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Read, Review, Rate and Record all items read by the Army Angels.
Banner for the Angel Review Forum
A sincere thanks to ~WhoMe???~ for the wonderful trophy! *Cool*

Welcome to "The WDC Angel Army review forum! This is where you will post your reviews that have been done and are affiliated with the group.

Review Divider

*Starr* *Staro* *Star* Angel Review Guidelines *Starg* *Starb* *Starv*

*Bullet* All reviews must be affiliated with "The WDC Angel Army
*Bullet* Reviews must have an Angel Army signature (either an image from "Signatures For Grabs or line stating you're reviewing for the group)
*Bullet* Reviews should be encouraging, helpful and at least 750 characters w/o ML, or "fillers"
*Bullet* Reviews should be posted in this forum at least once every 2 weeks so you can receive review credits
*Bullet* Reviews should be posted using the {review:} tag

*Starr* *Staro* *Star* Angel Review Rewards *Starg* *Starb* *Starv*

*Bullet* All reviews posted will receive review credits (better reviews will receive more GPs)

*Note* If you have questions or need help with any of this, please contact WebbingThroughThe Snow-Witch

*Starr* *Staro* *Star* Angel Army Resources *Starg* *Starb* *Starv*

"The Angel Lounge

"WDC Army Angel Hall of Fame

"Angel Product Reviews

"The Angel Outreach Program

*Starr* *Staro* *Star* Angel Army Affiliates *Starg* *Starb* *Starv*

"The Rising Stars Tour Bus

"a very Wodehouse challenge

*Starr* *Staro* *Star* Finding New Authors to Read *Starg* *Starb* *Starv*

"Writing.Com General Discussion

"Noticing Newbies

"Please Review

"The Shameless "Plug" Page

Review Divider

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. It is wholesome and bracing for the mind to have its faculties kept on the stretch. ~Augustus Hare

*Angel* We strongly encourage reviewing Newbies, so here's a quick link if you'd like to review our Newbies :
Read A Newbie  


*Snow1* All reviews must be Affiliated with "The WDC Angel Army to qualify. *CheckV*


'Tis the season of giving, so let's go forth and do some bountiful reviews around the community. *Angel*

For December:

Open Reviewing -- YOU choose.
Spread the joy around, meaning don't just do multiple reviews of one or two members. *GiftV*

That means:

Do at least 15 reviews in December, 750 characters at least without ML of different members.
You get an MB. *Bigsmile*

Go above and beyond the 15 reviews by doing more of them--20 or more reviews will get added GPs along with the MB.

*Star*Giving very helpful reviews that encourage yet point out spots that could use a bit of a tune-up, may get you both. I tend to award more to those who give more in-depth reviews. *Angelic*

Any questions? You know where to find me. *Wind**Witch*

*NoteY* Make your reviews helpful and positive. You should point out what you enjoyed and also any flaws you may have found. Most writers appreciate that you pointed something out to them. I know a fresh pair of eyes can catch things authors often miss after reading over their work.

*NoteP* You can improve your reviewing skills by asking yourself, would this review help me better my poem or stories?Those better reviews tend to get more GPs and bonuses than the quick, almost copy-paste type reviews that only say all looks great and giving 5 stars or give 4 stars with no place mentioned that needs improvement.

Now, go spread those colorful Angel Wings all over WDC. And, thank you for affiliating your reviews with "The WDC Angel Army *Angel*


Extra Incentive Bonuses will given to those who go above and beyond with their number of reviews or with their very in-depth and helpful reviews. The more you review beyond the 15 required, the better chances on incentive bonuses. *Bigsmile*

Incentive bonuses may include an extra Merit Badge, extra GPs above the 5,000 and whatever tickles my gifting fancy at the time. *Wink* That could be tickets, sig shop credits etc. You just never know what surprises are hidden within the webbings of my witchy brain. *Rolleyes*

As always, better reviews receive higher GPs when crediting takes place. (Not every writer deserves a 5.0 rating. The more helpful the review -- the better for both you. Good writing and reviewing is a learning experience. It’s a win-win for both the reviewer and the reviewee! Yes, it’s true! I wouldn’t lie to you. *Angelic*


*Dollar* You still receive Review Credits for each review you affiliate with our group even if not participating in the Challenge. The more helpful the reviews,the higher the GP awards when I do crediting of your "The WDC Angel Army Affiliated Public Reviews.

*QUESTIONv* Any questions about the Monthly Challenge Bonus Incentives, please contact WebbingThroughThe Snow-Witch

Thank you, Angels! *Heart*

*Starr* Please do not post review requests here! Thank You! *Starr*

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