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by upper2
Rated: 18+ · Campfire Creative · Documentary · Activity · #1916234
Situations that have occurred or may happen to people involving guns.
[Introduction] I thought it would be interesting to write some stories about guns and get input from others about guns and their usage It's a current "hot topic" in our culture. We don't have a set perspective, but wanted to write collectively about this topic.
Many Americans including me like the idea of owning guns to defend the home. I own a Remington Light12 shotgun. I use it for deer hunting, and rarely for small game (squirrel, partridge, and rabbits. I also have a .50 caliber muzzle loader, a 20 gauge shotgun, and a .22 rifle. The guns are not loaded. The question is "Could I defend my home against an intruder?" The reality is the ammo is scattered throughout my home, and the guns are all on my gun rack in my bedroom. If an intruder managed to get into my home and had any weapons, I'd be long dead because it would take me about 10 minutes to find and load any of my guns. I do not have a pistol which would be handier to use. I believe that many Americans are in a similar situation to me.
@ Upper. That always seems to be the case. Now my story- which is based in part on an actual case.

August 1984

In the case of California Vs Smith, the judge ruled to remove some evidence in the case against a Liquor store robber, John Smith- a .38 bullet that had been fired by police, which had lodged itself in the suspect's left butt cheek.
Many Americans do like to own guns by either defense for their families or to go hunting. One thing that most Americans don't consider is what happens when they don't teach their children that guns are not toys. There have been stories over the years of when the parents are not home and the children are left by themselves. It all starts when they become bored and want to do something. When they walk into their parent's room and see the gun or know that they have a gun they think that its a toy and will want to play with it. What ends up happening is the one child who is playing with the gun will accidentally set it off and end up hurting the other child that is in the room. In some unfortunate cases there have been children that have died because of this. If parents don't teach their children about gun safety or they think that it is okay to own a gun but don't teach their children that they are not toys, there are going to be some serious consequences that could be deadly. I say to parents that if they have children and they want to own a gun think twice before you make this decision.
As I've said before, I do not own a pistol. I've been thinking about this lately. I may decide to get a pistol permit. This is a long process in New York State. I'm sure I will qualify, and it may be cheaper to do it now than it will be in the future. New York just passed the strictest gun control standards in the nation. I would like a pistol primarily for self defense. I plan to keep it loaded in a small locked (maybe secret button) cabinet next to my bed. I do not have any children in my home.
Some people wonder if guns are any good. Depends one one's opinion.
In news today there have been two stories that have happened that I couldn't believe. First when the student had his music playing of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme, everyone heard the part where he said, shootin some b-ball outside the school .For some unknown reason they mistaken this to be a gun story and they locked down the entire school. Really? Doesn't anyone know what the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is any more? Also even stupider than this a boy was eating a pastry in his school cafeteria, he was suspended because they thought he bit his pastry into the shape of a gun. For that he got suspended? Really, what has this country come to today?
Wondering whether you need to get the pistol permit before the pistol. I think - you can still purchase the pistol from a private individual. Then, you need the pistol permit to carry on your person or in a vehicle. Next, do I need a permit to "carry concealed"? Many questions. Need to start reviewing answers!
With America's history, and fascination, for guns, one wonders what stories are actually real.
Another sad story in the news, a 16 year old was playing with a gun and he accidentally shot the gun off and it shot his 12 year old brother. Unfortunately the 12 year old died by the time he got to the hospital. How many more stories like this do we need to hear to get parents to understand that guns are not toys.
I asked my brother who has been a long time hunter and sportsman about the NYS pistol permit. He said that it will take about 6 mos. or more to process. I have to go to the county seat to apply. Then I can look into a purchase. Still don't know about the carrying concealed. I assume the county can inform me on this. I'm also not sure if I would ever want to practice that.
There are some guns one can be glad are Fiction; Case in Point- the Noisy Cricket from the Men in Black series.

It fits in the palm of the user's hand, and has the power to blast through several vehicles and thensome. Problem is, the recoil is just as powerful. According to Lore, the Noisy Cricket was often given to new recruits, and more experienced operatives would take bets on how far the kick would send the rookie, though this practice is largely discouraged under the Anti-Hazing Code.
Another thing that really is bad about gun violence is video games. Video games today are getting really violent. Most games people see today are about shooting people up and collecting points for this. This could possibly be the reason for kids become violent in real life and want to try to play with a real gun because they see it in these video games.
It's amazing to me that our USA Congress cannot get together and come up with any measures to control guns - especially with all the mass shootings and daily carnage in urban areas. What will it take to get traction? Most polls show that 80% of Americans and 70% of gun owners support more controls. A majority of NRA members also support more gun controls. Will it take a mass shooting in Congress to get these "leaders?" in Congress to act?
I think there was one a while back.
Looks like the fireworks are over.

The End!

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