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by Goldie
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Opinions of some site members
When I was 16 during my lunch hour at college I came across a store on the corner of First and Main. The store appeared small and cosy and in the window was a large sign, which said “Read and Rate.” An atmosphere of mystery and suspense hung across the door and I was drawn inside. Inside the shop was massive and many customers were darting from department to department. I signed up at the front desk and put a couple of static items up on the shelves. When I entered the store I brought youthful enthusiasm and a longing to share opinions.

What Did You Bring to Stories.Com?

Please Keep It PG-13
If you can’t think of anything to write please skip yourself.
When it is my turn I will pose another stories.com related question.

**What Did You Bring to Stories.Com?**
So what did you bring to stories.com? You can mention something real or something imaginary if you wish. Or if you prefer why not talk about something you learnt? PLEASE READ ABOVE RULES :)
A Non-Existent User
The first time I came to Stories.Com, I brought uncertainty, a lack of confidence in my writing and a fear of the Internet. At that time the site was nine days old and my first writing was in an Interactive Story, called Sam and Josie. The most important thing I learned was how to write and build a story with other people. I also discovered that Stories gave me the opportunity to post my work on my own and this eventually led to trying new things and building my belief in myself as a writer. I have also learned that the most important gift Stories gives the writer is the opportunity to practice one's craft in a way that is only limited by the writer's own imagination.
That was really interesting Hooves!
My next question is: So what type or genre of items do you like to read?
I like to read humour mainly.
A Non-Existent User
My favorite genres to read are romance, comedy and erotica and my favorite items combine elements of all three genres. I also like parables and short stories that tell a story in a way that teaches a lesson about life. I like Prose better than Poetry, although I love romantic and funny poetry.
Imagine a celebrity was going to post an honest and revealing journal on stories.com so that YOU would read it. I would want that celebrity to be Matt Groening the Simpsons creator because he is so funny and inspirational. Which celebrity would you like it to be?
A Non-Existent User
The celebrity I would choose to reveal all is David Letterman, a late night talk show host here in the U.S. I also think he is very funny and he always makes me laugh. The very fact that he is so private about himself is what causes me to choose him. Add to that, his humor, love of animals :) and sort of grouchy slant on the world. I would like to know his real opinion about some of the celebrities he has interviewed over the years.
A Non-Existent User
In my whole life, I always wanted to know more about Malcolm X. Okay, so he may not be the kind of celebrity you're asking for, nor a favorite of many, but I think he lead an amazing life. He made a big change in racism and he was an amazing person. I want to know his motives, his dreams, everything!
What a range of answers!
Final Question: If an alien from the university of Mars came to earth to study human thought and the first thing he/she saw was stories.com, what impression do you think he/she would get of humanity?
Or Which item from your port would you want him/her to read?
A Non-Existent User
Upon discovering Stories.Com, I think the alien would be amazed that creatures from all over the planet are communicating with one another on Stories.com. It would be apparent that there is a need, in this world of ours, to express ones's self and this web site provides a place where that opportunity can be explored.

I think an alien happening on the General Discussion Forum would be intrigued by the diversity of names, handles and creative discussion interspersed with funny and sometimes inane conversation.

In my portfolio, if the alien is friendly and good hearted I would recommend reading "In Search of Ernest T. Bass. If the alien is hostile, he/she should read "Invalid Item because he/she would probably decide to go back where he/she came from.
A Non-Existent User
I'm not really sure. I think this alien would think that people communicate and express their feelings by writing. It would think that people just sit around all day staring at the screen, doing whatever we do. It might as well create it's own portfolio. (Won't it be great.. a green case!)

I think I'd want it to read "Invalid Item to discover the thing we call poetry that we use to express ourselves!
Thank you all for your most interesting answers. Sorry but I have to extimguish this now.

The End!

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