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A fun activity room for Non-Humans.
Created by Kittynadem

Participating in Schnujo 's "The Contest Challenge for January.

Welcome to the activity page! Activities given to the group will be posted in this forum. Anyone who wishes to participate will use this forum for posting their entries and any and all discussions regarding the activity itself.

All writing activities need to be posted using the *bitem format*. If you do not know how to do this, see the following example of how your post should be inputted:

Using the 'curly' brackets, the ones next to the 'P' key on your keyboards, Use the left bracket, insert the word 'bitem' then a colon, and then the ID # and the right bracket (you use the shift key to get the correct bracket)

{bitem:followed by the ID# assigned to any item/image you create here on WDC}

If you still don't understand, email me!

*Exclaim* CURRENT ACTIVITY *Exclaim*

Starts January 1st, 2021 and ends January 31th, 2021 

*Idea*Create a short story based on the following prompt;

Dungeons and Dragons:

Back in August of 2019, I first rolled a d20, in a game of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, and I have enjoyed playing it.

So, this month, the contest is going to be Dungeons and Dragons themed, although I will allow other Role-Playing Games if you're not too familiar with D&D, or something Fantasy, or Sci-Fi - themed that follows the usual D&D tropes of a group of adventurers that use their different abilities to overcome challenges. Here are the possible options -

1. A story of a D&D party, that has to do some kind of job. This could be a group of friends helping out another. This could be a group of random folks brought together by chance (probably because they all met at a tavern). This could be a group of enemies who have to work together to defeat a bigger enemy. Or, they could be something I haven't thought of.

2. A story of a group of players. Is this their first time playing, or are they veterans, or is there a mix of skill-levels? Does one or more of them have Special Needs, where accommodations need to be made for them in order to play (like are they blind, deaf, mute - there actually is a blind player in my group)? Is there a That Guy in the group, who makes things difficult? Are the players, and by extension, the characters they play as, forming friendships with the others?

3. How about your own Personal Experience playing D&D or another RPG? What's some of your crazy stories - like the time three of you rolled Nat20s when the DM asked for three separate skills, or the time you outdrank a dragon, or the time you shoved this dangerous person off a cliff, only to find out that you'd shoved the BBEG to their demise instead of having a huge battle, or the time the party completely derailed the storyline. Or maybe the experience was so bad, you haven't touched a d20 in years, because the DM and the other players were jerks of the 20th level. Or the time when you, as a newbie, taught a veteran DM/Player, of 20 years, a new trick - I've actually done that one. What's the story behind your favorite character?

Rating:18+ or under is preferred, but GC and XGC  are allowed, but posts in the forum must follow the 13+ rating. Please be sure to rate your items correctly and let us know in your bitem post that the rating is over 18+.

*Noteg* Rules:

*Bullet*One of the prompts listed above must be followed and included in your story.
*Bullet*Word count: 5,000 words or less, but we won't be too strict with this one, so long as it is close to it (as in under 9,000!). Word Count doesn't need to be listed (unless being used in another contest that requires it! *Laugh* )
*Bullet*Genre: None in particular. (fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, mythology, etc...) You may mix genres.
*Bullet*Entry must be newly-written for this contest.

All entries are due February 1st, 2021 @ Midnight WDC time.

*Dollar* Prizes:

1st Place: *Drum roll* (TISH) An Anthro Merit Badge (under 5 entries) and a 10K awardicon for the item ( 10 or more entries).

2nd Place: 10K awardicon for the item. (10+ entries though)

3rd Place: Honorable Mention and a surprise number of GP's.

Surprise prizes will be awarded, based on creativity, numbers, and what the roll of one of my d20s say. I might end up giving extra 10K Awardicons and/or Merit Badges if I roll a 20 on it.

Please note: Prizes will be awarded depending on how many entries are received. We hope that many of you will participate and make the odds better for placing prizes! If we get many entries, the prizes will change and more places will be added. If we get a low number of entries, prizes will be reduced.

Get creative and have fun!

Any questions, please post them in the forum below.

Collect this while you are here.

For Inspiration -

For some help with D&D 5e stuff.





First Place

Second place

Third Place

Fourth Place

For a list of past contest and winners, please use the link below:
 Non Humans Past Contests & Winners  (13+)
Contains past contest info for the Non Humans Group
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