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Rated: E · Crossword Puzzle · Animal · #2096853
For the animals
Animals matter and need us to help them. Learn about different and unusual animals you may not know about. Have fun and enjoy as you uncover facts which may be interesting to share. Gain knowledge which may give you an awesome story to write and share with readers and reviewers.
 3 dog whisperer
 4 animal cruelty investigator
 6 pur, rub, his, climbs trees
 7 oink, oink
 9 Rhopalocera
 12 star fish, sea star
 14 mouse-deer
 15 cleans and cares for an animal
 17 wingless wasps
 18 man-kinds best friend
 19 watching birds
 21 monkey name
 23 non allergic cat breed
 24 animal doctor
 25 makes a web
 1 place to view animals
 2 ok, cow, buffalo, kudus
 4 place for unwanted animals
 5 "giraffe-necked" antelope
 7 dog who helps disabled people
 8 Nanny dog
 9 pigs are native to Indonesia
 10 completely carnivorous ape
 11 cold blooded
 13 Old World weasel
 14 cat whisperer
 16 saddle and ride
 20 monkey helping people with quadroplegia
 22 blue sea slug
 26 bat, flittermouse
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/crosswords/item_id/2096853-Cris-Cross-Word