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A monthly contest that focuses on Genre writing. CLOSED for the Summer.
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*Flower3* Welcome to "Show Off Your Best at the Sandbox." *Flower3*

HOST NOTES: It is with a heavy heart that I've made the decision to close the contest during the Summer of 2013. I hope to open up the contest again in SEP/OCT 2013. Real life recently has just interfered with my ability to judge in a timely manner. Hopefully in September, the demands on my time will have lessened and I can open the contest again. Thanks so much to everyone for their patience.

This is a monthly contest that focuses on Genre Writing. Show off your best writing and win Merit Badges or Awardicons.

*Flower3* *Flower3* THE RULES *Flower3* *Flower3*

#1 - Every month there will be a new Genre prompt.


#2 - Entries are to have a 4,000 word count, no more. Stories over the word limit will be disqualified. Word Count MUST be listed in the entry - points will be deducted from the judging if not.

*Note1* This is strictly for SHORT stories. Novel entries, scripts/plays, and poems will not be allowed.

#3 - Stories CANNOT have an awardicon.

#4 - The contest runs from 13 MAR - 30 APR closing at midnight on the 30th WDC time. No later stories will be accepted. Sorry. Winners will be posted on or before 10 MAY 2013 unless the forum host announces a modification in the posting block below.

#5 - I will allow for ONE edit during the open period of the contest.

#6 - Only ONE entry per author.

#7 - If there are not 5 entries in a month for the prompts, the contest will be extended one extra month. If there are still not five entries, then the entrants will be listed and they will spilt 10K GP's.

You can send your donations to me or the Group Gift Point Fund:
 SOYB Contest Prize Fund  (E)
GP bank for "Show Off Your Best" contest.
#1094615 by StephBee Salutes 2 Service
SOYB #1094615

Anyone donating over 25,000 GP's will be given a merit badge for "Spring" for Round 61.

Any questions or comments, just post in the forum and I'll reply back to you there.

*Flower3* Forum Host Notes: I'm looking to see your best effort, your best stories here. Proof read and edit for copy editing. Space between paragraphs here on WDC. Show off!


1st place wins a 10K or 25K Awardicon or higher, based on the judging. (there is a possibility of winning a 50K Awardicon if the story is excellent.)

2nd place wins a merit badge or 10K Awardicon based on the judging for that genre.

3rd place wins a Merit Badge or 10K Awardicon based on the judging.

Honorable Mentions win 5K GP's.

All winners will be listed for that round here in the forum.

Forum host reserves the right to increase awards as appropriate.
Forum host reserves the right to modify the award prizes if there are less than 5 entires for a round.

*Flower2* *Flower2* JUDGES *Flower2* *Flower2*

StephBee Salutes 2 Service

Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈


Honorary Judges:


 Judging Guidelines for SOYB Contest  (E)
A guide for judging the "Show Off Your Best at the Sandbox" contest.
#1123108 by StephBee Salutes 2 Service

*Gift2* *Gift2* *Gift2* *Gift2* *Gift2* *Gift2* *Gift2* *Gift2*


1st Place (25K Awardicon)
 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1930649 by Not Available.

2nd Place (10K Awardicon)
 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1924223 by Not Available.

3rd Place MB given for "FANTASY"
 How I Learned To Fly  (13+)
Is there anything we would not do to see ourselves on the cover of a magazine?
#1898945 by Josh T. Alto

Honorable Mention, 5K GP's:
Untitled/unfinished  (E)
A child's three wishes will make you stop and wonder.
#1855176 by writerpenman

Honorable Mention, 5K GP's:
 The Wash  (13+)
I am the Night Terror, the Whispering Prince, the Shadowdancer.
#1785975 by C. T. Hill

*Exclaim* If you are interested in judging or even judging one round, drop me a line and let me know.

*Flower2* *Flower2* DONATIONS for Round 60 *Flower2* *Flower2*

*Gift1* *Gift1* *Gift1* *Gift1* *Gift1* *Gift1* *Gift1* *Gift1*

** Author's note: I just want to thank these generous donors for donating to the contest. You all rock! If you desire to donate to round 61, let me know and you'll be listed as for that round as well. Every round offers an chance to earn a merit badge.**

*Note1* Interested in viewing previous winners? Here's a link:
 SOYB Contest Winners  (E)
Previous genre winners.
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