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Competing for publication!

December Title: "White Chapel"
December Theme: Jack the Ripper
December Highlight: Jason Beam, Horror Artist


I have been a member of writing.com for two years, and my subscription has heralded the beginning of my writing career. In that time, I have published some fifteen short stories, a poem, and have just signed my first publishing contract for a full-length horror novel (Black Water, 2007). I do not believe this is because I am a good author, but because I have submitted my work, a task I hope to inspire other, more timid authors to undertake.

To this end, and considering my new responsibilities as an acquisitions editor for Dystopia Magazine, I have decided to run this contest in the hopes of attracting other writers to submit their work, and realize their first or continued publishing credits.

The Contest:

Dystopia Magazine is a horror genre periodical that highlight horror as an art form in all media it may appear. From movies and video games, photography and art, to poems and fiction, Dystopia Magazine is not a literary rag, but an industry magazine. In their pursuit of this enormous monthly goal, they are always looking for reviews and fiction, poetry and journalistic articles.

As for the contest, I will be accepting entries for all aspects of the magazine, and forwarding the top three in each category to the editor of Dystopia for selection and possible inclusion in the magazine. The categories are as follows:

         *Bullet* Short Stories – 2,500 to 12,500 words
         *Bullet* Poetry – No length restrictions
         *Bullet* Reviews – 500 words or more
         *Bullet* Articles – Opinion style pieces of 500 or more words concerning the horror industry
         *Bullet* Photography – Horror specific images
         *Bullet* Art – Horror specific images

Each month, I will attempt to give the topic of the following month’s magazine so that entries can be tailored towards that edition. This is not a specific restriction as some short stories may be selected for future editions, and reviews, articles, photography, and artwork do not necessarily need to be themed to the specific edition for consideration.

Restrictions: a spiteful and sometimes dangerous word...

We do not want to place restrictions on the contest or the art (written or graphical) that you might wish to submit, so I will not place many as such. However, entrants must keep in mind that this is a horror specific magazine, and content that does not fall within this genre has little chance of selection.

         *Bullet* There is the word count restriction mentioned above.
         *Bullet* Dystopia is for adults, so we will not place rating restrictions on the work submitted here. Please be sure that you rate your own work appropriately.
         *Bullet* I as well do not want to restrict the number of entries, however, please remember that I intend to run this contest on a monthly basis, so do not vomit your horror specific portfolio with the hopes one of your pieces will be selected.
         *Bullet* Each post is to be a single entry. Please do not do many pieces in one posting.
         *Bullet* Please, include in the title of your post the category you are entering: fiction, poetry, review, article, photography, or artwork. Example: Fiction: (title), Poetry: (title)…
         *Bullet* Entries must be unpublished at the time of the entry. If, during the contest you happen to publish your entry with another magazine, Congratulations! However, please let us know.
         *Bullet* No fan fiction please.

That should just about cover it. For entries not selected for forwarding to the executive editor, I will not be able to explain why in all cases. I will attempt to explain if you ask, but I promise nothing. Some points to consider, or better, reasons I might not select a written work are:

         *Check2* Passive Voice
         *Check2* Contraction use in narrative (this is fine within dialog).
         *Check2* Grammar
         *Check2* Spelling
         *Check2* Lack of visualization
         *Check2* Lack of character development
         *Check2* Technical issues within the plot (know what you are writing about).
         *Check2* Repetitive word use or excessive sentence structure.
         *Check2* On the other hand, fragments.
         *Check2* Change of perspective narrative without break point.

These are common reasons other editors would not select a work for inclusion, and not extraordinary for this contest. I advise you check your own work before submitting.

Dystopia Magazine has only two restrictions:

         *Bullet* As mentioned before, the work must be unpublished.

Further information concerning Dystopia Magazine can be found here:


It is also important to note that Dystopia publishes for By-Line only, and each accepted piece will include a brief write-up on the author with a short bio, written by the internal writing staff with the assistance of the author. Additionally, those published will have the option of recieving a free 1 year subscription of the E-Edition of Dystopia Magazine.

Note: Winning this contest does not guarantee publishing nor does it require you to accept publication.

All those who become published through this contest will be listed here.

Good Luck!
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