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Many of you have read Planet Animalus. But how well do you know it, and Zena?
Some of you have read Planet Animalus. Let's see how well you know it, and Zena.

Here is the link to it. It is recommended that you read it, especially Zena's bio.

 Planet Animalus  (18+)
Welcome to Animalus, home of the hybrids, people with strange customs. 25,330+ views
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The following links should help you out, providing that you read them carefully.

"Welcome to Planet Animalus


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PS. Here is a list of other things I've made.

Things I've made.  (ASR)
A list of things I've made.
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 1 what carnivores drink
 5 place for carnivores to enjoy the flesh of humans safely
 7 why Zena is as old as she is
 9 Zena's husband
 10 A part of Zena's old nickname
 11 What killed Zena's family
 13 How are the dead dealt with
 14 what Zena once was
 15 the ones who decide where the souls of the dead go
 18 What the outlaws did to Zena
 19 What Zena did to outlaws
 21 Enhances sexual pleasure between lovers
 25 Why the settlers had to be changed
 27 place for lonely adults to go to
 30 why the dead are not burried
 2 Decended of the worst criminals
 3 Spider-like people
 4 Lizard-like warriors
 6 What the people call themselves
 8 Type of hybrid that can only tell the truth
 12 what did Zena do to the slaves
 16 What Zena did in lue of jail
 17 what the leader of those Zena was made a slave by was
 20 Zena's first true friend
 22 Zena's prefered sleeping partners' gender
 23 law enforcement agancy for the Wilds
 24 What the captian was turned into
 26 Why Zena was the best at what she once did
 28 Who Zena calls herself after
 29 What the doctors that deal with pregnancy are called
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