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A group of people are sent to a Pokemon dimension.. On hold, dunno if it'll pick back up.
[Introduction] Welcome one and all to this mysterious land known only to inhabit Pokemon! If you are apart of this, then that means you all are currently being transported to this world as we speak. Just to give you some briefing before you arrive, each of you can pick whichever species you would like to be. Luckily, restrictions are here, which means:

• No "legendary pokemon"
• Each person must start off at a lower form, not the species' last form
• There is no "level" to increase or "experience points" to gain
• You can evolve by means of emotional distress or when the going gets tough, or maybe just randomly

Now for the restrictions overall:

• Keep the content appropriate; minor language can be used, but no f-bombs or anything like that
• No character must die unless if discussed by participants pertaining to the character
• Everything needs to make sense, but that does not mean to leave out humor
• Each character must start out alone, yet all or most of them can meet one another

This is going to require a whole lot of collaboration, so participation is positively looked at, and planning is mandatory. *ThumbsUp*

Remember everyone, you are each living beings, so keep the actions your character does almost exactly the way you would do things (that doesn't mean to make everything boring *BoxCheck* ). We are not indestructible or emotionless. You are going to wake up somewhere unknown to you, so how would act in a situation like that? Keep that all in mind; good luck out there, and be careful. If the situations get out of hand, don't tear yourselves up, but if it means protecting others, then do your best...

And so, it begins...
... The cool breeze blowing in the wind hints to a cold winter coming, in this land with no name to accompany it. There are many dirt paths that lead to nowhere, somewhere safe or the same place you were just at. Inhabitants have had no need to make any changes to the confusing terrain, to which many rely on plain instinct to get around. Visitors must be wary around here; villages are placed randomly, and many just become abandoned. After all, the inhabitants come and go as they please, with no government to keep order and no economy to have profit, why care about old towns?

Now, almost no visitors ever come by. Everyone knows almost everyone, pretty much. Today, though...

... Lets just say they will have some trouble.


... A late Autumn breeze blew across the area, giving a small grey wolf creature goosebumps as he regained consciousness. Everything around him was covered by an early morning fog, reducing his sense of awareness greatly. He attempted to get some footing on his own two legs, but he no longer had only two legs like he once did. Confusion and fear filled his body; a body that was terribly unfamiliar to him. "Wha... What's wrong with me...?" He knew his body was strange, but for some reason he couldn't put his finger on it... No, that's not the case any more. What is important right now is where he is currently. He wanted to hide somewhere safe and familiar, but how can he when his own body is strange and he no longer has the luxury of a house? "I'm lost..." His voice croaked as the situation had fully dawned on him. He felt like crying, even, but he did know a few things about himself.

One: he never cries. Two: he should be smart enough to survive on his own. Three: a challenge is apart of life, no matter the intensity...

Having given himself a short while to clear his mind, he also examined his body and how he should get used to it. his body was a plain grey color, with the tips of his legs colored red and stubby looking. His face was... unidentifiable at the moment, but he did know that he had a bit of hair on the top of his head, shaped like a flame or something like that. Although unaware of it at the time, he is what's known as a Zorua. He wanted to get moving, but with the weather in its current state and his heart shaken by the events, all he could do was crawl over to a tree and rest against it.

He has a big day ahead of him...

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He always hated the water.

Hated it with a passion.

A passion so strong it could grind metal into dust.

Originally, this passion was nothing but a simple thought. A memory.

A tragedy.

Upon waking up, he could feel the water underneath him. He could feel it's silky touch. He could hear it echoing in the distance.


Scrambling out of the frigid water, he stumbled towards a sandy shore just a few feet from where he had woken up.

It was at that moment that he noticed it.

"W-wha....?" he was able to muster, raising what appeared to be a bright orange paw.

His paw.

For a moment, the possibilities of fainting seemed imminent to him. Yet, taking a forced breath, he managed to stay awake.

The water softly lapped along the shoreline, sending a shiver down his spine. Mostly due to the fact that he didn't quite remember having nerves behind his backside.

Turning around, his questions were answered.

He had tails. They too, were orange, yet seemed to have a strange tan-ish tip.

They almost reminded him of a motor, the way they almost seemed to interlock.

"Okay....something is definitely off..." he murmured to himself.

He knew what had become of him, and what he had transformed into......

Breathing rather quickly, he felt as if his neck was contracting in and out with every inhale and exhale.

To his shock, [especially when he believed there was nothing more to be surprised about!] there seemed to be some sort of....inner tube around his neck. It was as if was strangling him, yet was surprisingly comfortable.

He knew what he was. His mouth was able to mutter it with an ounce of strength:


He felt dizzy, as if he were struck in the back of the head by a hard object.


The last thing he remembered was the sand closing in....
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A small creature stands up in confusion. An icy chill sprung upon him as he stood from an unconcious mind. "What is this place?" the creature wonders. He hears a nearby stream flowing with a strong, everlasting current. He places his paws in the stream and splashes some water into his face. He then stares at his reflection in awe. He had blue and black short fur, with ears perched upon the top of his head. He stood on 2 legs and had paws. He stares at the stones on his arms. The blurry reflection reminds him of who he is now. Riolu. He began to dawdle around, looking for signs of where he could be. Riolu was tired and felt nauseated due to a foul smell. He can't do this today.

He lied down on the ground with questions buzzing around his head like papers in a wind tunnel. What am I? Where am I? How did I get here? Why me?...
Three beings from different backgrounds and personalities have arrived so far... One being in a forest... Another on a sandy shore... The third at a stream. However, despite their differences, their reactions are very much similar to one another. Wonder. Confusion. Questions. Will there be more visitors later on? Only time will answer this question, as well as questions of their own.


... Zorua regained consciousness as he left a comfortable dream world, only to remember the situation he was currently in. He felt a bit better about it, but he had another problem... *gurgle* ... He was starving after that long nap; standing up on his four legs, he stretched out his body as naturally as he could manage, popping his back a few times as well. The fog cleared up, allowing Zorua to see much more than earlier, allowing a bit more of a comfortable stroll. "Uh-oh..." He noticed no road to follow, which meant whatever direction he decided to go would not guarantee a specific destination. Zorua took a few deep breaths, and took another look at his surroundings... Lots of trees. Not too helpful on his part, but there was something else...

The ground was sloping down, but it wasn't horribly steep. Almost unnoticeable, yet still noticeable, which meant that if there was water nearby or just a pond, the water should be flowing down the slope. Zorua silently appraised the water cycle and took off to his right, knowing that if he at least found some water, then it could keep him going for a few days even without food. He took a stride, then another stride, and then thought about how he should run on all fours too much and tripped on his own legs. "Woah!" Getting that out faster than a split second, he went face first to the grass. It took a few moments for it to kick in. Good thing the grass muffled it a bit...

"OOOWWW! MY NOSE...!" Putting his paws to his nose, he cursed to himself about his clumsiness as tears welled up in his eyes. There was a little bit of blood, but for the most part he was okay. Zorua then thought about taking his first steps a bit more naturally... and carefully...
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Riolu got up and stopped his useless questioning. He knew he had to find civilization if he planned to live. Riolu grabbed a leaf on the ground and placed in the water to see which way the current was flowing, hoping it could take him to civilization. But tragedy happened and he fell into the water. The swift current lifted him away quickly down the stream. “HELP!” he’d yell continuously. The water began to restrain him underwater. He continued his attempts to rise back to the surface, each attempt had sadly failed. He continued to slam into stones on his way down the wicked stream. Nearly breaking every part of his body, he cried aloud as he got back up to the surface. The water dragged him in again. He couldn’t breathe anymore. He was losing consciousness, almost out of energy. One more hit on his head did it. He’s knocked out. Only thing he had to rely on now, was hope. Hope that anyone will help him, hope that the stream will bring him back to shore, hope that he lives.
Cold. Freezing. Frigid winds from the north. It seemed to have been all a dream to a young female. She could sense that winter was going to be brutal. Yes, oh so brutal that snow covered trees will shake violently and ice will freeze so quickly and could be a very hazardous place. But all she could do was hope for the better in life and the environment. This young one had her eyes closed and was reposing on a very solid and uncomfortable object. However, that was not why she awoke from her sleep. A cold and piercing wind struck her face and put her into a state of fright! Her eyes were wide open and she began to scan the area that she was surrounded by. All she could see was a lush green forest that was that was saturated with Evergreens. She looked up to the sky, which revealed a gray sheet of thick clouds. Whe-where am I? The girl had no idea where she was. In fact, she couldn't really remember where she was previous to her nap.

"I don't get it....I fell asleep...and now I am here", she looked around again, not so shocked though. "But where is "here"?" She brought her hand up to her chest...but then she gasped! "What...what is the matter with me?!? Why is my arm white?" She looked down at her appearance. She appeared to have a short dress that some dancer would wear and her legs were thin and a green color. Suddenly she remembered something. Her appearance...she was a Kirlia! Kirlia spun around three times and then noticed something when she spun around. A cave! Her red eyes winced as she wanted to looked further into the cave from the outside..but the inky darkness made that option impossible. "I can't go into that cave....who knows what could hidden in there?" The young Kirlia didn't know what to do. She was about to sit down on the rock on which she slumbered upon but, her head began to pulsate! Her clasped her hands to her head and the horns atop her head began to glow with white light! Her eyes turned a light blue. Kirlia didn't know what this pain was but she saw something....someone! In her head! It was some sort of creature with fur. It stood on four legs and its fur was red and dark gray with sky blue eyes. Then the vision just ended.

Kirlia looked back at the cave of darkness. "I cannot enter...not now! I must find that other creature and get help. Maybe he will know where I am." Kirlia ran opposite of the cave and out into the dark forest. Kirlia started to feel weak and started to get a little dizzy. She hasn't noticed that the ground got steeper and she fell down the slope of the hill of the forest. She hit the bottom kinda of hard but was able to get up and start walking. "I need to get some energy! But where?" Kirlia walked a few steps forward and then stopped abruptly with her face in awe. She found that creature and she just realized something...it was a Zorua! She was in pain and needed some answers and help. "Wait! Wait! Don't go! I need h-h-help! Please!" She fell to her knees and put her head down. The creature stopped and looked in her direction. "Please, please help me", Kirlia pleaded desperately.

Zorua abruptly stopped his stroll and set his gaze on the female creature, who dropped to her knees and looked liable to pass out. "Woah! Are you all right!?" He ran up to her and noticed a couple of bruises on her body, but for the most part seemed to be okay. She met his gaze and quietly told Zorua "... Help... I'm afraid I may swoon over... if I keep going alone..." The creature - a Kirlia - rested her head on a tree, rubbing it as if having a headache. "W-well, do you, uh, need anything like, um, water?" Zorua's words stumbled out as he sensed she may be in some trouble. What am I gonna do if she collapses right here? Should I find shelter first, or water? "There's a cave somewhere behind me... If we hurry, I may... Oh...! My head...!" The inevitable happened as Zorua broke her fall, now laying on his side and unable to move by herself.

Oh, man... Gotta find that cave! "Hold on, I'll give you a hand..." Crouching a bit lower to the ground, Zorua had the aid from gravity to get her into a better position on his back. He had to take it slowly to make sure she wouldn't fall off, promising himself he can find some water if she has guaranteed strength the next day. Soon enough, there was the cave, the mouth of it opening up and extending a bit in a horizontal fashion. Inside, it was nothing but darkness. Soon enough though, it'll be dark outside as well; the sun was setting, it's faint orange glow visible from the gray clouds above. Zorua took his first step into the cave, surprised that the atmosphere in the cave is that of a warmer environment... but the smell in the air hinted there being something else with them...

... A faint snarl echoed from within the cave...
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After floating down the dreaded current, the Riolu wakes up in a minor confusion. An eerie light filled his eyes. The Riolu sputtered water from his mouth. “What happened?” he asked as he sat up painfully. All he knew was that he was falling down a stream. He tried to stand, but was in too much pain to do so, so he sat back down. “Oww,” he cried. He looked all around him. He was at the end of the stream, now he was in the forest. A loud roar caused him to jump. He stood up quick and walked away from the sources direction slowly. Painfully. Then he tripped and fell on his pained right arm. “Ouch…” he whined. He just got back up and continued to stumble onward. There’s the roar again, it was coming after him. He began to run now. Step by step. Every bone in his body was aching. The noise was now getting further away. After minutes of deadly running, he stopped. The wicked bellow resided. Now, Riolu rests on the ground which he was standing. He heard something ruffling the bushes nearby. Someone is coming...
Riolu looked deeply into the ruffling bushes. He was in much pain and couldn't bear the thought of being attacked. The figure that walked out of the ruffling bushes was a young and courageous Zorua with a Kirlia laying across his back. "Z-Zorua! I told you that cave would be dangerous if we decided to go further in. Those snarling noises-- oh, ow! They could pierce right through a person." Kirlia was still in a bad condition but managed to pick her head up from the frozen-like Zorua. "What's the matter, Zorua?" Kirlia picked her head up all the way and was startled. A very injured Riolu stood before them. He took another few steps forward to the couple as if wanting aid. He collapsed right in front of Zorua and Kirlia. Kirlia started to grunt as she tried to fight the pain. She managed to get off of the young Zorua's back and stood up on the grassy plain. Her hand rested against Zorua. She turned to his face, then to Riolu and then back at Zorua. Her eyes glistened from the orange glow of the sunset. "Zorua....you're the only one that can help us! Y-You have to be strong and find someone to help us out." Kirlia caught the scent of something very suddenly! She picked her head up and looked out into the sky. Just above the trees, she could see some smoke. She brought her eyes back to Zorua. "Smoke! S-Smoke--d-don't you see it too? Do you know what that means? I-It means that there's a village somewhere and maybe some creatures..some pokemon, like us, reside in that village. Do me a favor- a HUGE favor: you must seek out help and find out who or what lives in that village.....if there is one there."
Zorua felt the vibe of a concerning nature and decided to take on Kirlia's task. He knew that she would be able to help out Riolu and make sure he can regain his conscience state. Zorua decided to set out and find who ever started the smoke...all before the sun goes down!
"Good luck, Zorua! W-well be waiting right here for you!" Kirlia wanted to wave, but every time she tried she winced...with pain.
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... Slowly, slowly. Wakes up. Opens eyes and looks around "What happened. I dont remember anything" is on a hill and down is aforest, and a river is near by. "Wow, that looks awesome" stands up and starts to walk. But suddenly steps on something slippery and starts to roll down the hill. Finaly stops and grabs head "Man am i fealing dizzy. I havent spinned so much my whole life. Hmm, ive gotten to the rivver, i hope its clean beacause im thirsty" starts to drink from water. Suddenly sees my reflection. "WHA O_O" starts to look at my body. Ive got black paws. A spike on each paw, blue arms. Plack feet/paws. Blue fur that looks like shorts. Cream fur on my belly. A spike on my chest. Looks behind and sees a tail. Looks at my reflection and sees, a muzzle, black fur around my eyes like a mask, My ears are pointy and are on top of my head, and somethings on the back. "Hmm, i think i know what i am. what was the name...uuumm...it was... LUCARIO, thats it, im a lucario. well i dont know what happened but..." starts walking down the stream. Suddenly sees some figures on the other side

... It is now the second day, and already some of them have gathered together to find shelter. In total, there are now five of them: a Zorua, a Buizel, a Riolu, a Kirlia and now a Lucario. Their abilities may or may not be surfacing already, which is going to be required for survival. What of the Buizel, who now remains unconscious along the beach he first woke up at? We will find out soon enough...


Zorua ran through the clearings towards billowing smoke, a sure sign of civilization of some kind that Kirlia previously pointed out. Oof, I don't think I can keep going like this... He was fatigued like never before, feeling dehydrated and starved... His movement was more like stumbling at this point, threatening to make Zorua collapse on the spot. Nevertheless, he kept going; He made it through another clearing, and ran right into someone! "Hey! Watch where... Hm? You're a new face... I thought you were just the kids around here playing their games." Zorua was breathing heavily, and could barely make out the request. "*huff* *puff* I need... water..." The adult Pokemon, now identified as a Machoke, told Zorua "There's the river, or the drinking fountain over there..." Zorua shot towards the drinking fountain, and went head-first into it.

"Hey! You trying to take a swim or something!?" Zorua couldn't help himself, feeling so tired and relieved to have some water. He finished taking a good swig of the water, and told the Machoke "I need some help... There are other Pokemon who are hurt in the forest." Machoke's eyes widened, and exclaimed "What!? Where are they exactly?" Zorua turned around and went the direction he came from, shouting to Machoke "Follow me!" He may still be tired, but Zorua knew the reward would be great: saving people, and finding shelter.
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Buizel awoke with shock at the taste of salt water entering his mouth. Spitting it out forcefully, he jumped with a start, realizing he passed out along the shore. He had been out for several hours, and during that time the tide had risen. Carefully standing up, he overlooked himself, and sighed in exasperation that he was still a Buizel.

"Guess I wasn't dreaming..." he murmured. He paused to get a glimpse of his surroundings. Earlier when he woke up, his vision appeared hazy, and couldn't exactly pinpoint where he was. He already knew he was at a beach, but as to where he was entirely; he had no clue.

To his left, which was east from his perspective, was a sandy path that led to a forest, which escalated into the mountains.

Rubbing his throat, he knew that the best chance of actually getting a decent drink would be somewhere there. But with so little strength, due to exhaustion and dehydration, he was beginning to doubt that he could make it....

"No!" he coughed, surprised his voice came out so hoarse and weak. That spelled danger in his mind; he was already beginning to succumb to the elements.

He thought being a Buizel would keep him hydrated for infinite amounts of time as long as he remained near water, but it turns out that was only used to maintain body heat. Hunger and thirst were still natural parts of living, and he knew he had to find both fast.

Slowly, he made progress along the sandy path, being careful not to fall, in risk of passing out again. Turning his head to the ocean, he watched it sparkle in the sun's reflections, and he frowned scornfully.

Why must you mock me...? he thought hatefully, remembering his hate of water.

Putting one paw in front of the other, it felt like hours by the time he reached the forest's entrance. He felt himself get a little stronger, due to the increase of shade, yet it offered little to no assistance, due to the humidity the sun caused in the forest.

Moving forward, he was still unable to find anything edible or drinkable, and this was starting to upset him.

Great....this is how I've always wanted to die. he thought, kicking a pebble across the ground. In some stupid forest, with absolutely nothing to eat or drink!

Sitting himself down near some bushes, he sighed. Perhaps he had been wandering hopelessly lost, not ever going to find any water.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming from the direction behind the bushes he was sitting next to.

Huh? he thought. Who's.....that?
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When Lucario saw the figures, he started to yell. "H-h-hey, IS someone there? Is everything ok?"
The Kirlia heard Lucario from the other side, and replied "H-huh, who's that?" She looked over at Lucario, and continued talking. "Yes, we're here. Can you come to us? We need a little help."
"I think I can. Maybe if I jump across..." Lucario went back to get some room, then started running and jumped. He almost made it, but fell short a little on the side of the river. Under his feet in the water he felt a rock, stepped on it and pulled himself out. He then looked at the figures that were a hurt Kirlia, and a badly hurt Riolu. "So how can I help...?"

"Uuugh. My head hurts." He mutters as he wakes up. 'I need a drink of water.' He says as he walks over to a river he saw nearby. He sees what looks like a Bagon at the bottom of the river. "Oh my goodness, I need to help that Bagon!" He dives into the river , but the Bagon isn't there anymore. He looks down and sees that he has green feet, arms, and he could see a green snout. Then he realizes that the current was stronger than it looked as it swept him away, and he remembers he couldn't swim. "HELP!!" He screams in desperation.
Zorua ran through the forest with the Machoke close behind. It wasn't long until Machoke said "Wait a minute, hold up, hold up..." Zorua came to a stop and questioned the motives of his stall. "We need to hurry up and get to them!" The Machoke crossed his arms, sighing. "Kid, is this some sort of prank?" Zorua had to pause for a bit before the fighting Pokemon's question registered in his head. "You think this... This is serious, not a joke!" Machoke scoffed. "Come on, you know it's in your blood to mess with others. That's why your species is the 'tricky' fox, boy. Go back to your pack, and mess with your friends rather than me." This is ridiculous! Zorua was beginning to get irritated now with his treatment. "I'm not tricking you! I have ethics on the level of chivalry, and besides, you've come this far already. Would you so kindly accompany me the rest of the way?" Machoke seemed satisfied, but not completely convinced with the little fox. "Alright, I'll believe you. If there's no one needing help, then it's gonna be you, me and the village chief. Got it?" Zorua nodded his head, yet needed to ask Machoke a question before they set off again.

"Who is the village chief?" Machoke answered. "He's a rather strange Umbreon. He gave himself a nickname, Blacky, and always has a Furret with him. They're close friends, both young and thinking about the village all the time." He sounds like an alright guy, but... strange? "Alright, can we please continue forward?" Machoke agreed, and the two of them continued their trek towards Kirlia and Riolu... How's the chief gonna react to this little guy? I want to believe we're helping others, but...
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Buizel had only heard the rustling a few seconds earlier, before hearing a second sound, and then a third.

Blinking, he could only recognize the first sound being a splash.

His eyes widened, also realizing water was close by.

What a relief! he thought. I thought I would never find anything he-

Then the third sound came, a gurgled and struggling: "HELP!!"

Buizel's instincts kicked in, careening himself through the bushes to witness something plunge right into the river.

Apparently, the figure was also struggling to swim, its head disappearing underneath the water.

Buizel didn't even hesitate, and dived into the river, and was caught completely unaware of the current's strength. Mustering whatever final strength he had, he launched himself through the water. Combining the current at his back and with his natural ability to swim as a water type, he raced towards the creature and unimaginable speeds.

Turning around, he realized his tails were spinning in unison, acting as a propeller of some sort.

Without a second thought, he spun his way towards the creature, seeing it's green hue since there were too many bubbles to determine what it really was.

Grabbing it by one of it's feet, he swam his way against the current towards a shore, and slowly felt himself slow down. Pulling the fellow Pokemon towards him, he was relieved to see it was still breathing. However, what it was escaped him, and he slowly and awkwardly shook it.

"H-hey, um.....you okay?"
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Kirlia replied to Lucario’s question, “Well, at this moment we’re waiting for someone to get help for us.”
“Riolu, you seemed frightened by something, what was it?” Kirlia asked.
“Oh man, something was roaring and the roar was just getting closer and closer to me. I luckily got away from it though. Now, here I lay on the ground in severe pain,” Riolu said.
“What happened to you?” Lucario asked.
“Well, I was in the middle of nowhere until I found that stream over there. I knew that if I found the way the current was going, I’d find civilization. So I dropped a leaf in the water, but accidentally fell in. I hit a bunch of rocks, and then I was knocked out. But what confuses me is… How did I get out of the water?” Riolu said.
“Whaddya mean?” Kirlia asked.
“I was saved by someone. I didn’t reach the exact end of the stream. How could I get on land without climbing myself up or without help? Someone saved me and I’d like to know who it is.” Riolu asked.
“You have a point. Well, we should wait here for Zor-”
A familiar roar interrupted Kirlia. “What was that?” Kirlia asked in fright.
“That’s the roar I heard earlier,” Riolu explained.
Suddenly, something hit Riolu from behind, an arm. It sent Riolu flying a couple feet.
It was a Nidoking.
“Stay back, I got this!” Lucario said bravely.
Riolu tried to get up, but it was hopeless.
Kirlia ran over to aide Riolu. T
hen, a battle between Lucario and Nidoking began…
Only thing they have to depend on is Lucario, and Zorua getting back soon.
"Hey! Listen to me!!! Stop it! You're only making the situation worse", Kirlia screamed at Lucario and the Nidoking. But they both kept giving each other bloodthirsty-like smiles bearing sharp white incisors. Kirlia was holding Riolu in her arms due to his weak balance. How can I make them stop fighting? Kirlia was starting to get enraged by the violence the two pokemon brought to each other. Lucario threw an Aura Sphere and hit Nidoking directly in the stomach. However, Nidoking was not effected greatly by the attack and swung his dense, heavy tail into Lucario's legs. Lucario was sent flying into the stiff bark base of a tree! "THAT'S IT!!!" Kirlia set Riolu down on the ground and ran inbetween the now weak Lucario and the almighty stance of the Nidoking. Nidoking was going to give Lucario one last slam in the face until he was interrupted by an unknown force...he couldn't move his arm. He was confused and seemed very helpless. He then saw the light-blue glimmer in Kirlia's dark pink eyes. It was her! Kirlia held up Nidoking's arm and with one swing of her green arm sent Nidoking into the ground. "Now......everyone just relax and wait for hel------pahhh!!!!!!! Owowowow!" Kirlia body ached with pain. She sat on the ground next to Lucario. "Ar--are you alright, Lucario?" Kirlia looked at the bruises on the pokemon's feet. Nidoking was a little conscious but did not bother to attack again.

Kirlia looked up into the dark blue sky.
"Where?" She said this with some tears. "Where are you, Zorua?"
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Then Lucario replied to the question "Y-yeah i think so. But my feet hurt." Then lucario stands up, whit feet still hurting a little and carefully lifts up the riolu and puts it to the kirlia, Then sits down again "So you told that your waiting for someone.Who was it" Lucario asked the Kirlia. "Well you see. We met up whit a Zorua and he was the only one who wasn't hurt like us, so he went to get help" the Kirlia answered."OK then. Hey, Riolu. Are you feeling OK" then the Riolu answered " Well, I'm very hurt and i feel a lot of pain, but you can say that i'm a little OK" "OK". Suddenly spots a tree whit berries. "Hey do someone of you want a berry i just saw berries on a tree" The lucario asked them both. "now that you mentioned it i am kinda hungry" said the kirlia "Me two" flowed the riolu. "OK then ill go get some" said the riolu and went for the berries
"Oh my gosh, my head hurts." he says as he opens his eyes. "There is a Buizel above me? Did you save me from the river?"
The Buizel looks up and repeats a question he asked before, "Who are you? But more importantly, are you okay?"
"I'm feeling good now that I am not drowning. I am Caterius, I think used to be a human, but I appear to be a shiny Bagon now. Thank you for saving me. I guess I owe you a few dozen for saving me. I'll be your partner if you want."
Zorua finally reached the clearing where Riolu and Kirlia were last seen... "Oh my gosh, are you all okay!?" The Machoke ran over and helped up Lucario, Zorua having no idea where he came from. Act now, ponder later... He went over towards Kirlia and Riolu, asking "Need a lift?" Riolu answered first. "Yes, please... I can't wait to have my wounds treated." Riolu was in even worse shape than last time; a Nidoking a little bit away from them was rubbing it's head in confusion, muttering to itself "Darn blasted psychics, always gettin' the best of me. Why, if I weren't so careless, I'd wipe the floor with them..." He'll be alright, all he needs is a good rest. Machoke helped Kirlia up as well, and soon they were all on their way. "Thank you..."


The sky is now grey
White spots of glistening snow
Gently floating down...

Creatures running now
Quite fatigued and needing rest
Safety guaranteed...

Eveyone but Zorua was soundly asleep... The structure they were in was like a log house you would see in a forest, no electricity being present anywhere. A candle now burned out was sitting on a small table across from him, still smelling like cinnamon incense. ... I wonder what tomorrow will hold for us? I'm nervous and a little scared, but I feel at ease as well... I need some fresh air. He stood up and crawled out of the warm cotton covers laid out on the floor, feeling the coldness grip his body all around. The only noise anyone could hear was the light pitter-patter of Zorua's feet as he made his way to the second floor, opening out to a small circular room.

There was only one door to enter, leading outside to a balcony of a kind. The wind wasn't blowing, the only things moving being the snowflakes gently floating down to the ground. From there, Zorua could see the entire village, everything laden with snow now. He sighed, looking into the blank sky... What are other Zoruas like? Are they really like what Machoke said? All he had that night was questions, with no one to answer him. He'd prefer them unanswered anyway. Several moments passed, until he decided to head back inside...

Elsewhere several hours ago before the snow started falling, a Buizel and a Bagon were beside a river...
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Buizel blinked, slightly taken aback by the sudden introduction and the request, but mostly relieved to hear that Caterius, as he called himself, was okay.

"That's good to hear," Buizel remarked. Sitting down, he rubbed his eyes. The sudden rescue had tired him out, yet he could safely cross out the thirst factor of his previous dilemma. During that chase, he had taken several mouthfuls of the water, and enjoyed its crisp, clean taste.

Looking up, he had noticed he had traveled quite a lot. He was now in a deeper part of the woods, an area that was certainly cooler than the other part earlier. He also noticed the several tiny specks of something white fall from the puffy gray clouds above him.

Buizel blinked again.

....Is that....snow?

Looking at Caterius, he could tell that he was also taken aback by the snow. And considering that he was a Bagon, a Dragon-type, he would probably be taking the frigid weather to come more extremely than he would.

Buizel sighed, rubbing his growling stomach. In all circumstances, he had to do the right thing. Finding something to eat would have to wait. Right now, they both had to find somewhere where they could keep warm.

"All right. I suppose I didn't want to trek through this place by myself anyways," Buizel said with a tiny smile. "Let's find a place to get away from this snow. I'm not liking the look of these clouds."

"Is there going to be a storm?" Caterius asked, tilting his head.

"I don't really know," Buizel replied. "But I don't want to take any chances."

"Okay, then. Let's get- urf..." Caterius had attempted to walk off, but instead fell to his knees. Apparently the guy was either still getting used to his new body, whom Buizel couldn't blame, or he was simply still exhausted from his earlier swim.

Buizel couldn't just let him struggle, though. The weather was starting to act up; he could feel a slight breeze whistle through the leaves of the trees.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Buizel asked. "Can you walk or...?"
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Riolu's eyes flutter open.
He yawns, stretches, and stands up.
"Hey, you're up," said Kilria kindly.
"Man, I feel way better now," said Riolu.
"That's good," said Lucario.
"Hey where's Zorua?" Riolu asked.
“He went outside for something,” replied Kirlia.
“Well, I just wanna say one thing then… Thanks for helping me out,” Riolu said to Kirlia.
Kirlia just blushed, and then said, “You’re welcome.”
An awkward silence filled the room.
Suddenly, Zorua came inside with another Pokémon, a Zigzagoon.
Zorua had a surprised look on his face, must be because they were all awake.
“So, these are your friends?” asked the Zigzagoon.
“Uh-huh,” answered Zorua.
“Well, you should all follow me. The town leader, Blacky, wants to see you all,” said Zigzagoon.
*Blacky? What Pokémon would he be?* thought Riolu.

“What Pokémon is Blacky?” asked Riolu.
“Blacky is an Umbreon. He is accompanied by his best friend, Furret. They both watch over the village,” said Zigzagoon.
“That’s good to know, because there’s some concerns about the forest,” said Riolu.
“Concerns? Like what?” asked Zigzagoon. Riolu explained how he thought he was saved by someone and told Zigzagoon about the Nidoking that attacked them.
“You’ll have to explain that to Blacky. Till then, let’s go,” said Zigzagoon.
Zigzagoon exited the cabin, Riolu, Kirlia, Zorua, and Lucario followed.
As they walk through the place, they are all amazed at how great the town looks.
After a bit of walking, they reach a large house made of cobblestone, bigger than all the other houses in the village.
“This is it,” said Zigzagoon.
They all walk up to the door, and enter...
The temperature significantly changed from chilly to warm, a large fireplace perpendicular to the entrance most likely providing most of the warmth. Many candles have been strewn about, providing a soft warm light in the room. There was a chandelier on the ceiling, but the candles were removed from it, which may be the reason why there are a whole bunch just sitting around. A Charmander was busily dusting the chandelier from the top of a ladder, taking the time to wave hello at the new faces and Zigzagoon. Other than the clutter here and there, the overall interior was impressive for the Pokemon's eyes. "Wow, this place is..." Zigzagoon smiled at Riolu's admiration of the surroundings, saying proudly "You like it? That's cool, but did you know everyone here helped make this place, including myself?" Kirlia turned and faced Zigzagoon, asking politely "What was your part in making this place?"

"I helped with the architecture, designing schematics on a flat surface and drawing it with charcoal. It was fun, but a lot of work as well. Anyway, let's go see Blacky!" He's a nice guy. Zorua thought to himself in silence while taking in the sights. From the main room, they took a left into a hallway in similar style to the previous room, with a single door at the end of the corridor. Upon reaching the door, Zigzagoon pushed a cylindrical button of a kind on it. A click sounded, and the door gently opened up with a soft push. An Umbreon could be seen in the room, presumably known as Blacky; he could be seen pacing around the room, mumbling to himself. Suddenly, he shouted a greeting to the newcomers. "Welcome! Welcome, new faces!" He turned and faced everyone, making eye contact with his guests. "Welcome, welcome, welcome... It sounds silly after a while, doesn't it? Anyway, welcomes all around the house!" Everyone exchanged glances at each other, not quite sure what'll happen next...

Zigzagoon broke the silence. "Well Blacky, these young fellows have come out of nowhere, it seems, and they all need a place to live." Blacky's eyes widened in interest, coming closer to the group. "Out of nowhere? Interesting...! You there, the Lucario! What do you remember of your previous location? I would love to know!" Lucario thought for a moment, but nothing could be remembered... "Hm, that's even more interesting! No memory of your origin... I assume everyone else doesn't remember, but that's all right! I will let Zigzagoon assign jobs to all of you. The Zorua will stay here, I need to consult important matters with him." Zorua didn't like the way he said 'important matters' to him, as if there was something he should be worried about. "What jobs are there available?" Zigzagoon answered Kirlia's question, replying "Well, we have jobs like heavy lifting, stone cutting, weather prediction, some architecture here and there needs fixed, stuff like that." Blacky was satisfied, and dismissed everyone except Zorua...

Blacky silently strided toward a window, taking in the view with careful eyes.

"Why are you trying so hard to be like everyone else?"
"... Excuse me?"
"Don't reply with a question!"
"Uh, I don't try to be like everyone."
"I want to be who I am, and this is me. I am not trying to copy others' actions because I am unique, like how you are a unique figure as well."
"You are immediately different from the rest of your kind... The other Pokemon you were with may be different too, but not so immediately noticeable... I hate your kind, with a passion."
"Don't you want to know why? Why I hate seeing you so innocent right now?"
"No, I don't..."
"Because you'll turn into a monster and make everything a nightmare!"

Zorua looked down to the ground in sadness, feeling as if his spirits were chewn up and spit out... Just when everything seemed to be against Zorua, a voice could be heard in the same room. "Blacky, chill. He's cool, man." A Furret appeared from the shadows with a calm look on his face. "But he could be a threat, Furret!" Furret shook his head, keeping his mellow attitude with him. "Don't worry, brother, it's a miracle. You've got nothing to fu--" Blacky quickly interrupted his friend, saying "Yes, yes, again with the miracles and the language..."

He took a moment to take a breather... "Alright, I suppose I do need to relax... I apologize for my behavior, but I'll still keep an eye on you. Until then..." He spun around quickly and cheerfully said "Have a nice day! Furret, if you will show him the way to Zigzagoon?" Furret nodded and went with Zorua towards the rest of everyone, telling Zorua in the hallway "Don't worry about it, dude. Why don't we forget all about that craziness? Blacky's my freaky bro, and I gotta watch over him." Zorua sighed in relief, saying "Thank you, Furret." Maybe things will start looking bright for them soon...
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Riolu and the others followed Zigzagoon to an office. “Hey guys! Wait up!” Zorua yelled. He ran over to them at full speed as they stopped. “Oh great, him again,” Zigzagoon snarled. “Whaddya mean him again?” Riolu barked. “It’s just… It’s nothing, let’s keep going,” Zigzagoon said nervously. “Thanks,” Zorua said. “Don’t mention it buddy,” Riolu said. Zigzagoon stopped at the entrance of the cottage and said, “Alright you guys, and gal, this is the job office. It’s where all of you will be assigned your jobs based on your type. You ready?” “Uhhuh,” Riolu said. The others joined in on a yes. They all entered inside the small office. A Gardevoir was at the front desk. “Well hello there, you must be new to town. Are they here for jobs?” “Yep,” said Zigzagoon. “Mkay, well it’s nice to meet you all. I’ll go get my boss,” she said. Kirlia had looked amazed by Gardevoir, probably because it was her evolved form. Zorua seemed a little upset about something. “What’s wrong Zorua?” Kirlia asked. Everyone’s attention went on Zorua. “Oh, it’s nothing,” he explained. “Oh, okay,” Kirlia said glumly. Suddenly, a Marshtomp appeared before them. “Hello all. You lookin’ fer jobs are ya? You [Points at Lucario] will work in buildin’ and heavy liftin’. You pretty lady will be workin’ with Lucario since you’re psychic type. Riolu, you’ll be workin ’in stone cuttin’. And last but not last you, the Zorua, you’ll be doin’ maintenance around the village. Any questions?”

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