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Read, Review, Rate and Record all items read by the Army Angels.

A sincere thanks to ~WhoMe???~ for the wonderful trophy! *Cool*

Welcome to "The WDC Angel Army review forum! This is where you will post your reviews that have been done and are affiliated with the group.

*Starr* *Staro* *Star* Angel Review Guidelines *Starg* *Starb* *Starv*

*Bullet* All reviews must be affiliated with "The WDC Angel Army
*Bullet* Reviews must have an Angel Army signature (either an image from "Signatures For Grabs or line stating you're reviewing for the group)
*Bullet* Reviews should be encouraging, helpful and at least 750 characters w/o ML, or "fillers"
*Bullet* Reviews should be posted in this forum at least once every 2 weeks so you can receive review credits
*Bullet* Reviews should be posted using the {review:} tag

*Starr* *Staro* *Star* Angel Review Rewards *Starg* *Starb* *Starv*

*Bullet* All reviews posted will receive review credits (better reviews will receive more GPs)

*Bullet* The top 3 reviewers each month will receive a merit badge, an honorary plaque, and be placed in "WDC Army Angel Hall of Fame

*Note* If you have questions or need help with any of this, please contact Ŵeb☆Ŵiɫch

*Starr* *Staro* *Star* Angel Army Resources *Starg* *Starb* *Starv*

"The Angel Lounge

"WDC Army Angel Hall of Fame

"Angel Product Reviews

"The Angel Outreach Program

*Starr* *Staro* *Star* Angel Army Affiliates *Starg* *Starb* *Starv*


"a very Wodehouse challenge

*Starr* *Staro* *Star* Finding New Authors to Read *Starg* *Starb* *Starv*

"Writing.Com General Discussion

"Noticing Newbies

"Please Review

"The Shameless "Plug" Page

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. It is wholesome and bracing for the mind to have its faculties kept on the stretch. ~Augustus Hare

*Star* Announcement: Mastiff is the Special Angel Reviewer of the month of March. This was based on his additional reviews above and beyond the required, plus his many in-depth reviews that were several thousand characters long. Plus the fact that he worked super hard and is still a Newbie himself! Way to jump right in and put your best foot forward, Kevin! Please keep on doing what you're doing. YOU have been noticed! I've sent an awardicon to one of his folders, courtesy of "The Witch's House *WitchHat* (I'm not a Witch-Angel for nothing. *Laugh* But wait ... there's more!

(see below) *Down*

Angels Soaring into Spring Challenge:

*Angelic* Challenges for the month of April 2018

Part 1:
A. Please do 3 reviews for our Special Angel Reviewer from March, Mastiff
B. Choose your favorite of the three items you review, must be a story or poetry, no image reviews will count for this challenge *Smirk* Post your favorite when you post your April Challenges. At the end of the month, the item with the most "votes" will receive an awardicon. Bigsmile

*Tack* Mastiff , for this part of the challenge you may choose 3 extra Newbies to review.

Part 2:
Please do 7 Reviews from *Down*
Read A Newbie  

Part 3:
Please do 1 review for each of these Angels celebrating a birthday this month:
1. Humming Bird-INSOMNIA! :( :(
2. Henny Penny
3. Moody Blue: Needs an Upgrade
4. very thankful
5. Gypsy Ann ~ NaPoWriMo
(Be sure to say the review is in celebration of their birthday month.)
If you are one of the birthday Angels, you may substitute another Newbie in your place.

Part 4:

Since April is the month to bring attention to nature and our environment and may affect life in a particular region ... Please do a total of 5 reviews under any one or a combo of items from these three Genres: Environment/Nature/Regional

You can find these genres on the left side menu under "Browse by Genre" then scroll to the one that matches any of the above.

*Right*This adds up to 20 Reviews.

*StarfishR* Be sure to place all Challenge Activities in 1 post. In the subject line write: "April Challenge."

April Bonus includes:

*BoxCheckB* An MB, for all those who complete the 20, plus the usual affiliation credits.

*ExclaimR* Plus ... 20,000 GPs. *Stop* However, Starting in April, in order to receive the bonus 20,000 GPs, All Reviews Must be at least 750 characters without ML, without fluff, or fillers, which are lines copy-pasted from the item, and without disclaimers, or additional verbiage that appear "canned."

*Angel* We want the community to know that we Angels are sincere reviewers, are helpful, but also, we try to give an honest opinion of their item without adding unnecessary fillers, at least for the bulk of the review. Please understand that not everyone deserves a 5 or 4.5 rating. If it grabs a 4.0 or lower, there should be a particular reason why, and how they could improve .

Any questions about this part, just ask me and I'll help in any way I can. Smile

Who will be April's Special Angel Reviewer? Rewards for each month are subject to change ... so you never know what the prize will be for your extra efforts! Bigsmile

*Angelic* I will choose a Special Angel Reviewer Reward at the end of the month, to the one reviewer who has gone above and beyond just doing the current month's Challenges.

*Web3* I will base this on the reviews themselves -- such as ones that are in depth and helpful, And/Or, taking into consideration any extra reviews done beyond the 20 in the Challenge.

Let's make this an Awesome Month of Angel Wings over WDC .

*Whistle* The Bonus for Special Reviewer is ... To be announced at the end of the month. *Smirk*

All reviews must be Affiliated with "The WDC Angel Army to qualify. *CheckG*

If you do not want to participate in the above challenge, just do any reviews you want to and be sure to affiliate them to the "The WDC Angel Army." You still will receive regular Angel Army's GP Review credits. Smile

Any questions about the April Bonus Incentives, please contact Ŵeb☆Ŵiɫch

Thank you, Angels! *Heart*

*Starr* Please do not post review requests here! Thank You! *Starr*

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