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spiritual development during psychiatric care
The thorn twist in my mind -.. sometimes it's like a neurological landslide
— crabs fighting over food to try —
Sequential crumblers ,- doctor's numbers, on a scale of humming snacks

Beasts of rage -.. they missed the sage on canopies of craziness
— beauty mouthing obnoxious shouts —
Limited space ,- meditation in grace between a noxious mental maze

Sacred tracing -.. unstable bracings of soothing silence ablaze
— crying dry to shake free of energy slices —
Serenity, serenity, serenity ,- changes become the masters of unlaziness

Once upon a time when I dressed alright and the meals were a small fright
Our mental states all took a bite and spirits mighta always seemed alike
Uncanny boredom sometimes seemed a spike with too few active delights
There were so many reasons I broke the (un)silence in unclear mental sight

When the clock don’t go by it’s time for an outdoor breath of life
They’re mighty strict with rules that don’t apply to get a snack anytime
The coffee’s a hard try with “non-dairy creamer” that gets us by
Group time, therapy plight, helps us with the questions "why are we 'why'"?

Art time, card time, puzzle out the insane mental mania sway
No regular coffee ‘till breaking lunch anyway — bombs away
The game is on the table stage, we grow from the pictures away
It's a reminder of where to go from feeling some great yesterday

There was one guy who was moved to the room I was in; he turned into a pissy temperamental angry twelve-year-old over a matter with the toilet (no TMI). The first time it happened, my had been shut for the night for just a few minutes and he wrapped his knuckle on the bedside table, and I immediately thought “dude are you for real? Are you fucking kidding me!?
The next morning he confronts me again:; move’n back n’ forth, side to side arms flare’n around. I told him I could go on a lie detector test and pass with flying colors; he said it was the only way he would believe me (that I clearly must’ve hallucinated). The entire time I’m sitting, very calmly, at the edge of my bed; then suddenly, with his emotional and spiritual energy making me feel quite horrible, I sensed “danger”.. “threat”: I left the room, went right to the desk and told the staff (calmly) I felt threatened. A few seconds later he comes out, continues running his mouth, continues his angry circus display while telling us off for making a big deal out of something simple, tells me off for courteously addressing him as 'Sir', then finally does a shooing off motion with both hands and walks away. He got moved about 5 rooms away.

About a minute later my attorney showed up: I was shaking from the poisonous feeling energy - it got in me deep; highly infectious - and had trouble staying focused on what miss attorney was explaining. I was quite calm, I just couldn’t control the shaking. About 5 minutes with her then back out into the main room/unit. One of the nurses asked if I was ok, I said I’d be alright it was my anxiety had spiked with the horrid energy… I gladly accepted some medication to help calm down, and I felt a big difference within seconds.
Now for personal space. Do you remember your parents or aunts or uncles or some adult person much physically older than you saying "3' rule!… personal space”:; my time(’s) in psychiatric care have taught me different!: - its 4’ minimum; but in my case, because of my abilities, it’s a 6’ preference - I’m an empath and a mystic and I absorb spiritual energy and there are some things I just . don’t . care . to . feel.

(Thanks Mr. Dylan and U2 for some inspiration)

Late Sep/ 22

~ Quieter the Wilder Laine

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