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Grab your cocoa and prepare to type!

 3 "Down the hill we go, laughing all the way!"
 6 "Chestnuts roasting over open fire, Jack _____ nipping at your nose!"
 8 It's _________ Eve!
 10 "He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake."
 11 Let's get some ____ and cookies for Santa!
 14 "In the meadow we can build a _______, and we can pretend he's Parson Brown."
 16 "'Tis the ______ to be jolly."
 17 "Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open ______!"
 1 "Baby, it's ____ outside!"
 2 There's nothing like a cup of cocoa by the warm _________ in winter!
 4 Look at all that snow! It's a ________!
 5 ________ fight!
 7 "Open your ________! It's Christmas!"
 8 We love to go out and sing _____!
 9 "Oh, how I love your colors."
 12 I love putting marshmallows in my hot _____!
 13 Frosty the ____man
 15 Your hands are freezing! Get some _______!
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