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by Teresa
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over Stephanie Meyer's Twilight.
Work your brain with the hot sizzling questions about Stephanie Meyer's award winning book Twilight!
 1 Bella's step-father.
 3 The name of Chapter 13
 6 name the guy who first has a crush on bella
 7 number of Cullens (excluding bella)(in words)
 10 _______ is out to get Bella.
 11 The chapter bella and edward first kiss.
 12 Edward's father.
 14 the color of Edwards carpet.
 15 how many cullens is she staying with
 1 Where does Edward take bella in the epiloge?
 2 ______ loves emmett.
 4 you are the smell of _________ -Edward to Bella
 5 How old is edward? (In words)
 8 your my ________. -Edward to Bella
 9 The class bella sits by Edward
 13 Who is Edward's OLDEST brother?
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