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Thanks to the wonderful Ⱳƹ₿~ŴitcӉ for the awardicon gracing the forum!

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*Tiedye1* Forum can now be used to plug new items or even old ones. Everything from stories to articles and essays can be submitted for members of the site to read and leave their opinions on it. Dialogue and interaction is very much encouraged with this new format. Remember to keep your story within the forum rating. Stories over 18+ will not accepted here.

*Tiedye2* Would you like to have a mentor or would you be willing to become a mentor to others. For those seeking mentors, please go here: "The Angel Outreach Program [13+]

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*Tiedye4* Ask questions regarding the group and what it's all about. However, be sure to check out "The Angel Guide/F.A.Q for any extra questions you're not sure of.

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The Angel Army  (ASR)
Our mission? To welcome and promote a positive community within WDC. Join us today!
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The WDC Angel Army  (ASR)
Dedicated to promoting positivity, encouragement, and support to the WDC community.
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THANK YOU! The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress for your support! *Bigsmile* Thanks to them, you can now find our group in the Angels Resource page!!

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"WDC Army Angel Hall of Fame [E]
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Angel Members' Activities!*Bigsmile*

Anniversary Reviews  (E)
Celebrate Writing.Com member account anniversaries with reviews. Earn GPs and MBs.
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What if...?   (13+)
The contest that asks the big question - what if...? Closed for NaNo
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