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A month-long challenge designed to help you plan a novel prior to writing it.
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Oct 8, 2009 at 9:34pm
7th and 8th Days Done
by A Non-Existent User
I have two antagonists, well technically more than that but these are the two main ones.

Name: De’ Marco Vince Swealla (Formally known as Marcus)

Pronunciation: day Mar-ko Vin-s Swai-la

Age: 15

City or Area of Birth: Helena, Adonress

Sex: Male

Height: 72”

Weight: 188lbs

Hair: Caramel Hazel

Eyes: Hazel Cream

Clothes: Marcus wore a tan button up shirt concealed by a rich brown thin jacket and denim jeans.

Marriage Status: Single

Occupation: Second hand in Veras

Fighting Ability: Military, heck he trains the bad guys!

Magical Ability: Fire

Character Description: He wore glasses with no heavy frames with hazel cream eyes hidden behind. His mouth was larger and his lips were less full and matched closer to his peachy skin tone. His face was square-like and joined diagonally at his chin. Marcus wore a tan button up shirt concealed by a rich brown thin jacket and denim jeans.
Familial Relations
Father: Unknown
Living/Deceased: Unknown
Occupation of Father: Unknown

Mother: De’ Marie Victoria Swealla
Living/Deceased: Living
Occupation of Mother: Woman of Business

Sister(s): De’ Sami Kettle Swealla
Age(s): 10
Living/Deceased: Living
Marriage Status: Single

Brother(s): Jacobi Oma Swealla
Age(s): 13
Living/Deceased: Living
Marriage Status: Single

Relationships with Others
Current Lover/Spouse: None

Best Friend(s): De’ Michael Favad Angelo

Worst Enemy: Major Grimson (Head of the World Council)

Allies: His Master, Veril, and his comrades

Ability to Make New Friends: Not much as you can see in the book

Where Raised: Was raised till he was eight in Helena, Adonress with his mother and two siblings, until he graduated from education at an early age and journeyed to Urberan, the world capitol, where the World Council is stationed inside their huge city. From then on, he was raised under Major Grimson’s hand to do as he was told. Being rebellious, he ran away at age thirteen and joined the Veras, where he is now second in command.

Family Background: His mother had one relationship with a man that ended shortly after Sami’s birth. His mother never saw a reason to search for another man and has yet to do so. Marcus doesn’t remember his father and has never been reacquainted with his mother or younger siblings, nor could he care less. It is said that his father is dead, having been killed in cross fire in Pinewark, but that’s just the story.

Psych Profile
Greatest Joy: Military

Greatest Trauma: His family

Morals: “If it’s in my way, then it’s got to go.”

Ambitions: To see Major’s eyes glaze into the back of his head, or something equally gory.

Positive Personality Traits: Strong leader, will listen if valid

Negative Personality Traits: Jumps to conclusions, does not have a good hold on reality, fiery tongue

Mannerisms: Can be typically old English if bored enough

Fears, Anxieties: Assassins, Veril

Temperament: easily angered, easily loses hold on reality

How Character Displays Emotions: Scary straight forward, there’s nothing he’s able to hide.

Leader/Follower: Leader

Perception of Others: Depends on social status. If peasent-ish, he treats them lowly, if “equal” to him, he treats with respect.

Perception of Self: Addled, yet strong and fearless

Name: De’ Orald Veril Angelo

Pronunciation: Or-ald Ver-ill An-ge-low

Age: 10,010 years

City or Area of Birth: Eris, Pinewark

Sex: Male

Height: 95”

Weight: 299lbs

Hair: Bleach White

Eyes: Maroon Red

Clothes: Black armor with red/black cap and black boots

Marriage Status: Single….

Occupation: Rebel Leader of Veras

Fighting Ability: Very, very high

Magical Ability: Psychic, Fire, Strength, Speed, Dark

Character Description: Witch-like face (hooked nose and long, pointed face), long white hair, thick fangs,
well muscled, large of stature, sky blue skin.

Familial Relations
Father: De’ Merlo Orald Angelo
Living/Deceased: Deceased
Occupation of Father: Slave Owner

Living/Deceased: Deceased
Occupation of Mother: None

Other Family Occupations: None

Relationships with Others
Current Lover/Spouse: Eh… changes from time to time

Best Friend(s): Ha! None

Other Friends: I repeat; Ha! None

Past Love(s)/Spouse(s): Eh… what a past

Worst Enemy: The World Council (and if we wanna get real specific, Major)

Allies: All those under his rule.

Ability to Make New Friends: He’s too sour to make any friends

Other People of Note in Character's Life: Marcus, Michael, Roy, Vikki, Jayden, and Spencer

Reason Why They are Noteworthy: His best Veras

Where Raised: Eris was the capitol of Slave Trade back in the Dark Ages, it was natural for Veril’s father to be stationed there. After people began giving up on the idea of slaves for their labor and/or protection, the new established World Council ordered all proceeding slave transactions to be terminated or the penalty of death would be given.

Family Background: His father as a Slave Owner/Distributer. Since he was young during the Dark Ages, the concept of Slaves for protection and dirty work was strong. The Slave Market that was legal during the first fifty years of the Dark Ages became something of a Black Market after the idea was losing its edge. Veril lived a welcoming childhood until he was nine, when his parents were murdered for black deeds. You know it’s funny, Veril’s parents may have been technically evil, but they were awesome parents. Oh, and Veril wasn’t always so scary looking. He used to look human, with burnet hair, tanned skin, roundish face and brown eyes.

Psych Profile
Greatest Joy: The destruction of hope for others

Greatest Trauma: People finding out about the baby Cynthia conceived.

Morals: The only way to run any society successfully is with strict equality between races.

Ambitions: To destroy the World Council and all they stand for.
To become King of all of Ellie

Positive Personality Traits: Smart, Equal, open-eyed

Negative Personality Traits: Proud, easily angered, kills on impulse often

Mannerisms: Not much unless it affects his wanted outcome

Fears, Anxieties: Again, the conceived child and also the prophecy which tells of his dream’s demise

Temperament: easily angered

How Character Displays Emotions: straight forward, not good at hiding them

Leader/Follower: Leader

Perception of Others: hates traitors and lose who oppose him. People are to be under his rule

Perception of Self: Strong ruler, weak follower

Memories: Hardly any of his parents because all of his hatred blinded the happy memories he once had.

Dreams/Plans: To destroy the World Council and become the new ruler

How Character Handles Crisises: With properly thought of plans and coolly

Personality Type: Prideful

Most Meaningful Life Experience: Those he cannot remember

Attitude Toward Others: Depends on his mood. He can be nice if he wants to be

Feelings Toward Family: He suspects that they were the only ones he really loved

Feelings Towards Enemies: Would really be satisfied if they didn’t exist.
7th and 8th Days Done · 10-08-09 9:34pm
by A Non-Existent User

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