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We wish you a Happy WDC Birthday, April 16! Thanks for everything!
Anniversary balloons


*Flower1* *Flower2* *Flower3* *Flower4* *Flower5* *Flower6* *Flower5* *Flower4* *Flower3* *Flower2* *Flower1*


Hi There, Maryann

Happy *Gift1* WDC *Gift2* Birthday!

From - Your Friends on WDC, with l*Heart*ve!


*Cool* *Delight* *Smile* *Laugh* *Bigsmile* *Wink* *Bigsmile* *Laugh* *Smile* *Delight* *Cool*



Wow! This really is a terrific surprise. You all made me so happy. Thanks to all of you who posted so far. I'm enjoying all of them a lot. *Smile*

Thanks for the stories, too!
As well as all of the other fun goodies! *Heart*:

..And more:
"Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
"Dear Maryann"   by Same Ol' Sum1
"Dearest Maryann"   by The Lone One

Also, thanks to Thankful Sonali HAPPY 21 WDC! for putting this together. *Heart**Bigsmile*

Thank you, Lornda , for adding a beautiful awardicon to this forum. *Heart**Bigsmile*

Thanks also to all of you who have given me merit badges.
Here are some of them ~~Maryann*Heart**Bigsmile*

Merit Badge in I Love WdC
[Click For More Info]

  *^*Balloonv*^* Happy Happy Wishes in honour of your 14th year at WDC! *^*Wand*^* For all you Be and contribute you are a *^*Star*^*! Thanks for all your vibrant positive energy that makes WDC shine brighter every year!*^*Heart*^* I see you did NOT have this Badge and it is so fitting. LOL You wouldn't have been here this long if you did not love it!!*^*Wink*^* Enjoy many more fun filled writing and playful years at the Com! *^*Hug*^* Mona Merit Badge in Love to Read
[Click For More Info]

Happy 14th Anniversary Week!  Wishing you many more powerful years of writing, reading and reviewing!  Thank you for all that you do!  *^*Heart*^**^*Teddy*^**^*Cake*^**^*Balloonv*^**^*Balloony*^**^*Balloong*^**^*Heart*^**^*Teddy*^**^*Cake2*^**^*Ball*^**^*Balloonr*^**^*Type*^**^*Balloony*^**^*Heart*^* Merit Badge in Multicultural
[Click For More Info]

  *^*Stary*^* Happy 14th WdC Anniversary! *^*Stary*^* ~Lornda *^*Suitheart*^*
Merit Badge in Happy Anniversary
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations, Maryann and Best wishes to you on your 14th anniversary with WDC. Hope there will be many more. Merit Badge in Happy Anniversary
[Click For More Info]

*^*Balloongo*^*A very happy 14th WDC Anniversary!*^*Balloongo*^* Merit Badge in Home Garden
[Click For More Info]

 For your 14th Account Anniversary celebration, I'd like to say thanks for being part of making WdC my home. Your 'garden' of friends is a testimony to your awesomeness. *^*Bigsmile*^*

 [Image #2077903]
Merit Badge in Paying It Forward
[Click For More Info]

Thank you for 14 wonderful years of paying it forward!  *^*Heart*^**^*Teddy*^**^*Heart*^* Merit Badge in Happy Anniversary
[Click For More Info]

Happy anniversary, Maryann!  *^*Delight*^* Merit Badge in Newbie Help and Support
[Click For More Info]

*^*Balloong*^* Happy 14th WdC anniversary!  Here's a special badge to celebrate the occasion.  *^*Confettig*^*
Merit Badge in Determination
[Click For More Info]

Happy Anniversary Maryann.. πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆβœ¨
For all your devocation and dedications to the WDC..!
Thank you and your family for all your time here. πŸ€—πŸ€“πŸ˜ƒ Merit Badge in Science Fiction
[Click For More Info]

Happy 14th WdC birthday, Maryann!
I hope you've had a wonderful celebration today and been thoroughly spoiled!
Much love,
Sally Merit Badge in Star Trekking
[Click For More Info]

*^*Cake3*^* *^*Confettip*^**^*Confettir*^* *^*Balloonb*^**^*Balloonp*^*    Wishing you a very happy 14th WDC anniversary and for taking Power where no reviewing group has gone before.    *^*Balloong*^**^*Balloonr*^* *^*Confettigr*^**^*Confettib*^* *^*Cake*^*
Merit Badge in Novels
[Click For More Info]

On the occasion of your fourteenth WDC Anniversary.  A couple of days late, but sometimes life gets in the way, and I can't do what I want to do on time.  Happy Anniversary!

Jim Merit Badge in Spiritual
[Click For More Info]

Happy Account Birthday, Maryann! 
I saw what you wrote for your deceased dog, and I think it qualifies for a spiritual badge, which I didn't see among your badges. *^*Smile*^* Merit Badge in Word Searches
[Click For More Info]

  I'm searching for the right words ... 
 *^*Balloongo*^* Happy 16th WdC Anniversary! *^*Balloongo*^* ~ *^*Suitheart*^* Lornda  Merit Badge in Zodiac Gemini
[Click For More Info]

*^*Balloonp*^**^*Star*^*  Happy Happy 16th anniversary my friend! I see you do not have this badge and like Libra, Gemini are people people. For all of your many group contributions and flying around spreading good news like a butterfly it really fits your genius! *^*Starstruck*^* For all you be and do to make this WDC shine, thank you!  With *^*Heart*^* and *^*Hug*^*!  16 years is a WOW milestone. *^*Salute*^* Mona Merit Badge in Zodiac Cancer
[Click For More Info]

   *^*BalloonV*^**^*CakeP*^**^*ConfettiV*^* Happy 16th WDC Anniversary, Maryann! Hugs from Hannah & Gang~*^*HeartP*^*
Merit Badge in Legal
[Click For More Info]

It's officially legal! You're the most awesome person ever! *^*Bigsmile*^* Happy 16th Writing.com Anniversary, and here's to many more years ahead! *^*Heart*^* Merit Badge in Zodiac Taurus
[Click For More Info]

You've got all Zodiac's except this one. Taurus is my birth sign, so I thought I would give it to you. Happy 16th Anniversary, Maryann. May you have a wonderful and joyous day! *^*Heart*^* Merit Badge in Factual Friday
[Click For More Info]

 It's not Friday (I wish *^*Laugh*^*) but there is no Monday badge  *^*Pthb*^*  Happy 16th WdC anniversary!  I hope you have a fabulous day  *^*Smile*^* Merit Badge in Newbies+ Open Poetry
[Click For More Info]

*^*Balloons*^* Congratulations on your 16th WDC anniversary, Maryann! *^*Balloons*^* That is some achievement! You are a lovely lady and a wonderful leader of  [Link To Item #power] . I hope you have a fab day and are thoroughly spoiled! *^*Heartp*^*
Merit Badge in Happy Anniversary
[Click For More Info]

HAPPY 17th ANNIVERSARY!!!  Wow!  You've really helped mold this place into what it is now.  Thank you!  *^*Heart*^* Merit Badge in Zodiac Aries
[Click For More Info]

Happy birthday, hun. I hope all your dreams come true and you have a great day. Merit Badge in aMAZing Jack
[Click For More Info]

Happy 17th Anniversary!  WOW!  This place was practically built around you!  lol  Thank you for all you've done to make WdC what it is today!  (The delay is due to making sure you get a CR.  *^*Wink*^* ) Merit Badge in Blogging
[Click For More Info]

*^*Wand*^*   Happy Happy Anniversary wishes my friend!  You have something to BLOG about! 17 years at WDC has bragging rights. *^*Laugh*^**^*Salute*^* Almost an adult! *^*Shock2*^* I am sure you rocked back then and you still Rock now,  shining all the brighter! *^*Star*^* Thanks for all of your contributions and love here at WDC. May you have many more fun and fulfilling years! *^*Hug*^*  Keep on....Blogging! *^*Laugh*^*
Merit Badge in Remembrance
[Click For More Info]

   What better way to celebrate your 17th WDC anniversary than with a Remembrance Merit Badge - one of the very few you don't already have? And it's in remembrance of the 17 wonderful years you have spent at WDC! You help to make WDC such a wonderful community, and I'm honored to call you my friend!*^*Hug*^**^*Heart*^*   Merit Badge in Worldbuilding
[Click For More Info]

In this world, i can't imagine a more appropriate badge for you ! What a wonderful, productive 17 years you've given to W.Com, dear *^*Star*^* Maryann !  Congratulations and all the best, Gab *^*Heart*^* Merit Badge in Space Junkies
[Click For More Info]

  Hope your 17th WDC Anniversary is "Outta this World" fun and that you get spoiled rotten, because you deserve it, Maryann. *^*Heart*^**^*BalloonB*^**^*ConfettiR*^* Hugs from the Adoria Crew on Mars! *^*Rocket*^* Merit Badge in Riveting
[Click For More Info]

   *^*Confettig*^* Happy 17th WdC Anniversary! *^*Confettig*^* ~Lornda *^*Suitheart*^*
Merit Badge in Worldbuilding
[Click For More Info]

   Dearest Maryann,
  Thank you for the world you build for reviewers, within WDC!  *^*Jamming*^*
  You are one of  the first friends I made here, and I'm so glad we met!  *^*Suitheart*^*
  Here's wishing you a very happy account anniversary, thanks for all you do around here! *^*Starstruck*^*  
Lots of love, Sonali   *^*Ha*^*  
Merit Badge in A Bouquet For You!
[Click For More Info]

This merit badge is a special gift from your friend,  [Link To User memories]  and comes with this message: "Here is a bouquet of flowers to celebrate you and our friendship over the years. Happy 17th WdC Anniversary to you!"
Merit Badge in Chronic Illness Awareness
[Click For More Info]

Happy 18th Anniversary!  How awesome!  I chose this MB because there are so many people on WdC dealing with so many chronic issues and you've been here so long, you've touched so many lives, and helped so many people.  Also, you didn't have this MB yet.  *^*Wink*^*  But thank you for everything you've done on here!  Without you, this would be a very different site, so thank you for what you've done to make WdC what it is today.  Merit Badge in The Happiness Port
[Click For More Info]

To a Very SPECIAL lady who turns WdC 18 today. Happy anniversary today Maryann. here's to many many more. Hugzzz and love *^*Hug*^* *^*Heart*^* *^*Hug*^* LegendaryMasK*^*Heart*^* Merit Badge in Special Appreciation
[Click For More Info]

 *^*Star*^*Recognizing you, dear Maryann, along with your Leadership, Integrity, Power Reviewers. Devoted Staff, and 18 years of Remarkable Achievements. Here's to many more wonderful years. All the best, Gabriella Merit Badge in Color My World
[Click For More Info]

   *^*Starp*^* *^*Confettip*^* Happy 18th WdC Anniversary! *^*Starp*^* *^*Confettip*^*

~Lornda *^*Suitheart*^*
Merit Badge in Give It 100
[Click For More Info]

*^*Balloonp*^**^*Starstruck*^*  Yahoo! Happy 18th Anniversary to you! *^*Cupcakev*^* Such a mythical event cannot go unsung! *^*Music2*^* Love, hugs, peace, joy and best of health for another fun filled year at WDC. *^*Heart*^* Merit Badge in Happy Anniversary
[Click For More Info]

Happy 18th WDC Anniversary! And may you have many more! *^*Smile*^* Merit Badge in Angel Friends Forever
[Click For More Info]

Happy 18th WDC Anniversary! *^*Bigsmile*^*
Here's to many more celebrations to come! *^*Heart*^* Merit Badge in Positivity
[Click For More Info]


I'm hoping this merit badge will spread a little love across this website. 

These are tough times right we are living in, but friends and communities like WDC make everything a little easier. 

I hope you are staying well and staying safe. 

Rachel *^*Heartv*^*
Merit Badge in Color My World
[Click For More Info]

A little of this and a little of that. You brighten my world. *^*Sun*^* And, today we celebrate your 18th anniversary! *^*Shock2*^* ~Nixie Merit Badge in I'm Just the Trombone Player
[Click For More Info]

Thank You All, for everything you do to make Writing.Com a great place to be!

Thank You for the help you have given me getting the "Newbie Contest Challenge" off the ground and running!

Thank You for the quick turn-around on these wonderful new Merit Badges!

Thank You for pushing me out into the Reviewing World!

Just Plain Thank You All!

Mike, (AKA: Brennus, Richard, the Greedy Leprechaun and The Drunken Bunny)
Merit Badge in Purrfect Love
[Click For More Info]

For being the perfect leader *^*Suitheart*^* of the perfect group  [Link To Item #power]  for 19 perfect years! *^*Bigsmile*^* 
  *^*Delight*^* Congratulations on your WdC Anniversary *^*Star*^* and thank you for everything you do here! *^*Inlove*^*      Merit Badge in You Can And You Will
[Click For More Info]

  Happy 19th WdC Anniversary! Have fun celebrating your day. *^*Heartv*^* ~Lornda  Merit Badge in Supportive
[Click For More Info]

Happy 19 WDC birthday Maryann Merit Badge in Happy Anniversary
[Click For More Info]

Happy 19th Anniversary!  WOOHOO!!!  What an awesome thing!  *^*Heart*^* Merit Badge in Men's
[Click For More Info]

Happy Anniversary to the leader of the Super Power Reviewers Group!  This was the first badge I came across in the badge checklist that you didn't have, so it seemed a good one to send.  Celebrate the day!
Merit Badge in Honoring All Who Served
[Click For More Info]

  Happy 19th Anniversary!  After all this time, you certainly qualify as "having served" *^*Laugh*^* and it's one more you didn't have.  Thanks for being an integral part of this crazy community. Merit Badge in Rock Star
[Click For More Info]

*^*Confettir*^*   Wow! 19 Years. You rock. Congratulations on your WdC anniersary *^*Delight*^* Merit Badge in 60s Music
[Click For More Info]

Happy 19th WdC Anniversary!!!Kindest Regards, Lilli Merit Badge in Angel Friends Forever
[Click For More Info]

Happy 19th WDC Anniversary!! Here's to many more years around this here site. Keep spreading your joy, love, and positivity. We're so glad to have you here! *^*Heart*^**^*Heart*^**^*Heart*^* Merit Badge in Gingerbread House
[Click For More Info]

Happy 19th WdC Anniversary Maryann. Here's to many more years here. You make this place ROCK, girlfriend. 🎊πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰β€πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸŽŠ Merit Badge in Brilliant
[Click For More Info]

Happy Account Anniversary...
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