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Megan and Me and the Music We Love
[Introduction] This is Princess Megan Rose and me writing about songs we love. We will just pick a song or we will react to each other's songs. This is totally a no pressure campfire - write when we want to write about whatever.

Sometimes Megan might write about a song and I might react to it with one word. Or it might make me think of another song.

It's whatever this brings to mind. There is no limit on what era we will write about.

Just have fun!

Link however you want to. Put lyrics in if you feel like it or don't.

This is very casual.

I got this idea from being a part of The Soundtrackers for several years. I learned and loved everything that Beth (lizco252) did here. And, I will never forget how she inspired others and brought music back into my barn. *Music2**Heart*

The first song I picked is because it has "jingle jangle morning" in it.

It is morning and we are starting our campfire.

This is Bob Dylan. I was talking to two younger people and they asked me about him being political. I told them he never was political, it was other people interpreting his songs. I have reason to believe that Bob Dylan's politics are not what people think they are. Why do I think this? Because I have listened to him being interviewed.

In 2006, I went to Minneapolis by myself on a plane from Baltimore to visit my friend, Kris, from the NBK (Never Been Kissed) Fan Fiction website. She showed me all the places that Dylan wrote about. So, besides seeing the Mall of America I learned something.

Bob Dylan is a poet. That is why he wont he Nobel Prize.

This is one of my favorites of his. Here it is sung by him, although the Byrds had a big hit with it. I prefer Dylan on this one:

Mr. Tambourine Man

Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
I’m not sleepy and there is no place I’m going to
Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
In the jingle jangle morning I’ll come followin’ you

Though I know that evenin’s empire has returned into sand
Vanished from my hand
Left me blindly here to stand but still not sleeping
My weariness amazes me, I’m branded on my feet
I have no one to meet
And the ancient empty street’s too dead for dreaming

Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
I’m not sleepy and there is no place I’m going to
Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
In the jingle jangle morning I’ll come followin’ you

Take me on a trip upon your magic swirlin’ ship
My senses have been stripped, my hands can’t feel to grip
My toes too numb to step
Wait only for my boot heels to be wanderin’
I’m ready to go anywhere, I’m ready for to fade
Into my own parade, cast your dancing spell my way
I promise to go under it

Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
I’m not sleepy and there is no place I’m going to
Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
In the jingle jangle morning I’ll come followin’ you

Though you might hear laughin’, spinnin’, swingin’ madly across the sun
It’s not aimed at anyone, it’s just escapin’ on the run
And but for the sky there are no fences facin’
And if you hear vague traces of skippin’ reels of rhyme
To your tambourine in time, it’s just a ragged clown behind
I wouldn’t pay it any mind
It’s just a shadow you’re seein’ that he’s chasing

Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
I’m not sleepy and there is no place I’m going to
Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
In the jingle jangle morning I’ll come followin’ you

Then take me disappearin’ through the smoke rings of my mind
Down the foggy ruins of time, far past the frozen leaves
The haunted, frightened trees, out to the windy beach
Far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow
Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free
Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands
With all memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves
Let me forget about today until tomorrow

Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
I’m not sleepy and there is no place I’m going to
Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
In the jingle jangle morning I’ll come followin’ you

I remember this song and I love when the Byrds sang it but Bob Dylan did a good job. A lot of people protested the Viet Nam War. I did as well and if I would have been older, I would have been in those war protests when we lived by Washington, D.C. A good thing I didn't.

I remember Leslie Gore's song. She's A Fool.

"She don't know that she's a lucky girl. Got the guy I wish was mine. She's a fool. She has his love but treats him cruel. Maybe there will come a day when he will say girl: Be on your way. Maybe then he'll turn to me. How happy I will be."

This reminds me of a guy I was crushing on in high school who was going out with a good friend of mine but she was mean to everyone. She never knew I had a crush on Bill. I went out with Bill later after they broke up. He wasn't for me. He married my husband's cousin and he is still a friend.

I always liked Leslie Gore and I enjoy hearing her songs. The 60's were a great era.
I haven't thought about Lesley Gore in a long time. That is a great song. Remember when she was on Batman?

She was a little kitty henchperson to Catwoman, I think.

I found look of love with some still shots. I also loved when she sang California Nights on Batman.

I loved when she was on Batman. I thought she would have been cute with Robin. I like her songs. This song was cute as well. I loved watching Batman episodes.

I loved The Beatles. I loved the song "Ticket To Ride." "She's got a ticket to ride but she don't care. My baby don't care." I went through that with boyfriends a lot. I was never sure what the ticket to ride meant unless the boyfriend was paying her bills and buying her anything she wants. I loved this scene in Help when the Fab Four was skiing and had their scarves tied together. The Beatles sang "Help" and when I would sing this song when the people I took care of at work acted up. The staff would laugh. Music adds so much to our lives. Thank you, Beatles. I have been watching reruns of Ed Sullivan and will always remember when The Beatles first appeared on there sing: "I Want To Hold Your Hand." Thank goodness for memories.
I loved the Beatles, too. Help was a great movie. Eleanor Bron played the lady and I saw her recently in an episode of Midsomer Murders. I think she must be close to 80. Paul McCartney is 75 now. Ringo is 77.

I loved them in A Hard Day's Night, too.

John Lennon was my favorite. My Mom took me to see Help at a big theatre in Downtown D.C.

I love this song. I like I'm Happy To Dance With You. "If someone tries to take my place, we will just pretend we can't see his face. I'm happy just to dance with you." I felt this way when I was dancing with a guy and wanted him just to dance with me.

George Harrison was my favorite. I loved George and I like his song. "What is my Life without your love to see me through? Tell me who I am without you by my side? That was his crowning song. I guess we all love The Beatles.

Thanks for letting me write about The Beatles.
I love that song, too.


George wrote a lot of classics. His songs like Here Comes the Sun, Something, and this one are the ones I think about most often these days. Especially Here Comes the Sun.

He was in the Traveling Wilburys with Tom Petty, too. Lots of wonderful music from George.

He seemed so sweet and shy in the beginning.

I love The Beatles, especially their early stuff like this one. I could watch A Hard Days Night more than I do. All so young then.

We hear a lot of songs we love. I like the song "End Of The World" By: Skeeter Davis. "Why does my heart go on beating? It's the end of the world."
I saw this movie "Girl Irreversible" and this song was at the end of the movie when a girl hung herself. It was about women in a mental health facility and the girl who hung herself was abused by her father. Brittany Murphy played her and Angelina Joline's character was so mean and drove the girl to hang herself. I was still working in mental health and this movie made me feel bad. The girl who hung herself kept playing this "End Of The World" song and hung herself listening to the song. This was always a pretty song. I see this song differently now. I still love it.

I don't know how to link You Tube songs so I talk about them. I loved 60's Rock and Roll and Country music when I was growing up and I am happy I can share these memories here.
That movie scene sounds very haunting and memorable.

I know that song, but I am more familiar with the version by Herman's Hermits. I had their albums and I played that a lot. Mr. HOOves and I went to see Herman's Hermits at the County Fair in Maryland about 12 years ago or so. It was free to see them.

They sounded so good and looked so good. Herman/Peter Noone is a really fine entertainer. They sang all of their hits and some hits from others, like this one from Skeeter Davis, who had the hit for it.

It was weird seeing them so long after I had listened to them as a kid. It made me feel happy at a sad time. I think that sometimes music can do that for us and sometimes it makes us feel so sad because of the memories.

British Invasion music always makes me feel happy and upbeat.

Country music is the same. We found some Dolly Parton singing with Vince Gill that is wonderful. Well, I love listening and sharing thoughts about it. Hope you do, too. *Heart*
I just listened to Reba Mcintire's song "One Promise Too Late." "Where were you when I could have loved you? Where were you when I gave my heart away? You came along one promise too late." My first love. He keep my high school picture in his wallet for 20 some years. I will never forget him but we weren't meant to be and I love someone else and I wouldn't change that. When his mother died, I went to the funeral home and we hugged and talked about happy memories of his mother. He never married and lives with his brothers who never married.

Reba's song: "I Would Rather Ride Around With You." "My cousin's getting married at the Methodist Church. That's why I stayed home from work. I would rather ride around with you." My husband liked this song and he doesn't like country music. He got a kick out of this one.

I just love Reba and her songs are just great and to me, she is the Queen of country next to Loretta Lynn.
I enjoy Reba, especially I'd Rather Ride Around With You. We saw her in Baltimore around 2004 or so. She put on a good show at the Arena there. But it was a huge venue so we couldn't see her that well, only on the screens.

Mr. HOOves and I like this version of Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You from Gilmore Girls. We both think it is a favorite scene when Lorelai sings it to Luke.

I love "I Will Always Love You" By: Dolly Patron and Whitney Houston. I really liked the song: "Seven Year Ache" By: Roseanne Cash. It was about a guy who hung out at the bars and I had a boyfriend who hung out at the bars and I would be there to be with him. This song reminded me of him.

"Who does your path belong to Today? You don't say nothing when you're feeling this way. The girls in the room thinking who is this guy? They don't think nothing when there telling you lies. Tell them you're trying to get over the seven year ache. See how much your ole heart can take?"

This song was about the guy I was seeing at the time. He flirted with all the women and I was just one he used. He acted like he didn't know what that meant. He asked me to live with him. Why? He didn't care about me. I love this song and Roseanne never hit it as big as your father but she had a good singing voice. I will always love this song.
That is a great song! I went to listen to it. She has always done well - I think she writes some soundtrack music, also. This was her huge hit that she had in the 1980s.

I love Country Music, also, I especially love George Strait. He's from Texas and so is Mr. HOOves. George Strait looks a little like my Dad when he was young also. There is a movie he did called, Pure Country which they show periodically on CMT.

This is the song I picked for today is Amarillo By Morning, as it reminds me of all our family we love in Texas and 6 years ago yesterday the doctors here saved Mr. HOOves life. It makes me think of all that and the fact that the sun is shining here. *Heart*

I love this George Strait song. This is really country. I like Keith Urban's music. I really love the song: "Drive." "I am going to put you in my car and drive. Push. Repeat. They'll say: Hey! Aren't you the girl in that car? " I like the beginning of this song. I think Keith is so cute and Nichole Kidman and got a better deal with him then with Tom Cruise.

My husband had just left and I cranked up Keith Urban. He came back in. He said he forget something and he would leave me to listen to Keith Urban. I did. Keith really liked Glen Campbell and Glen was the best but Keith is on the right track!

I was in a Dolly Parton mood today. First I thought of "Here You Come Again" because they used it on Gilmore Girls.

Then I found Jolene. I remember it well. I love the story of it and the way she sings it in this video.

So, today it is Jolene.

I love the song "Jolene." This song was part of my life when a guy I wanted, liked someone else. Another song by Dolly Parton I liked was: "You Come Again." Looking better then a body has a right to. Here I go." Another song by her: "Why did you come in here looking right that? You could stop traffic in a gunny sack! You almost gave me a heart attack!" Sorry, I don't know the name of the song. I saw Dolly Patron in person and she wouldn't even come out to sign autographs! I did like her in the movie "Steel Magnolias."

One song I liked was: "Beach Baby." It came out when I started college and I hadn't been out of high school very long. "Beach Baby. Beach Baby, there on the sand. From July until the end of September. I never thought it would end when I was everybody's friend." I missed high school but I loved being at the Catholic College I was going to and I was making new friends and this song makes me think of college and my last year of high school. They were great times.
I remember those great beach songs - Beach Baby by who, I'm not sure? and all the songs by The Beach Boys.

I remember Surfin' USA and dancing to it at a club in DC called The Godfather. When the song said "Bushy bushy blonde hair" someone ruffled up my hair. I had blonde hair at the time.

Those songs were already classics as The Godfather was a dance to the oldies club. There was another club, further downtown, called Deja Vu. The Godfather was on Wisconsin Avenue, NW. Lots of fun and good times being young! *Heart*

I should have looked up to see who sang "Beach Baby." My husband liked The Beach Boys and he went to see them in concert with a girl he was engaged to who was a friend of mine. This is before my husband and I started going out.

I love Sister Golden Hair By: America. "Will you meet me in the middle? Will you love me just a little, just enough to show you care?" I was going to a Catholic College and I thought is this song about a Nun? I had a boyfriend from Thailand who was going to college there. I love the bopping do boops they sing in this song. I behaved like a Nun when I was at college. I thought this is my song.

This CampFire brings up a lot of memories.

Oh, it does, it does bring those memories back.

Sister Golden Hair is a great song. I had a boyfriend in college who told me that song made him think of me. I didn't like him that much, but that was nice. I was still a blonde then. Gosh, I haven't thought about that in ages.

I love a variety of music. I enjoy music from the original Dark Shadows series. Like Quentin's Theme. He was a ghost and Barnabas went back into the past when he was alive. He played a classical eerie but beautiful song called Quentin's Theme. Later, some of the words were: "Shadows of the night. Calling you to me." There was a instrumental song called: "Ode To Angelique" and "Josettes Theme" which was a music box song. I really loved the songs from the show.

I like the soundtracks of "Twilight" as well as other movies. Like "Star Wars." As soon as the music starts, we are in for a great movie. I am a movie lover as well as a music lover.
I love TV themes. Some movies, too.

Since it's Halloween Week, here's one for you. The Munsters theme song with the opening credits if this works.

Happy Halloween week! *Cat2**Pumpkin*

I love The Munsters. I hope to watch them in the next 2 days. I am going to watch "The Addams Family" as there is a Marathon of them Tuesday.

"Drac was troubled by just one thing. What ever happened to my Transylvania twist? They did the Mash. The Monster Mash. Everything's cool. Drac is part of the band." If I don't get to hear "The Monster Mash" well it isn't Halloween! Glad I can watch things on YouTube and DVD.

Happy Halloween! Hope you don't mind the Sig.

My newest Witch Sig From Power Reviewer Auction.
I love the signature! It's just like Bewitched! How cool! *Heart*

We have been watching Lost on Netflix and they use a lot of Petula Clark's songs.

This is the one I remember being her first hit, although that might not be correct. She looks just like my next door neighbor growing up. She is still a friend to me all these years later. Her name is Eve and she came from England.

Anyway, I love these British Invasion songs!


"If I would have told her that I loved her, she would have stayed until who knows when. I guess she couldn't understand it when I said I want to be your friend. Now, I wonder what she's doing tonight." This song: "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight" was By: Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart. I loved when they did this song on "Bewitched." My father was mad when I played this record over and over. It was a fun, cute song.

Tommy and Bobby wrote songs for The Monkees and wrote the"Days Of Our Lives" Theme. These guys had a good, short run but I am sure their record did well.
I loved the Monkees and my mom and I watched Days of Our Lives together a lot. She liked Julie and Doug and that whole storyline. I was more Roman and Marlena later and Hope and Bo.

I found this Herman's Hermits thing that I thought was cute and later I'll look for some Monkees stuff.

The Herman Hermits were cute. I like the song: "So Happy Together" By: The Turtles. "Imagine me and you. I do. I think about you night and day and want to hold you tight. So happy together. I can't see me loving nobody but you all my life."

I like when they did this song on "That 70's Show." The cast did it better then The Turtles. They dressed all fancy and sang and dance. The 60's and 70's were a great time to grow up.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! *Pumpkin**Witchhat**Hand1*

I couldn't resist posting this today. I love the sixties and 70's too, but this movie with Raul Julia is a special favorite. I think it was made in the early 1990s.

I love The Addams Family and Raul Julia. There is an Addams Marathon on today that starts at Noon. I am so ready.

I remember a song I sung in school for a skit. Some of us were dressed like witches, carrying brooms and putting them in a big plastic cauldron. We sang :"Stirring and stirring our brooms." Childhood memories.

"I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hands. {A wolf howls} The Werewolves Of London. Stay away from him, Jim. He'll rip your lungs out." I really like this song.

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!
I hope your Halloween was a good one.

We have been watching Lost and we watched more of it last night. This song for the early 1970's was featured on it.

I loved this song, but hadn't heard it in a long time and didn't remember who sang it until I checked. Oh, I also found out you can only embed 10 things in a campfire so what I'm doing is embedding and then changing it to a regular link.


I remember this song "It Never Rains In Southern California". It is a good song.

"Are you going to San Francisco? Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. For those who have come to San Francisco." I liked this song by: Scott McKenzie. It was a pretty song.

Another song I like was: "California Dreaming." I stopped into a church I passed along the way. I got down on my knees and began to pray. California Dreaming, I thought you were here to stay." The Mamas and Papas were a great singing group.

I got in a California mood and I have never been there but these songs came to mind.
Did you know that John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas wrote "Are You Going to San Francisco?"

I didn't know that until today.

This song made me remember visiting my Aunt Annabelle in the late 60s or early 70s. She lived with her husband on the West Coast and we met them in San Francisco. I was a little kid, but a mouthy one. I argued about politics with her husband. But my Aunt, my aunt bought me a purse and was so nice to me. I loved her so much.

Then a couple of years later my Aunt got breast cancer and that was that. She died right after my grandmother and she was very young.

Well, today I have a doctor's appointment, wouldn't you know. So I am scared and sad, but this song made me feel better so thanks Megan.


I have been to the Doctor a lot. I had tests and I have anxiety issues. Hope you are doing well. I went out shopping today and it helped.

I didn't know "If You're Going To San Francisco" was written by John Phillips.

I like the song "The Way We Were." "Scattered pictures from the corners of our lives. Makes me recall a memory of the way we were." This is a sad love song and I like how Barbara Streisand sings it. Beautifully. I enjoy the movie as well.

I also love her song: "I Am A Woman In Love. I would do anything to get you into my world." Who sings a love song better then her?

I love music and am not a good singer but I am just happy to listen.
I love Barbra Streisand, too.

This song was the one I settled on as it reminds me of Mr. HOOves. I played it for him and sang along and he covered his ears - that's how well I sing.

Love this song though and their song, Georgy Girl, also.

I always liked this song. Sonny James did this one, too.

I like the song "Rock Me Gently, Rock Me Slowly" By: Andy Kim. "Rock me gently, rock me slowly. Don't you know I have never been loved like this before?" I like the car commercial with this song and a wolf, fox, birds and squirrel get in the back sear when this song is playing.

Remember The Archies? "Sugar. Ah. Honey, Honey. You are my candy, girl and you got me wanting you."

We could write a novel about all these songs and the memories we have.

That's for sure, Megan. I am a bit off my game today and not feeling too well. Got dizzy and had to lie down the first time I was on the computer. But, I'm better and back.

They are cutting down all the trees in the woods behind our house to make 72 townhomes. Supposedly "luxury" townhomes. But that noise bothers my ears and the dust, too. I'm just fussy because all the trees are being chopped down and that noise is bad Then there is the dust. It does not agree with my breathing. I wish they wouldn't work here on Saturday. My whole street is all upset about those trees being cut down and the animals being displaced out there.

I was thinking about that movie, Georgy Girl and how much I loved it at the time I saw it. I have not seen that in a long time. So, I looked on Netflix Disk and there it was. So, I will order it. I bet Mr. HOOves will groan, but whatever. It will make a nice change from Law and Order Criminal Intent.

Have a lovely weekend!


I remember the Pom Pom Girls did a song routine to this song. I liked the song. I have never seen this movie.

I remember another song: "Music To Watch Girls By." I think it was instrumental and the only line I remember is : "Music to watch girls by."

I like the song: "Goldfinger." "He loves his gold." I always liked this James Bond movie.

Jackie DeShannon. "Put A Little Love In Your Heart." "Think of your fellow man. Lend him a helping hand and put a little love in your heart. The World will be, a better place for you and me. Just wait and see. Put a little love in your heart. Jackie DeShannon played one of Robbie's girlfriends on "My Three Sons."

I do love these 60's songs. A good time to grow up.
Jackie DeShannon brings back memories. I loved that song, Put a Little Love in Your Heart. What a classic!

Or there is this one:


Megan, I went to Barnes and Noble today. They have changed their policy on member coupons. No longer can we get an extra 20% from the coupon off on our Best Sellers that we buy. It is in the fine print on the front of the mailed coupons.

My membership is up at the end of this month and I won't renew based on that.

Plus, they were snotty about it and I go in there and spend money every week. Well, whatever. I have a number to call tomorrow, but I was so disappointed as that (going to that store) is something I love to do weekly. I will save a lot of moola not going, I guess and probably get best sellers at Costco, Sam's Club or Amazon. I will save that 25$ fee, too. I buy too many books anyway and will probably not live to read them all at this point.

Sorry to hear Barnes and Nobles changed their discount coupon offers. I have books on hold to read.

"On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone By: Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show "Going to send a copy to my mother. On the cover of the Rolling Stone." Sadly, this magazine is being discountinued. I always liked this magazine with the latest Rock Stars. I guess there are too many other magazines out there to compete with.

I will be away for a couple of days. I hope I get to meet this artist in Michigan who does beautiful illustrations for books. Her name is Carolyn Stitch and she lives in Holland, Michigan. She does beautiful art work. Must be a song for this but I can't think of one. Hopefully, I will get to meet her.

Have a good time in Michigan, Megan. *Heartp*

I remember that Cover of the Rolling Stone song. They sang another song I liked, too. I think it's this one:


Am a bit under the weather or something. They are cutting down trees next to our house (we had a woods there, no more) and the noise and whatever really bothers me. I have been dizzy a bit with feeling poorly the last couple of days.

I called the General Manager of the Barnes and Noble here and he straightened everything out and was very nice. He said he hopes the corporation decides to continue allowing the coupons so that's something.

Glad you got things straightened out with Barnes and Nobles. Holland, Michigan was beautiful and so was Lake Michigan. It is so neat to see black squirrels and I love seagulls. I met Carolyn Stitch, an artist who illustrates books and cards and she was so impressed with me for being an author. I got her autograph. I hope you are feeling better.

"Saginaw, Michigan" By: Lefty Frizell. "I loved a girl in Saginaw, Michigan." This song goes to to say the man found gold in Alaska and married the girl he loved and gave his claim to his father-in-law and says that fool will never find gold in Alaska but he and his wife are happy in Saginaw, Michigan. I do love old country music.

That sounds like you had a nice time in Michigan. That is good and I remember that song. The country music tells awesome stories.

I have not been feeling the best this week.

Am sort of in a mood for Leonard Cohen today. I love this version that Justin Timberlake and this other guy did when they were trying to raise money for Haiti. I don't think all the money ever got to the people who needed it, but that's how charities work sometimes.

Love this song, anyway. *Heartp* Happy Veteran's Day tomorrow! *Heart**Heartb*

Being Veterans Day, I am reminded of a song: "The Ballad Of Two Brothers By: Autry Inman This is a talk song and each brother tells his story. In this song, the one brother Bud writes his parents and talks about the killing, hardships of war and all he has seen and why is he fighting. The next war may be a lot closer to home if we didn't fight this war according to Bud. He told his parents to tell his brother Tommy "Hello" and asked how he was doing at State University.

Tommy writes his parents and says he is in protest marches and his one professor says people can get along under communism and there was no need for the Viet Nam War and his brother killing people. How can you defend Bud for killing these people? He tells his parents his picture is on a magazine with other protestors and he has a beard now and he believes he has a right to protest the war. He asked his father to send him money.

The parents receive a letter that Bud was killed and his last thoughts were about his family. Tommy writes a letter saying he knows he was wrong about the war and he worshiped Bud and didn't have the nerve to come home. He quit college and joined the Army to go fight in Viet Nam and hopes to be just like Bud someday, a hero.

This song always got to me. My father was in Viet Nam and I wanted to be old enough to be in protest marches but I am glad I wasn't. I thought we could live under communist rule. I was 13 and was mad because Dad had to go to Viet Nam 3 times. I saw the world differently and am proud of anyone who fights for us and our freedom.

Happy Veterans Day!

I hope you feel better, Carol. I still have some anxiety causing me physical problems but I am alright.

I hope that you get to feeling better, too, Megan! *Heart*

Happy Veteran's Day!

This is for my Navy Veteran, Mr. HOOves. We will go to Texas Roadhouse later as they give a free lunch to Veteran's today and he will go and get a coupon for a free haircut at Great Clips. I think that the grocery store is giving the Vets here 11% discount today, too.

That stuff is nice.

Well, here's to all Vets, Navy and otherwise.

The Navy song is nice. Dad was in the Air Force and so I am partial to the Air Force. "Off we go into the wild blue yonder." This is the opening line of the Air Force Theme Song. I do like the Navy Theme song.

I honor all the Veterans today and all branches. They are heroes. This is their day. I salute them. I think I will watch "Top Gun" today and "An Officer and a Gentleman."
I found Air Force with vocals. Tracy, my niece was a Captain in the Air Force.

My Dad was in the Air Force Reserve and one uncle was in the Air force.

I agree - I salute them all.

I am proud of Tracy. A great day to remember her. Thank you for sharing this Air Force song. Beautiful video. I like: "Danger Zone". "I went to the danger zone. Right into the danger zone." I love when the planes in "Top Gun" are taking off in the beginning of the movie. This movie I like the drama and not the romance part so much. I thought I wanted to fly planes at one time but I changed my mind. A Happy Veterans Day to everyone.
I have been thinking about Cher a lot. I do not know why.

I love her singing. My voice can sound like hers if you don't listen too closely to whether I hit the notes or not.

I love what she does with this song and the words to it.

Enjoy! *Heartt*

I love Cher, too. I like "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves." I was born in a wagon of a traveling show. My mother used to dance for the money they throw. Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves."

I liked "Half Breed." "Half Breed. That's all I ever heard. Give her a feather. She's a Cherokee." I am part Cherokee so I can feel for the girl in the song.

"Just Like Jessie James." "Tonight, you're going to go down in flames. Just like Jessie James. I'll shoot you down just like Jessie James."

"Baby, save up all your tears. You might need them someday. When you're crying all night for the love that you need."

I love a lot of Cher songs but I mentioned these songs I love. Thanks, Carol.

Did you know she offered the part of Morticia in The Addams Family Values" but she turned it down and the part went to Angelica Houston.I told my husband Cher should have played Morticia. I read Cher has gypsy blood in it. I think it's cool.
Cher would have made a great Morticia!

I used to watch the Sonny & Cher show with my Dad. He actually liked Cher, also. He didn't like many who came after Bing Crosby, but he did like Cher.

I saw Sonny and Cher perform in Maryland and then later just Cher. My friend Jean and I saw them at a hotel restaurant in Bethesda (Sonny & Cher) but Chastity wasn't with them in the restaurant.

We didn't go up to them or anything as they were eating and we were shy. It actually looked like they were mad at each other that day.

Cher is a great actress. I found this oldie from when she and Sonny first started: I love this song:


I love Sonny and Cher's songs but she did better without him. Sonny was neat. My Barbie "Cher" Doll I cherish.

I like "I Got You Babe." "I got you to hold my hand. I got you to understand." This song applies to my marriage and I am glad I got him.

Moving ahead, I liked Cindy Lauper. "Time After Time." "You say go slow. I fall behind. If you're lost and will find it, time after tine."

"Girls Just Want To Have Fun." "The phone rings in the middle of the night. My father says: "What are you goung to do with your life? Oh, girls just want to have fun."

Cindy Lauper entertains me.
I love Cindy Lauper. This is of her singing Time After Time right after I was married in 1984.

I love MOODonna too, but the time theme is big for me today.

This clip has her on Johnny Carson, who I always enjoyed also. I also watched her on the Celebrity Apprentice when President Trump was the host. She was pretty hilarious on that. *Heart*

I liked Madonna years ago. I like when she sang: "Just like a prayer, I'll take you there." This song got a lot of flack but I didn't see anything wrong with it.

I loved "Material Girl." "We are living in a Material World and I am a Material Girl." I liked the video of her as Marilyn Monroe in this song. Madonna was good at one time. Seems like most of these singers change. I am happy to write about songs on here. Thanks, Carol.
Yes, I am thinking of Madonna in the 80's for sure.

Something changed with her music that I didn't like after that, but I did like her in the beginning a lot.

I think most artists seem to do their best work before they get to that super star status place. Not all, but a lot of them. It seems like it goes their heads and gets in the way of making more good music. Maybe they lose touch with the real world.

I do not even really know who is who now. I see stuff on that TMZ website and I have no idea who any of these "celebrities" are.

I love Taylor Swift but she changed. I loved her song: "Love Story." "My father said, stay away from Juilette. It's a love story, baby, say yes."

I liked "Back To December." "I'm so glad you made time to see me. You gave me flowers and I left them there to die."

Taylor's songs reminded me of all my ex-boyfriends and her new music is like what? She posed nude I heard. I am so disappointed in her. I remember her as that sweet girl who shook hands with Tim McGraw when she first started. I listen to her old music and hope the old Taylor will return.
I figure I'd go into a holiday mode. This song by the Ronettes says Christmas to me.

I like a lot of popular Christmas songs, along with traditional and traditional Celtic stuff.

This song by the Ronettes makes me want to decorate the tree if I ever get the energy to do it! *Laugh**Heart*

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week, Megan! *Heart*

I always loved this song. I love so many Christmas songs. I like "Last Christmas" By Taylor Swift "Last Christmas I gave you my heart. This year I will give it to someone special."

"The Little Drummer Boy" always get to me. "Shall I play my drum for you?" Rump a bump. We know how it goes.

"White Christmas By: Bing Crosby "I am dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones I used to know. May your days be merry and bright. May all your Christmases be white." I do hope for a white Christmas this year. I love Christmas.

There is another version of this that I like better, but I can't find it. I will keep looking. I like the Christmas songs that came out in the 1960's and the ones my parents listened to from earlier.

I so like records/vinyl better than CDs, but I no longer hav ea record player. I have a lot of records still, though.

Happy Thanksgiving Week and Merry Christmas! *Heart**Heartg*
I like Dean Martin. I like Let It Snow.

I like Celtic Thunder's song: "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday." If everyday could be beautiful, peaceful and nice and we had money like our President, we could have Christmas everyday.

I always liked the song: "Christmas Is For Children" By: Glen Campbell "Aren't we all children on Christmas Day?" I am definitely a child at Christmas.
This is my absolute favorite Christmas song, from the movie, Meet Me in St. Louis.

I love this movie and this song.


"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" is a beautiful song. Judy Garland had a beautiful voice. I like how others sing it, too.

I like how Celine Dion sings "Blue Christmas." "I'll have a Blue Christmas Without You."

I think about Karen Carpenter's song: "Merry Christmas, Darling."

It doesn't seem possible Christmas will be here in a month. A beautiful time of year.


I was thinking about this time in 1963. November 22, 1963. I was wondering what songs were hits that year when I was little and everything changed because President Kennedy was killed.

I was surprised. Sugar Shack, Be True to Your School by the Beach Boys, She's a Fool by Lesley Gore and Dominique by the Singing Nun.

I had thought that Sugar Shack was later, maybe because it was used so much in movies about the 60's.

That was interesting to me also because the Beatles came along in February of 1964 and changed everything in music.

Well, I still love Sugar Shack and the rest, also. Enjoy and have a wonderful day, Princess Megan Rose


"I Will Follow Him" By: Peggy Lee "I love him. I love him. I will follow him where ever he may go. To keep me away." This was in 1963 and I loved song and I would sing it to my Grandma's cat Fluffy. She loved being with me.

"Ring Of Fire" By: Johnny Cash "Love is a burning thing. It makes a firing ring." I loved Johnny Cash. He was country music.

With David Cassidy dying, I loved him. He was my favorite Teen Idol along with Donny Osmond. "I Woke Up In Love This Morning. Went to sleep with you on my mind." I wanted to be his girlfriend. Losing Glen Campbell and now him, they were some of the best music around. I loved them. They will always be remembered.
I was sad to hear about David Cassidy and that he was still sick. His song, I Think I Love You was very memorable and I associated that with the 70's a lot. That show was cute with him and Shirley Jones and that red haired Danny Bonnaduci kid. I enjoyed it a lot.

Well, today is November 24. Twelve years ago, this morning, at 7 in the morning as the sun rose on what had been a snowy night, my mother died. My brother, Brian, and I were on each side of her bed holding her hand when she died that Thanksgiving morning. She was in a care center for a hip replacement surgery and they took her to the hospital for pneumonia. She died of pneumonia and congestive heart failure.

Not a day goes by that I do not miss my mother so much.

Her favorite movie was The Sound of Music. I got her the VHS tape, but she would only watch it when it was shown on TV. That was my mom for you. I don't know why she would never watch the tape. It dried up in the box, literally after she died. She wouldn't talk about why she preferred watching it on TV. "I just do." she'd say and that was that.

She loved this movie and Gone With the Wind. I think she loved the movie MASH too because she and my Dad went to the theater to see it a bunch of times.

Well, here is my Mom's favorite and one of mine.

{https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fH2FOn1V5g} *Heart**Heart*
I liked this movie and I love the songs from it. "You are Sixteen Going On Seventeen." That scene was so cute of the girl and her boyfriend and he turned to the Nazi side.

I think of the Nuns I had instructors of the Catholic College I went to. The song: "Climb Every Mountain." This song reminds me of my favorite Nun Sister Mary Delores who died a few years ago. I loved her.

Treasure the memories of your mother. My mother loves "The Sound Of Music." I like the one with Carrie Underwood in it. We will always love Julie Andrews.

With this in mind, I think of Amy Grant's song. "I Will Remember You." I liked her better when she did religious songs but "I Will Remember You" always makes me think of friends and family who passed on and the family and friends I still have. This is a beautiful song and holds a place in my heart.
I am not sure if this is the same song.

It has the same name, but is by Sarah McLaughlin. There are so many things and people to remember and cherish this time of year, especially.

I have 3 aunts still living and one uncle, 2 in their 90's and two in their 80s. They are all with it and perky. What a blessing.

My beloved Aunt Virginia will be laid to rest in Arlington next week. She lived to be 91.

My Dad died the youngest of the ones who lived to adulthood. There were ten kids in his family now there are 3.

Well, you never know so love and cherish the ones who are with you as much as you can. *Heart*

Here is the song:

This is a different song but I like this one, too. I like the song: "In The Arms Of The Angels" By: Sarah McLaughlin. "You spend all your time waiting for that second chance for a break that will make it okay. In the arms of the angels, may you find some comfort there." This song was used for abused animals and about rescuing them and it breaks my heart. This song comforts me. Promise of a better world. At Christmas, we need to be reminded of this. I believe in angels as well. This time of year, we have Christmas angels. I always pray for Christmas miracles.
I love that song, too and that commercial for ASPCA makes me cry.

On the holiday front, I was in a Wal*Mart Market Store (smaller than a regular Wal*Mart with just groceries) and I heard this song.

This one is one my parents had on an album and it always makes me perk up and feel festive. I got so excited that I came home and made my homemade peanut brittle for when we go to see Mr. HOOves sister later this week.

We need a little Christmas!


"Rock and Roll Heaven" By: The Righteous Brothers "If you believe in forever then life is just a one night stand. You know they got a hell of a band." We just added David Cassidy along with David Bowie, Prince and Glen Campbell. I heard this song the other day and they would have a great band.

I am playing Christmas songs and I love Christmas. "Where Are You Christmas? By: Faith Hill is one of my favorite Christmas songs. "Where are you Christmas, why can't I find you? I found you, Christmas." I need to get my tree up and Christmas decorations and then I will find Christmas. I am already in the Christmas mood.
That is a great Christmas song.

It does seem like we have lost a lot of singers and entertainers in the last couple of years. Tom Petty hit me really hard because he was still singing for thousands and giving concerts in Hyde Park this past summer when my Grandson and his Daddy went there.

This isn't on music, but did you read that Prince Harry is marrying that girl from Suits. I hope he gets some privacy and happiness his way and the press backs off some.

This year was 20 years since Diana passed away, too. How can it be that long?

Well, it is a long time in the blink of an eye. I saw two Basset Hounds yesterday being walked by their human. They were walking him. They were huge and made Boo (who weighs about 58 pounds now) look tiny. Their names are floral like Gardenia and Petunia or something like that.

They made me think of Elvis Presley singing Hound Dog to a Hound Dog. *Heart* Maybe I will find it sometime.
Harry is getting married I read. We have lost too many singers. I forget about Tom Petty. He will be part of the great band of singers who have died.
I loved Princess Diana. I think of the song: "England's Rose" By: Elton John "Seems to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind. Never knowing who to turn to when the rains came in." She should have had a longer life. This is short today but I will always remember English's Princess like she was America's Princess.
I love that song and Candle in the Wind that Elton John wrote for Marilyn Monroe and then adapted at Princess Diana's funeral.

We were in Ireland for Christmas some years ago. That was interesting as some of their music is different. We went to a church to hear a choir and then there was this thing they called a "Crib", which is a living Nativity Scene That's just what they call it there.

The decorations were so pretty in the cities and there was music everywhere. We had tickets for a TV show, which was a weird thing as they filmed our reactions to the music when the music wasn't playing. We went to that in Dingle and I ate Sticky Toffee Pudding for the first time that year.

It was the best trip to Ireland ever, Megan. We have been five times and that one was the best of all.

I went walking one day in Adare while Mr. HOOves was golfing and I found a whole herd of cows in the town. They were fenced but came right up to me and posed for pictures and let me pet them. They seemed magical to me as the whole thing was kind of a foggy day and I heard mooing and I walked toward the moos. *Cow**Balloons* *Heart**Heartg*

We heard so much music on that trip and went to a pub with a singer named Noel McLaughlin. He isn't famous, but I have his CDs that I buy now. *Heart**Heartg*
I love "Celtic Thunder's Christmas" CD. I was I was Irish but I do have English blood in me and I like that. I feel like I am part of Jane Austen and the Royal Family. I love English's theme song: "Oh Brittiana." I know I spelled it wrong. I wish Prince Harry and his bride all the best.

I love Celtic Thunder's song: "Ireland." I love all that River Dancing. I think there is a song about a unicorn and it might be Irish. I like to think fairies played flutes in the woods and danced and started Celtic music. I am thinking of the song: "500 Miles." "I would walk 500 miles." I would be too tired to walk 500 miles but if I could visit England, Scotland and Ireland, I would walk a few miles at a time and sing 500 Miles. It would be worth it. Carol, I would love having Christmas in Ireland. I am sure it is beautiful.

I love Celtic Thunder and a group called The High Kings, too. I bet you might like The High Kings.


The High Kings are related to Liam Clancy, at least one of them is. We saw Liam Clancy at George Washington University in D.C. in the 1980's and then we saw him with Tommy Makem somewhere around there after that.

I think that England would be fun, too, at Christmas time. I have been there in summer, but not in December.

The Chieftains did a great Christmas Album called The Bells of Dublin. It has a lot of songs I never heard before, plus some traditional stuff. Megan, I will be here on and off tomorrow and then not until Saturday.

My sister in law and her husband are coming tomorrow. They live in Spokane Washington so they come a long way to visit and go to holiday parties.

That is why I made the peanut brittle. We are excited to see them so it's like a little Christmas here this week. *Heart**Heartg*
Wow. Your sister lives in Spokane, Washington. I wish I lived in Washington State. I did when I was four. I love the High Kings. Beautiful song.

I heard Luke Bryant sing "O Holy Night." I love this Christmas song. Christmas is my favorite time of year.

"Hard Candy Christmas" By: Dolly Parton I love this song. "I'll be fine and dandy. It's like a hard candy Christmas. I am barely getting through tomorrow but still I won't let sorrow bring me down. I'll be fine." I drove by the place I worked at for 30 years and this song came to mind. I don't miss my job, taking care of the mentally ill but I worked there all those years in an old county building and the memories still linger. Christmas time was always fun there until 2 years ago. No one had any Christmas spirit. Christmas lives in me. Christmas is my fun time and I wish everyone a Merry one and we do need Christmas miracles. Enjoy your time with your sister.

I don't know about Washington. It seems to be very cold with a lot of snow. She showed me pictures and they were very pretty of their travels up there.

I don't like the cold much anymore.

But Christmas is coming so that is a good thing.

There are so many songs like Rockin Around the Christmas Tree and Jingle Bell Rock.

Those novelty songs are a lot of fun. I like John Lennon's song about Christmas and Paul McCarney's Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time. Well, the decorations are so pretty now.

In my mind, I am in Ireland for a nice Christmas time. *Heartv*
I like the song by Band Aid. "Do they know it's Christmas time? There won't be no snow in Africa on this Christmas Day." This song is so pretty.

I love Bob Seger's "Little Drummer Boy." He does a beautiful job.

Kelly Clarkson has pretty Christmas songs.

I enjoy this time of year. Sometimes I wish it could be Christmas everyday.
I forgot to mention. A couple of times we have written about songs in here and then when I am in stores, I have heard those songs. The first time it happened was with that George Strait song, Amarillo By Morning.

It happened with "I Need a Little Christmas" also.

Have you ever seen the movie, Love Actually? I like Mariah Carey's song that they do in that - All I Want For Christmas is You.

I heard that the other day in the store.

You would like that movie. It has Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in it, along with Liam Neeson and Alan Rickman and a bunch of others. It's very festive! *Santahat**Heart*
I don't think I have seen "Love Actually." I would like to.

I just watched Celtic Woman. I love their music. "Sail away. Sail away." That is a beautiful song. "For The Love Of A Princess." It is instrumental and very pretty. I also love Celtic Thunder. "There's whiskey in the jaro."

"Go on. Leave me breathless." This was a song by: The Cores

"Strawberries, cherries and angels kissing spring. My summer wine is really made from all these things." This is a song called "Summer Wine" originally sang by: Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood. The cores and Bono sang it later.

I am thinking of Celtic music and wish I had Irish blood in me but I don't. I am part English so I guess that counts.
That is some very pretty music.

Megan, I had very little sleep the last few nights. Well, tonight I should sleep. I wish my mind was working better and my worries would go away.

The song, Sunshine, Lollipops (I think it's by Lesley Gore) goes through my head.

I am not sure what else is in my noggin as I am dragging my tail today.

Have you ever had a camera not work? Mine didn't (it's 10 years old) but I'm thinking I'll try and get a new battery for it. I didn't get any good pictures on our trip south last week.

We had one camera that didn't work right. I hate when that happens. Leslie Gore sang cute songs. I have a bladder infection the Doctor says so I am trying to be in the Christmas spirit. I need a Christmas miracle.

"The Magic Of Christmas Day" By: Celine Dion is a favorite song. "Fill your hearts with love and joy. Open your hearts and it will come back to you. God Bless Us Everyone. Here's to family and friends, it's good to be here again." This is a favorite with me.

Here's to the best Christmas ever!

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I hope that you feel better soon, Megan. Be sure and get plenty of rest. *Heartg*

My back yard backs up to what used to be a woods on one side. They tore it all down and are bulding townhouses right there in the back, to the side of my house. Boo has a birdseye view.

That made me think of this Joni Mitchell song.


With Prince Harry marrying Megan Markel, this song comes to mind. "Love Story" By: Taylor Swift "You be the Prince and I'll be the Princess. It's a love story. Baby, just say yes." I wonder what it would be like to marry a Prince and be like Cinderella.

I just bought the cat home from the Vet after getting her, her shots and she is meowing. "What's New Pussy Cat?" By: Tom Jones comes to mind.

Until next time.
I hope you are feeling better and your kitty is doing well.

We had to take Boo to the Vet this week, also. She's on medicine now and seems better so far. I hope she continues to improve because we are about to get some snow.

Prince Harry and Megan Markel. I hope they will be happy and he can protect her from the horrible people in the press who chased his mother. I wish them the best.

Well, this is a song I always associate with the holidays. It used to play a lot, every year, on the radio. We just had the radio and record players way back when. I love to sing along with this song, even though I can't really sing. Somehow, it sounds better with Brenda Lee helping me along.


I love Rockin Around The Christmas Tree. Bella is back to her old self. We will have snow this weekend and I can sing "I Am Dreaming Of A White Christmas." I love the movie "White Christmas."

I watched The Carpenters Christmas Special. Karen's voice sang beautiful Christmas songs. She always makes me happy about Christmas when she sings.

Here's one for you. "The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year." Why would anyone tell scary ghost stories of Christmas, long, long ago? Like really? Christmas isn't scary!

Hope Boo is doing well. It is 20 some degrees in Indiana where I live and I can sing: "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Have a good weekend and stay by a fireplace.
I am glad to hear that Bella bounced back from the Vet's.

Boo is on the mend, but has to go for a recheck this coming week.

We switched from one vet to the other (same practice) and this one definitely seems to like Boo and vice versa.

Isn't The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" Johnny Mathis? I love it! *Heartv*

Carpenters were wonderful.

We had two inches of snow yesterday and everything (and I do mean everything) shut down as if no one here ever saw snow before. Every year it's the same thing, living in the South. D.C. wasn't much better, truth be told. From Pennsylvania up they know what they are doing with the snow. I am sure your area is used to it. Iowa used to cope with it quite well.

I don't get the big panic, but it's pretty and makes me feel like Christmas. I cooked a nice crockpot full of food that I am reheating today!

Yum! *Heartp*
We got snow. "Let it snow. Let it snow. since we got no place to go." Snow doesn't bother me and I have no job to go to. I am glad.

Glad Boo is doing better. Give her hugs.

Sounds like a day for hot coco. "It's a marshmallow world." Looks like that way outside.

Off to watch "Swamp Thing" and Christmas shows later.
It's getting close to Christmas.

Time to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's Again and listen to a little Moon River:

I love this song Moon River. I adore Audrey Hepburn and I want to watch Breakfast at Tiffany s again.

I enjoy watching Rudolph and all those Christmas songs. THEREs Always Tomorrow. I love this song and thank goodness for all our tomorrows.

I am surrounded by snow. My house anyway. A good time to watch movies.
Sometime around 2008, I watched a movie that has become my favorite Christmas movie, ever, even more so than my childhood ones.

It is the story of how a bunch of people come together and care for each other, shortly after 9/11. It centers around arrivals at Heathrow Airport in London.

The premise is that love is the most important thing there is, no matter what happens.

The stars in it are many - Colin Firth (as a heartbroken writer), Hugh Grant (as the Prime Minister of England), Liam Neeson (as a man who has just lost his wife and is raising a beloved stepson), Emma Thompson as the Prime Minister's sister, whose husband (Alan Rickman) is getting ready to cheat on her. In addition, there is Laura Linney, Martin Freeman, Keira Knightly and a bunch of others who became famous after this was released.

This is a song, toward the end. It is a Mariah Carey sung, but sung here by Olivia Olson. She plays the girl that Liam Neeson's stepson, Sam, is in love with.

I adore this movie, every bit of it and it is now my favorite.

Here's the song *Heartv*

Sounds like a good movie. I watched "Frozen" and it is a good Christmas movie. I love the song: "Let It Go." "The cold never bothered me anyhow." It bothers me but this movie is a little girl's movie and I am a little girl at heart. Elsa is my favorite Disney Princess.

I really enjoy watching The Christmas Light Fights. We do need a little Christmas right this very minute. We need a little Christmas now. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more excited I get.

Countdown to Christmas begins.
And of course, your birthday is coming, too.

It is nice to have a birthday close to Christmas with all the festive things going on.

Well, yours is next week on the 21st.

My mother was born Dec 4, which is 3 weeks before Christmas. Lots of great stuff going on in December with the celebrations, great food and the awesome music.

We take Boo to the Vet for a recheck today. Here's hoping that goes well. *Heart*

I hope Bella is in the swing of Kitty Cat Christmas! *Santahat**Cat2**Heart*
This is a Birthday Month for both of us. Give Boo hugs!

There is a song by Bette Midler I loved. "Let the world keep turning. In this life, I was loved by you." I think this song could apply to anyone we love this holiday season.

Hope Boo is doing well. Christmas is getting closer.
My song of the day for today is "I'll Be Home for Christmas" by Frank Sinatra. It is one from my parents and grandparents time.

The holiday movie I would watch today is While You Were Sleeping.

If I have time,I will read in my Maisie Dobbs book.

Today we have our Thursday group and some work is also being done fixing some outside stuff on the house. One tree is up and decorated. The other one is just up. Getting there. *Heart*
Glen Campbell had a song: "Christmas Is For Children." He sang: "But aren't we all children Christmas Day?" How true is that?

A cold day and we had snow again yesterday. I am ready to start my day.

"Please have snow and mistletoe and presents under the tree." I am having my Christmas Party with my parents next week. I hope to have a good Christmas this year. I hope everyone else does, too.
There are a lot of great Christmas songs by artists. Most of them seem to do a Christmas album, especially the country singers and mainstream like Glen Campbell.

Another thing I like to do at holiday times is go to Pemberly. By this I mean I get out the DVD of Pride and Prejudice (the 6 hour BBC production) with Colin Firth. I think this weekend will be good for that. I can hear Mr. HOOves groaning already. *Laugh*

The song I pick for today is Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms. Like the Brenda Lee song, this is a popular song that says Christmas to me.


We had some good friends who do work for us working on our house yesterday. It looks real nice now where they fixed it. Birds were pecking on the siding and making holes in a couple of places. I don't blame the birds because they are cutting down a whole big bunch of trees out back and to the side so a lot of them are homeless I reckon.

It feels like snow here, but none is predicted. It feels very cold and brisk. I hope you didn't get too much snow.

Boo is much better. She doesn't have to go back to the Vet (hopefully) until January 3rd.

Last night we went for dinner with our dinner group. We go out once a week. For a while we had a lot of people in it, but now it is 7 sometimes, mostly five of us like last night.

We went to the Country Club grill back in our old neighborhood. Most of them live there, but we moved to town when we moved back. So we drive about 20 minutes to get there. Lots of pretty lights coming back in the dark.

We usually don't go out at night except for this dinner group and on special occasions. Boo goes to sleep around 7 and sends us upstairs and barks at us to be quiet. *Laugh*

I have had Pride and Prejudice lying on my coffee table for a month. I will get my own personal DVD Player and watch it again. I love it. My husband says I am obsessed with Jane Austen. True.

I do enjoy Christmas and watching movies. I watched "The Holiday" today with Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law and the song: "You Send Me" is a nice touch at the end.

Another song I like is "Christmas Pipes" by Celtic Woman.

I want to spend Christmas at Pemberly. I was hoping to write another story about Christmas at Pemberly but I have no idea right now. Maybe I will later.

Enjoy your weekend. I am going to see Star Wars and come back to earth to go to Pemberly I hope.
I hope that Star Wars is all you hoped for. My grandson will give us a review tomorrow.

I went to a store about a half hour away where they have a lot of Vera Bradley. It is next to a movie theatre. There was a Star Wars characters (Chewie? not sure) out front waving at people. Very cute. He was very hairy. Chewbaca is what came into my head, but I wasn't sure.

I only saw a couple of the early ones with my nephew. I love Harrison Ford, but not the whole space thing. I preferred Star Trek (the original).

Hollywood doesn't come up with much original these days, does it? It's all remakes and continuations of stories that started in the 70's or 80's or even 90's.

OT/ on the Vera Bradley front, I was looking for these Penguin bags. They had one. I asked about the price and it was the only one left, and today only was half price. I snapped it up. Yay!!

People seemed nicer today than they have been. Mr. HOOves says that's thanks to an economy that is booming. Well, I'm not sure why.

I listened to the Chieftains Bells of Dublin DC in the car. It has some different stuff on it and a lot of traditional stuff.

Star Wars is good. I really enjoyed the movie. Chewie is cute. I have always been a big Star Wars Fan. I think a new generation of soldiers and fighters are taking over for Hans Solo, Leia and Luke.

I like the song: "Holiday Road." I enjoy all the Christmas commercials for the Honda car.

I feel like doing an Irish Jig as I enjoyed the song you posted. Good call.

Still having sinus issues. Hope to feel better soon.
I hope that you feel much better! Get some good rest and go to Pemberly. I went there, but haven't finished.

I like that Holiday Road song, too. It makes me want to buy a new car! *Delight**Heart*

Here's some more Chieftains Christmas song about a beloved bird, The Wren:


I watched Christmas specials today of "Green Acres", "Newhart", Bewitched", "The Partridge Family" and "Evening Shade." I ate a gingerbread man and just turned on my tree and Christmas village. It's getting close.

Brian Adams has a beautiful Christmas song called "Christmas Day." I love the commercial of dogs playing with their Christmas toys for Pet Smart commercial. "Jingle Bells" play and they are so cute. I see commercials about rescuing animals and I pray this is the year all animals will be rescued. Listening to "Silent Night" makes it sadder when they show this commercial.

Here's to all the animals. I hope they get their Christmas wish. I would love to give them their wish. We have hope and love and Christmas miracles. Hope they happen soon.
Those are all classic shows.

I am sleepy, but join in the wish for all Gods creatures to have peace on earth, good health and a place to call home.

The Monkees Daydream Believer is in my head this morning.

Oh, I could hide beneath the wings of the bluebird as she sings. That six oclock alarm would never ring. But it rings, and I rise, wipe the sleep out of my eyes.....*Heart*

I love Davy Jones song "Daydream Believer." I was a big fan of the Monkees. They were a good group. They didn't receive the credit they deserved. They were over looked. Remember when Davy was on an episode of "The Brady Bunch"? He was cute and charming. I liked Mickey Dolenz the best, the drummer, I like the song: "She" By The Monkees. Mickey sang lead in this song. Why I am missing her? I should be kissing her."

I still miss David Cassidy and I loved his version of "Cherish." I also liked "I Woke Up In Love This Morning." "This is you, this pillow that I am hugging and I am kissing." Nothing like when you are first in love.

My Dear, I have been at Pemberly today. I do love this movie and I am only half through it. I will be watching it all day. Six hours long. I enjoy every minute of it.

Rainy, drizzly day. I will be home.

Wishing you a good day and heartfelt memories this Christmas.

I hope today is a good one. Only a couple of days until your birthday!

I will be returning to Pemberly this evening. It is so enjoyable during the holidays and any time.

I remember Mickey Dolenz and I'm a Believer, too. He was cute. They all were cute and funny and talented.

Mike Nesmith wrote Linda Rondstadt's song, Different Drum. I think he wrote other stuff and some of the Monkee's stuff, also. *Heart*

I like this song by Linda Ronstadt. This reminds me of a few boyfriends I have had.

I watched all 6 hours of Pride and Prejudice yesterday. I love Darcy more and more.

I like the song: "Wind Beneath The Winds." My husband was a great help to me when I was sick four years ago after my surgery. "Did you ever know you were my hero?" This applies to friends here {you Dear Carol are one of them? and off line as well. I love the movie "Beaches" and I have had friendships with people like this.

I feel a little better today. I am in the Christmas spirit and it is getting closer and I am happy. My Birthday is in 2 days. I am ready.
*Heart* I am honored to be your friend. *Heart*

I went to Pemberly last night when Mr. HOOves went to play cards. I have one more episode to see. A lot of the P&P cast is in Midsomer Murders. The Dad, Wickham, Mary Bennett, Jane Bennett, the Mom, Mr. Collins and a few others. When Mr. HOOves came home I pointed out a lot of them to him and he recognized them.

I had a lot of errands to run. It was miserable rain today, which made it less crowded so I got a lot done. I was surprised about that.

The song I think I will pick is

Don't Sleep in the Subway by Petula Clark. She and Julie Andrews always reminded me of my parents' next door neighbor, Eve. I still hear from her every Christmas. *Heartp*

I played Christmas music today by Celtic Thunder.

I am thinking of pretty in pink today, the movie. The song: "If you leave, don't leave now. We always had time on our side." I loved the ending of "Pretty In Pink" when Andy runs to Blane and kisses him after Ducky tells her to go after him. After all, Blane told her he loves her and then I start crying and cry as they are kissing. I love romance in all forms.

Getting ready for Christmas. Dad has the virus thing like I have and my family party is Friday and hope Dad can come over. Mom will and we will have to go get her and bring over the food. Not a Christmas I planned on.

I always liked Petula Clark.

Years ago, we had traditional songs. I never get tired of "Silent Night" but the animal abuse commercial makes this song sad. I hope for a Christmas miracle for animals and people.

"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." I hope so.

Here for you, courtesy of You Tube.

A little Pemberly in the morning on your birthday!

Enjoy it! *Heart**Cow**Balloonv**Balloonr**Heart*

Thanks, Carol. I love this scene of Darcy being in the water and Elizabeth being all hot and bothered. Priceless! Thank you for sharing.

I am thinking of The Beatles song: "You Say It's Your Birthday." I will enjoy my day. I have my family Christmas party tomorrow night.

Have a good day. I think I will go read Pemberly or watch the movie again.
I hope everything went great and today turns out fine and everyone feels good for your party.

We went out with our dinner group last night to Texas Roadhouse. It was so fun. Our dinner group (with changes and such) has been going to dinner for more than 22 years. We moved back to Maryland for 3 years in there, but we have gone with it all the time we have lived here. It is a nice group.

For today, I found a festive song by Johnny Mathis *Heartv*

I am getting ready for my family Christmas Party. I had my Birthday yesterday and we do the party thing tonight. I like Andy Williams "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year." Johnny Mathis does good at Christmas songs.

Another song I like is "Sleigh Ride." I wish I had a horse and sleigh so I can go sleigh riding. Get to finish getting my house for my party. Three more days until Christmas.

Thanks, Carol for all the Birthday Greetings and all you do. I enjoy our Camp Fire. Best Wishes!
I hope your party went great!

The song I am thinking of is Oh Holy Night by Luciano Paveroti.

I sent a Christmas card to my cousin and forgot to sign it. My cousin is doing great. She had to learn to walk again before she came home. She did it and is home for Christmas! She has a new grandson born on Halloween.

A real Christmas miracle is my cousin.

Christmas miracles are the best. Good for your cousin who is walking again. I have been there, done that.

The family party went well. Ate too much scalloped potatoes, turkey and Dairy Queen Cake! I got the ten season of "Heartland" on DVD. I also got a beautiful silver pearl, beaded Vera Wang necklace. I got sweaters and a new purse and perfume early last month for my Birthday and Christmas. Mom loved The Wonder Woman Book I got her that had a Lynda Carter picture that was autographed and an original Wonder Woman Valentine.

I am thinking of "Santa Claus Is Coming To town" and all the excited children tomorrow night. Let's hope it is the best Christmas ever!
Sounds like you all had a great time!

It is Christmas Eve and my turkey is roasting in the oven.

This song is one I first heard in Ireland in a church where a couple of the Chieftains sang in the choir.

It is called the Wexford Carol and here is sung by Allison Krause with Yo Yo Ma backing her up.

It is a beautiful song that says Ireland to me.

Merry Christmas! *Heart*

It is snowing here and "I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas". "May all your Christmases be white."

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and have been watching Christmas comedy specials all day.

Enjoy your Christmas, Carol. "It's A Marshmallow World." It's pretty where I am with all the snow. After Christmas, no more snow I hope.
Merry Christmas, Megan!

We got cold here, but no snow. Just cold and sunny.

I got a Panasonic camera with a 30X zoom for Christmas. I am very excited to take pictures with it.

Boo got lots of dog toys from us and from my niece, Sandy. That was nice of her. Every time Boo went to eat one of our presents, we had a dog toy present to distract her. It was fun.

I made my turkey yesterday so that Mr. HOOves has his leftovers today. Fun. We used to go to a movie on Christmas Day. I do not even know what is playing right now besides the Star Wars movie. One year we saw Schindler's List with our neighbors. It seemed like the movies were always more fun on Christmas Day and the popcorn tasted yummy.

Last night we watched While You Were Sleeping (a Christmas favorite) and Love Actually.

Enjoy your snowy Christmas.

I am thinking of Bing Crosby and the movie White Christmas.

Happy Christmas to you and yours! *Heart*
We are going to Mom's for Christmas dinner. Sounds like Boo had a good time. The camera sounds nice.

I was thinking of the song: "Christmas Is For Children." "Aren't we all children Christmas Day?" I always feel like a child at Christmas and I always hope to see Santa. I was working midnights one Christmas Eve and Santa did show up at 4:00 AM. Some of the patients got up and he gave them candy canes. Who was this Santa? He was a Fireman and he had played Santa and was up all night. My girlfriend bought him out to my job and he was so nice and just like Santa himself. This is the closet I ever came to meeting Santa on Christmas Eve!

I am sad when Christmas ends but it carries on through New Years. I will enjoy Christmas all week. Christmas lives on in spirit and our hearts.
Happy St. Stephens Day.

One of the things we do is try to get a DVD of Irish music to watch on Christmas night.

Mr. HOOves and I saw and met Tommy Makem in the 1980's, 90's and then shortly before he died. He was a lovely, lovely man. We also saw Liam Clancy in concert but never met him.

This song was on the DVD we watched last night.

I know that Tommy Makem is in heaven singing with Liam and the Clancy Brothers. *Heart*

I started watching my "Heartland" series I got. "At the break of day, you dream." The song is "Dreamer" and it plays at the beginning of the show. The show involves horses and I love horses. I love all the music from this show as well as the episodes.

I do enjoy Irish music. Nice choice of song.

I had a good Christmas and it is about zero today. With that in mind, I think of: "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow." "Tomorrow, I'll love you. You're only a day away."

I always hope everyday will be a good day.
Annie songs. My grandson was in the play, Annie, over the holidays. We didn't make it up to see it this time, but we heard about it and he sent us an autographed program for Christmas.

Travel has gotten rough with our health and also on Boo.

My song today would be The Parting Glass by Liam Clancy. On Kindle so no link.

The 30th falls on Saturday this year. It did that the year my Dad died. 1995. So long ago but I remember spending the day on the 27th with him at the doctors office for his chemo. They had a VCR so we watched movies together, Mrs. Doubtfire and one other, might have been Patriot Games.

He told me to go home the morning of the 30th because he thought an ice storm was coming. I drove the 300 plus miles home and called to tell him I made it at 1:41. PM.

The last conversation.

That evening I got the call and everything changed. My Dad was reading a book I'd given him. He stood up, collapsed and was gone in an instant.

The next day we drove that 300 plus miles through the Blue Ridge Mts of Virginia back toward home, my childhood home. No ice storm. Tracy was there at my mom's to hug me when I arrived.

We buried my Daddy January 3rd and that weekend the blizzard of 1996 swept in, keeping me at my mother's for a week and a Half. Nothing has ever been quite the same.

The Parting Glass is the song for now.
It is so sad to lose people. Amazing how a song reminds us of things that happen in our life.

"The Greatest Man I Never Know" By: Reba Mcentire. Grandpa was hard to get to know. He was nice and quiet and didn't always talk a lot. He helped me with my math in school and took me places and spoiled me but he never talked about things that were on his mind. It was like I never knew him. I lived with my grandparents and he would be busy working on taxes and I would be in my room. We spoke but never talked at all when I got older. The lines in Reba's song remind me of him. When he died, there was business left undone. We needed him. Grandpa was nice and quiet but no one got to know him.

As a New Year approaches, I remember friends and family I have lost and those who moved away. I will always remember those I love and lost. Thanks, Carol for sharing about your father.
New Years falls on a Sunday for New Years Eve. Usually we go early to a close by Italian family restaurant that is normally closed on Sunday.

The chef/owner decided to keep it closed, so we will go there Saturday.

I think we will stay in on New Years eve as I don't like crowds or getting on the road with drunk people. I don't like to travel far after noon that day.

The song is Mambo Italiano by Dean Martin as that plays a lot at our favorite eating place.
My husband and I will be with my parents for New Years. I don't work anymore and don't have to worry about driving with drunk people when I would go to work on the midnight shift.

I think of the song Auld Le Syne. Guess this is how you spell it. I hope for a good New Year. I might get a red solo cup and fill it up but it will be with Diet Pepsi! This song by Toby Keith is cute but I am sure others will fill it up with other liquids! I just pray everyone stays safe.
Today I am thinking of The Sound of Music and Climb Every Mountain, in honor of Phoebe ringing her bell today, being done with all that Chemo. Yay, now on to achieving all her dreams in a wonderful life! *Heart*


I love "The Sound Of Music" and this "Climb Every Mountain" Song. I like the version with Carrie Underwood.

I hope for a good New Year and I hope I have no mountains to climb or they at least will be easy. I will keep this song in mind. Thanks for sharing.
The New Year is bringing the bitter cold here, but not the snow.

My end of year, worrying big stress thing is resolved good, thank God.

22 years ago tonight my Dad died. The last time I saw him was about 8:45 am when I left to drive the 306 miles back to my house. The next day we had to drive back for all the horrible funeral things.

It was a sunny, cold day, that Saturday, like today is supposed to be. Sunday was gloomy and overcast.

Dad loved Bing Crosby and he also enjoyed country music.

For him today, the song is George Strait's song, Blue Clear Sky.

Why this song?

My Daddy loved clear sunny weather and he looked a little like George Strait.

For Dad up in heaven. *Heart*

Thank you for sharing this song. I turned it on and my husband is like really? I played this song years ago and scared my kitty. I do love this song and I am like your father. I love a clear blue sky. Great choice.

I like George Strait's song: "Amarillio."This song and "Clear Blue Sky" are two of George's best songs.
Did you ever see his movie: "Pure Country?" A Good movie.

Looking at the snow this morning and the sky isn't blue. I will endure the winter.

Happy New Year and this song :"Clear Blue Sky" puts me in a good mood.
I can look at George Strait (I mean listen to *Laugh*) all day! LoL

I did see Pure Country. I have the DVD. Love him with the beard, too!


Here's some more for our writing in the New Year.

George Strait singin' "Write This Down"


I like all of George's songs. Another New Year. I hope for a good one.

"How About Those Cowgirls?" By: George Strait I watch so much "Heartland" that I wish I was a Cowgirl and a horse trainer. The Cowgirls song is on my mind. I can daydream about being a Cowgirl. Thank you. George.

Happy New Year!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, Princess Megan Rose !

I will start another campfire tomorrow. Thank you for being my friend and for doing such a great job with this one!


The End!

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