion. If she has a problem with someone, then she's not affraid to oppose them. She has an attitude, but their is some softness to the way she smiles. And no matter how cold her straight forward comments may be there is always a warmth in her eyes. She finds it hard to get close to other people, because she doesn't give them the chance to prove their trust.

Mutation: She can contol electrizity, and has a gift with numbers. She was always good with codes and computers because their language consisted of numerals and she could understand it. Not to mention, she has enough voltage in her to charge the earth for three months straight.

Family: Somethings she will never know.

Hobbies: Computer programming, math problems, and chemistry equations.

History: When Spark was little, she was given to an orphanage in her home town. From there, she has moved seven times with seven different foster families, all having the same misfortune of choosing her as their daughter... a mutant. So, each time, after a year or so (usually a week after they found out about her secret) she would end up back at square one. Finally, after being locked in the basement of her last foster home and brutally beaten, Petris had run away. She had regretably lost control and accidentally electricuted her foster parents. Her fear and depression brought her into living on the streets with other homeless people. She's a powerful class 4, according to the mutant class system and so she was not hard to detect by Xavier.

How you get to the school: Not there yet.
Abigail couldn't believe it. Her parents had said yes. She was going to a school with people just like her; a place where she wouldn't have to pretend to fit in but could do so while being herself. While actually using her powers. It seemed almost too good to be true.

Abigail stood over her bed, packing clothes into her duffle bag. Her dresser drawers were all pulled open, half-folded clothes spewing out. Her closet doors were opened haphazardly, stuck by clothing and objects lying on the floor. It looked as if a tornado had gone through her room; something very unusual for Abigail was a very neat and organized girl.
Her computer was turned on to the schools homepage, and left forgotton with her messanger turned on. Abigail wore only her pyjamas; boxers and an old t-shirt, with one set of clothes folded neatly on her bed to be worn tomorrow, when she would be traveling to the school. Everything else was getting stowed away in her bag, as Abigail silently smiled to herself.

She could be anyone she wanted to be. She could change her looks, give a different name, she could leave her old self behind. Children at the school need not ever know about the old Abigail; the one who couldn't control her powers or even tell her own family about them. No one need ever know about the brother she no longer knew herself. No, no one would ever have to know.

The last thing Abigail packed away into her duffle bag before zipping it shut, placing it carefully and safely in a folding of thick sweater, was a single photograph in a simple frame. A photograph of a young, smiling boy, a beauty mark beneath his right eye; eyes that were large and icy blue. A photograph of her brother.

The girl had caught his eye from the moment she left her school. Her image was finely distorted, he guessed only he would notice since only he would see how dark and light were confused by the edge of her body.

Caolan had shadowed himself, smothering himself in a chiffon shadow that curled so perfecly about him. He smiled, he loved the way that light could feel so intricately worn and designed so beautifully.... With a sigh he watched the way the girl held the pamplet infront of her. She seemed excited, which was a change from earlier.... Despite the willowy frame now she seemed almost powerful in her elegance. She had a bag, a smile that was bright,

With a sigh he watched as she tucked herself into the backseat of her car, her father was driving, her mother was still at the door with a sad upturn of her lips. This girl was leaving. Scowling he raced as a shadow to the open boot and flung himself on top of the case, he wanted to know why she was so happy. He wanted someone who could show him somewhere safe from the darkness.
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"So what you are trying to say is that you want to leave home to go to this..." Carlies mother fluttered her hand at the pamphlet on the counter.

"School. Yes. Mom, please, it could help me with my...grades." Her parents hadn't read the pamphlet luckily and thought it was only a school for the extremly intelligent types.

"But, how can we afford this?"

"Theirs a payment plan. Mommy, please." Carlie started to whine and tears were busy gathering in her eyes. She hated acting like a five year old but it got the job done.

"Okay. Let me see if we can rearrange some of our finances. I'm sure I could figure something out." Carlie screeched and jumped into her mothers arms.

"Whats all the ruckus about?" Carlies father said carring his suitcase in from the car.

"I just told Carlie we might look into a bording school she wants to go to."

Carlie's father took the pamphlet and stared at the cover. "Do you know what this school is for?" He asked the two woman in his life. "It's for mutants. We're trying to get this school some funding from the government."

Carlie's father was a lawyer, and is very out spoken about Mutant Rights.

Both parents stared at Carlie.

"What?" the teenager squeaked as her parents stared at her. '

"Your aware this would make it public records that your a mutant?" Her mother said.

Her family had known since Carlie was born that was she different and they hadn't figured out how much till she had taken her brother Mark to relive his twelth birthday. She had only been eight at the time but she had already developed the mutant gene.

Carlie just smiled and nodded. "So I can go?"

"Absolutley. Anything for my baby girl." Her father said as he kissed his daughter on the head.
Riley slammed the door behind him sending an echoing thud into the hallway. Mel came charging up to his bedroom.

"Riley Lawson Wayne!" she cried. She pounded her fist on the door. It opened at her touch. She pushed inside and saw a giant transparent bubble sitting on her younger brother's bed. He was inside slightly distorted by the outside of the shield.

She walked up to it and rapped her knuckle on the outside.

"Knock, knock," she said gently. Riley lowered the bubble.

"You're just like them. You want to get rid of me. You want to get another pesky mutant out of the way," he said with his arms folded across his chest. Mel sat cross legged across from him on the bed. Riley closed the bubble around them.

"I know what you must be thinking. But I love you. I would never dream of abandoning you. I just want you to stay out of trouble. Mutant prejudice is very dangerous like any prejudice. I don't want the kids to find out what you are and pick on you," Mel said. Her voice had an odd ringing echo like they were inside one of those plastic tunnels inside a McDonald's play area

"I can protect myself," he said.

"Your shield can't protect you from everything," Mel said gently. Riley blinked.

"What about Kasey?" he asked. Mel sighed.

"You remember when Mom and Dad died. We all sat in your little bubble..."

"Forcefield," Riley corrected.

"...and cried?" Mel finished. Riley was quiet again. "We promised that as long as we had each other nothing was going to get us down. We would fight to get the most we could. And we did. This school is an opportunity to get the best you can. You can learn to control your powers better," Mel said. Riley raised his eyebrows in interest at this. Mel handed him the pamphlet. "It's run by mutants, taught by mutants, and only accepts mutants. I'm not trying to send you to an island with the rest of the leppers. I'm sending you to a place so that when you come home you can be a better mutant. You can show me and Kasey all you learned. We can visit you too."

Riley finally began to flip through the pages.

"They have a frickin' huge library," Mel added quietly. Riley looked up from the pamphlet just as she said this.

"Can we afford this?" he asked.

"The lawyer said all your education is covered for the rest our lives because of Mom and Dad's life insurance. You're going there for free essentially," Mel said.

"Cool!" Riley said. He turned the page. "Where's the library?"

"I'm sure it'll be in the orientation. Kasey and I will drop you off as soon as we can," Mel said. Riley smiled wide and dropped the shield's walls from around them.

"You sure you're okay with this?" he asked.

"It's either this or Canyon High," she said.

"I'll take the school for freaks, thank you very much," Riley said. And that was that.
Korbin explored the house as Storm began explaining to him the history of the place, what he would learn, who he would learn from, when he was free, and how he was sometimes required to spend his time. Korbin, for all his gruff and tough before had done a complete 180 and become like a pup again, nosing into this and that, letting the Thunder-woman show him around and laugh at him when he wound up knocking over a flowerpot onto himself, the dirt falling over his ears and staining them dark brown from their original magenta. He didn't growl at her or even glare at her, but shook off the dirt with disinterest, slowly setting himself up onto two feet, a position he hadn't used much since he was nearly fourteen, figuring he'd better be at a closer height to the Thunder woman and the rest of the people of this school. He could smell the rain on her better at this height, and he could see better the people milling about. There was a small group of guys and girls, nervous, jumpy, possibly new, jusdging from their scent, like him.

He made his way over, sharp green-gold eyes giving them a short once over as the Thunder woman came up behind him, "You must be the new students, welcome." She said.
Abigail looked over her shoulder towards the trunk of the car, hearing a small thud, her smile momentarily faltering in her curiousity. Shrugging and turning back to the pamphlet, dismissing the noise as an unimportant movement of her bag or some other such item, her smile creeped back into place as she thought of the new life she would be beginning at Xavier's School. The new people she would meet, the new things she would learn, the new feelings she would experience. Feelings other then fear and anxiousness about her mutation. Maybe she could finally learn to accept herself if she were around others like her; if she really fit in.

20 minutes later, Abigail's father parked across the street from the train station. Popping the trunk, the two of them got out of the car. Abigail got her bag as her father got a trolley, and then that was where he left her. With a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, Abigail was left on her own, walking into the station in a sort of daze, lost in her thoughts. Once on the train and in her own compartment, Abigail dropped her bag on the seat beside her and sat beside the window, gazing out of it. Hearing yet another small noise, she glanced in the corner of the compartment. There was nothing there but shadows. Abigail blinked a few times, the vision in the corner seeming slightly off. Forgeting it as a trick of light, she turned back to the window.

The End!

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