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Rated: E · Crossword Puzzle · History · #2140879
A crossword, packed with the names of lots of films that are set in Ancient Greece.
I thought it would be fun to include a more recent aspect to the Ancient Greeks. So, here we have a crossword whose answers are all related to films. I anticipated finding lots of films from which I could choose. That, however, was not the case. So a couple of these aren't English language films. They are (hopefully) still names you will recognise, though.

Here is the trailer for, probably, one of the most famous film about Ancient Greece; 'Jason & The Argonauts.'

I remember watching this with my Dad on (what felt like) every Bank Holiday as a kid.

Generally, films about Ancient Greece are about war, history, and mythology. They are an interesting way to learn about Greek history. I was also happy to find a few films that were adaptations of plays written by Ancient Greek playwrights and philosophers.

Let's see how many you can get right.
 2 This king's tale was turned into a 1968 film. In his life, he married his mother and killed his father.
 5 1977 Greek language film, based on a play by Euripides .
 6 Jason And The _________. 1963 stop-motion animation in which the hero leads the team on a quest for the Golden Fleece.
 10 The Trojan _____. 1961 retelling of the events leading up to using this item to bring down Troy.
 11 A Greek film, made in 1962, and based on a play by Euripides. It's the first instalment in his "Greek Tragedy Trilogy."
 12 _____ Of Troy. A bittersweet love story about falling in love with the wrong person, then having to fight a war.
 15 1997 animation, following the life of Hercules, who is stripped of his immortality as an infant.
 16 1988 Danish film. Based on a play by Euripides, the story is of Jason, Kreon, and his daughter, Glauce. Unwanted gifts ensue.
 17 _____ Of The Titans. 2012 3D epic action adventure fantasy. Sequel to "Clash of the Titans."
 19 1961 Greek film, starring Irene Papas. This is an adaptation of the play by Sophocles.
 20 The warrior princess starred in a film with Hercules about the Battle for Mt. Olympus.
 1 2011 film, loosely based on the Greek myths of Thesus, the Minotaur, and Titanomachy.
 3 Clash Of The ______. 1981 film starring Laurence Olivier, Harry Hamlin, and Claire Bloom.
 4 Hercules In The Maze of the ________. 1994 TV movie which shows Hercules as having given up travelling and settled down with his family. Until the town needs him to fight this monster.
 7 _________ The Great. 1956 film, starring Richard Burton.
 8 The Trojan _____. Third instalment in Euripides's "Greek Tragedy Triology."
 9 ________ In Athens. 1966 TV movie, for which Peter Ustinov won an acting Emmy.
 13 300: Rise of the ______. Epic historical fantasy war film directed by Noam Murro.
 14 The 300 ________. 1962 film, depicting the Battle of Thermopylae. With the cooperation of the Greek government, it was filmed in Perachora.
 18 Loosely based on Homer's "Iliad," this film is a narration of the entire Trojan Wars.
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