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Life is a great adventure, how are you enjoying life?
For me, life is a great adventure. There are many aspects of life, adventures which humans can enjoy with family and friends, or alone in the comfort, wherever you happen to be. Conversely, some life adventures can be something to avoid or something hard to endure. How we respond to life events also determine the outcome of our experiences.

Tell us please, what life adventures have you experienced and any other information you wish to share, or you can tell us what fictional life experiences characters have experienced and how your characters responded. Let your imagination run wild or tell from your heart, either way, I'm all eyes for reading your adventure story.

Once upon a time, there was someone enjoying life...

I'll see you on the next adventure. Meanwhile, there's an adventure below for you to read about and then allow your imagination to have fun churning out ideas.
Because it was close to the holidays, the porkers were considering what they could do and how they should engage in holiday activities. They had many options. Go their separate ways,travel together, or stay where they were. They could prepare a feast, go to a prepared feast, or do nothing. What they absolutely planned is not being part of any feast.

Another issue was if they traveled what mode of transportation would they use, how far were they going to go, and for how long were they going to stay? If they did nothing none of this would matter anyway.

Some of their favorite activities were sports, exploring, telling tales, spending time with their friends, and spending time in individual pursuits.

Oh, yes, this leads to the question of what they should bring with them in the way of apparel, personals, stuff to entertain when not engaging in holiday events, and of course should they bring their pets?

One of them suggested, " Why not check the weather for the next few days to a week, just in case we decide to go to some place and stay a while."
"That's fine once we decide if we are going anywhere and where we're going."

Porky, who was the middle pig, said, "Bryan, you are the oldest and smartest, so you decide."

"Wait a minute," said little Oinker. "Why should he decide? Let's vote on it."

"But we don't even have any ideas to vote on," Porky said.

"Yes we do. I have an idea. The Planet of Friendly Fish. I've always wanted to go there."

"Why? You can't swim. What do you care about fish?"

"Fish are cool and I could learn to swim."

"I want to go to the Jazz Planet," Bryan said.

Porky and Oinker said, "Huh!? Why?"

"Because I like jazz. I hear they play jazz all day long on the Jazz Planet. It would be a great holiday."

Porky shrugged. "For you, maybe, but if we're going to a music planet then I vote for the Country and Western Planet, all country all the time."

"That's boring," Byran said.

"No it isn't!" Porky insisted.

Oinker separated them. "Forget music planets. Who wants to spend the holidays listening to music? I say we go to a Gaming Planet, one where you can gamble. We'll become richer instead of poorer."
Bryan chuckled and looked at Oinker. "What makes you think we will be richer if we go to the Gaming Planet? Don't you know that we can lose all we have if we go gambling? We can't go wasting our money."

"Well, I just thought it would be fun. I want to do something fun for the holidays."

"Yeah, I understand. I want to do something fun too, Oinker." Bryan rubbed his snout on Oinker.

Porky snorted a loud snort as he jumped in excitement, "Hey, I know just the place. Have you heard of the new planet called "Fun and Games for All Planet". I just read about this new Planet in the Piggly Wiggly Newspaper. They finished construction last month and are now open to the public. They have different theme parks, roller coasters, skating, and all types of games. What do you guys think?
"Fun and Games for All Planet" No I haavn't heard of this place, tell me about it and I'll consider going if it is something which interests me.

Porky was excited. "Sure! I'll tell you all about it. Like I said, they have theme parks. And guess what? One of them is Pigland!"

"Pigland?" Bryan said. "That sounds like a BBQ joint. Are you trying to get us eaten?"

"No, no! It's rides for pigs! There is the Pig Coaster and the Whirl-A-Pig! There is the Pig-A-Loop and the Pig Chute. That last one looks fun. Three pigs sit on a log and slide down a long chute right into a pool of water and make a huge splash."

"Or slide into pot of hot grease," Bryan said. "I don't trust anything named Pigland."
Oinker snorted. "No, Bryan, it's real fun for real Pigs. I saw pictures of it in the Newspaper"

"I'll believe it when I see it." Trust was always an issue for Bryan. Ever since Mandy, the love of his live, his high school sweat heart, left him for cousin Iggy, he has never trusted anyone or anything.

"Fine!' Oinker huffed. "I will go find the Piggly Wiggly Newspaper and show you the pictures."

Oinker turned around and headed for his room. The room was filled with dirty clothes, dishes and covered in magazines and newspapers. Oinker began sifting through the mess to find that one special newspaper.

"Alright! Silence is golden but this is really over the top ridiculous! Where is the blasted magazine so we can get this trip figured out before I change my mind and move out or something like give up any idea of any kind of a trip at all. We're supposed to be having fun here, isn't that the idea? This is getting frustrating taking tuns getting sick or having meetings , or whatever life throws at us and interrupts our plans. Now, where is that bloody magazine!" I know I have it here somewhere!

Oinker, was a sort-of pack rat, or should I say, Pack-piggy. The thought of not having something available when needed or not having enough of something was a bit of a problem and often vexed the other inhabitants with who the space was shared. They did have to admit that at least Oinker knew where to look and could reasonably quickly find the item needed whenever they needed something. Also, usually they lacked nothing because, Oinker had a way of finding, bartering, or buying things inexpensively, which was financially to their advantage. As long as the laws were not broken this arrangement was considered a blessing.

Not much if anything was discussed about this talent so, no really knew what the other pig thought about this financial wind fall which they enjoyed or how it was really accomplished. All that mattered was survival and having fun, traveling, and not having to work too hard. As long as there was honesty, integrity, and no one upset the balance of their life style and blessings, their tunnel vision caused them to not care about much else. Either they didn't know any better, or they were a bit of a selfish, self serving group.

Bryan set down the analysis he had been reading. "So what do you guys think? Are we a self-serving, selfish group?"

Porky made a dismissive gesture. "Aw that psychiatrist is full of bunk! I don't know why you go there anyway."

Bryan looked offended. "I needed help. You know how depressed I was after Mandy left me!"

"You mean after Iggy stole her from you," Oinker said and laughed.

Bryan's face immediately reddened and he leaped on oOinker. "Take that back!"

Oinker squirmed away. "What? Everybody knows it."

Porky stepped in between them. "Hey! Heyyyy, now is not the time for that. Come on, guys, we want to have a cool vacation, don't we?"

With his tail twitching in frustration, Oinker glared at Bryan, "You may need help, but you shouldn't use this as an excuse to attach anyone just because they are expressing their opinion or reminding you about the truth of things. You need to focus on other stuff besides yourself and your past. Try finding the good in life and focus on having fun instead to finding reasons to sulk and be sullen."

Oinker hoped that Bryan would be able to find some activity that would brighten the day and help make life better for everyone especially his friend who had been suffering from depression for a long time.

Ok, everyone, why not should we consider other options? After all a vacation which could be enjoyed by all of us is what we want, right?"

Oinker usually was the most optimistic of everyone and tried to keep the peace whenever possible.

"Let's just go to the beach," Porky said. "We can rent a house for a week. It will be cool."

Bryan sighed. "Oh alright. I'm too exhausted to fight about it."

"The beach?" Oinker said. "That's great! How about Myrtle Beach? It's got Water Parks and Theater Shows and Amusement Parks and Miniature Golf and-"

"Yeah, we get it," Porky said. "A lot of stuff. Alright. We better hurry before the summer is over."
With their decision made they raced to pack their bags, and the get driving to their destination. All seemed perfect and they were excited until they discovered they had a problem with the van. There was a flat fuel booster tank, and the van wouldn't start. T What were they going to do about all of this? After all the trouble they had trying to decide about where they were going to go and now they were going nowhere fast.he solar cells were only working at 80% and they realized they would have to think fast.

"I give up," Bryan said. "Obviously we are not meant to have a vacation."

"Nooo!" Oinker said. "We HAVE to have one!"

Porky agreed. "Too soon to give up now. We'll just have to hitchhike."

"Hitchhike?!" Bryan said. "Are you out of your mind? It's like a 100 degrees out there."
We have to many things to do and some are extremely important. People are more important than vacations.

The End!

The porkers have decided that people are more important then their vacation. They also voted for helping people who like to write, read, and other related activities. Whenever they decide to vacation again, they will not inter fear with our adventure in healing each other improve our reading, writing, and other related skills. However, whenever they are invited, they will be glad to join in the fun.

I confess, They begged me to start another campfire because they were cold. Well, you can't have hot pork without a fire, can you?
No, a fire is essential for the preparation of hot pork. Just how hot are these porkers going to get?

Bryan, Porky, and Oinker were having a conference. "What do we do now?" asked Oinker.
"Well, why don't we have a cold cut sandwich?" Porky suggested this because McDonalds was a long way away and he didn't want to know or see any more cows killed.

Everyone agreed and after eating they went home.

The End!

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