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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #2219886
Spin Off of Menagerie of Mutants Click for Details
So...This story is a Spin Off of the Story 'The Menagerie of Mutants' which was inspired by the 'New Zoo' Devianart stories by one 'Wallace111' whose stories can be found here https://www.deviantart.com/wallace111/gallery which themselves were inspired by an Artist named Aranias transforming artwork which can be found here arania.kamiki.net

So in the original Menagerie of Mutants a trio of witches Charlotte, Elizabeth and Rebecca have been running a foul operation of transforming unsuspecting humans be they zoo employees or visitors into the Animals they need for their zoo, but they bit off more than they could chew when they transformed Mike a boy who was one of the few modern humans with a real Fairy Godmother, when Mike revealed this fact, they transformed him into a common domestic dog and kept him in the zoo employee lounge as a trap for the Fairy but it took a few months because Mike's Mom had heard things about that zoo including an entire school bus of gifted children and their teacher vanished after visiting that zoo and one by one their families vanished when they went to the zoo to look for them so after doing all that research Mike's Mom called the Fairy Cecelia after waiting a month the Witches had ceased taking turns standing guard at night so they were caught completely by surprise when Cecelia finally came for the boy managing to transform both Charlotte and Elizabeth into marble statues before teleporting away with Mike.

After returning home Cecelia found she could only revive Mike mentally and transform him physically halfway between Human and Animal giving him the appearance of an upright talking dog, Cecelia suspects the Zoo Witches are working for the Witch Queen the Near Immortal Witch who has consumed many a Fairy must have some investment in this zoo, after some meeting the Rescue Heroes and rescuing an old friend of Jake Justice who had been transformed into a Panther Cecelia decided to capture the last Witch Rebecca for questioning however after capturing her she was asked 'Who will take care of the Animals?'

And that's where this story comes in, Cecelia grants Anthro Form to some of the Animals these Animals were either Humans transformed into Animals (You can read some of the original stories for inspiration if you need some) or since a lot of the Transformed Humans mated and had offspring while in Animal Form they may have been born in the Zoo and may be incapable of achieving full human form since they were born animals.
Name: Heather
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Ethnicity:White Swedish American
Animal She's Been Turned Into: Long-Tailed Skipper (Urbanus proteus) (For those not in the know Skippers are sort of the in-between butterflies and moths they are diurnal like butterflies but have fat bodies like moths most refer to them as butterflies but the first place I learned of this species referred to them as Moths https://askthescarecrow.tumblr.com/post/183660797276/what-part-of-england-are-yo...)
Bio: Heather has had a bit of a rough history with Animals she joined what she believed was a place to help animals but was actually a place where animals were killed particularly household pets like cats and dogs, because of the group's goal of 'Total Animal Liberation' that means no pet keeping eventually it got to be too much for Heather, she did an undercover expose for her workplace and left (This is inspired by a true story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uDg_r2rfrE&t=486s) Even though it has been months since she worked at that place Heather still feels guilty and went to the New Zoo to possibly donate to make amends, she got transformed into a Long-tailed Skipper for the Zoo's Insect House for her troubles.
Bio: While she doesn't have much personality as an ordinary insect, as a girl Heather was a very cheerful child who loved animals, the trauma of her previous job has left her dour and morose, particularly after failing to save one particularly friendly dog...
(I'm going to stick with John.)

Cecelia returned with the Panther and began to search for Animals she believed were worthy, she scanned with her Fairy Peepers taking a peek into the Hearts that contained the Human Souls even though almost none of the Animals currently had any memory of of their previous lives...
Entering the Insect House one Long-Tailed Skipper seemed particularly appealing to Cecelia she opened Heather's tank and placed the tip of the wand on her head and began to recite the spell to restore her human mind...
John looked around, barely suppressing a shudder. He wondered briefly about what kind of monster would do such a thing to people.
After restoring Heather's human mind, Cecelia began the spell to try to bring Heather to half-human form, the result was a very small creature only three feet tall with two pairs of arms with three fingered hands, the face had a definite mouth instead of a proboscis though the the 'snoot' and an upward curl sort of like the character of Gypsy from 'A Bug's Life' https://pixar.fandom.com/wiki/Gypsy

"Ugh...' Heather wobbled as she stood on her hind legs for the "What happened?"
John looked. "Trust me when I say that there are details that aren't worth knowing."
Heather rubbed her eyes (Which were no longer segmented eyes but eyes like a human) "Oh man..." She groaned "...The last thing I remember was thing woman was leading me to the Insect House...She asked me if I would like to see the new insects being released and..." She shuddered remembering the parts of her horrifying transformation before her mind turned and she became an animal in mind as well as body.

"What is your name?" Cecelia asked


"Don't tell me your last name." Cecelia said "You might need it for later..."

"What?" Heather cocked her head

"I partially returned you to human form." Said Cecelia "I did the same with John." She gestured to the Panther Man
"There's a number of things I'm trying to figure out myself," said John. "Now, let's locate the rest."
"That may be more difficult than expected..." Cecelia said "...John, I think you misunderstood why I brought you back, since I can't transform any of you back into your human forms but someone has to take care of the Animals while we are questioning Rebecca and the other two managers are turned to stone, I'm assembling a group of you Animal-People to care for your fellow victims until we have a cure or at least some answers...And it should only be a small group of those most fit to take care of everyone else, if I transformed everyone we might have a panic on our hands..."
Name: Wendill
Age: 17
Ethically: African American
Animal he's been turned into: Striped Polecat or African Polecat(An aggressive skunk-like animal),
Bio: Wendill grew up in Harlem on the poor side, during high school he had to endure racist classmates who always bully him just because of his dark skin, always calling him the N word. Things changed when he visited the New Zoo, When he changed into a Striped Polecat, When the bullies tried to bother him, he gave them a stinky surprise they would never forget.
Just FYI the Animals are normal animals with no memory of their past life until magic changes them back so I'm assuming the bullies were being assholes at the zoo like throwing things at the animals and Wendill sprayed them with only the vaguest sense he knew them from before

Cecilia came to Wendill's cage reading the many different names for his species "Zorilla..." She said "That's the first Animal name I've seen other than Zebra to start with a 'Z'

With Cecilia's natural ability to soothe animals Wendill was very calm as he picked her up.

"That thing?" John cocked his head "Why not something like the Elephants or the Gorillas or..."

"None of them have the qualities I'm looking for..." Cecelia said as she placed the tip of her wand between Wendill's eyes "This one has a better heart than most...Not saying the other's are wicked just that they are kind of...Ordinary People with nothing extraordinary about them...This little guy seems to have courage on par with your's which is why he seemed so restless in his cage." She than recited the spell to restore his human mind
John sniffed the air. "I'm going to back away."
Wendill shook his head gathering his senses back, found himself locked in a cage,
"Feeling alright sir?" A feminine voice asked, Wendill looked around "Yeah, I'm okay." He then looked down and saw a fairy, "then again, I must've hit my head. I have to be hallucinating." "What makes you think that?" "I'm seeing a fairy." "That's because I am a fairy, I'm Cecella and it's good to meet you Wendill." Wendill grabs the bars, "How on Earth do you know my name? What a minute are those my hands? Why are they covered in black fur?"
"Hang on a minute Wendill." Said Cecelia "I'm only half done, I'll see if I can restore you to at least half as tall as when you were a man..."

She recited her spell and Wendill grew to at least four feet tall.

"There..." Cecelia panted "...That was as far as I could take you..."

"What's going on?" Asked Wendill

"All the Animals here were once humans..." Heather told Wendill "We've been selected to take care of our fellow victims as the new keepers until a permanent cure for our transformations can be found."
"It's complicated," said John.
Wendill is let out of the cage and he ran towards a wall mirror and he sees himself, "Is that me? Good god I'm Pepe Le Pew." Heather asks "Who's Pepe Le Pew?" "I guess you don't watch those old Loony Tunes, Pepe Le Pew is a French skunk that falls in love with a cat mistaken for another skunk." Heather says "Actually, your a Striped Polecat, the African cousin to the skunk." Wendill covers his eyes "Is there no end to this racial nightmare? first I'm bullied because of what I was, now I got transformed into a Animal from Africa."
"Well." Said Cecelia "I captured the one I believe is the one her orchestrated all your transformations I was about to question her when someone asked me who would take care of the animals.That's why I gave you people back your minds...You're the new keepers."

"How do we do that?" Heather asked "What if someone sees us?"

"If such a situation occurs explain to the visitors you're one of the new costumed mascot characters let them take pictures with you, it will add to the effect."

"Won't they notice our mouth movements are a bit too realistic?" Asked Heather
"Could always just say that the place is closed to visitors while massive renovations are going on," said John. "Should buy at least six weeks."
"Perhaps." Said Cecelia "But I want to keep the zoo open to prevent raising the suspicions of the Witch Queen, prevent her from doing something drastic...Here."

Cecelia transformed herself into her fat blonde human woman disguise and led them to the lesser zoo employees, keepers, janitors, tour guides who were waiting for the zoo to open, their eyes bulged when they saw the strange Animal Creatures but Cecelia quickly explained the situation

"The Managers of this zoo are witches!" She said "Every Animal here is a human they transformed! Some of your fellow employees whom you've not seen since the zoo opened are among them! You can leave if you want but these poor people still need care in their animal forms until we can find a permanent cure, these three people I've managed to restore halfway to their human forms..."
Parents coming back have to put this on hold until they go on vacation again

The End!

OK someone finally accepted their invitation a few minutes ago so I'll restart so they can join
"This is going to be an interesting one to write about," said John.
Wendill asks, "I know this is a protection against racism, but turning me into a Striped Polecat isn't the best solution. Is there something I can do to change me back into human?"
Sorry I have to take care of this as someone doesn't seem to know what the plot is

Cecelia facepalmed "Did you even hear me?" She said "I DID NOT TURN YOU INTO AN ANIMAL! It was the Witches who ran this zoo! I'm trying to help you turn back into Humans but I can't change you back all the way because I think the Witch Queen is preventing me, I'm sorry if you suffered from racism in the past but I can see the Human Souls in each of the Animals and I see white people souls in African Animal bodies I see people of all colors in all kinds of Animal Bodies these witches seem to be equal opportunity victimizers and the Animals they turn people into seems to be purely on their whims no rhyme or reason to it."
Name: Robyn Ramirez
Age: 16
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Animal She’s Been Turned Into: Indian Grey Mongoose [Herpestes edwardsi]
Bio: Robyn was always raised in her sister’s shadow. Her sister got better grades, was more popular, and was the favorite of her parents. Even on Robyn’s birthday trip to the New Zoo, her parents spent more time gushing over Bella instead of paying attention to her. That all changed when she was turned into a mongoose.
"Are you sure we have enough people?" Heather asked Cecelia "I'm the only one who knows anything about taking care of animals."

Cecelia stroked her chin "Well..." She said "I can try searching for some other people with strong hearts."
"More of a cop than an animal caretaker myself," said John. "I have enough trouble with taking care of cats, and those are easy to deal with."
Wendill "Ugh witches, I though they turn people into frogs or toads. then again these witches must have Circe as a descendant."
"Bella, we're so proud of you," my mom said to my sister as they walked down the path of the New Zoo. She nuzzled her close "Only you could make the honor roll for the fourth semester in a row while acting as Student Body President and being a National Debate Champion." And as always I was left behind in the dust as they trotted off.

I slowed my pace and turned toward the nearest cage to me. A lone grey mongoose stared back at me, looking almost as forlorn as I was.

Then, I heard a loud boom.
Name: Ben Bingham
Age: 14
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Animal He’s Been Turned Into: Red-Tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)
Bio: Ben went to the New Zoo hoping to tag some of the walls near the animals. He wanted these "sheeple" to understand that this Zoo was trapping innocent animals when they should be running free. Little did he know that he'd be the one in the cage.
Cecelia found two others with strong enough hearts one a Female Gray Mongoose and the other a male Red Tailed Hawk.

"They are both rather young..." Said Cecelia "...But they have more courage than most of the adults in the zoo..."

She placed her wand between their eyes to restore their human minds and capacity for speech than did the same to get them physically between human and animal.

Heather hoped these next two would be more helpful than her current companions the two men seemed to lost in their own self-pity
"So, when are we going to deal with the witches?" John asked. "I don't like standing around doing nothing."
Wendill sees Robyn and introduces himself her, "Hello, name's Wendill, don't let my appearances fool you, I'm actually a nice guy once you get to know me."
“Hey, Wendill!” I said to the Striped Pole-cat. I looked around at the multiple cages. “Where are we?”
The last thing I remember was gearing up to go and tag the lion exhibit and ruin the visitors' experience by reminding them how badly the New Zoo treats its animals. I had so many graphic images and stories of what animals were reported to be experiencing. Then, I heard a loud explosion

And I woke up in a cage surrounded by other animals.
The normal zoo employees were beginning to open up the zoo for the public, it was already a few minutes late!

"Quick everyone!" Heather said "To the zoo bar and grill! That will give us a few minutes to talk alone as the zoo is being opened up!"
"Should buy us some time," John said, as he started heading that way.
Wendill says "We're at the new zoo, but speaking of which, what's your story here? How did you change? As for me, I came here hoping to seek refuse from racists who want to clobber me, but I ended up looking like this, on the bright side, my tormentors got a stinky surprise."
Something happened I got to stop this campfire for a while because I'm too stressed right now

The End!

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