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Let's Celebrate Each Other...and Save a Membership!

First Place Winner of "The Best of the Rest December 2009! Thank you, StephB for this honor, and for the gorgeous ribbon!


*ButterflyB* This pay-it-forward activity is perfect for members who love to review, love to have their work reviewed, and love receiving a merit badge!

*ButterflyO* This round is special! My dear friend and amazing writer/poet, Robin Cherokeescribe has encountered the unthinkable: Family challenges and financial hardships have kept her away from her computer -- and her membership lapsed. Now, her poems -- archived solely on WDC -- are locked.

*ButterflyG* For the first time ever, The Merit Badge Bonanza will have a beneficiary. I'm asking for a 10K entrance donation to join, in addition to the 10K Merit Badge you pledge to send to the member you'll be paired up with. (In other words, the total cost is 20K to participate in this fundraiser.)

*ButterflyR* Robin needs $98, or close to 980,000 GPs to unlock her account. That's a lot for one person, but when each of us pitches in 10K, we chip away at that mountain until it's surmountable!

Update! Thanks to the enormous generosity of WDC members, we were able to raise a whooping 1,003,500 GPs for Robin -- in just 3 DAYS! As of 5/13, all entry donations will go to "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group! Thanks for being awesome supporters of your fellow writers!



*FlowerP* Post a message in this forum pledging to read and review ONE item from another member's port and to send one merit badge. (REMEMBER, MERIT BADGES COST 10,000 GPs *Smile*).

*FlowerT* Include (at least) a 10,000 GP donation with your post. All proceeds go to Cherokeescribe and various WDC groups. Anyone donating 50K or more will receive a second merit badge from me!!

*FlowerV* I will add your name to the list below. *Delight**Thumbsup*

*FlowerR* On Friday, MAY 28th, I will pair your name with another player. I will notify you by email whose name you got. PLEASE NOTE: If you notice a player signed up in the forum who you would rather not be paired up with, please send me a private email so I can accommodate you! *Smile*

*FlowerY* You will go to that member's port and choose an item. Read and review the item, and based on its strengths, send the member a merit badge. (For example, if it was an outstanding poem, you could send a Poetry MB. If the premise was creative, you could send a Creativity MB. A story of someone who saves another's life could receive an Angel MB....you get the idea *Bigsmile*)

*FlowerB* That member will be by to review one of YOUR items and YOU will receive a merit badge from them, too!!

*FlowerV* Please be willing to review the player you are matched with and send their Merit Badge before June 15th! This is a busy time of year, but I know we can all find the time to offer one review to a WDC friend!

*RainbowL**RainbowR*~ Any questions, contact me! NickiD89 ~*RainbowL**RainbowR*


*Down*Once you sign up in this forum, I'll add your name below *Down*

(*Star* A star designates players who donated more than 10K, including those who received a merit badge from me!!)

Merit Badge Bonanza Players:

 Merit Badge Bonanza Player's Chart  (E)
Find your name, review and send a merit badge to the player to the right of your name.
#1587413 by NickiD89

1. *Star* NickiD89
2. *Star* Mara ♣ McBain
3. *Star* Adriana Noir
4. *Star* ShelleyA~11 years at WDC
5. *Star* Lornda
6. *Star* 🌓 HuntersMoon
7. *Star* sherryb
8. *FlowerT* Jessica
9. *FlowerT* NOVAcatmando
10. *Star* LJPC - the tortoise
11. *Star* Annette
12. *FlowerT* Arwen9
13. *Star* Shannon
14. *Star* It's too hot already!
15. *Star* Princess Megan Rose
16. *Star* Kyle Curcio
17. *FlowerT* okghost
18. *Star* very thankful
19. *FlowerT* Preacher
20. *FlowerT* mARi♥BusyWithWork
21. *Star* Boston
22. *FlowerT* Coolhand
23. *Star* Humming Bird
24. *Star* wakko71
25. *Star* sarahreed
26. *Star* francie
27. *Star* Jace
28. *Star* blainecindy
29. *FlowerT* Charlie Maddox
30. *Star* WistyOne
31. *Star* Brandon
32. *FlowerT* chopstixd
33. *FlowerT* Just call me Omni
34. *FlowerT* wolf-writer
35. *FlowerT*

*Star**Bullet* Have Fun and Good Luck! *Bullet**Star*


"Showering Acts of Joy Garden leaders have joined forces with us! For EVERY Showering Act of Joy review any WDC member completes and mentions the Merit Badge Bonanza between now and June 15th, the group will donate 5,000 GPs to Cherokeescribe ! Read here for details:

 Reviewers Unite! (for Common Causes)  (E)
MB Bonanza & Showering Acts of Joy Unite our Community with Reviews- Be a part of it here!
#1672543 by NickiD89

*RainbowL* I *Heart* Writing.com and its generous members! *RainbowR*

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