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Continuation of Monster City
For Previous experiences, see "Monster City Police Force.

Jeremiah Johnson was just a cop from New York City, when a vacation in Las Vegas got him into more trouble than he bargained for, for it seems that his car broke down outside of Area 51. The base commander allowed him to stay at the base, until his car was fixed by the base mechanics, on the condition that he didn't leave his room without an escort.

Slight problem - he did, and stumbled across a secret far greater than anything he'd ever imagined - instead of dissecting aliens and testing top secret technology, the area is a home to various monsters from myth and legend. He was then apprehended, and given a choice - Military prison for 20 years on charges of espionage, or become a police officer that served and protected the denizens of Monster City for 5 years, along with all of the benefits that came with the job. He picked to be a police officer for the hidden city.

Jeremiah was partnered with Frank Greyfur, a werewolf who had been involved with the place since the early 1940's, and had been involved in WW2, the Roswell New Mexico incident, and many others.

Now, faced with protecting the secrets of this city, Jeremiah has to learn quickly about the people he's supposed to now serve, before he ends up in big trouble.

Former NYPD officer, Jeremiah Johnson, given a choice between a prison sentence and a military job, is now a police officer at Monster City - located just behind the main base at Area 51, and hidden from prying eyes by a clocking device given to them shortly after the Rosswell Incident, which was a cover-up of a cover-up - UFO from Mars (on way to Venus), crashed-landed, boys from Area 51 patched it up, and the Martians (who were a family of a husband, wife, and two kids) were able to get on with their vacation. Since that point, Area 51, and the city itself, have become a popular roadstop destination for traveling aliens, as it were.

As for Area 51, and the city itself - monsters, and other mythical creatures, had fled to the area to get away from monster hunters, and the like, although others were able to hide themselves, and live among the refuse of society. Eventually, WW2 came along, and the US Government, needing a place that was far from the prying eyes of the Japanese and Germans, came to the place, only to discover the creatures living there. Initially, there was worries that there would be a fight for control of the land, until an incident involving a general being in a car wreck, being rescued by the locals, convinced the US Government - that is FDR - to negotiate a treaty with these people, declaring them to be American citizens, and all the rights that went with it.

As for Jeremiah, he's teamed up with Frank Greyfur, a werewolf who has been on the force, and on various covert missions, since WW2. However, said werewolf is on a leash of sorts - due to an unsanctioned killing - which involved killing a man who had killed the werewolf's pregnant daughter-in-law - thereby preventing his son from killing the man himself, and potentially being executed for it - Frank isn't allowed to leave the city for anything less than an officially sanctioned mission, for at least another 20 years, under penalty of death. That being said, going on sanctioned missions is a way around this.

As for what's going on so far -

Incident in NYC leads an agent to need a special chip, so that he can blend in with society. Also includes helping out one of Frank's friends, and hiding a man from the Mob.

Ambassadors from two different planets are almost assassinated - but these were prevented. MCPD had to work with an Intergalactic agency agent briefly on this.

Currently, there's an incident involving a giant snail, which has laid eggs in Monster City's lake - plan is to relocate the water, and the lake's rightful denizens, temporarily, so that the eggs can be located, and dealt with.

Also going on, Tourist Season - aliens from everywhere are spending at least part of their vacation in the place, and, in addition to all the regular craziness, MCPD has to keep an eye on them as well.

And Now

Jeremiah watched as a spaceship of some kind showed up over the lake. "So, just what is the plan?"

Frank looked up at the ship, and then pointed at the lake. "The White Six-Winged Creature, which is the rough translation of that ship's name, is going to store the lake's water, and house the denizens of the lake, until we can remove our snail infestation, after which, it will return the water back to its rightful place."

"So, what's to keep the ship from leaving with the water, and the lake's inhabitants?" Jeremiah asked.

Frank chuckled. "Like I've told you - treaty between fifty different intergalactic Federations, Kingdoms, Empires, Businesses, and other such entities, would make such things a very bad idea. Attacking this place is like some idiot attacking an amusement park - even those who don't like this place would condemn such an event, and call it the work of a coward."

"So, what is the worst that could happen?" Jeremiah asked.

"Accidental introduction of a new disease that has the potential to wipe out Humanity, but won't," said Frank.

"What?" Jeremiah asked.

"Name one of those big diseases that have been on the TV in recent years, and at least 4 or 5 of them are mutated strains of alien ones, the viruses and bacteria initially seem like they are going to bring about the end of the world, but then, within three months, they die down, and the reports seem to stop. That's because the disease has mutated, and mimics common diseases - colds and flues among them."

"What about vaccines?" Jeremiah asked. "Are those fake then?"

"Real deal, reverse-engineered from those our friends use, and modified for use in humans, and others," said Frank. "Of course, the Public doesn't know the truth, nor will it until 2047."
Jeremiah watched with awe as the White Six-Winged Creature lowered a gigantic pipe into the lake and began sucking out the water. "What if someone sees that and takes a cell phone pic of it?" he asked.

Frank made a half twirl with his hand. "I'm afraid they will find their cell phone is not working too well today. That ship contains sophisticated electronic jamming equipment. You're not wearing a pacemaker, are you?"

"No," Jeremiah said. "Why?"

"Because if you were and you went near that ship your heart would stop. Thought I better warn you."
Name: Duskero Aranto

Race: Vampire Demi God (son of Hecate) hybrid (no I'm not looking to God mod.)

Status: Native

Reason for being in the city: Mainly to duck and cover. Far too many humans spreading out. Staying in his old home was risky. Especially with never being truly able to go outside without looking like a burglar. Using his lovely shadows he learned from his mother would've been far too risky. Luckily, the city welcomed him with open arms. On one condition. He joined MCPD as a medical official.

Hair color: Pitch black

Eye color: Dark purple

Skin tone: pale

Clothing: dark blue pants and a dark blue button up shirt. Black sunglasses.

Rank: M.E. (Medical Examiner)

Personality: A bit of a sweet heart. But don't give him the opurtunity to be a sarcastic twerp. If the opening appears, he takes it. He loves screwing with his boss and co workers. Though on more than one occasion it's almost cost him his job. He's not too fond of new comers. But if he's gotta deal with them, he'll suck it up in hopes of at least getting on their good side. Though just like his great uncle, he can hold a grudge for a millennia.
Name: Julianna Thornsdale

Race: Dragon/Shapeshifter

Status: Currently Native

Color: Black Dragon/Molten Silver eyes

Shape-shifting ability: Most mythical creatures, birds and cats are her specialty

Julianna has been in MC since monsters and aliens began using the site as a home. Though not many in MC know it, she was instrumental in many of the treaties which now keep MC safe from outside interference. Government secrecy is one thing but they would have no idea how to actually run a city full of mythical creatures and aliens. So, while they take care of the outside problems, Julianna and those of the Elected Council Senate of MC take care of business inside.

At the moment, just like Jeremiah and Frank, she was watching with a careful eye the White Six-Winged Creature take on the cargo of lake water and creatures. In truth the problem of snail eggs was not that they had to rid the lake of the eggs, but that they needed to relocate the eggs before they hatched and became a problem for the denizens of the lake. The other problem was they needed to locate where the giant snail went before it laid more eggs somewhere else. Which was the biggest reason for her being there. She was about to give Jeremiah and Frank one of the biggest jobs they've had since becoming partners. And though they didn't know it yet, it was about to become the strangest.

(ElfinDragon - the snail was caught by the end of the other campfire, but one doesn't know if it laid eggs elsewheres.)

"So, just how long with that ship keep the water?" Jeremiah asked.

"Not too long," said Frank. "We have the snail in containment, and we've located most of the eggs. Our issue is locating the eggs we haven't found."

"So, just how many eggs could there be?" Jeremiah asked.

"Well, if my one son's biology book for school is correct, at least a hundred in a single batch," said Frank. "The question is, how many batches are there. Then there's the after."

"What do you mean?" Jeremiah asked.

"What do we do after we find them?" Fr5nk said. "It's one thing if we're dealing with sentient lifeforms, like Atomica - that ant is smart enough to avoid causing trouble, unless she gets drunk or something. However, these snails seem to be more like large versions of their regular counterparts, which is a problem. We need to take them someplace where they will be safe, and out of trouble."
"But they will just breed more snails," Jeremiah said.

"That will be taken care of with a simple operation to remove their ovaries," Frank said.

"Aw, the poor things," Jeremiah said. "It's not their fault they became gigantic and now they will never know the joys of motherhood."

"Let's hope they never do. It would be just our luck if one of them managed to have a batch of babies anyway."

"You're a hard man, Frank."

"You would be, too, if you had been in Monster City as long as I have. Got an interesting message from the medical examiner today."

"Duskero Aranto?"


"What did he have to say?"

Duskero grimaced, lifting a gloved hand covered in goo. It had an awful stench and a sickening green color. He let out an annoyed sighed before setting the slime filled vile in the machine.

"Next time they make such a mess I'm making THEM clean it!" Duskero hissed and tossed the gloves in the garbage. Another officer peaked in, hearing the ruckus. He was met with a death glare and then some. Duskero didn't even have to say anything before the soldier ran.

"Those two better show up quick. They ain't going to like the samples I got." Duskero sighed and rubbed his aching head.

Julianna listened to Jeremiah and Frank's conversation with a grim smile. It was amusing to have a new human in MC who had to learn everything from scratch. But she had to admit Jeremiah was actually eager to learn and was a good partner with Frank. The vast majority of humans would flinch at being paired with a werewolf - Jeremiah seemed to take it all in stride.

As the last of the water and denizens of the lake was being sucked up into the White Six Winged Creature Julianna decided she'd better tell them the bad news. She'd already talked with Duskero a bit and hadn't liked the news he'd given her. It was not going to be a pleasant few weeks. She walked up behind the two detectives and tapped Frank on the shoulder first. He turned around, not surprised to see her.

"Hi Juli, what's going on?"

Jeremiah turned at the question to look at Julianna and couldn't help staring. It was the first time he'd seen her.

"Jeremiah, stop staring." Frank punched Jeremiah lightly to grab his attention. "This is Julianna, She's been here since before MC was on the map."

The statement only made Jeremiah stare more and Frank cuff him a bit harder for doing so. Julianna only smiled. She was used to newbies staring. It was an occupational hazard with her.

"It's alright Frank. You know most people forget that anyways."

"Yeah, but they shouldn't." He huffed. "You've done more for MC than anyone and most of the citizens don't even know it."

"And that's the way I like it. I couldn't do my job otherwise."

"Your job?" Jeremiah finally seemed to come out of his shocked state to chime in.

"She makes sure there aren't any hazards, problems and otherwise dangerous situations to the citizens of MC." Frank told Jeremiah before Julianna could. "It's how we knew about the giant snail and the eggs in the lake."

Julianna sighed heavily. "And many other things."

Frank didn't like the sound of the sigh or the statement afterwards. It usually meant more work. "Something else come up?"

"It's a problem with the egg samples you gave to Duskero. A very big problem. Both of you need to go talk to him ASAP."

Frank nodded assent to the order and was about to grab Jeremiah to head over to Duskero's office when he saw the look in Julianna's eyes. "Something else?"

She nodded. "Somehow a batch of eggs got in the sewer system. Duskero will tell you where."

Frank groaned as he and Jeremiah rushed over to see Duskero. The sewers were the last place he wanted to go.
Name: Unknown, goes by Entourage

Race: Shadow People

Status: Outsider

Reason for being in Area 51/ Monster City: Official Business. He will not say unless speaking to those with permission.

Appearance: Humanoid body structure, he is entirely featureless, or at least everyone assumes so as his entire body is enveloped in black vapor which are physical Three Dimensional manifestations of shadows. What he does possess are two red glowing eyes the size and intensity of light bulbs and a mouth filled with sharp teeth that can appear and vanish at Entourage's beck and call. Other than this he lacks feets but does have very long hands which are rumored to have been used to strangle those who learn too much.

History: Only rumors are known of this being cast in literal shadows. Such rumors tell the tale of a mercenary and an agent for unknown organizations. What is known of him is that he is indifferent to all lifeforms and hails from either the darkest realms, the deepest caves, or the blackest of planets.

Threat level: All MCPD treat subject with caution. Entourage is capable of close range teleportation, the rising of fears in lesser beings, and slicing those who feel fear. Unknown if enemy or ally to government.

Name: No name per say, but it has confirmed its product name in human English is RAD 97. Rad is an acronym, standing for Robotic Arsenal of Destruction

Status: Envoy

Origin: RAD 97 is a militaristic/peacekeeping automated machine sent by the International government of Mercury. It is watched over by Entourage and was given the order to harvest materials from Earth and/or eliminate or "collaborate" with the dominant sentient race or most powerful nation on the planet. It and Entourage alone decides how it goes about this.

Appearance: It stands as eight feet tall with a reflective but near indestructible hull that is resistant to levels of heat reach the inner mantle of the sun. Its shoulders are spiked and host two cylindrical arms each. One arm on each side has an all purpose arm with 8 digit hands and processing/analyzing tools while the other two arms end in a bizarre liquid like metal that can be shaped into a whole variety of deadly weapons with their own kinds of ammunition. RAD 97 boasts sophisticated hover technology however it uses legs that end in flat bending strips with nanoscopic hooks in order to handle any foreign terrain. Its torso houses a glowing orange core that distributes energy via wireless nodes in each body part however glowing lines are visible when it enters assault mode. Finally, RAD 97's head is similar to a crustacean shell with a long semi flat top ending in a spike in the back while the face itself is jest two glowing blue eyes and film made from copper and zinc.

Directives: Make peace with nations and sentient race on Earth. If no copromise is achieved, eliminate all who oppose Great Mercury.

Threat level: Non existent to extreme, it depends on the situation. But in terms of sheer fire power, do not attack without proper arms. It has one modification especially designed to eradicate living organisms.
Frank looked at Jeremiah, and chuckled. "If you don't stop looking at every single female, I'm going to drag you along to a Mixer, and by the time that's over, you'll be done staring at them."

"You never did really explain how those work you know," said Jeremiah, as the pair got into their car.

"It's fairly simple - men get a letter, women get a number, and the person hosting the party has two containers, one with the numbers, and one with the letters. The party-goers sit down in a series of chairs. The Host pulls out a number, and a letter, and the two who have the corresponding letters and numbers stand up. At that moment, the person who has stood up, needs to make a choice - Pass or Room. If you pick Pass, you have to pay five dollars. If you pick Room, you and the other person go to a room, and you have sex."

"So, basically, it's a way to get laid," said Jeremiah.

"Yeah, if you and your wife are having difficulties," said Frank. "Been there myself."

"And you have four wives now," said Jeremiah. "Makes one wonder there. A Kitsune, a Human, a Sucubus, and a Rabbit-thing."

"I've had a few more besides them," said Frank. "Some, we separated amicably, like me and my first wife, others were taken from me in Death, like my Tina." The werewolf frowned. "Even after fifty years, I still miss her. I suppose that's part of the curse for those who can live more than a hundred years - you will eventually bury the bodies of those you love, but you'll carry their memories forever."

"So, just how long can a werewolf live?" Jeremiah asked.

"My grandfather was born in 1750, and wife number 38 is pregnant with their third child, so that should give you an idea on that," said Frank. "She's only thirty, and she's a human. Of course, he does have ten other current wives, most of them being those who can live multiple centuries as well."

"So, what's with the multiple wives thing?" Jeremiah asked. "Polygamy is illegal you know."

"Not for us," said Frank. "Some of us can't live without multiple partners, and others have obligations to make sure that their respective race lives on without a serious dilution by having it 'contaminated' by the genes of other races, and yet, in a way, all of them are contaminated."

"Contaminated, how?" Jeremiah asked.

"Let's just say, to prevent cousins from breeding too closely with each other, you have the families marry humans, and have offspring with them, before allowing the great-grand-kids to mix the lines back together," said Frank. "Keeps the more undesirable traits down, and prevents the majority of the issues associated with inbreeding to a minimum. Of course, that's only if one is a Purist, of which, most people are not. I know I'm not, especially given the fact that the last time that someone in my ancestry mixed the line back together was, my grandfather's grandfather, back in 1623, and as far as I know, I've yet to mate with another werewolf whose closest ancestor to me wasn't at least twenty generations away from us, but I suppose that eventually, it could happen, just like with humans. After all, with humans, with a population of 6+ billion people, eventually you will run into that 20th cousin, whom you might have a relationship with."
Jeremiah got a dreamy look on his face. "Yeah, I remember this one cousin I had..." The he snapped awake. "Of course, she wasn't a 20th cousin, more like a 1st or 2nd cousin. Still, in my home town that would not have been frowned on."

"A country boy, eh?" Frank said.

"Before they sent me off to the city for the first time, they tied me to a tree and ran around me with wheelbarrows to get me used to the traffic."
Duskero growled as the two detectives walked in. Frank simply rolled his eyes while Jerimiah seemed quite confused.

"What do you got for us?" Frank asked as he looked around, seemingly for something. Duskero turned to the werewolf and sighed. He knew this wouldn't be pretty.

"A swift kick in the arse and a one way ticket to Hades if the evidence is ever that dirty again. I'll be mopping for months to get rid of the smell. I seriously can't believe our crime scene boys would be so...." Duskero was stopped mid rant.

"I meant the samples you got you blood sucking son of a witch." Frank butted in rather angrily. Duskero smirked and crossed his arms. Jeremiah was stunned at the way they talked to each other. He could just imagine how they were when not at work.

"Snail slime. Plenty of it. Possibly from our guest. Or more likely a couple more batches of eggs. Most of the samples I got were from under the lovely town hall. A couple in some desolate places. But it's all marked on the map wolf boy." Duskero sat in his chair. Frank looked over the map and nodded while Jeremiah looked like he'd seen a ghost.
Jeremiah's face was ashen as he stared at Duskero. He could have sworn the same man had died 20 years earlier in a drive-by shooting. And the same man he'd known for at least 7 years before he was shot but he wasn't going by Duskero then.

"Nice to see you again." Duskero smiled at Jeremiah

Frank looked up from the map, "Oh? You two know each other?"

Duskero grunted. "Before I settled here officially. Was unfortunate enough to get in the middle of a drive-by shooting. Thought it was best if I left the confines of human cities permanently."

Frank laughed as Jeremiah's look of astonishment didn't abate.

"He's a vampire buddy." Frank explained.

"Oh." Was all Jeremiah could get out.

He was still getting used to the different races in MC and never dreamed he'd come across someone he'd already known. He shook his head to try and clear it then glanced at the map Duskero had placed on the table. From the marks on the map he gathered most of the eggs they needed to locate were indeed in the sewers. And the worst part was under the town hall. Apparently the tunnels not only were under the building but they went down several levels. There was no telling how far down the snail eggs might be. It was going to be a long, slimy shift.
A ship lands near Dreamland.... two shadows step out of the peculiar craft and trudge toward the monstrous settlement. One's eyes glow red with quiet fury, the other's glow a cold blue, reflecting its own unnatural existence. After walking a few miles, they arrive at the establishment on their priority list: the city hall, and within, the mayor's office. The tall one born of metal analyzes the structure and walks in followed by its guardian.
"I'm sort of surprised that Duskero wasn't on the list of those you've known previously," Frank said, as the two of them checked the trail.

"You mean when the Chief showed me those people that I had done cases that involved a monster, in one manner or another, right?" Jeremiah asked.

"Yeah, but since you were a kid, that would make sense," said Frank. "Kids have imagination, and aren't too likely to be believed by serious adults, so it would make sense that the incident wasn't documented by us."

"So, just how far down do we have to go?" Jeremiah asked, as he looked at the seemingly never-ending trail.

Frank stopped. "Right here is where you and I must stop. Go any further, and we risk getting the Bends."

"The Bends?" Jeremiah asked. "I thought that the Bends were an underwater thing - go down too deep, and your Nitrogen and Oxygen levels in your blood will cause you various issues, potentially even death."

"Actually, it's an air pressure thing," said Frank. "You know, like when you're in a car, and you speed down a long sharp hill, and then your ears seem to pop on you."

"I've done that before," said Jeremiah. "Used to think it was fun when I was a kid."

"Well, the Bends are not fun, especially when you get stuck in a Decompression Chamber for three days to try and balance your body's gas levels," said Frank. "Had that happen to a previous partner of mine. We were checking out an incident in the Sea of Japan when he went too deep into the water, and shot up rapidly to the surface when a shark startled him. Worse than that though, he was my Interpreter between me and the local monsters. I couldn't understand them, and they couldn't understand me, aside from basic sign language."

"But, don't most of people of Japan speak, or understand, English?" Jeremiah asked.

"Not that community," said Frank. "Hell, they didn't even speak Japanese, or Chinese, or at least some common variation that I knew. Did you know that there are at least 10 major variations of the Chinese language? Makes one glad that Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of China, tried to make it so that there was only one written language, not that anything else about him is very flattering with the whole burning of books and executions of scholars from nations that his army had defeated, but that might have just been something his enemies wrote about him after his death, as very few records from that era survive anyways."

"Okay," said Jeremiah. "So, what happened to your partner?"

"He got better, and we were able to finish the mission."

Jeremiah looked down the tunnel. "So, if we can't go any further, how do we check the trail?"

Frank pointed. "That's how."

Jeremiah looked, and saw that the soil was being disturbed, and a creature, which looked like a mole, came out of the ground.

"Frank," the creature said. "Nice to see you again. What's up?"

"Big Snail trail, that goes down that way," said Frank. "What do you know about it, Jethro?"

"Well, my partner and I got a report about a disturbance in this area, came to check on it, and found this stuff," said Jethro. "Found what looks to be eggs about two miles down that trail. We were about to call in when we were told that you guys were coming to this spot between the Pressures. I came here to see what you needed, while my partner is watching the eggs."
"Whatever you do, don't let them hatch," Frank said.

Jethro cocked his head to one side. "And how am I supposed to do that?"

"You'll think of something," Frank said. "We need to clear all the eggs out of the tunnels. We're trying to put a stop to this snail infestation, but it it's not proving to be very easy."
"Well, we've only got reports of one big collection," said Jethro. "The others should be able to locate more, if there is more."
Jeremiah looked at the big pile of snail eggs that had been removed from the tunnels. "I wonder if they are good for anything?"

"I don't want to find out," Frank said. "Is your flamethrower primed?"

"Yes," said Jeremiah.

"Then lower masks and begin operation No More Snail Eggs."

The two officers fired up their flame throwers and began roasting snail eggs. Occasionally an egg would pop like it was popcorn and spray them with cinders, but they were both wearing protective suits with face masks.
Duskero pulled up to the subway angrily. He had sent Frank and Jeremiah to the sewers. But a recent sample he got was from the subway. Almost twenty feet of concrete separating the subway from the sewers. And for this sample to have popped up here? Not good saying as the sewer was under him.

He had tried getting a hold of the detectives. But they weren't in signal range. Or they were just ignoring him. Either way he'd have to yell at them later.

Duskero had already spoken with maitenence, and after about half an hour of persuasion, he talked them into shutting the tracks down for a bit. So now the only worry was what he was going to find. So clicking on his flashlight and hopping onto the tracks, he began his own light journey.

"Next time, I'm sending the crime scene unit to do this."
Julianna had gotten Duskero's brief, angry message. Only the two of them were old enough to understand the devastation this particular nuisance would cause to MC. It was unfortunate this particular being decided to grace them with its presence at this time, after so many years away.

Duskero had a right to be angry. He was one of few who knew the snail's true purpose of coming to MC. Once it had been captured, Julianna had it taken to one of the few interrogation centers in MC. With her ability for languages, and torture when needed, they found the snail's children would have the ability of mind control which worked best with monsters. Apparently humans had a chance of being able to break free of the mind control but once the snails had control of monsters they could then amplify their mind control through the monsters to humans far more easily. All of the eggs had to be found and destroyed, at any cost.

After the interrogation Julianna disposed of the large snail, ensuring it had no other eggs which might hatch inside its shell. That's when Duskero made the discovery of more eggs in the subway and tried to contact Frank and Jeremiah with no success.

Now both Julianna and Duskero raced through the subway to find the last of the snail's eggs, not sure of what they would find. If it came down to it, Julianna could shape-shift into a dragon and burn the eggs to dust. But if the eggs had hatched they would have a fight on their hands and she would want no one else beside her in this fight.
Frank looked around. "Alright. Let's head on back to the surface. I get the feeling the higher ups want to talk about this."

"Chief O'Finnly?" Jeremiah asked.

"That leprechaun is easy," said Frank. "It's some of the others who are a pain in the ass."
As soon as they were at the surface and back in radio contact, Duskero was chewing them out, ending with, "Get over here to the subway as fast as you can."

"Let's go," Frank said and turned on the siren as he made a wheel-squealing turn into traffic.
Duskero hurried through the subway tunnels, walking off to the side as not to trip on the tracks as he normally would. Tunnels were never a pleasant place for him. Yea he enjoyed whatever darkness he could get. But tunnels? He'd rather sleep in a haunted mine shaft for a hundred years.

Occasionally he'd glance at the shapeshifter accompanying him. She had come down here voluntarily. Quite shocking to him. Most wanted nothing to do with the poor hybrid.

Then he heard it. The dripping. Not of water. But of something far thicker. His pace slowed and his scans became frequent. He continued along until his heart stopped. The question of why there was slime stood in front of him with eight obsidian black legs and eight blood red eyes to match. Duskero scanned frantically to see why it would be here and how in the world no one had hit it with a train yet. Then again, the trains probably went right under with how tall this thing was. He quickly spotted several clutches of eggs. He masked himself quickly in pure darkness and sprinted to them to check them.

His heart stopped. At least three spider clutches and a small snail clutch. Duskero knew what needed to be checked first. He inspected the snail eggs as closely as possible. There were only three in the group. He cleared the first one and stomped into it to make sure it wouldn't hatch. The second one took a bit more work since the spider decided to shift his leg in the way. But same as the first, he cleared and smashed it. Duskero didn't even have to check the third. His light caught the shape of the hatched snail within one of the spider egg clutches. This wouldn't be good.

"We've got a live one!" He practically screamed through the tunnel. Stupidly enough, the large spider turned toward the panicked shout and smacked Duskero through a service door with one of its massive legs.
Julianna was aware of Duskero's surpirse that she chose to help him take care of things in the sewers. But she knew it was important and was hoping for the best possible outcome. She was running behind Duskero and thus saw the giant spider before he realized it was there. She watched as he quickly shifted gears and began checking egg clutches, dodging easily between the legs of the giant spider.

Julianna carefully watched Duskero stomp the unhatched eggs to bits while she shifted to dragon form so to keep the spider's attention. She didn't want the spider turning on him at the wrong moment. Unfortunately as he got to the third clutch he made the error of screaming out, "We've got a live one!", which took the spider's attention away from her and put it firmly upon him. She watched helplessly as Duskero was slapped by one of the spider's legs, as it turned, through a service door. She knew Duskero would be fine but only if she could turn the spider's attention back towards her.

Spider's couldn't hear, but they could feel vibrations (it's what disturbed the spider when Duskero screamed over to her); so she let out a loud roar which shook the sewer walls. The huge spider turned back towards her, all eight eyes gleaming as she then let loose a jet of flame. The flames were high enough to miss going into the tunnel Duskero went through yet hot enough to give the spider pause. The biggest problem, at the moment, was the live snail in the spider nest. As long as that snail lived there was no way she would be able to convince the spider to move out of the area to somewhere it could be more comfortable. Thanks to its mind control ability. Right now all she could do was hope Duskero could come back into the main chamber and take care of the snail so she could take care of the spider situation.
Frank checked on the com system in the car as he sped along.

"Picking up anything?" Jeremiah asked.

"Not a thing, and that's starting to worry me," said Frank. "Computer! Information on the denizens of the Subway section Julianna and Duskero were last reported at."

"Information; Citizen Charlotte Long Legs. Species: Mutant Spider. Criminal Record: Drunk and Disorderly, Assault, Destruction of Private Property, Destruction of Government Property, King Konging -"

"King Konging?" Jeremiah asked.

"Usually happens when someone has way too much to drink, and decides to act out that scene in King Kong where he picks up the beautiful woman, climbs up the Empire State Building, and sings to them some really terrible romance songs," said Frank. "That always gets mentioned somewhere."

"Um, King Kong didn't sing in any of the three versions of the movie," said Jeremiah.

"He does in our version of the film," said Frank. "Alternate Endings - Hidden Version - and you need to know the code, and when you do type it in, it looks like bad CGI, and even unfinished, but that was made for us - while the General Public might get the ending with the planes shooting him down, Karl, Klaus, and Hans only did the role of the giant ape, so long as they could show off their musical talents."

"Karl, Klaus, and Hans?" Jeremiah asked.

"You think monster movies used Stop-Animation, guys in Suits, and CGI after all you've seen here?" Frank asked.

"Right, but I thought that the real monsters and aliens acted in what most people call Second-Rate movies with Obviously Bad CGI," said Jeremiah. "Like those Asylum movies."

"Sometimes, if you're really good, you end up in a Big-Name movie," said Frank.

"So, what about this Charlotte spider person?" Jeremiah asked.

"Mostly, she's a decent person, who makes silk clothing," said Frank. "Thing is, she just had some eggs, and mamma spiders become very protective when they have eggs."

"How protective?" Jeremiah asked.

"Don't try to harm their eggs, whatever you do," said Frank.

"What do you mean?" Jeremiah asked.

"They don't mind people holding their eggs, or babysitting, though trespassers tend to find themselves strung up to the ceiling," said Frank. "As for those who harm their eggs, you'd be better off in our custody."

"Why?" Jeremiah asked.

"Same reason a fly shouldn't have tea with a normal spider," said Frank. "Especially if the spider is hungry."

"I see," said Jeremiah.

"But, like I said, she's mostly friendly, so long as you don't harm her eggs."
Duskero was back on the radio but reception was poor. "...spider... eggs.... snail.... flamethrower..."

"Uh oh," Jeremiah said. "Sounds like they are having trouble with Charlotte."

"We're almost there."

Frank slammed the patrol car to a screeching stop at the subway station. He and Jeremiah were out of the car and running for the entrance when a puff of smoke came out of the stairwell.

People were starting to panic and they had to push through the crowd surging out of the station to get into it.
Managed to make an interactive for this.

 Monster City Police Force  (18+)
If you think you know Area 51, you know nothing. The Police make sure of that. 3,130+ Vs
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