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Rated: 18+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1231356
Starting this series about 20 criminals that are choose to be the ginuea pigs
[Introduction] What I started TIMELINES with is the idea to make a Series about what would happen if to find out if time travel was actually possible we sent convicted felons. They have no say the government uses them as guinea pigs. But all the people had lifes and families before this happened and some of the convicts arent as bad as you think and some are way worse then you could of ever imagined. But synopis is 6 female prisoners and 14 male prisoners. People will die some death will be common. One catch I thought I would through in is that they have no way to contact the modren day and let them know if they made it so they contact back and forth by leaving messages in places in the future they will find or the past. Have fun with it and this thing will hopefully take off...

TIMELINES is a ©Radloff Entertainment
All concepts and ideas expressed in TIMELINES were created by Jordan Radloff and therefore are his imaginative ideas.

Time travel is the concept of moving backwards or forwards to different points in time, in a manner analogous to moving through space.
~Dictionary definition


Chapter 1: Deep Shift

-Dark screen as this is read allowed-

Narrator: (“For thousands of years man has secretly researched and pursed the goal of time travel. Government's all around the world have worked and funded programs designed at figuring out the base of time travel since the theory has been acknowledged. In the year 2011 the United States government secretly found a way to create and close wormholes. This making the theory of time travel possible, keeping it a secret from the rest of the world a program know as Time Shift has sent small animals and monkey's into the wormholes. The monkey's not being intelligent enough to communicate back to the program, makes the team wonder if the wormholes are successful in creating a gateway to a past or future event. The government wanting to find out more has the Time Shift program create an experiment where the first humans will be sent into the wormholes. Not willing to sacrifice any of their scientific team, the government agrees to use twenty of the worlds most prolific criminals as their guinea pigs. If the experiment goes as planned these men and women will be the first successful time travelers in history.”)

-Screen fades into a dark prison cell

-A bald man sits on his bottom bunk with a picture in his hand of a young girl and a attractive young woman. The man has a smug look and is clean shaved. He has bushy eyebrows and is about six foot tall exactly. The man weighs about 170 lbs. and has heavy muscle tone The picture has been tore, someone was cut out of the picture.

Police guard: “Block C almost ready for transport! Get the fuck up you scumbags!”

-The bald man looks down at his photograph one more time and slips it into his pocket. He then has a flashback from years ago.

The bald man sits on a chair in a family room when the little girl from the photograph runs into the room and jumps on his lap. “Daddy! Daddy!” the little girl screams. The bald man smiles and lifts his daughter into the air. He then sits her on his lap and begins to hug her. While he hugs his daughter he looks over her shoulder to see the woman from the photo looking at him. She glares an unhappy smile at him and looks completely angry with him. “Tony, I need to talk to you in private...” the woman says. Tony looks at his daughter “Go to your room and play honey, I got to talk to mommy.” “Okay, daddy.” the little girl says back. The little girl loves being around her dad, you can tell at this point. Tony walks into the kitchen to see his beautiful wife standing there in a tank top with a low cut skirt on. Tony looks at her seeing how sad her face is. “What's going on Sammy?” Tony asks her. She doesn't make eye contact with him. “I'm taking Lilly, Ton. Jerry and I we are moving to Florida. You knew this was coming.” she says. “NO! I didn't, I knew you were fucking him thats it. Not that you were taking my daughter away for me!” he fires back. He starts to cry hard now and scream at him. “I'm fucking..... I'm fucking taking her away from you and you know why!” He looks at her with hatred in his eyes, “You wont leave this state with my daughter.” “Ye... Yes, I will! I'll call the police and you'll be locked away so you cant do anything.” she says to him. “Over my dead body!” he yells at her.

-The camera pans into the hallway in the background where the little girl named Lilly sits crying.

/End Flashback

-The guard shuffles his feet outside of Tony's cell and stops.

Police guard: “I just heard from the big cheese upstairs that you guys got about 1 in 100 chance of living through this thing. I kind a see it as execution but instead of having to get rid of your bodies you just disseapear...”

-Tony looks up at the guard with a smile on his face.

Tony: “Nice to know that.”

Police guard: “Smart ass! Keep on laughing until you fucking disintegrate in their...”

-The guard walks away slowly. Once he is out of view the man in the next cell calls over to Tony.
Willow Amaragaden eyed the guards nearby, then disappeared into the group standing nearby. Her hand brushed over a nearby womans, neatly transferring the blade from Will's hand to hers. She didn't know what it would be used for, nor did she ask. Will was nothing but a business woman - she got the stuff, for a price of course. What they did with it after that was their problem. Keeping her eyes on the ground, Will walked far away from the woman, and sat down, casually resting her arms on her knees.


"Will. Please. Don't do this, honey, don't do this..." Jess grabbed hold of Will's arm, trying to pull her back to the house. "I'm not going to let him kill you, Jess. Don't ask me to." Her sister was crying, tears mixing with the rain as she let go of Will's hand. "We can run. Get far away. Sisters to the end, remember? He won't find us."

"He did last time." Will gently traced the bruises on her sisters face. Shit, she had to do this. She had to protect her. "I love you, you know that right?"

"Yes." Jess sobbed, wrapping her arms around her big sister. Will gently pushed her away. "After I leave, you've gotta go out. Make sure a lot of people see you. Go to the bank or something - they've got lots of cameras. You've gotta have an alibi, okay?"

Jess was shaking her head, crying too hard to say anything. "And if the police start giving you shit, tell them everything. It won't matter." Will gave her a weak smile. "Love ya, sis. Don't forget me." Turning, she strode away to the car. Dumping the bag into the back seat, she climbed into the drivers seat and started up the car. She gave Jess a two-fingered salute for what could possibly be the last time, then pulled away from the driveway and drove off.

/End flashback/

"Will." Will didn't blink, nor give any indication she had heard the whisper. "I got news for you. Your getting out of here." All thoughts of carefulness was thrown out the window as Will turned abruptly. "What'd you say?"

"Some government program. I don't know what the hell it is, but you've been picked. Tonight, you're out of here."

Will grabbed the womans arm tightly. "Shit. If I find out you're joking..."

"No, never!" The woman babbled. "You'll get me something, though yeah? Seeing as I told you?"

"Depends." Will let go, giving her a suspicious glare. "I need chocolate." The woman hissed. Will smirked. She could have anything, and the stupid bitch wanted chocolate. However, the news that she might be getting out interested her a lot. She didn't believe it, but if it was true... some government thing. huh. None of her informants had mentioned anything, but everyone knew better then to mess with Will. You did that and you would spend the rest of you're prison sentence in misery.

"Ok. If I'm not out by tonight, though..." She let the threat hang in the air as she pulled a half-eaten chocolate bar from her pocket and tossed it into the womans lap. Standing up, she dusted down her clothes and walked away.

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