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The West sure is changing.
The setting: A Western-like town still dealing with the problems of the 19th century while also trying to get a handle on new technology from the coming 20th century.

The Denizens: Creatures of various Fantasy setting inhabit this area, and all others, bringing about their own unique issues.

Technology Level: Late 19th/Early 20th centuries - gunslingers mainly carry the old-standby known as the revolver, but the first semiautomatic pistols are making their way into town. Same applies to other technologies.

Magic Level: Wizards have no issues throwing fireballs from staffs and wands, but most pack the other kind of heat in order to reduce the need to resort to magic, as it is much easier to use a gun and get ammunition than it is to study the material and gather the resources needed to throw fireballs. Of course, healing spells are very useful, although those necromancers can be an issue, especially if they are on the other side of a fight.

It's the Changing of the West.
Name: Mortuus Novum (Self-given)

Species: Raised Human Skeleton

Gender: Male (Not that it really matters, much to his annoyance)

Occupation: Sheriff

Bio: Not much is really know about Mortuus, prior to becoming sheriff. He might have been a gunslinger. He might have been an outlaw. He doesn't, or rather can't, say. The town had just lost a sheriff, and when a volunteer was asked for, they stepped forward and picked up the badge. Due to the lack of a tongue, Mortuus communicates through gestures, and writing, although some don't wait long enough for him to write, and those have found out how good he is with a gun, while other have found out how hard he is to kill.

Pros: Can pursue a target for days, if not longer. Has equivalent to human strength, but can run somewhat quicker and jump higher. Can target what he aims at from the weapon's maximum distance, without shaking due to muscle fatigue as he has no muscles. Doesn't breath, eat, or drink, and is very hard to kill, as he can be reassembled, either by himself, or with the help of another.

Cons: Can't enjoy the simple pleasures, like food and drink, or the smell of flowers, nor the touch of a woman,and he can't talk at all. Can be disassemble by a solid blow, although he can reassemble himself. Likewise, due to his relatively light weight, he can easily be tossed away if he comes within arm's reach of his target. He is also afraid of fire, which might be one of the few things that can kill him.
Name: Kuiko Okami

Species: Wolf Hengeyoki (Similar to a Werebeast but can switch between animal form, human form and half-form freely, has no aversion to silver and remains intelligent and rational in any form)

Occupation: Dance Hall Girl: Being an Exotic Asian Girl and being able to switch forms between dancing makes for really impressive show!

Bio: As the Japanese Wolf is a Dying Species the last remaining Wolf Hengeyoki have fled their native Japan for America to flee the persecution of Hengeyoki that seems to be happening in Japan for unknown reasons like Asians in the normal Old West a lot of Asian Immigrants are building the railroads regardless of species Kuiko seems to be knowledgeable about Horticulture and may in fact be a practicing Druid (Or whatever the Asian equivalent of Druids are)

Pros: Seems to be a Popular Attraction in her home town but also still seems to be a virgin (She's not taking her changes just yet some of the folks around here have STDs as well as fleas) outside her working hours seems to be a sensible girl who never looks for trouble typical hard working and down to earth Lady

Cons: Unfortunately also seems to be an introvert and shut-in when not on the job may only be holding out because she's dependent on her parents to decide when she marries while not having the weakness associated with werebeasts she does have the weaknesses of an actual wolf dog whistle sounds can hurt her ears and certain scents can be too much for her
Mortuus looked down the road as he saw the wagon coming into town, looking at the occupants. There was three of them, a male werewolf, with fur coloration similar to a grey wolf, a female weredog, with coloration of a yellow Labrador. Then there was a young male werewolf/dog that had had coloration that was a mixture of the other two. The two adults looked familiar, especially the male, who had a set of scars on his face, likely due to being hit by something made with silver.

Mortuus went back into his office, and looked through a stack of papers, until he found what he was looking for, a Wanted Poster of the male werewolf. Seemed he'd been involved in a number of bank robberies around seven years prior, but had disappeared after a shootout with the gang had resulted in the deaths of several bounty hunters and private investigators. The female weredog had been a member of the gang, often in the guise as a prostitute, where she'd steal money and jewelry, and get information for the gang, and was wanted in question involving the murder of a prominent private investigator that had been after the gang. As for young werewolf/dog hybrid, there'd been rumors of the gang having such a cub within their midst, likely the offspring of at least one of them, if not two.

Mortuus looked back out the window, and watched as the wagon pulled up in front of the store. It was obvious that the three had been through hard times, especially since the group were traveling as if they were just an ordinary family, as if they were trying to bury their past. Mortuss looked at the poster for the werewolf, John Cainus, and then looked back up as he heard the weredog call out "Jim Canid, don't cause any trouble."

"I won't," the werewolf chuckled. "I'll see just who's hiring."

Mortuus watched the werewolf walk down the street, as if they were looking to see who needed help. The weredog and their child also went into a few places. He then looked at his office, as an idea came to him. It would be too suspicious if he offered the former outlaw the job of a deputy on their first day in town, but there was nothing wrong with having someone sweep the place out, among other things, while he kept an eye on them. That, and showing them the poster for their arrest would likely keep them from doing something foolish while in town.
Tired after another show Kuiko collapsed in her dressing room the weather here in the American West was too hot for her liking and too dry. She had no idea for other Furry or Feathered Peoples could stand it!

So as she lay in Human Form swooning in the heat, one of the other dance hall girls a Vampire said "Have you heard the rumors that the infamous John Cainus is here in town?"
(Jim Canid is an allies - the werewolf's real name is John Cainus.)

Mortuus watched the werewolf, having left yet another place that, it seemed, wasn't in a need for an extra worker just then. Then again, Mortuus couldn't blame them - there was almost always some sort of story behind the reason as to how werebeasts, who healed up from most anything else, got scars, and many involved silver weaponry. It wouldn't pay for a business owner to hire someone known for getting into fights of any sort.

Mortuus stepped out of his office, and stood in the doorway.

The werewolf looked at him. There was a slight hint of fear in his eyes, that vanished. He then tipped his hat, and came over. "Nice town you have here."

Mortuus nodded.

"Listen, I'm new here, and I was wondering if you knew of anyone who was hiring," the werewolf said. "Everyone else seems to have already filled up their positions and that the 'Help Needed' signs are something they forgot about."

Mortuus tilted his head, as if to say, "You don't say?"

The werewolf sighed. "Listen, I'm willing to do any kind of work, so long as it's legal, and honest."

Mortuus looked at him, as if thinking critically, and then nodded.

"You know of someone who could use some help?" the werewolf asked.

Mortuus nodded, and pointed at himself.

"I hope you're not trying to deputize me," the werewolf said. "I mean, I'm new to this place."

Mortuus made a motion, as if to say, "Nothing like that." He then stepped into the doorway, and indicated that the werewolf should follow.

"You don't talk much, do you?" the werewolf said.

Mortuus shook his head. He then opened up the door to a closet, and got out a broom. He then indicated the floor.

"You want me to sweep the floor?" the werewolf asked.

Mortuus nodded. He also got out a bucket and a towel, along with a few other things found in most households, things that were used for cleaning.

"You want me to clean the place?" the werewolf asked.

Mortuus nodded. He then placed a five dollar bill on the desk.

The werewolf's eyes bulged at this. "That's mighty generous of you. Per day?"

Mortuus nodded. He then walked over to the stove, and tapped it and a frying pan, and pointed at the empty cells.

"So, I have to feed the prisoners if we get any," the werewolf said. "I'm not much good at cooking."

Mortuus opened his jaw and shook his body, as if he was laughing. He then pointed at himself and shook his head, as if to say "Me neither."

"Well, I'm not really in a position to turn down a job, so, thank you," the werewolf said.

Mortuus pointed at the broom, and indicated to the werewolf to get started.

"You have no idea what this will mean to my wife," the werewolf said, as he picked the broom up, and was about to start sweeping, when Mortuus showed him the Wanted Poster. The werewolf looked at the poster, and then looked at Mortuus. "Is this some sort of trap?"

Mortuus walked over to the door, and closed it. He then walked over to his desk, and got out a number other posters.

The werewolf looked at them, showing signs of recognizing them. "They were those I used to run with. Don't tell me, you want me to hunt them down in exchange for my freedom or something?"

Mortuus shook his head, and put the posters away, including that of the werewolf. He then wrote a note, and handed it to the werewolf.

The werewolf looked it over. "So, if I behave myself, you won't come after me, but if I cause trouble, then you will come after me."

Mortuus nodded.

"Then why this?" the werewolf asked. "Why not arrest me now?"

Mortuus wrote another note, and handed it to the werewolf.

"'There are those who deserve a second chance'," the werewolf read. "What makes you think I'm one of those?"

Mortuus looked at him, walked over to the door, opened it, and stepped away.

"You're saying that I can leave anytime I want to?" the werewolf asked.

Mortuus nodded, and went to his desk.

The werewolf sighed. "Well, it's not like I've got any better options. You'll keep quiet so long as I behave?"

Mortuus nodded, and indicated the floor.

"Alright," the werewolf said. "I'd better let my wife know."

Mortuus tapped his eye sockets, indicating that he'd be watching him.
Of course Vampirella (That was her stage name) had gotten the rumors confused because she had fed off the blood of some drunk people that night.

"It is too hot tonight." Kuiko said as she fanned herself "Leave me alone so I can stew in myself in peace."

Vampirella left

Kuiko sighed she missed Japan but it had been too dangerous for a while Hengeyoukai (Misspelled the first time) Were becoming persecuted by Humans and Purely Humanoid Beings for some disagreement in the religious doctrine.

Just then, Kuiko could sense someone else was with her, she turned her head, floating above her was a Ghost, the Ghost of a Rather Ordinary Looking Human but a Ghost none the less, the Ghost seemed to be that of a very old white man.

"Why are you here Spirit?" Asked Kuiko "This is my dressing room"

"I"m here..." Said the Old Man "...Because I'm seeking my Son who's soul was taken from the afterlife when he was reanimated."
"Can't say that I know anyone like that," said Kuiko. "Then again, you could try the sheriff; he's an animated skeleton."
The Ghost thanked Kuiko and continued his way. Kuiko shrugged a mighty shrug...Of all the things that could have intruded into her dressing room a Spirit seeking someone else entirely was probably the best thing possible.

Mortuus watched the werewolf leave the office, five dollars richer, and with a note saying "I hope you come by tomorrow, Jim Canid." He wasn't sure why he hadn't arrested the werewolf, but then again, he had to hope that people could change their ways. He just had to.

Mortuus sat in a chair to rest. He didn't sleep like the living did, but there were times he just wanted to think, and try to remember who he was before his resurrection. He could remember screams and fire, and then fire and scream as he was brought back from wherever he'd been. He'd heard a voice.

"Kill them," it commanded. "Kill those that defy me!"

He'd found himself before a woman and a child, a gun in his hand. He had aimed at them, when something caused him to look towards the one issuing commands.

"Kill them," they'd demanded.

For some reason however, he'd refused, pointed the gun at the necromancer, and fired, killing them. Then, something odd occurred; he didn't fall to pieces like most skeletons.

After that, he'd wandered the area, killing them that needed killing, scavenging weapons from them, up until he got into town. Most hadn't thought much of him, as he didn't really do much of anything, until the previous sheriff had been murdered and someone needed to take up the badge. He didn't know why he'd stepped forward, picked up the badge, held up his right hand, and nodded his understanding about the oath of the office of sheriff, but he had. Maybe it had been something he once was, or maybe it just gave him a purpose to exist. He honestly didn't know why he did the job, but he knew one thing; it was something he was good at.
Kuiko was also dreaming, but her's was a very different dream

Her dream had her soaring over the Western Plains it was a rather pleasant scene and Kuiko was refreshed by the breeze flowing over her body
Kuiko opened her eyes as she felt a chill. Looking around, she saw that her shutters were open. As she looked at them, she saw that the bolt used to keep them closed was broken.

She then heard a sound, and saw that someone else was in her room.
The Creature resembled a Slug larger than a normal Slug and three feet tall and had a Human face
"I believe you're trespassing," said Kuiko. "You might want to leave. The Madam doesn't like trespassers, especially when they come in after hours."
"Please have mercy!" Said the Slug "I'm on the run and also I can't be out in the Desert Sun or else I'll dry into Slug Jerky!"

"Who are you?" Asked Kuiko

"My name is Eugene Winthrop...I was once a Human."
"Okay," said Kuiko. "You might want to talk to the Madam though."
She opened her door for him and Eugene slowly slithered out to the Madame who happened to be a pretty ordinary Human Woman but a tough one.

"I was just an ordinary gold digger." Said Eugene "But when someone tried to jump my claim this happened!"
"Not my job to handle that stuff," the Madam said. "However, I'll send one of the girls over to get the sheriff. He's very good at listening."
So Vampiella took Eugene to the Sherrif
Eugene blinked as he looked at the skeleton. "Is the sheriff of this town a necromancer, who uses skeletons as his deputies?"

"That is the sheriff," said Vampiella. "There's things we don't know about him, but given that he does the job so well, it often pays to not ask."

"Are you sure he can help?" Eugene asked.

"I doubt we'd of kept him as the sheriff if he wasn't any good at the job," said Vampiella. "Just tell him what happened, and maybe he'll help you get your claim back."

"I'm still going to need a place to stay when the sun comes up," said Eugene.

"I think the Madam is working on that bit," said Vampiella. "You're not the first person to have an issue with the sun, or the heat, to come through this town."

The skeleton wrote something on a piece of paper, and handed it to Vampiella.

"He says, 'Be glad it isn't Winter.' and I have to agree with him there," said Vampiella. "You'd be a slug-cicle without the right outfit."
Kuiko decided the transform from her Human Form to her Quadrupedal Wolf Form she shed her garments and crawled into her bed in only her fur
Mortuus took down the information from the transformed prospector. He then indicated that the slugman be taken someplace that would be safe for him during the daytime.

Once alone, the skeleton grabbed his weapons, which included a lever-action rifle, and a revolver, which were highly reliable, and had served him faithfully. However, he also grabbed a pump-action shotgun he'd got from a traveling salesperson and a newfangled semiautomatic pistol he'd won off of an East Coast city slicker in a poker game, as they would be very quick to use. He also grabbed a knife and ammunition for the guns. He then grabbed a badge and some money.

Mortuus then went to the place that Jim Canid, alias John Cainus, was staying at.

"What is it Sheriff?" the werewolf asked.

Mortuus gave him a note.

The werewolf read it. "You want to deputize me, in order to hunt down some renegade magic-user?"

Mortuus nodded.

"I don't know," the werewolf said. "My wife doesn't want me to carry a gun anymore."

Mortuus looked over at the female weredog, who had a worried look on her face. He placed a hand on the werewolf's shoulder, and nodded in understanding. He then placed the badge and the money on the table, and handed the werewolf a note.

"Just in case I change my mind," the werewolf read. "Otherwise, I have to give you forty-five dollars in change." He chuckled. "Glad you still want me to clean the place up tomorrow."

Mortuus threw his head back, as if to laugh. He then tipped his hat, and walked out.
As the sun rose over the desert Kuiko wiped her brow her room was like an oven, she went downstairs for breakfast, the heat of food cooking was making the place even hotter she poured herself a glass of water sat in a corner to fan herself
Mortuus was walking in the desert, when he heard something. He looked, and saw a wagon coming towards him. He waited. Soon enough, the wagon came up to him. At the reins was the werewolf.

"Me and the wife came to an understanding," he said. "She doesn't like the idea, mind you."

Mortuus nodded, and climbed on.
They came to a place near a river there was what seemed to b an old Human Man with a very long beard panning for gold in the river
Mortuus placed a bony hand on the werewolf, as if to say "Stay here." He then got off the wagon and walked up to the old man, and handed him a note, asking him if he'd seen anyone in the area within the last few days.
Meanwhile uring her performance Kuiko collapsed from heat on stage
"Alright," said the Madam. "Get her to her room, and get some ice from the icebox. You! Go get the barber."

"Why the barber?" the person she pointed at asked.

"Because we might need to trim her fur, that's why!" the madam shouted. "Failing that, he at least knows healing magic that might help her out!"
Kuiko was having a dream she was dreaming of a bunch of Beast-Type Creatures strapped to a conveyor belt about to be fed into a giant furnace while an old man with a long beard laughed
The Barber-Surgeon-Dentist, among other things, came into the room that Kuiko was in.

"Too much fur," he said. "Good thing I know the trick for that." He got out a special set of razor blades.

"I hope that you're not going to shave her completely," said the Madam. "She is a prize act, and I'm fairly sure she'd be upset if we shaved her bare."

"More like I'm going to trim it," the barber said. "It will just be a third of the length shorter, so that she still has it, but can stand the heat much better. Standard practice, really, less fur means you can cool off quicker. Real trick is getting the client to stay still long enough, as a full-body trim can take a little while."

"Alright," said the Madam.

"That being said, we will have to take her clothes off," the Barber said. "It would be a good idea if you stayed with me, because there are those who would otherwise question what occurred."

"I remember what happened with Susan, after what happened between her and that Minotaur," the Madam said. "You saved her life."

"Because I actually took her undergarments off to take a good look at what was really bleeding," the barber said. "Some idiot would have thought that she and the Minotaur had sex in the usual way, and not in an alternative way."

"Well, he was pretty big down there," said the Madam.
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When Kuiko awoke she didn't think about the barber or the Madame she exclaimed "I had a horrible vision! Of all the Beast People being sent to death by a Demon!"
Don't worry too much. Do what you can.

"Sounds like too much heat," the barber said. "Now, young lady, hold as still as you can. I need to finish trimming you so that you don't get heat exhaustion again."
Kuiko didn't even register it she was still thinking about her dream.

Meanwhile Mortuus noticed the Old Man panning for Gold had a strange glass eye for his right eye
Of course, what was strange about it was the fact that it was clear.

Mortuus wrote another note, asking if the man had seen anyone besides himself recently in the area.
"I haven't seen anything." Said the Old Man "This place is completely devoid of life, no normal critters no cactus no tumbleweeds."

Mortuus wrote "Really?"
"What about any wizards?" Mortuus wrote.
"Haven't seen a single Wizard." Said the Old Man "I've been the only living thing I've seen for two weeks straight!"

"What have you been eating in that time?" Mortuus wrote to him

"I have a very special diet." Said the Old Man "I can survive on one dewdrop a day."
Mortuus nodded, and tipped his hat. He went back to the wagon, and indicated to the werewolf to drive on.

"Seemed a little odd," the werewolf said, a while later.

Mortuus nodded, and then shrugged. "Not a crime to be odd," he wrote.
Kuiko tried her hardest to resume dancing after that but she was all out of sync and thus Madam said she should take a rest
"I guess I could take a rest," said Kuiko.

"Of course, you could tell me what's on your mind," the Madam said. "You haven't been sleeping right lately. Have you been seeing someone?"

"What do you mean?" Kuiko asked.

"I'm familiar with a lot of female issues," said the Madam. "For one thing, you've been waking up at odd hours, and passing out at work. You wouldn't happen to be pregnant, would you?"

"I'm fairly sure that I'm not," said Kuiko. "I mean, I've never had sex with anyone."

The Madam chuckled. "Hopefully you'll find someone, although it is best to do it with someone special for your first time. Failing that, a very good friend is the next best bet. Next best bet after that, someone who is offering a lot of money."
Kuiko went to her chambers 'It's the heat' She thought to herself 'This blasted desert heat is killing me!'

As she lay on her sofa Eugene slithered into her room again "Did you have a dream of an old man with a long white beard and a glass eye?"

"I don't recall a glass eye." Said Kuiko "But yes I dreamed that exact thing!"

"I had the exact same dream!" Said Eugene "That the man who transformed me!"
"What's this about a guy with a glass eye?" the Madam asked as she came into the room. She then looked at Eugene. "Unless you're paying, you're not supposed to be in her room."

"It was nothing like that," said Eugene. "She just had a dream of the guy that did this to me."

"Let's hope you didn't piss off the wrong person then," said the Madam. She then looked at Kuiko. "You should be a little bit cooler. The barber trimmed off a third of your fur when you were passed out. Tends to help."

Kuiko looked at herself. "I don't see any bald patches."

"He trimmed off a third of the length," said the Madam. "You're still covered in fur, only it's shorter."
"The Man with the Glass Eye was the one who jumped my claim." Said Eugene "He turned me into a Slug when I confronted him, but I had a dream of him sending all the Beast Creatures into a furnace."

"It was the same in my dream!" Said Kuiko
"Why would anyone want to jump your claim?" the Madam asked. "Did you find gold?"
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"Yes." Said Eugene
It was about this time that Mortuus arrived back in town. He signaled to the werewolf to follow him as he walked into the saloon. He grabbed one of the women there, handing her a note asking if she knew where the slugman was.

"He was talking to the Madam," she said. "Over in Kuiko's room. I'll take you there."
They Girl (Who was one of the few ordinary Human Women there) Led Mortuus to Kuiko's room
Mortuus drew an image of the man and wrote, "Is this the person that jumped you?"
"Yeah!" Said Eugene "That's him!"
"There's more," said Kuiko. "I have reason to believe he might be up to something else, something evil."

Mortuus stared at her, and nodded. He then wrote a note, and gave it to the Madam. It said to get some of the more qualified magic-users to probe into the possibility of such a thing. He then looked at the werewolf, and maid a motion to follow him.

"Let me guess," the werewolf said. "We're going after that old man?"

Mortuus nodded.

"He's got to be a magic user himself."

Mortuus nodded.

"Still going after him?"

Mortuus nodded.

"I hope he's not digging up silver then."
Mortuus wrote "Eugene didn't mention silver, only gold."
"You never know," the werewolf said. "He could have already had some on him."

Mortuus nodded slightly, as it could have been possible.
Kuiko told them about her dream about how she saw the Old Man sending all the Animal-Peoples to death
Mortuus almost jumped to pieces, as he didn't realize that Kuiko was behind them.
"Sorry." Kuiko said "We ten to be like wolves in that sense, silent stalkers."
"You're pretty good at sneaking up on people," said the werewolf. "Be careful whom you do that too. I almost pulled out my revolver when you did that!"

"Sorry," said Kuiko. "What's your name?"

"Um, Jim Canid," the werewolf said.
"I'm Kuiko...A Hengeyoukai, many people think we're Asian Werebeasts but we have different properties."
"How'd you get those scars?" Kuiko asked.

"I got into a fight with some guys, about eight years back," the werewolf said. "Got lucky, I suppose."

"What happened?" Kuiko asked.

"They thought that I was somebody else, and used a silver-coated knife to attack me with," the werewolf said. "Luckily, a friend of mine came by before they could really harm me. Then again, I doubt that those guys expected a werewildcat to stand up for a werewolf. That Arthur; he was one of a kind."

"What happened to him?" Kuiko asked.

"He got sick, really bad," the werewolf said. "He had something that messed with his lungs, because he was always coughing. Sometimes it was bloody, even when he hadn't eaten any raw meat. These outlaws came after us one day, forcing us to run, and fatally wounded him. He asked me for an extra gun, then told me to run, and not look back. I have good reason to believe that he sent a few of the bastards to Hell. I only hope he went someplace nicer."

Mortuus listened. He recalled a werewildcat that had run with the gang: Arthur Sylvester, who had a number of killings and robberies to his name. Then again, the gang had been rather tight, but he'd heard something about how the Pigtons had managed to convince one of the members to start to inform on the gang's movements. Also, it seemed that things had gotten pretty bad, that some of the female members, and a few of the other hanger-ons had left. Then, things came to a head when the gang had an argument because Arthur had found out about the informant, and had tried to expose their identity. Things got rather complicated as some didn't believe him, and John had a massive grudge with the gang's leader, "Wild Boar" Vahn, due to having been left behind during a bad robbery. Then the Pigtons appeared to confuse things further. John and Arthur went one way, and the rest went another. However, Arthur had been wounded during the initial skirmish, and it seemed that he'd told John to get away, and using two handguns, managed to hold the Pigtons off long enough for John to get away from being pursued. Eventually, he'd run out of ammunition, and had either bled to death, due to having multiple silver bullets in him, or some sort of sickness had killed him, or someone managed to sneak up and put a bullet in his head. Mortuus wasn't sure as to which of the stories was true, but he suspected it to be a little of all of them. In any case, John had gotten away, although there were reports of someone answering his description popping up every so often.

At least now Mortuus knew where John was. Of course, he had no real reason to turn him in, and was content for him to be "Jim", until such a time as the werewolf proved to be too much. Then again, he hated the Pigtons, whom he viewed to be just as bad as most outlaws, if not worse, as they had a tendency to go after the average person for no reason, whereas outlaws tended to bother you only if you had money.
"We had to flee from Japan." Said Kuiko "The Shogun is persecuting all Hengeyoukai believes we're all a danger or more specifically a danger to his position as Shogun."
"I've encountered quite a bit of that sort of thing," said the werewolf. "Some of my friends have experienced it. Good buddy of mine, his father was an African Buffalo, and his mother was an American Bison, so he got it coming and going. Nice guy, unless you did something to piss him off. Another friend, folks hated him because of his religion, and the fact that he was from Ireland. He might have been a weasel, but he was fun to be around, until someone blew his head off. Then there was another friend of mine, a gazelle, who loved to read, and then he got shot by some folk who didn't like the fact that he was smarter than they were. Then there was this fella, who should have been hung in my opinion, who has this tendency to leave death and destruction in his wake, and yet he's free because his daddy is extremely well-connected."

Mortuus nodded. The werewolf had described several more of his fellow gang members.

"Have you known any women?" Kuiko asked.

"Well, there's my wife, if we could find a priest she doesn't chase away that is," the werewolf said. "Been good friends with several more. Helped save a few who were in bad spots. I remember one, a werecat named Sadie - her husband had been murdered, and she'd been through worse, when me and my friends showed up. She and Arthur, they became close, although she had some issues, namely that she didn't back down from a fight, and gave more than what she got. I only hope she found happiness."
Kuiko said "We Hengeyokai are relatively peaceful we keep violence limited to hunting unintelligent animals and martial arts competition however we are both incredibly good at espionage and our protective of our territories the Shogun probably fears we can expose his claim to the throne is illegitimate."
"Nothing unusual there," the werewolf said. "I know what my mother was. As for my father, well, he wasn't much better. So, I guess you could call me illegitimate too."

"I think you and I mean different things," said Kuiko.

"Probably," the werewolf said. "I never really did get involved with Royalty, all things considered. My son like reading about such things though. Maybe someday he'll meet up with a princess, and either becomes her friend, or better still, gets married to her. That would be something, given what all my family has thus far turned out to have been."
"My claim!" Yelled Eugene

"Oh that." Said the Werewolf "We did also notice that the area the Wizard was working in was barren, no life at all not even a tumbleweed, he claims he lives only on dewdrops."
"Don't know about that," said Eugene. "Although I did have to bring my own food."
The Werewolf turned his head to Mortuus this Wizard was sounding more dangerous by the moment!
Mortuus wrote a note and handed it to the werewolf.

"'Never met a wizard that was bulletproof,'" the werewolf read. "They still put up shields."

Mortuus handed him another note.

"'Keep shooting. If nothing else, I can distract him long enough for you to tackle him.'" The werewolf chuckled. "Right. Those guys need to use all their concentration in order to use magic effectively. Otherwise, they might misspeak and have the spell go wrong on them."
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As the sun set Kuiko met Eugene for supper
"Well, this is awkward," said Eugene.
"Sorry..." Kuiko said Kuiko "But I realized I should tell you my Grandmother had the gift of prophetic dreams and I think the ability my be manifesting in me."
"Had a fortune teller tell me that I'd get married to a rich woman," said Eugene. "Hasn't happened yet."
I may want a break from campfire writing soon so to get ready for the first session because the DM is in Europe first session starts at Midnight my time

"What I mean..." Said Kuiko "...Is that my dreams might be to defeating this Wizard."
"Well, maybe if he had proof that your dream was real, the sheriff might do something," said Eugene. "At the very least, he should be able to arrest the guy for transforming me against my will, and for stealing my claim. It's a start at any rate."
"Grandma was a Miko back in Japan." Said Kuiko "Creatures from all over Japan went to her to hear her visions."
"He still might want proof," said Eugene. "I mean, he might not trust your vision."

"Why would you say that?" Kuiko asked.

"The fact that he's an independent skeleton might have something to do with it," said Eugene. "Most need a necromancer in order to exist. Him, well, you tell me; do you see a necromancer giving him orders? I mean, such a thing is unheard of."

"Maybe it's because he has a soul in him," the Madam suggested, coming into the room. "You two are plenty loud."
"Hmmm." Said Kuiko

Meanwhile with Mortuus and the Werewolf...
"So, we're just going to bring him back to town for questioning, right?" the werewolf asked. "All because that slug back there says that this guy turned him into what he is, and stole his claim."

Mortuus nodded.

"Sounds easy enough to do I guess."

Mortuus nodded. He checked his weapons, and nodded again.
I think I need a serious break I can't think anymore
Mortuus looked around as the wagon pulled up to the area. Something was different.

"I don't think that building was there when we visited him yesterday," the werewolf said.
This was indeed very mysterious
The skeleton checked his weapons, yet again. Some might call it obsessive to do so frequently, but sometimes, failing to check could lead to something going wrong.

The werewolf also checked his own weapons. They consisted of a double-barrel shotgun and a large knife, as well as a throwing ax of some sort. "You good?"

Mortuus nodded.

"Guess we best talk to this guy," the werewolf said. "Let's hope he wants to talk."
There was a strange scent as they approached like...Rotting corpses
"I'm smelling something," the werewolf said. "Like a bunch of dead bodies."

Mortuus tapped the side of the hole where his nose would have been, and shook his head.

"Count yourself lucky," the werewolf said. "I feel like puking. I guess you're lucky there too, given that you're nothing but bones."

The skeleton nodded. Still, even he felt uneasy.
As they approached the Wizard's residence the scent was getting stronger
They soon got to the door.

"I have a bad feeling about this," the werewolf said.

Mortuus nodded. He then indicated that the werewolf should kick the door down, as the werewolf had more mass in his legs than he did.

The werewolf obliged him, knocking the door off of its hinges.

That was when the werewolf threw up. "Sorry. I mean, I've done a few things, and seen a few more, but that's just something else."

Mortuus nodded in agreement, as he looked the scene over. He walked over to a wall, where he saw that a woman was fussed to the stone. Incredibly, she was still alive.

"Kill me, please," she begged. "I can't live like this."

Mortuus nodded. He drew out his knife, and stabbed the woman, up through her jaw, into her brain. With any luck, even a necromancer wouldn't be able to bring her back to her cursed state. He then removed his knife from the body.

"By the gods," the werewolf said. "What kind of person would do such a thing to another?"

Mortuus looked at the walls. The woman wasn't the only victim fussed to them. Some were also still alive, all with a pleading look in their eyes, to make their suffering stop.

"Do you want us to kill you as well?" the werewolf asked.

There was a lot of nods.

The werewolf drew his knife. "We'll try to make it quick and painless."

"Thank you," one said, as the werewolf walked up to them.

"I'm sorry we weren't here sooner." The werewolf stabbed the victim, as Mortuus walked up to another, and released them from their suffering.

Soon enough, the fussed victims were at peace. Well, at least they were dead, and not suffering anymore.

"The one that did this, deserves to die," the werewolf said.

Mortuus nodded.
One of the Victims actually hung around as a Ghost...Realizing maybe the two saviors should have some more information.

That Ghost was that of a Female Were cat

"He seeks to rule the world!" She said "He needs the Gold because it's a vital ingredient!"
Mortuus looked at the werewolf.

The werewolf looked at the werecat ghost. "Where is he?"
"He went out to dig up some more gold." Said the Were Cat Ghost "Follow me!"
"I'd had to deal with some crazy people, but I can't say that I had to deal with someone that crazy," the werewolf said. "My old boss might have tried to change things, but even he couldn't do much."

Mortuus nodded.

"Besides, taking the world over, that's too big for just one person," the werewolf said. "You'd need a big army or something."

Mortuus nodded again.
The Ghost led them to the mine
Mortuus looked at the werewolf.

The werewolf sniffed carefully. "Well, someone is in there. Smells like the guy."
The Werewolf said to the Ghost Cat "You coming?"
Mortuus started walking into the mine shaft.
It was dark no lanterns
"It's going to be annoyingly dark without a light," the werewolf said.

Mortuus walked over to the side of the shaft, and pulled out some dried grasses.

"Ah. Rushlights," the werewolf said. "My father told me about those. Get some long grasses, dip them in fat or grease, let them dry out, and you've got light that lasts at least an hour."

Mortuus nodded. He then took out a piece of flint, and a small bundle of burnt cloth, as well as his knife. Within a few minutes, he had the dried grass burning. Handing the burning one to the werewolf, he took several more from the wall.

"Should do the job," the werewolf said.
They found the Wizard who was able to see because his glass eye illuminated with its own light is was digging out gold with only his long fingernails
Mortuus drew his revolver, and pointed it at the wizard.

The werewolf pulled out his own, and pointed it at the wizard as well. "Given that the sheriff can't exactly talk, I'll do the talking. Turn around, slowly, or we'll blow your head off."

"What for?" the wizard said. "This is my claim."

"There's a bunch of corpses with your scent on them," the werewolf said. "You as good as killed them."

The wizard paused. "I didn't kill anyone."

"You might as well have," the werewolf said. "There certainly wasn't anyway to free them."

"What did you do you them?" the wizard asked.

"Saw to it that they could rest a lot easier," the werewolf said. "Didn't like doing it, but no one should be made to be part of a wall like that."

"You killed them?" the wizard asked, terrified.

"Better that than leaving them like that," the werewolf asked.

"You fools!" the wizard shouted. "They weren't supposed to die just yet! The rest of the spell isn't ready! They were supposed to be a sacrifice!"

"What sacrifice?" the werewolf asked.

That was when the shaking started.

"The sacrifice that would allow me to control them!" the wizard shouted.

That was when some fiery creatures started to show up.

Mortuss grabbed the werewolf's arm, and started running.

The werewolf followed. "I'm with you on that one!"
"No one will stop me!" Shouted the Wizard "I shall rule the world!"
"Where's some dynamite when you need it?" the werewolf shouted as he and Mortuus ran out of the mine shaft.
The Fiery creatures were gaining on them
However, the wizard was already having problems with the creatures.
The Fiery Creatures started flickering
Some of them looked at the wizard, and attacked him!
"Gah! Not me!" He screams "Attack them!"

But the Fire Creatures continue to attack him
"We're going to need a boulder or something," the werewolf said. "We need to seal off this mine entrance."

"You'll need more than that," said the ghost werecat. "He was going to sacrifice us in order to control them. Without us, he has no control."

"Do you know how to stop them?" the werewolf asked.

"A bunch of water might help," the ghost werecat said. "But you'd need an aquamancer or something."
"Where do you find an Aquamncer in the desert?" Asked the Werewolf?
"I wouldn't know," the ghost werecat said. "Me and the others weren't from around here."

Mortuus gave the werewolf a note.

"In town?" the werewolf asked, after reading it.

Mortuus nodded.

"Something tells me we're heading back there, again," the werewolf said.
The Aquamancer in town was a Were-Earthworm whose abilities kept her hydrated in the desert
Mortuus handed her a note.

The were-earthworm looked at it. "There are reasons such a summoning isn't recommended. Of course, those don't stop some people."

"Can you help?" the werewolf asked.

"It will be dangerous," the were-earthworm said.
"And I kind of realize this guy needs to be stopped." She said
"He might be dead if the screams were any indication," the werewolf said.

"That makes things worse," the were-earthworm said.
"His Ghost could be out for revenge." She said
"Sounds like something for me," said the ghost werecat.
The Were-Earthworm nodded
Mortuus wrote another note. "We'd better plan this thing right. We don't need mindless summoned creatures wrecking the place."

The were-earthworm looked at him. "Personal experience?"

Mortuus nodded.
Kuiko had been watching all this from the window, as much as she wanted to help this was no job for a dancing girl
Mortuus looked out the window, and walked over to it. He then looked at Kuiko. He motioned to her.
Kuiko blinked a few times but she came out
"You think that she can help?" the werewolf asked.

Mortuss made a motion with his hand.

"Some sort of feeling?" the werewolf asked.

Mortuus nodded.

"I don't get it, but if she can help, I hope so," the werewolf said. "Gods know that my wife isn't a slouch where a fight is concerned, but someone has to keep an eye on our cub."

Mortuus wrote a note, and handed it to the werewolf.

The werewolf's eyes widened. "Seriously? Deputize everyone of legal age?"

Mortuus nodded.

The werewolf sighed. "And here I was just hoping to settle down, and live quietly."
So they brought out everyone of legal age
"What's going on?" the Mayor, a dragon, asked. "It's bad enough to be woken up from bed, but what's this about being deputized too?"

"Some Pyromancer summoned a bunch of fire creatures, and they're hold up at an old mine," said the werewolf.

"Who are you?" the Mayor asked. "You seem awfully familiar."

"Who I am is not important," the werewolf said. "This guy's trying to take the town over. Ask the Sheriff."

The Mayor looked at Mortuus. "Is this true?"

Mortuus nodded.
"Oh geez." Said the Mayor
"Be glad you weren't her," the werewolf said, as he pointed at the ghost werecat. "She was fussed to a wall, with no chance of escaping."

"What happened?" the Mayor asked.

"Ask her," the werewolf said.
"He was planning o utilize s for some sort of ritual." Said the Ghost Were-Cat
"I think he was going to drain our lifeforces in order to control the creatures when these two came along," the ghost were-cat said. "They couldn't save us, so they did the next best thing."
The Mayor cringed "This guy seems like a real piece of work." He said
"So, you helping or what?" the werewolf asked.
"Yes." Said the Dragon Mayor with a resigned sigh
"Alright," the werewolf said. "Hopefully we can just seal their cave and drown them."
And thus hey went out

My keyboard's been giving me trouble my T and U keys are sticky

Soon enough, they went to the mine shaft, where it seemed that most of the fire creatures were still inside of it.

"Alright," the werewolf said. "Let's seal it, and then flood it. Should put those things out."

Mortuus nodded.
The Were-Worm began to chant
Soon enough, a large surge of water appeared, flooding and caving-in the cave, sealing it.

"Guess that will do it," the Mayor said. "Now hopefully life can go back to normal."

The End!

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