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Round 12 open for sign-ups!
Here's the green room:

 Follow the Leader: Green Room   (13+)
Come in and lounge, or chat about the contest.
#1421371 by mood indigo



1. To provide motivation and inspiration for those who want to journal more regularly, but can't quite get started.

2. To promote interaction and mutual support among Writing.com journalers, who are, after all, a diverse and interesting group of people.



1. Sign up by posting a link to your journal during the designated sign-up period. In my initial post, I will specify the length of the coming round (and how many people can therefore sign up).

2. Check the forum regularly--I will post a calendar listing the participants for the round, and which participant will lead on each day.

3. Each night, I will post a reminder indicating the following day's Leader. When you're the Leader, you are responsible for writing a journal entry for all other participants to read. Before midnight of your Leading day, reply to my reminder, in the forum, with a link to your entry. Note: if you fail to produce a Leading entry on your assigned day, you will not be eligible to win the round. However, you will still be encouraged to participate, in order to maintain the challenge for other players.

3b. All completed Leading entries will count toward every player's point total. If I post a link to the forum, you are responsible for reading and responding to it. If you need further clarification on that, please, please, please ask.

4. On each day of the round besides your Leading day, you are a Follower. On Following days, be sure to read the day's Leading entry, and respond in your own journal with an entry of your own. Give your Following entry the same title as the Leading enry for the day. You do NOT need to post links to your Following entries in the forum.

5. You will have THREE days from the date of the final Leading entry to catch up on any missed Following entries. Any entries written after midnight of that date will not be counted.

6. Blogs and journals of all types, all ratings and all creeds are welcome. as such, there may be raunchy entries, gritty entries, and other entries generally not suitable for the faint of heart. If you take issue with the sort of subject matter that warrants an 18+ rating, this might not be the contest for you.



1. You will be granted a maximum of 20 points for your Leading entry.

2. You will be granted a maximum of 5 points per Following entry.

3. I will not post scores publicly, but if you want to discuss them with me privately, just drop me an email.



1. In short, be nice. *Smile*

2. There is no formula for writing Leading entries. However, please remember that I'm human; I like to be challenged and entertained, and I like to see players really interacting with each other.

2a. That doesn't mean you should design your entry as a prompt, per se (though if you want to include a specific prompt, that's fine). Just remember that whatever your chosen subject matter, your goal is to inspire the other players.

2b. when you're a Follower, your entries can mirror Leading entries to whatever extent you want. You don't have to write about the same topic, but I should see some evidence that you read the Leading entry, and allowed yourself to be somehow inspired by ANY part of it.

3. The only posts that should appear in this forum are my reminder posts, any extraneous upates, and links to Leading posts. I will delete all other posts, as they tend to really confuse people. If you have a question or an issue, please write me directly, or go to the "Follow the Leader: Green Room , and I'll post an announcement if I need to.



First place: 15K GPs
Second place: 10K GPs
Third place: 5K GPs



Monday, December 3rd: "The Kitchen"   by Jenn --"Found
Tuesday, December 4th: "Under the Table"   by Mighty --"always seems sublime
Wednesday, December 5th: "sky my husband"   by Cappucine --"Literacy Duck
Thursday, December 6th: "The Sedentary Empress Stirs the Hive"   by katwoman45 --"Global Humanist Manifesto
Friday, December 7th: "Clean Cup, Move Down"   by Chewie Kittie --"The Dark Time

Monday, December 10th: "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor --"Invalid Entry
Tuesday, December 11th: "I Am a Woman Now, and Very Matoor "   by mood indigo --"sex, religion, politics
Wednesday, December 12th: "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor --"Invalid Entry
Thursday, December 13th: "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor --"Invalid Entry
Friday, December 14th: "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor --"Invalid Entry

Monday, December 17th: "Fragments of Being 2"   by ElaineElaine --"Future Shock
Tuesday, December 18th: "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
Wednesday, December 19th: "[mayonnaise.]"   by Jay -- Thank you, ANON! --"a visit from the Krampus
Thursday, December 20th: "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor --"Invalid Entry
Friday, December 21st: "The Uprising"   by spidey --"...and I feel fine.



Round 1: MaryLou
Round 2: Deelyte- Chillin'
Round 3: objurgate
Round 4: Emy Sparkle
Round 5: Cappucine
Round 6: katwoman45
Round 7: mood indigo
Round 8: katwoman45
Round 9: Satuawany
Round 10: katwoman45 and Cappucine

[Ridiculously Long Hiatus]

Round 11: katwoman45 and Mighty
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