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The Rogue Trekkers vs. a new forming group of girls who dared stood up against the boys.
Spring Ville Junior High is a place for action and entertainment. Here exists the coolest, hippiest, and most dangerous group of boys--(c:back}The Rogue Trekkers. You may wonder why this group is a combination of coolness and danger, well, here's their story...

(______)is the boss, an expert Martial Artist in town and the best.

Theo, the programmer, is a professional computer hacker in SVJH.

Then comes
Goldie, the official con artist of the group. Without him, the Trekkers will starve. Sometimes he does it just for fun!

Warning: Beware of nice and kind-looking faces, they're the dangerous ones, just like Mitch, the official detective of the group.

Whew! Great! That's one cool company we got there! But I haven't met all of them and I am not sure how many members are there though. But now what? Of course, they need an intruder. Got the right man, name's Lil Dawg the newest and the youngest member of the group. 'Cant reveal my talent yet...it's too precious to just blab around... (BAMMMM! the trashcan explodes!) Well... sorry, its just a little demo!LOL!

But one thing we have in common... We all hate girls! No one--and I mean no one comes against the Rogue Trekkers. No one needs danger.

Another thing, Goldie told me we would do a special operation tonight. I wonder what that is!


Okay, I think that description might work. This is my first attempt in the PG-13 content, so I hope you'd give it a shot! The Rogue Trekkers has a little similarity with that of fraternities around the campus. Add more characters, special skills, etc. Ages must be between 15 to 18. You can fill in among the abovementioned characters and add more skills to them aside from the ones mentioned above. Just inform me if you want to be the leader of the group, the con artist, the so-called detective, the bomb and explosives experts, the computer genius,etc.

I need girls too, those who will stand up against the Rogue Trekkers. Their skills must be as great and as dangerous as the boys.
And I need someone to give a name for the girls group!My tentative name for them is
The Ravens The girls hate boys as well, which would make it more justifiable when they start fighting.
Please keep the girls and boys even.

Just send in your bio blocks like:
Skills (something extraordinary yet possible for humans):
Others(Background if you like):

Please try to keep it within the PG-13 content. Have fun and explore!


The Con Artist is played by Goldie
The Youngest--bomb and explosives experts is played by Lil Dawg
The Hacker is played by Theo
The Nerd is played by Benji
The Official Detective is played by Mitch

bio-blocks are here: http://www.writing.com/main/view_item.php?item_id=633705
The trashcan exploded just after I found my way out of the busy crowd. This school looks more like a wet market than a school. But then, the trashcan exploded...how in the world could that happen inside the campus? Isn't this supposed to be a well-guarded school?...well, I have some dangerous stuffs myself, and nobody even cared about it. Just when I turned around the next corner, I saw a guy looking intently at the shattered trashcan. He isn't smiling though but the glimmer in his eyes told me that he is laughing inside. FreaK! I thought. Well, well, looks like we've got a little game here, pal, I said to myself and decided to bump into him. Who cares? The crowd have gone frantic and he wouldn't think that it was intentional. He was totally crushed to the wall, and before I headed for my next class, I glanced back at the freaky guy. He was staring at me--that kind of stare that could mean danger. If only I am in the least bit afraid. Sadly, I welcome the thought of 'war'. It makes me fulfilled, especially with a 'freaky' guy like that one. I gave him a cocky smile while he was gnashing his teeth. Poor thing! Sorry, I hate braggarts! I murmured softly and went ahead.
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I was sitting in class, I was the first one there so, I wrote on the chalkboard. It read: GIRLS SUCK! I know it wasn't anything bad...and I was the one they would most likely suspect...but who cares, not me.

I smiled as some chick walked in and looked at her. I hate chicks...but she was way diferent. As much as I hate to say this, and will nevver admit it...she was a little hot, and maybe I wanted to get to know her. Wait...what did I say?! I take that back...I layed my head onmy desk and almost threw up after what I had just said. SICK!
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Fat Dude:

"Yahoo, did you see that boom. Trash everywhere... why didn't I think of that," I shouted as I walked into the classroom. I parked my arse on two chairs and burped loudly.

What do I do? Well I guess I’m merchant, I’ve got some links with a nice munitions factory and my uncle brought back some heavy shit from Narm. Basically I get by, by selling the weapons to the gangs here.

I'm huge as in massive, not big boned - obese. Hence the nickname. Many fat people can't face being fat and pretend they're not or it's glands or something like that but not me, frankly I love being fat, besides Hawaiian shirts only look good on fat dudes.

"Goldie, what's up man you look like you've just coughed up a Raven," I got several piercing glances from the girls around me.

Personally I don’t mess around in all of this gang warfare business. It’s not good for business and way too dangerous; if you stay in the middle you have no enemies but as soon as you take one side you instantly have a load of people yearning for your blood.

On the other hand I would say I was friendlier with the Rouge Trekkers. I'd been supplying them with the more heavy market explosives for some time now. If push came to shove I'd support the Trekkers… after all they were my best customers.
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Lil' Dawg

"Young man! What the h--" The principal started but stopped quickly to regain his calm.

With the stupidity of a rabid lemur I shook my finger at him and grinned, "Now, now young sir, don't make me wash your mouth out with soap!"

That only seemed to anger him more and I swore I could see the steam rushing from his ears. "MISTER FOCUS!"

"Eugh...." I wiped the few spit drops off my face that happened to fling from his mouth as he shouted.

His eyes grew large and he began to tremble with anger, "OUT! GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!"

"No need to shout I'm not deaf Mr. Ferinkle." And out I went, into the hallway after receiving my pass to class. I was in the principal's office because I tested out my newest creation out on a trashcan, they only figured out it was me because well I was the only one actually trying to salvage the remains from what was left of my masterpiece.

So off down the hallway to my class I ran. I didn't need to be late when I had a pass but I should probably make it there within a reasonable amount of time. Besides I wanted to be there, then I could tell my buddros about the mornings events. And of course I can't get an education while standing in the hallways.

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I walked in the classroom. I saw Lil' Dawg at his desk writing something. I pulled out my headphones and started blastin' my music. Lil' Dawg threw a note at me. It read

Goldie after school.

I slipped the note in my pocket and kept jamming to my music. Being me, I dropped my cd player to the ground. Some girl, looked like a lesbian to me came by and kicked my cd player. It wen over to the fat kid in the back of the class. Even though he got on my nerves a lot, I'm still nice to him. The teacher came into the classroom. I leaned back in my chair and put some gum in my mouth. I blew a bubble and it popped. The teacher looked at me.

"Mr. Banner. What was that popping sound coming from your direction."

I simply replied saying

"It was the popping of the big organ inside of your head."

Yea, I get smart with the teachers all the time.
She immediatley sent me to the office. The principal had me sit silently in his office. He slammed the door and got in my face.


"Excuse me mister bojingles, I really think you oculd use some of the orbit stuff or some listerien would help." I said.

He became even more angry with me. Knowing he didn't want to put up with me, I walked back to class. The teacher kept giving me the eye, and I wanted to give her the finger but, I was already at the office today and I do not need to be there again.

I slung my shoulder bag over my... well... my shoulder. (what else?!) I closed and locked the house door behind me. After watching Mom pull out of the driveway I hopped into my own brand new fire bird and drove myself to the new school not the slightest bit nervous.

Just as I arrived some idiot blew up a trash can. Boys. What more can I say?! The bell rang and I turned my attention to the office where I was told to pick up my schedule. Several boys were already in there being chewed out. The sad thing is, I don't think they cared much. (again, there's boys for ya!)

I grabbed my schedule and scanned the list of classes there. I found my first class easy enough, though it is a big campus this school is on. I was fifteen minutes late but I had a pass, and I was only late cuz some stupid boys in the office were getting in trouble and I had to wait.

I came in and the class hushed. (What, like thy've never seen a new student before?) I ignored them and handed the pass to the teacher seating myself next to a girl in the back corner.

I like it in the back, you can watch other's without being watched... unless they turn around in their chair to stare at me like one boy just did. I made a face at him and he turned back around. The girl next to me smiled.


I entered the classroom quietly. Rory smiled at me, and I began to make my way towrds her. as I did, these BOYS (why on earth do they exist?) decided to 'accidentally' block me, by standing in between two desks.

"Excuse me," I called over their chatter. They took no notice. "Move!" I tried again. Nothing. Zilch.
"Fine." I muttered, refusing to back away and let them win. It was people like these who killed my Timmy, I know it was. I'm not going to let them win. I can't. I took a deep breath. Moving to the side slightly, I swung myself over the empty desk to my left with one hand, and landed neatly on the other side. The chattering eased a bit. I bit back the urge to lick my finger and draw a figure '1' in the air. Rory was smiling, and I made my way towards her without any more 'interruptions'.

"Hey." she greeted me.
"Hiya!" I said breezily back. I noticed someone in the back corner - getting the evils from Benji. "Who's she?"
Rory craned her neck around.
"New kid." she jerked her head at me and lowered her voice. "D'ya think she'd make a good Raven?"
I studied the girl from afar. She seemed normal - and nice. I turned back to Rory.

"Let's find out."
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man what is going to happen today. It's almost three. Some kid got into a fight at lunch no one I know. Oh well still waiting for three. While I was sitting at my desk some girl tapped me on the shoulder. She pointed to some girl I didnt recognize. She was cute but the teacher came and broke up and handed us this test. I took it aced it so what it was like two questions. We still had thirty minutes left of class and the teacher let us socialize the rest of the class. As the girl was talking to me, my crew came and pushed her away. I thought it was kind of rude but oh well. Benji said, " Hey Theo. It's 2:50 and you know what we have to do."
We got up and left the classrom with out the teacher knowing. We went to the back of the school and saw Goldie standing there.........

There he is again, looking so silly hanging around the corner. How I love to see this guy cower and run. My friends told me his name is Lil Dawg...what a funny name! And ugly too at the same time. Surely, he's scared of rats like most kids do. Oooppsss...he's looking my way... better be prepared for battle, Lex., I scolded myself. Well, a little fun won't hurt, pal, I thought as I came closer to him. The expression on his face is enough to tell me how disgusted he is upon seeing me.

"Hi there! That was the coolest thing you did this morning. How did you happen to know those stuffs?" I asked, trying to sound as polite and as friendly as possible.

"I don't talk to strangers especially to girls like you, so back off!" he ordered.

"Whoa! Easy, pal, I was just trying to be nice, that's all!" I replied. he got up, obviously irritated and pushed me none too gently. What the He--!

"Would you just stop pestering me, you sl@&!" he yelled again. Well, what can I do but back off but before that, I threw my most treasured toy in front of him. It squeked and before he knew it, it exploded right in front of him. I disappeared afterwards. Serves you right buddy I thought and watched as the guards arrested him for the explosion. His eyes searched everywhere but sadly, he couldn't find me around. I just took off my wig and joined the other onlookers.

In the corner, I saw one of my coleagues giving me a nice wink.

I smiled and winked at Lex. That explosion was just FAB! As soon as Lil'Dawg was taken out of earshot, we all burst out laughing, Ashley hugging Lex. We ran off in the opposite dircetion, whooping. I did a somersault I was so pleased. We came to a halt at the main road, sauntering down it more peacefully, laughing all the while.

"The look on his face!"


"He deserved it." Lex said resolutely, smiling.

"Definately!" "Totally!" we all agreed.

We arrived at the park and sat down to eat out lunches.

"So what do we do now?" I asked, happy.

"Well..." Rory said, sitting up straight with a glint in her eye. "I thought I'd tell you all about plan X..."
**My friend really wants the last male spot. Email is- Foxygrl@writing.com**

Mitch- (/b}

~After School~

"Miles you can have the night off." I told my butler. He nodded, voiced his thanks, and left to his small cottage a few acres behind my mansion. I got into my black Cadillac Escalade, and drove to each of the boy's houses. The Ravens were delving deep into their "Plan X" which I had heard about. Being a spy/detective I can get infromation from anyone at anytime, and I did this time. I knew all the finer details of their outlaid plan, it was a pretty pathetic attempt at revenge. After bringing everyone to my home, I told them all about the girl's plan.

The funny thing about it was that the girl I got the information from in the first place is completly smitten with me. She had no idea that I am her ememy, of course other than the boys, no one really knows I'm part of the gang... Every good spy keeps secrets and with holds valuable information until the right time. No Raven would know about me... not for a long long time, perhaps never.

**Sorry kinda random, I couldn't think of anyother way to introduce my character...**
Chrys: I slouched in my seat some staring into space. The bell had rung and the teacher was nowhere to be seen. I scanned the board at the front of the room. Other than the teacher's name (which I did not acknowledge) I saw some tiny scawling on the bottom corner. "Girls suck." Well, isn't that nice. I scanned the room with a piercing stare to all the male specimens seated around. Not many yet, class hasn't even started, and most likely most of the animals will be late.

My Mood had deterred some and I was feeling courageous... soooo.... I slid outa my seat and leisurely walked to the front of the room. Kicking guy's feet roughly out of my way. (Even if they did trip me don't they know I'd knock a tooth out for it? No body makes ME look stupid) I sidled up to the board and planted a hand on my hip, studying the writing so I could recognize it later and find out who wrote it. Picking up a piece of chalk I scribbled my own message under it. "If there weren't any boys it wouldn't be a problem now would it?" Smiling as I turned slowly revealing my creative little remark I waltzed back to my desk, most of the girls around me smiling.

I noticed some girl whispering to some guy. He made a face, then a slow smile spread over his face. My heart stopped, he looked at me. He came over slowly. He stopped three inches away form my face, I had to look up to see him but I didn't move, probably should have; esspecially seeing as how the next thing he did was peck me on the lips. My face flushed and he stepped back, grinning. My fists bunched and I wanted to hit him so bad. He stood there, smiling, smiling, smiling, for what seemed like an hour. I'll wipe that smile off.. With one quick movement I swung my hand up and smacked him in the side of his face knocking him over and into the boy behind him. The girls around me howled with laughter, none of the boys stood in his defence.

No one noticed, the teacher, who had come in and saw everything said nothing. Did nothing. She even looked a little pleased. I sat back down and glared back at the boy with the flaming red handprint on his cheek. There you go kid, something to remember me by. I thought laughingly. I wonder if it was that girl's doing, the one who whispered to him. What the heck was she trying to pull? I tapped her lightly on the shoulder and she spun around, her eyes glinting with the humor of the whole situation,

"Yeah? she asked.

"What was that about?" I demanded, a smile playing over my face as well.

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I stood there as the guys gathered around me. I smiled and they all seemed surprise at me for smiling. I watched them closely and then spoke, "All right guys. This is the plan. We have their plan in our hands and we're not letting 'em go through with it."

"What do you plan to do about it Goldie?" Mitch asked.

"A rumble. Me and their leader, LEX. Me and her will rumble to show who the best is."

"Are you sure that you can take her?"

I nodded, "Yeah...after all, she's a girl. What could she possibly do?"

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