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Rated: E · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Other · #1726775
A girl in Hitler's time, who is a celebrity because she has blonde hair and blue eyes.
[Introduction] "Can we have your signature, please?" The wild fans asked Birget Meyer as she walked through the
wild and screaming crowd outside of the famous, german city
Shlystoff, yet in the midst of all this Birget was unaware of
the fact that someone was silently watching her. They were planning to
kidnap her and take her away to a mysterious place to
burn her alive, drown her to death and then keep her on bread and water for six weeks, but what they didn't know was that Birget was secretly a
superhero-ninja-pirate who was trained in martial arts and had 7 black belts so she
could easily escape from them and do what they had planned to them. As she was signing papers of crazy fans she began to feel a bit
weary and weak. Then everything started to go fuzzy and she suddenly droppd to the floor and
everything went blank for her. Next thing she knew was that she was waking up to a strange voice saying
what are we going to do with her? Then she heard another voice and it said we have to wait for the boss then
"why should we wait?"
"Why not just get done with the job right now?"
"No, we should wait."
Then she heard a door open and
a big man with a scary looking scar walked into the room and in seconds the two minions were quiet. Without a doubt Birget knew this was the boss they were talking about. She started to think about
how she was going to escape. she thought up many diferent strategies but only one of them seemed possible. She thought that she could wait until they would start planning and then she would
inch her foot forward to grab the broken glass that was underneath the shelf near her. After she got the glass she would
cut the ropes that bound her hands to the pole, though as she did this

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