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Poetic forms from the East. New challenges twice a month.
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Jun 1, 2020 at 12:19am
Edited: June 1, 2020 at 12:52am
Round 72 June 1 thru June 14 from China - Jue Ju
by Tinker
the sounds of love words
form pleasure for the brain
write a Chinese Jue ju
to entice and seduce us

Jue Ju (curtailed or frustrated verse) is one of the oldest of the Chinese patterns and in the 3rd century AD the Jue Ju was very popular. It often carried "suggestively erotic themes". It does not tell a story but attempts to create a mood.

The basic rhythmic unit of Chinese poem is the single character (zi), which is pronounced as one syllable. In English the word represented by the character might be more than one syllable. Originally the Jue Ju was composed in 5 character lines. By the Tang era, 8th century it had evolved to a 7 character pattern and became fundamental to Chinese poetry.

The elements of Jue Ju are:

         1. lines of 5 to 7 characters or words. (Chinese characters are a single syllable but can represent a word in English which has more than one syllable. Chinese forms count characters, when written in English we should count words) (lines should be same length)
         2. composed in 4 lines. A poem in 4 lines
         3. often erotic. Create a mood but please keep it 18+
         4. compared to Western poetry could be considered terse and compressed.
秋月 (程颢)

Autumn Moon by Cheng Hao translated by Xiao-zhen aka worm, Nov 6,2009

Over green hills a limpid brook flows
Sky mirrored in the water of autumn hue
Away from the distant earthly world
Maple leaves and velvet clouds leisurely float
"The Autumn Moon, a seven-character-'cutshorts' (jue ju), was composed by an ancient Chinese poet Chen Hao (1032--1085), a philosopher of Northern Song Dynasty. No line of the poem touches the autumn moon, but it shines every line." ~~Xiao-zhen aka worm

pillow woman

Raven strands of silk tangle
and spread over her pillow.
With soft eyes, pleasure waits
white curves stretch upon futon.
                    ~ Judi Van Gorder
Round 72 June 1 thru June 14 from China - Jue Ju · 06-01-20 12:19am
by Tinker

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