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by Tverse
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Join my dangerous world and try to survive.You can have friends or enemies, your choice.
[Introduction] RULES

*Turns go in the order people join.If you have just joined wait for someone else to go first.
*Killing and sex is allowed.
*My character cannot die so don't try fighting me!
*Keep cursing to a minimum.
*You have to wait for three rounds before you can kill someone, then three rounds until you can kill again.
*If your character dies you can make a new one or lose one turn and make an epic comeback.(one comeback per character)
*Try to keep character deaths to a minimum.

Introducing a new character...






*Note: These characters should be human.

Name:Locke(l-ock) Winters

Personality:Locke is a deadly assassin and perfect with a sniper rifle, but he is usually nice to people he meets.If they're not trying to kill him or on his hitlist, they're his friend.He has a bad habit of of counting every bullet he shoots.

Appearance:A white 22 year old with black hair that hangs in his face and blue eyes.He always wears a black suit with black gloves.

Skills/Powers:Extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat.The ability to learn the best way to use a weapon just by touching it.

Weapons:Silenced AMT Hardballer, twin daggers.

The story...

Locke pulled the trigger.

"Number 2,451."

"Winters, is he down?"a voice spoke through Locke's phone.

Locke looked at the red splat on the window of the limo, just to be sure.


"You will recive your payment at the usual pick-up location."

Locke climbed down the latter that led to his car, a red convertible Challenger.

*Five hours later*

He sat at the bar drinking his rootbeer.He wasn't much of a drinker or smoker, he wanted his body fresh.A woman in a satin red dress sat next to him.He turned his head and look at her, smirking.

"What would you like, miss?"Locke said, pulling out Jefferson and his twin brother.
New Character

Name: Lydia Barnes.

Personality: Lydia is a confirmed feminist. She feels males are not good for anything useful. She is independent and feisty. She has and air of confidence that borders on arrogance.

Appearance: A white 20 year old female. She is slight of stature but her personality makes her seem taller. She usually dresses casually but dresses up to go out. Lydia has blond hair and soft blue eyes.

Skills: Is proficient with computers and computer programs. She is taking a self defense course.

Weapons: Lydia had learned to use ordinary items as weapons.

The Story...

The woman in the red dress gave Locke a haughty look, "I can buy my own, thank you."

Locke decided not to be put off so easily. "I'm Locke," he said and put out his hand.

"Lydia," the woman answered.

The bar tender appeared and gave Locke a hard look, "Is this guy bothering you, Lyd?"

"Nothing I can't handle,"she answered, " My usual Scotch and water would be great."

"Coming right up," the bar tender answered and turned away to get the drink,

"Look, Locke, you seem nice and all but I just came here to get a break from looking at my computer screen."

As she said this Lydia turned away from Locke. This gave Locke a chance to check her out a bit. Lydia's blond hair shimmered in the lights of the bar. Her blue eyes had been soft and enchanting when she had spoke to him.

Just like an angel, Locke thought.

Locke wondered if she had been sent here to save him. He also if there was anything he could do for her.

The last thought gave Locke a thrill that encompassed his whole body.

'This girl must've been through some things.'Locke thought about the way she was acting.'A bad breakup, Mabey?'He thought about of a good way to ask her.

"So, what's your story?"

"Well, I take men to my house and murder them."She replied, coldly.

Locke got a bit closer.

"Well, why don't you take me to your house and see if I can escape."

She just stared at him and got up.

"Wait! Atleast give me your number!"

"Fuck you."She said as she left the bar.


She was gone, now, but Locke would remember Lydia's face.

"Just like an angel."

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