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Classic Christmas story, in a cross words form.
You know the story, let's see if you can fill the lines, as it were.

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#1628797 by BBWOLF is Armor Monster
 3 where did he land?
 5 nothing was stiring, not even a____
 6 another word for happy
 7 Pulled his sleigh
 9 What is outside at this time of the year?
 12 Children nestled all snug in their
 13 Another name for the big guy in red
 14 Merry ___
 19 What is green, and gives off a nice fragrence?
 21 Color of his beard
 22 Twas the_____ before Christmas
 23 On his back was a___ full of goodies
 25 Whistled to what?
 1 To all a ___ night
 2 What gave a twinkle?
 4 Place he came out of (Hint, doesn't start with ch)
 8 Dressed in___
 10 When does this take place?
 11 color of his boots
 13 What came from the pipe in a wreath?
 15 See such a
 16 what was the ___?
 17 Who would be there?
 18 Cookies and___
 20 How many were there pulling the sleigh?
 22 settled down for a long winter's ____
 24 I in my____
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