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A white dragon and an evil plot. How will it end?
[Introduction] Four companions out to save the world. How they meet is up to you. What their mission is, is up to you. They may be defending a precious object or trying to get something back to it’s rightful place or owner. Revenge may be involved. They may be on a quest to find some mystical place or thing(or person). This is set in an imaginary place. There are 6 main characters. 4 good and 2 bad. You can add more characters but they won’t be main characters. I don’t want any profiles in the story itself so if you want to add a new character just email me the profile and I’ll add it to "Invalid Item

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Aril tied her horse to the post in front of a crowded tavern. She drew noone's attention as she silently slipped inside and sat at a table in the corner. A barmaid came up to after some time.

"What can I get for you?" the girl tapped her foot impatiently.

"Something to eat and a mug of ale." Aril was careful not to meet the girl's eyes.

Aril paid the girl and ate silently. The meat was tough and the bread was stale, butshe didn't care. She'd been traveling all day and she was ravenous. As she ate she scanned the room. Many of the people were drunk, but there were a few that were sitting silently like herself.

After Aril had finished her meal she sat back and sipped her ale slowly. She was tired and her head nodded.

A mug of ale smashed onto the floor at her feet. Aril leapt up, her dagger already in her hand. A man, drunk, called out an apology from a table to her left. He then went back to laughing drunkenly with his friends.

Aril stalked over to him and pointed her dagger in his face. Her voice shook with anger "You think that's funny? I'll show you funny."

A hush fell over the room as Aril advanced on the man. But before she she could do the man any harm, a hand grasped her wrist form behind.

Aril spun around. "Go sit down and finish your ale" a voice commanded. Aril looked up. An elf. Aril obeyed.

The elf flipped a coin to the man. "For your inconvinience" The man pocketed the coin and left. Aril watched carefully as the elf came over and sat opposite her.

"Eryermos" he said. When she was silent he continued. "What's your name?"

Aril hesitated only a moment before she whispered "Aril"
Eryermos eyed her for a while without saying a word. Finally, he spoke again to Aril, "What did you think you where doing?" His tone was a little harsh, yet washed with concern. "You heard him apologize, there was no reason to pull a weapon on the drunk."

"He startled me and he should have been paying more attention to what he was doing. He had no right to throw that mug over here and you know it!"

"I did not say that he was right to do what he did. So calm down."

"CALM DOWN!" You sit there and tell me that I am wrong, how would you like this dagger in you!"

Eryermos seemed to finch a little at the sound of that, but it went unnoticed by the ragging girl. "Sit, finish you mug and go to bed, Tomorrow we must ride from this place, since you made an enemy out of the locals, and I just don't like it here. I'll take you to the next town and drop you off there."
"I don't need a 'protector'. I can take care of myself." Aril started to calm down. This elf hadn't gotten mad about her rude remarks and he was still sitting with her. She was so used to sitting alone.

A young boy came up to the table and offered to refill their mugs. Eryermos lifted his but Aril refrained. After Eryermos' mug was full, the boy stood next to the table, looking uncomfortable. Eryermos looked up at him. "Can I do something for you?"

"You know who that man was?"

"No." Eryermos motioned the boy to sit. He did eagerly.

"That was the leader of the Froter regiment. They're stationed here for the winter." The boy leaned forward as if he was telling a secret. "You'll never make it out of town. He'll have his soldiers all over you. You should come with me. I know a secret way. By the way, I'm Talinor, but you can call me Tallie."

"I'm Eryermos, and this is Aril." Eryermos extended his hand which the boy shook eagerly.

Aril stood. "We should go now."

"I haven't finished my ale yet." Eryermos glanced up at Aril and was caught by her stare. He followed her eyes and saw what she was staring at.

Talinor looked too. "Froters!" he whispered.
"Where is that passage that you metnioned?" Eryermos wisperd to Talinor.

Talinor looked around a brief moment. "The passage is back that way, out through the kichten cooking area." Talinor stood up and started walking in a hurried walk to the way he just mentioned and waited for Aril and Eryermos to follow.

"Go Aril, I will rejoin you later." Eryermos said.

"Not without you, now come on." Aril said, her temper rising.

"Fine, just go, NOW!"

Just as they where going through the kitchen, Talinor heard the froter's gravelly voice, "Where are they." As they snuck out into the night and out of town.
"Where are you leading us?" Aril was tired as it was. She didn't like tramping around in the forest at night when all she wanted to do was lie down and rest.

"It's not much farther." Talinor only ganced over his shoulder. He was taking them to Kalran's house, deep in the forest. They would be safe with the kender. Talinor could spend the night also. Kalran always had something good cooking on the stove. Talinor's mouth watered at the mere thought of it.

Eryermos was silent. He wade sure his sword was ready at all times. Froters were mean, loud creatures, but they could be silent and deadly when they wanted to be. He heard Aril whispering to Talinor. That girl sure knew how to get herself into a fix. He could deal with her temper but if it flared up at the wrong moment it could mean death for Aril. Eryermos decided then, to look out for her. Talinor was in on it too. The froters would be after him and if Eryermos didn't protect him, Talinor could be dead.
Eryermos wanted them to speed up, but without knowing where excatly they where going, it was hard for him to say it, besides, quiteness was the key to makeing an excape.

"AH, here we are!" Tailnor exclimed. The band of three stopped infront of a modest looking forest house, a little small, but looked couzy just the same. "The person who lives here is Kalran, a kender, Just let me do the talking ok."

Tailnor walked up to the little house and nocked quitlly. a young looking person opened it with a candle and said "Why are you here in the middle of the night Tailnor?"

"You know me, I am always getting into trouble. I have two people with me that needs to hide for a night."

"What did you do now?" The Kender said.

"I didn't do anything. I just helped these people excape from a group of fraters."

"By all means then, come in." Kalran lit another candle and gave it to Tailnor. "Come in and make yourselves at home." Aril was after Talinor and as soon as Eryermos was in, he went to the only little window and watched outside, he thought that he say movement, but wasn't sure.

Amondil stood quietly at his master’s door. He waited patiently for Oaldur to come out of the cave. The dragon was in there. Amondil could tell, he felt the dragonfear. Just thinking about the huge black dragon made him shiver.

Oaldur walked slowly out of the cave and motioned for Amondil to follow. They walked down the dark corridor quietly. Amondil knew where they were headed. There was a large room at the end of this tunnel where Amondil and Oaldur always talked.

When they got there Amondil waited for Oaldur to sit and sat opposite him. Oaldur was the first to speak. “All is going as planned, I hope.” His low voice was strong and sure. “I don’t want another mistake like last time.”

“I took care of the problem.” Amondil recalled that it had only taken him one stroke with his sword to fix he problem. “There is the matter of this girl. She could ruin the whole thing.”

“Take care of her then. It shouldn’t be too difficult. I do want her alive, if at all possible.” Oaldur looked at the empty fireplace and spoke a word. At once a fire blazed there.

“It’s not that simple.” Amondil looked uncomfortable. “She has three others with her. An elf a human and a kender. They could be more that I can handle. The elf knows magic. He sees things.”

“Then you’ll just have to kill him first.” Oaldur gave him a steely black look. “The others will be no trouble after he is dead. Now go.”

“Yes master.” Amondil left quietly. He thought about the girl, and how he could get to her without the elf knowing what he was up to.
The froters crept up to the house quickly, quietly and evefently. The lead froter whispered something to the others and they went around the back of the house to encircle it.

The front two froters where at the door when the door slamed open sending them flying backwards. They landed on their backs and where up again in a matter of seconds.

Eryermos stepped out onto the front porch and fired some of arrows from his long bow. He instantly dropped two of them.

Tailnor snuck out the back window just before the froters made their way to it. There, he became one with his element, the darkness. He waited and waited until they where right in font of him, he then sprang up and slashed at the two with his small dagger, effectively cutting their attack from behind off. Tailnor took off into the trees to cricle around behind more of the froters.

Back in the front, Aril-Shari leaped to the side of Eryermos and fired her bow to the side. "TRAIL AND TRAP ME WILL YOU, TAKE THIS." Her arrows where deadly accurate and hit their marks, falling all those that came on.

"Calm down Aril." Eryermos said as he fired again.

"DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!" She fired again and hit her mark , "Or the next one is for you!"

The frothers starting running back to the cover of the forest. Tailnor effortlessly appared next to the two on the porch. "Well that wasn't too hard. How did you know?"

All of the sudden, the ground began to shake, cutting off Eryermos' reply.
Amondil appeared not too far from the kender’s house. Two froter bodies lay at his feet, already turned to stone. He wondered if the small earthquake he had caused had killed them. He really had to work on his transport spell. It always made the ground shake and he hated to alert anyone that he was around. Amondil heard shouts coming from the direction of the kender’s home. He quickly did a mind shield spell. “I sure hope it works.” he said under his breath. He’d never tried one and he wasn’t sure what the effects would be. And if the elf tried to read his mind he wasn’t sure what he’d see.

He walked confidently out into a clearing. A small cozy looking house stood at the edge and Amondil saw the source of the shouting. The elf and the girl were facing each other, both had bows in their hands. Th girl had her other hand on her hip.

“I can take care of myself!!” The girl said loudly. The elf said something quietly and she seemed to calm down. Amondil cleared his throat. Both looked up at him and the elf narrowed his eyes. Amondil hoped that he wasn’t trying to read his mind.

“Well look here! Another visitor.” The kender surprised everyone by speaking from behind. “And look, some nice statues for my yard. I always wanted to have statues in my yard, although these all have arrows sticking out of them. Well come on in. The food will wait, but I won’t” Kalran stepped briskly back into the house. Talinor smiled and followed. No matter how long he knew Kalran, he still didn’t understand how he was always so positive.

“Who are you, and what is your business?” Eryermos’ voice was stern.

“I am Amondil of North Egress. I come seeking shelter for the night.” Amondil met the elf’s eyes.

“You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that quake we just felt, would you?” The girl asked pointedly. She seemed calm now and Amondil decided to ignore her question.

“I’ve told you my name, why don’t you tell me yours. I would like to know what so fair a maiden is called. Or shall I just call you girl.” Amondil had never tried flattery before, and it seemed lost on the girl. Aril huffed loudly and followed Talinor into the house.

Eryermos motioned for Amondil to follow also. ‘You’ll get used to Aril. She got a temper but she’s really not that bad. I’m Eryermos, the boy in Talinor and the kender is Kalran.” Eryermos wouldn’t admit that he actually liked Aril. He enjoyed arguing with her and most of the time he had won. “Oh, and don’t tell Aril that she’s beautiful, she’ll only get mad at you. She thinks that compliments are just to mock her.”

Amondil followed Eryermos into the house, where a delicious smell awaited him.
Eryermos felt starnge. His perdiciment of the future that he had a little while ago didn't metion that this person would come along. What it ment he didn't know, maybe it just dosn't work all the time.

Kalan spoke, "Sit eat, or don't if you don't want to tast the good food that I prepared. By the way Tailnor, why do you always seem in trouble? I am always telling him to stay out of trouble but he never lisons."

"You don't have to talk about me all the time." Tailnor snorted and crossed his arms.

"But you are the highlight of my life right now. What else am I to talk about. Mean come on, I get stangers in the middle of the night, Which haven't told me anything about themselves," She looks at them accusingly as she boought the pot of stew over. "And to be a good house host I have to talk about something."

"How about we talk about leaving in the moring." Erymos said. "This place is to dangerous for us to stay longer than the moring."

"Where are you off to?" Amondil asked.

Airl flared up again. "YOU ARE NOT STILL DROPPING ME OFF." She yelled

"No, I'm not. and I have no idea where we are headed at this point, but this place has been scouted by the emeny already and know this place so it is no longer safe." The elf looked again at Amondil, still wondering if his powers where fading. "all of you can come with us if you want."

'GOOD!' thought amondil.
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"You're right!" Kalan piped up. "We should all go. Now, off to bed with you all! There are four beds up in the attic, pick one and make yourselves at home. The four people thanked Kalan profusely and found where they were to sleep for the night.

After the fire in the fireplace had long dimmed down, and Talinor and Amondil were heard snoring in their beds, Eryermos heard a slight noise by his bed. He reached for the dagger he had placed under his pillow and waited.

Someone touched him, and immediately he brought the dagger to their throat, only to have a sharp point pressed warningly near his own. "Put the dagger down, you fool!" Came Aril's voice tensely. "It's only me."

Eryermos lowered the dagger and replaced it beneath his pillow. "Sorry." He mumbled.

"Yeah, whatever..." He heard Aril mutter.

"What's wrong, Aril?"

"I don't trust Amondil."


Aril's reply was nervous. "I don't know... There's just something about him. I don't think he's who he's saying he is."

Eryermos narrowed his eyes. She was correct. There was something about him that wasn't right...

The dragon closed it’s eyes in concentration. Ah, yes, that’s what it was looking for. The girl called Aril. She was the key to it’s existence. The silver ring she wore bound her to itself. The girl didn’t know this of course, but the dragon knew, and one other did also.

Freda couldn’t get a lock on this man, but she knew his heart was dark. She opened her black eyes and saw the girl walking through the forest with several others. Two elves, a young man and a kender accompanied her. One of the elves was good, but the other seemed to be hiding something.

Freda stretched her huge white wings. She was the last of her kind, and she was priceless. If she fell into the wrong hands, the power she wielded would mean the destruction of the world. She closed her eyes again and tried to find who it was that knew about the ring.
Amondil knew that she was lossing there trust, yet there hasn't been any way to get it. he had been setting up camp at night for them and getting everything ready (always under that eye of Eryermos's eye). He didn't know what to do.

Those two, eryermos and and Aril where always together too. That just made Amondil's job that much harder. They even convied Talinor that he is someone to watch. at lest he still had the kender on the "turst" side as far as he knew.

Then the idea came too him, he was trying to hard to get there trust. If he calmed down just a little bit, then he will get all there trust, get them alone, and be able to preform his duty. Let them set up the camp this night. Inwardly he laughed and on the outside his smile grew as he he started on of his best jokes that he can munster up so that he can bring his laugh out.
Oaldur paced back and forth in the chamber. The dragon watched him with cold black eyes. "The plan has been delayed for the last time! When I get that girl in here I'll make her pay." He stopped and looked at the dragon. "If only I could get that ring, the white dragon would be in my power."

The black dragon glanced away, uninterested. All it really cared about was getting it's next meal. It smiled, thinking of the promised feast. A tender elf, a sinewy kender, and a juicy young man, it's favorite. And the girl, once it's master was through with her.

Oaldur felt the dragon's thoughts and chuckled. "So, my beauty, you are anticipating a meal. You will have them soon enough. Amondil will have to bring them all here alive, or the girl will never come. You'll have fresh meat." The black smiled again and Oaldur left the room, laughing evilly.
"finely, at town to stay at with an inn!" Talinor shouted to tge others.

"good. I won't have spend another night in this rain." Aril said, stopping her boots to get the mud off. "And you still aren't leaveing us here Eryermos." She said warnningly

"I already told you I won't." expescally with Amondil around he thought. for some reason his power still couldn't tell him about the future with this person. And he still couldn't figure out if this guy was on the level or just playing him and the rest.

"Come on, what are waiting for?" The kender spoke up. "I don't want to wet any longer."

Eryermos just stood there staring at Amondil, maybe I am just wrong about him, he thought.
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*Sorry you had to wait so long, guys :)*

"Almost there..." Amondil whispered to himself in the middle of the night. "We're almost there. A few more miles, and we should be close to the cave of Oaldur, and my job will be over." He smiled slyly into the darkness. "In the morning, he would lead them to Oaldur to meet their fate and his victory."


"There's no way I'm going through that forest!" Aril shouted determinedly at Amondil. "It's so dense, that even a bug couldn't squeeze through it, and I've heard tales of evil things living there. I think we should go east."

Amondil tried to stifle his anger. Oaldur's cave was west, and if they went east, it would ruin his plan entirely. He turned to Eryermos, putting on his most flustered face. It wasn't hard to do. "Eryermos, I know a shortcut, but it's through those woods! Can't you explain that to her?"

Eryermos surveyed the subject thoughtfully. "A shortcut would be nice, but east would be safer."

Aril scoffed angrily. "How could a shortcut going west, lead us east?"

Eryermos nodded. "She does have a point."

Aril rolled her eyes. "Of course I do..."

Amondil just shook his head. "You've got to trust me on this one."

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An ehco sounded in the dark woods, and Aril shuffled nervously behind Amondil.

She was nervous, Amondil knew, and she did not trust him. There was no reason that she should, especially since Amondil was no friend to her, but it hurt his pride to realise that he had not fooled her completely.

It took much convincing, but with a few lies and empty promises, Amondil finally persuaded Eryermos and Aril that there was a cave, not too far beyond, that they could take shelter at.

The first part was true, for there was a cave, but not one that shelter would be fully provided. Amondil knew that once he got them to step inside the cave, they would never be a burden to him again, and he could collect his reward...
Tyr stood at the entrance of the cave. He’d been watching the group of travelers for some time. He had no interest in any of them but the girl. He would have gladly killed them all and just taken her, but now that fool Amondil had failed to make them trust him. Now he had to take her quietly in the night. They would camp at the mouth of the cave that night. Then she would be his. Tyr was skilled in silent capture. It was as if he became a part of the forest.

He was the last of his kind. No others like him existed, but he liked to stand out in a crowd. His body was a collage of scars and tattoos. Most of them he did himself. He almost never wore a shirt, just so that everyone could see his marred body.

Yes, the girl would be his. And with her came the most powerful creature in the world. The white dragon.

Eryermos didn't know what to think. A short cut that went east when they where going west. How that worked he had no idea. And that lowered his turst in that man a little bit more.

Eryermos didn't want to say that he didn't like this man, but at every turn he has proven something was wrong about his plan. The way he changed his "acting" or what not. Eryermos just didn't know.

"I think we should go to the west instead of the short cut because it will be safer. Sorry Amondil but I think that this is the only way." The others seemed to agree.
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Amondil pressed his lips together in distress. "Fine! None of you will listen to me, so why should I bother?" His voice pleaded, and he tried to appear humble. "I'm only trying to help you..."

The rest of the group stared at him in silence. Aril soon pressed herself forward through the group.

"I don't trust you." She spat. "In fact, I've never trusted you. You've led us into the middle of the forest, and we're lost. We want to go back out of the forest, but you want to press further into it! If everyone had listened to me, instead of to your trickery, we would be at our destination already!"

Amondil backed away slowly. "Does that mean you won't follow me any more?"

She rolled her eyes. "Not over my rotting corpse! I'm turning around, right now! Even if I have to go alone!"

Amondil glanced towards Eryermos and the others, a slight smile curving on his lips. "You will go alone, then, because everyone else is following me."

Eryermos laughed suddenly. "What makes you think that?"

"Does that you mean you won't?" Amondil's voice was challenging.

Eryermos eyed him suspiciously. "I know what you want, Amondil."

Amondil felt a slight shivver of panic, but forced his voice to remain calm. "And what would that be?"

"You want to lead us to our deaths, and... and..." He turned and faced Aril as if suddenly discovering an important fact that had been hidden from him. "And you need something from Aril."

Amondil had been discovered. In an instant, he had drawn his sword, grabbed Aril, and held it to her neck. Aril gasped, and Eryermos reached for his own sword.

Amondil stopped him before he could reach it. "Stop, Eryermos! I'm warning you... One sharp move, and she's dead!"
“Amondil has failed me again! Why did I ever trust him for this enormous task?!” Oaldur paced the chamber rapidly. His eyes were burning with anger. Tyr would have to step in.

Oaldur summoned all his power and whispered “Tyr, you are my only hope now. Step in and save the girl.”

Tyr sighed when he heard the voice in his head. He knew he would be called on for this task, but he thought it would be sooner. Quickly he drew his sword and ran through the forest to save Aril. Perhaps Eryermos would trust him if he showed kindness to all of them, instead of trying to lead them as Amondil had.

That was the plan.

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"Move your hand away from the sword!" Amondil warned Eryermos. He held his own blade threateningly to Aril's neck.

Eryermos lowered his hands slowly. "I knew you were a traitor..." He murmured coldly.

Amondil nodded. "Unfortunately for you, you didn't discover that soon enough. Now, listen to me closely..." Amondil's eyes narrowed as he spoke menacingly. "I am going to continue on my way with the girl. If you leave us alone, she will live, but if you follow... then I can make no promises. Am I clear?"

Eryermos was about to refuse, when his attention was drawn to Aril. She looked down towards her waist, and Eryermos followed her gaze. She was reaching slowly towards the silver dagger on her belt.

"Am I clear?" Amondil repeated again.

"Let it be as you say, Amondil." Eryermos said, and backed away.

Oaldur saw the girl’s move for her dagger and knew that he had to intervene. If she tried to kill Amondil the travelers would finally realize exactly what they were dealing with. Oaldur called on the dragon to intervene.

The huge black creature was roused out of its sleep with a whisper from its master. “Go and stop them for good. Leave them alive but make sure the girl is completely unharmed. I need her to be. . . healthy before she can be used. Go.”

A rush of air filled the chamber and the dragon flew off into the black night.
Eryermos backed away slowly from the traitor. Aril’s hand found the grip on her dagger and was waiting for the right moment to strike.

“That is a good boy.” Amondil said as he pulled Aril away. Aril dragged her boot to slow is movement and to hide what she was doing. “Now don’t start doing that, otherwise I might have to do something that you would regret.” He snarled.

As he stopped again, Aril had unsheathed the dagger and was aiming for her leg. The blade entered his shin but only briefly as a roar in the sky had caught everyone’s attention.

As Amondil dropped to his knee in pain, Eryermos pointed up at the sky, “It is a dragon!” He shouted.
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Tyr came crashing through the bushes. "Everyone down!" he yelled. He hadn't been expecting the dragon, but he knew how to improvise and work every circumstance to his advantage. Eryermos didn't even hesitate before hitting the ground, neither did Aril. The boy and the Kender were not as quick however, not having the instincts of a warrior. Tyr felt himself barreling into the boy and knocking him to the ground as the great black dragon swooped low above them, all sharp scales and talons.

"Look out!" Eryermos was yelling, his bow already in hand and arrows flying up at the sky. Aril had already pulled the kender out of the way as dragon fire scorched the earth where he had lay just a second before.

"A dragon!" she yelled, "You were leading us to a dragon's lair!" Aril was every bit what Tyr had heard of her, sensational temper and all. Here they were being attacked by a dragon and she was irrationally kicking Amondil for leading them down this path.

"Focus on the now!" Tyr said softly, patiently to the girl as he gently pulled her away from Amondil who was now lying curled up in a ball on the ground. No less then he deserved for failing as he had, Tyr thought with a grim smile.

"Who the hell are you?!" Aril whipped away from Tyr, but knew his advice was valid and drew her sword.

"Someone trying to help." Tyr said through gritted teeth and focused his attention on the black dragon now bearing down on them once more.
Aril glanced over at the man who had appeared so suddenly into their circle. Who was he? She would find out as soon as they were rid of the dragon. She had already drawn her sword and kept low to the ground. The huge black dragon circled over them, its yellow eyes glowing with fire and smoke billowing from its mouth. Aril could see that Eryermos had already wounded it. Three arrows protruded from the things back right leg and two more were in its tail. Aril knew that it would take much more than that to take the thing down, but it was a start.

"Aril! Stay low! Don't look into its eyes!" Eryermos stood close to the girl as he shouted over the roar of the wind created by the dragon.

"Do you think me a child? I know of the Dragon Fear." She spoke softly as if to herself, but he could hear it.

The dragon flamed again, this time consuming many of the surrounding trees. The group's shelter was fading fast, and they could not outrun the beast. They would have to kill it, or be killed themselves. A screech from the sky and the dragon was upon them. It landed on the far side of the clearing it had created and crept toward them slowly. It came upon Amondil first. He lay still as death, his eyes clenched tightly closed. He knew what he would see if he opened them. The dragon sniffed him slowly before consuming him in flames.

"Served him right." Tyr said under his breath. It was his turn to earn the traveler's trust, and he would succeed.
This man, Tyr, seemed to be a better man, but after there run-in with Amondil, Eryermos wasn’t about to trust anyone quickly. But this Tyr was a different story, he had risked his life to help them, and that had raised his stock in Eryermos’s view.

But the fight wasn’t over, and he was tired of waiting for his death. He jumped up again and started hacking at it. That was when he had realized that for some reason, Aril hadn’t gotten out of the way, “Aril, get out of there!” He yelled. The dragon hisses and blew fire towards her but she acrobatically avoided it and the column of fire went past, starting some trees on fire.

Tyr came on from the other side, and the dragon started flapping his wings, “Oh no you don’t” Tyr yelled, trying to play his part.
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He made an advance to slice at the dragon's stomach with his sword but the great beast whirled around, his smoking snout only a few feet from Tyr's outstretched arm. He took a few cautious and blind steps backward as he tried to avoid looking the creature in the eye. In his haste he stumbled into Aril.

"Watch it!" Aril shouted as Tyr's right arm shot out to encircle her waste and prevent her from tumbling backward onto the forest floor. For a few brief moments he held her close to him, their eyes burning into each other, regarding each other with tempers fiery enough to match the dragon which they fought, regarding each other with tempers . . . and something else. Something that Tyr could not place his finger on and that disturbed him greatly, he did not like not knowing his own feelings, his own thoughts. The moment was brief though as the dragon let out another great stream of fire. Tyr and Aril both pushed away from each other, diving in opposite directions to avoid being scorched.

"Watch out!" Eryermos yelled as the dragons tail swung around. Aril jumped over it but it managed to squarely connect with Eryermos, knocking him to the ground. Aril and Tyr were both situated on either side of the beast. They're eyes locked and held for a moment, but that was all they needed. Without even needing to speak the plan both of them sprung into action, it was as though they could read each others minds. Aril attacked from the right, Tyr from the left, both their swords flashed through the air. The dragon didn't know what way to turn and didn't decide quick enough. Both swords hit their mark. Deadly gashes appeared on the softer skin around the dragons neck. The beast let out an earth shattering howl and immediately his wings began to beat and he was taking off.

"Don't let him get away! He'll only come back!" Tyr shouted, and Eryermos knocked his bows and sent arrows flying through the air, but his aim was poor due to the shock to his head from the fall. The dragon soon faded away to the distance as Tyr watched him go.

"Are you okay?" the Kender was now practically supporting the elf. Aril rushed to his side and helped lower him onto a log.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." Eryermos said, but accepted their help. "It's just a little bump, nothing to worry about."

"We should all be dead." the boy whispered coming out from behind a large tree trunk.

"Yes, you should." Tyr said, striding towards the group. "Not many face a dragon and live to tell the tale. Don't expect to be as lucky twice."

"We wouldn't have been facing a dragon at all if we had not so foolheartedly trusted that bastard!" Aril said forcefully.

"He got what he deserved." Tyr said shortly and all their gazes fell to the steaming heap only a few yards off.

"I dare say he did." Eryermos said grimly. "And now we are left with a new stranger in our midst." he turned his piercing blue eyes on Tyr. "Pray why should we trust you -"

"Tyr." Tyr supplied his name.

"Tyr." Aril repeated softly.

"Why should we trust you, Tyr, to not befall some similar hardship upon us?" Tyr was about to open his mouth, to plead his case, but he had no chance.

"He's alright." Aril said shortly. Eryermos looked to her in surprise, but said nothing more.

"Alright, alright, so now what?" said Kalran.

"Might I suggest we find somewhere to rest . . . somewhere safe." Tyr said.

"We should keep moving, the last thing we need is to be sitting ducks when the Froter's come." Eryermos said, and tried to stand but had not the balance to do so.

"He's right, Eryermos. You're in no condition to travel now."

"I know a place." Talinor said quietly. Eryermos looked at the boy and then at the rest of his tired companions.

"Alright, lead the way boy. But just for a night. One night and then we move on." And so the group grabbed there things and followed Talinor into the woods, Tyr taking up the rear.

"Well that went well." Tyr muttered under his breath before following the group.
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It was dark before the travelers had constructed some shelter and had gotten a decent fire going. There was a small frying pan heating at one side; it was amazing what the kender had fit into his small pack. Tallie and Kalran were off in the woods gathering more firewood and Aril was fussing over Eryermos. She had a cold cloth which she was mopping Eryermos’ brow and she was holding tightly to his hand. They spoke in low tones.

“Why do you trust this one?” Eryermos grimaced. Every breath was a struggle. “Why do you trust him?”

“I don’t know. There’s something about him. I can’t put my finger on it, but something in his eyes.”

“It could be a trick. Some magic clouds my vision. I can usually tell about people, but Amondil, and this one. I can not see their motives. Some magic.”

Aril removed the cloth from his head. “Well, he helped us fend off a dragon, which is more than I could say about Amondil. He didn’t even want to help set up camp. And now Tyr is out hunting and he helped us build the fire. He’s even leading us out of the forest.”

Eryermos furrowed his brow. “I know you are right. But there has been so much evil in our path. Something is going on here that is greater than we think.”

Suddenly Tyr appeared from the other side of the small clearing. In his hands he held one pheasant and three rabbits. He smiled and came into the light. “Supper is here.”
As the little group ate the talked. It was the best conversation that any of them had had in a long time. Talinor joked and Kalran laughed. Aril smiled for the first time in days. Eryermos slept mostly, but he did feel better at ease knowing that if anything were to happen, Try would watch out for the others. As he watched the others, Eryermos couldn't help but notice how Aril's eyes caught the light of the fire, and how her mouth curled prettily when she smiled. He also noticed how often her sparkling eyes were turned in the direction of Tyr. She had said there was something in his eyes that made her want to trust him. What was it? Eryermos would have to have a closer look at Tyr's eyes before he could make any judgement, but he thought of the dark elves and the marks that they bore. They could be anywhere on the body, including the eyes. One look at that mark and you would cut off your own head if the dark elf asked you to.

Suddenly there was a roar in the sky. The travelers looked up to see a dark shadow crossing the moon. A dragon, but it hadn't seen tham, or at least it didn't acknowledge them. Tyr stood to his feet and suddenly threw himself onto the ground face down. He stretched his arms out in front of him and whisprered some words rapidly.

Aril looked puzzled. "Do you worship dragons? They do nothing for us."

Tyr rose to hisa knees. "That was not any dragon that you know. Did you notice how big it was? That was Freya, the great white dragon. She lives in these mountains, no one knows where, and only flies at night. Something has disturbed her."

Kalran shook his head and chuckled. "Freya is only a myth my friend. A demon dragon to frighten children into doing their chores. It's not real"

"But this is where you are wrong. Freya is real. I have seen her with my own eyes."

Tallie's eyes lit up. "Really! What is she like?"
Tyr looked at Tallie, “she is big and beautiful for a dragon. And has a temper to match. But a great asset if the need is great, otherwise she doesn’t take to kindly to people.”

“of course, there is always payment for her services. And it changes depending on her mood. She can be evil sometimes, and sometimes good, just all depends on who is hiring her and if the paid the price demanded.”

Tallie looked at Tyr and cocked her head to on side, “do you think we can hire her?”

“I doubt it, she is troubled now and is flying during the day. Something is going on and she doesn’t like it. So I believe the answer is no. Besides, I don’t think you have anything of worth to trade to get her help.”
They all looked at each other. Tallie laughed. "Yeah. I'm pretty sure we don't have anything either. We lit out of town pretty fast and didn't take anything with us."

Eryermos nodded. "Aril has a few coins and I have a few more. Kalran's pots and pans and the horses." He waved a hand at Aril. "That dragonskin scabbard could fetch a price, but not to a dragon."

Aril glanced down. When had he noticed? "The only other thing I have of any worth is this ring." She lifted the chain that hung from her belt and the silver ring spun in the firelight. "It's pretty plain, I don't think it's worth much at all."

Tyr winced when she said that. It was worth more than she knew. He had to be careful in what he said. "Where did you get that?"

Aril turned to him. "I don't know. It might have been one of my parent's, but I don't remember."

Tyr reached for it. "Would you mind passing it over here? If it's heavy it's pure and worth more than if it's just plated."

Aril easily dropped the ring into Tyr's hand. He eyed it carefully. Yes, it was the right ring. Now all he had to do was convince the others that the ring was worthless so they wouldn't hold onto it. He passed it back across the fire. "It is almost worthless. Keep it, if you wish."

Aril hooked it back onto her belt and let it hang. "I'm glad someone knows about these things. I wouldn't have been able to tell. Do you think Freya would be able to tell the difference?" The question was again directed to Tyr.

Eryermos shifted nervously. Aril had trusted Tyr, but he still couldn't. Not after Amondil and countless others. He spoke before Tyr. "She might be able, she might not. No one knows very much about her. She lives in these mountains and is very wise and powerful. Beyond that, nothing."

"Perhaps we will stumble upon her as we travel to the other side of this forest." ventured Tallie.

"Perhaps." Tyr nodded. Perhaps they would.

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