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Recognizing the best of WDC in 2016

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Hello and welcome to the 10th Annual Quill Awards, recognizing the best of Writing.Com in 2016! *Trophyg*

The Quill Awards aim to recognize the contributions of members of Writing.Com to the site and to writing in general by presenting awards meant to highlight quality work in categories ranging from community efforts (such as contests and groups) to writing ability (such as poetry and stories). Ultimately, the Quills wish to build the community at WDC by promoting high quality work and good faith between members of the site.

How to nominate an author or work
Have you found an item that is excellent, well written or well thought-out, and an asset to the WDC community? Do you know an author that consistently provides quality work and/or whose efforts serve the WDC community? If so, fill out the nomination form at "The Quill Awards: Nomination Form We are currently accepting nominations for the 2016 Quills at the link provided.

The full list of nominations is available at "Quills 2016 Nominations.

A couple things to keep in mind when nominating...
*Bulletr* You cannot nominate yourself.
*Bulletr* To prevent self-nominations, nominations by secondary accounts will not be accepted.
*Bulletb* An author may have no more than two nominations in any single category. If an author is nominated multiple times in a category, s/he will be contacted and asked to select those s/he wishes to be official nominations.
*Bulletb* You may nominate as many items as you wish, as long as you follow the other rules. So go forth and nominate!

and a couple more general things...
*Star* Nominations will close January 31 2017. Finalists will be announced in March 2017 for the requisite categories at the PreQuill Gala. The date of the awards ceremony will be announced in due course. The awards ceremony will last approximately 4 hours.
*Star* The awards to be handed out will be mostly funded by donations. If you wish to donate, please send GPs to group #1375927. Those donating 20K or more GPs will be listed in the forum and those donating 40,000 GPs or more will receive a Fundraising (or similar) Merit Badge!
*Star* We have an item alias! Just type in {item:quills} and it'll link right back here! Smile

And of course...

          Have a fun time!

(all times are WDC time, all dates are 2017, and all dates are subject to change):

         *Quill* 31 January, 11:59pm: Nominations close.
         *Quill* 7 February: List of genre nominations will be revealed
         *Quill* 7 February: Poll sent to nominees to determine date for ceremony
         *Quill* 10 February: Genre voting begins
         *Quill* 20 February, 11:59pm: Ceremony poll closes
         *Quill* 20 February, 11:59pm: Genre finalist voting ends
         *Quill* late February: Invitations sent out
         *Quill* late February or early March: The PreQuill Gala (finalists and reviewing shortlist announced, several awards presented; see a previous edition at "The PreQuill Gala (7th Annual Quills))
         *Quill* late February or early March: The 10th Annual Quill Awards Ceremony (see a previous edition at "The 9th Annual Quills Ceremony)

*Star* Awards that receive less than 4 nominations will not be given out.
*Star* Awards that receive more than 10 nominations will have 30%-50% of the nominated pieces selected as finalists.
*Star* Judges' decisions are final. No if's, and's, or but's. Judges reserve the right to not grant an award in any year if no nominees are deemed of sufficient quality.
*Star* The Quill Awards Judge Handbook   is distributed to all judges and available for anyone to read to see how judging is done.

Awards are offered in the following categories (***Please click on them for more info; nominees for awards in brackets will be selected following the end of the regular nomination period so you may not nominate in those categories! Click on them for more information regarding this. Categories may change as the panel deems appropriate, depending on numbers of nominees and other factors.)

Non-Static Awards: (11 categories)
must have been created and/or reasonably active in 2016 (read rules for specifics)

Best Forum (Non-Contest)
Best Multiple-Person Activity
Best Single-Person Activity
Best Image/cNote
Best Image/cNote Shop
Best New Contest
Best Contest
Best Raffle/Auction
Best New Group
Best Group*
Best Blog

Static Awards: (19 categories)
must be static or book items created in 2016 unless otherwise noted

Best Short Poem, Structured
Best Medium-Length Poem, Structured
Best Long Poem, Structured
Best Short Poem, Free Verse
Best Medium-Length Poem, Free Verse
Best Long Poem, Free Verse
Best Poetry Collection
Best Short Non-Fiction
Best Long Non-Fiction
Best Non-Fiction Collection
Best Flash Fiction
Best Short Story (1)
Best Short Story (2)
Best Long Story
Best Novella
Best Novel
Best Short Story Collection
Best Fiction Collection
Best Mixed Collection

Overall: (17 categories)
must have been created or reasonably active in 2016, depending on the type; nominees in this
section may also be nominated in either Static or Non-Static sections; genre awards may vary
from year to year; nominees will be categorized following the end of nominations

[Best Action/Adventure ]
[Best Comedy ]
[Best Drama/Emotional ]
[Best Erotica ]
[Best Fantasy/Sci-fi ]
[Best Holiday ]
[Best Horror/Suspense ]
[Best Mystery/Crime ]
[Best Nature ]
[Best Romance/Love ]
[Best Spiritual/Inspirational/Philosophy ]
[Best Young Adult/Children's ]
Best Newsletter Editing
Best Reviewing
Special Contributions to WDC
Best New Portfolio
Best Portfolio

*Star* For a list of this year's nominees, please see "Quills 2016 Nominations

Awards will be at least 35K GPs in value (awardicons, merit badges, and/or GPs) per category, usually more. Genre awards will be at least 60K GPs in value. Best Contest and Best Group will receive awards worth 85K GPs or more in value. In all, we are planning on handing out approximately 3.5 million GPs worth of awards.

In addition, all nominated items will be listed on WDC in perpetuum (even invalid links are left up for that reason); nominated authors will all be added to the Quills Alumni group at the end of the season, will be listed in records, and will receive a signature for their use.

The Quills are meant to be an honor and thus, no requests for GP equivalents of merit badges or awardicons will be accepted. However, if the prize is an awardicon and the item in question already has an awardicon of equal or greater value, the winner will be contacted to see if s/he prefers the awardicon or a GP/Merit Badge equivalent.

NOTE: Awards may change according to donations. They will not decrease, but they may go up according to donations and sponsorships. If you would like to donate, please send GPs to "The Quill Awards Panel and Bank. If you are interested in sponsoring an award, contact Andrew

Donations: The quickest, easiest way to help out is to send a GP donation to group #1375927 to help us run the Quills! Bigsmile Those donating 50K or more GPs will receive a Fundraising or similar Merit Badge *Badge*, limit 1 per awards season.

Kind Donors, 2016 edition (20K GPs and over; sponsors of awards are listed under that award)

                                                           - "PDG Rockin' Reviewer's Group
                                                           - GerMacPetsFriend
                                                           - Mare ~ Quill Award Nominee
                                                           - HuntersMoon
                                                           - Andy~20th HP Anniversary
                                                           - "NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon
                                                           - "Christmas Tree Farm Raffle
                                                           - Warped Sanity
                                                           - "Chinese New Year Celebration- CLOSED!
                                                           - "Merit Badge Raffle
                                                           - "Blogging Circle of Friends
                                                           - "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise
                                                           - "Love Shouldn't Hurt
                                                           - Lyn

Thanks to all!

Judging: If you would like to help judge the Quills, please fill out this form: "The Quills Judging Form and take this quiz: "Quills Awards Judge Quiz

Other ways to help:

-If you have suggestions for improving the Quills, please email Andrew with your idea. Many of our best improvements have come from your suggestions!

-If you are interested in hosting the 2016 or future Quill Awards ceremonies, or in presenting or sponsoring one of the awards, please e-mail me.

-If you are interested in helping out in another capacity (i.e., editing nominee lists, managing groups, organizing things, etc.), please email me directly! Smile

Disclaimer: The Quill Awards do not claim and have never claimed to be the sole arbiter of quality work and service on WDC. The Quills are merely a substantial effort at recognizing and celebrating individual and community work on WDC throughout the year. It is a collection of extraordinary people and works, but not necessarily the only collection.
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