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What are online scams?? How Do You Avoid them??
[Introduction] ery recently I found out that still many people do not believe how easy it is to create digital products in just a couple of days and sell them. It happened when I gave away a valuable free ebook to all subscribers on my list. It's called 'soulmansresearch and describes a detailed step-by-step 30-day plan to set up an income stream on the Net, including creating your own digital product.
(The offer still stands; just sign up at www.invuk.webs.com
I asked for feedback and got a lot of comments. Very useful!
But quite a few responded, that it was IM-possible to create a good product in just a couple of days! That got me upset. Maybe I forgot how many new subscribers I had on my list. create digital products smiley
Anyway, it's sheer nonsense. Because you CAN create a product in a couple of days. Sometimes even in a matter of hours.

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