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On Hiatus until April, 2015
Welcome to the . . .

How This Works

Once a month, we will post a prompt. There will be one prompt for both genres. Use the prompt to write either an erotic story OR a horror story. ~A.J. Lyle~ , Missy ~ Back To Basics , or pinkbarbie will review and judge all entries.

If you're feeling really brave, use both genres! As long as the No-no lists are adhered to, we're happy! Also, anyone entering a horrotica piece will automatically get reviews from both of us. (And might even qualify for an extra prize!)

Depending on how many submissions we have in each category, we will award a first prize for both genres. If we have less than three entries per genre, only one winner will be chosen. In the event that we have more than 3 entries in each category, we will award first place in each genre. In the event there are 5 or more entries in each genre, we will also award second place. Honorable Mentions are handed out at judges discretion.

The Catch

In order to enter the contest, you must review one item in the genre you are writing in and post it along with the link to your entry! Your review must be dated within the submission period of the month you are entering.

The Rules

*BurstB* Items must be linked in your post using {b-item:#######} format. If you add your item number where the # signs are, it will show up the item like this:

Two Sides to Every Story  (18+)
On Hiatus until April, 2015
#1933849 by ~A.J. Lyle~

*BurstG* One review must be posted along with your entry in {review:######} format. Remember, if you're writing Erotica, I want to see an Erotica review. If you're writing Horror, I want to see a Horror review. If you're writing Horrotica, you can choose to review either one.

*BurstB* Items can be rated anything up to XGC

*BurstG* Use the 'Subject' line in the post to let us know if it's a Horror entry, Erotica entry, or Horrotica entry, and include the round that you're entering.

*BurstB* Entries must be at least 1,000 words and cannot be more than 8,000 words.

*BurstG* New or old items accepted as long as the item hasn't been awarded in another contest.


If there are three or less total entries, we will choose a winner from between all three entries, regardless of which genre you chose. If there are 3 or more entries per genre, we will award a first place prize for each genre. If there are 5 or more entries in each genre, we will award the following:

First Place ~ Erotica MB or Horror MB

Second Place ~ 5,000 GPs

Honorable Mention ~ 1,000 GPs

First Place for Horrotica ~ Erotica MB or Horror MB and 5, 000 GPs!!

If a time comes when we get some donations, the prizes will increase accordingly. If you'd like to make a donation, please send it to "Two Sides to Every Story Bank (item #1933920)

Thank you to Octobersun and Christine for their very generous donations! *Bigsmile* We have changed the prizes for Round 2 to include an additional 5,000 GPs for the winner, and 1,000 GPs for any honorable mentions! AND we will also be crediting the review you complete for your entry! *Shock*

Other Generous Donations

Devil's Delight-Cherry *Heart* Thank you so much! *Delight*
Max Griffin *Heart* You're awesome! *Bigsmile*
"Invalid Item
J. L. Henry 3 years ON WDC! *Heart* You rock! *Delight*
Christine *Thumbsup*

No-no's For Erotic Submissions

NO scat
NO rape or non-consensual acts
NO bestiality
NO incest
NO individuals below the age of 18 participating in sexual acts

I am, however, very open-minded when it comes to erotica. Please feel free to play around with pairings. I enjoy straight vanilla, gay, lesbian, transgender, threesomes, moresomes, BDSM, D/s scenarios, anal penetration, and so on. Challenge yourself and have fun!

No-no's for Horror Entries

NO Excessive or overly descriptive use of blood and gore

I love all horror, so let your imaginations soar. Scare me with spooks, hatchet wielding killers, monsters, mentally deranged, etc. Get the picture? Well, what are you waiting for? Scare me.

*Star* The Prompt *Star*

Round 25


New word limit: 8,000 words

Deadline: January 12, 2015 at 11:59:59 p.m.

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