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Welcome to Blog Harbor, brought to you by "The Talent Pond

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The purpose of the forum below is for our blog captains to relax and strike up conversations with one another, as well as participate in periodic blogging activities. Feel free to post any comments, questions, or suggestions about the general practice of blogging, specific posts, blogs, or bloggers, or anything else that comes to mind. Blog Harbor challenges will be posted in the forum.

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Here's where you can find everyone's boat that is docked at the Harbor. Boats are organized by content rating to ensure that no one boards a boat that is inappropriate for them. Wink

Rated E Boats

         *Boat* Connieann - "Connie's Corner - Last Entry: 04-06-18 @ 6:09pm

         *Boat* The Run-on King PDG Member - "WDC adventures - Last Entry: 04-25-17 @ 2:55pm

         *Boat* LostGhost: WhiteWalker - "Cave of Creativity - Last Entry: 01-17-18 @ 4:54am

         *Boat* ShelleyA~8 years at WDC - "Just Being Myself: ShelleyA's Daily pLog - Last Entry: 03-26-17 @ 9:40am

         *Boat* dog pack:saving4 premium renew - "Dogpack Bow Wow - Last Entry: 03-26-18 @ 11:23am

         *Boat* eyestar-Go Power! - "Eyestar Views - Last Entry: 03-12-18 @ 12:20pm

Rated ASR Boats

         *Boat* Cadie Laine - Writing, Writing - "Voices in My Head - Last Entry: 04-13-18 @ 6:02pm

         *Boat* Dragon - "Dragon's Den - Last Entry: 04-16-18 @ 9:01pm

Rated 13+ Boats

         *Boat* PandaPaws - College Co-ed - "Stepping Stones - My Daily Blog for 2015 - Last Entry: 06-02-17 @ 11:57am

         *Boat* iguanamountain - "iguanamountain blog - Last Entry: 11-15-17 @ 11:17am

         *Boat* abcoachnz-2018Begins - "Ramblings of a Wannabe - Last Entry: 04-01-18 @ 10:37pm

         *Boat* Eric Wharton - "Invalid Item - Last Modified: 12-31-69 @ 7:00pm

         *Boat* Marvin Schrebe aka Chris Breva - "Chris' Random Blog - Last Entry: 04-20-18 @ 4:11am

         *Boat* Timothy J. DeWall - "Perpetual Ruminations - Last Entry: 04-07-18 @ 7:51pm

         *Boat* abcoachnz-2018Begins - "Ramblings of a Wannabe"   by abcoachnz-2018Begins

Rated 18+ Boats

         *Boat* Jeff - "Jeff's Jibber-Jabber - Last Entry: 04-18-18 @ 5:02pm

         *Boat* Brooke - Blog Harbor! - "Confessions of an Anxiety-Ridden Redhead - Last Entry: 04-21-18 @ 10:52am

         *Boat* Nixie~Madam Quantum - "Moment by Moment - Last Entry: 04-16-18 @ 3:15pm

         *Boat* Lyn - "Black and White Everyday - Last Entry: 04-12-18 @ 10:39pm

         *Boat* Darleen ~ Working Woman - "Reflections of Darleen - Last Entry: 01-30-17 @ 3:46pm

         *Boat* Prosperous Snow (Neva) - "Melting Snow - Last Entry: 04-21-18 @ 11:56am

         *Boat* MD Maurice - "Down the Rabbit Hole - Last Entry: 04-17-18 @ 9:30am

         *Boat* audra_branson - "Hey, life? Are you kidding me? - Last Entry: 04-10-18 @ 10:19am

         *Boat* A*Silly*Faith - "Reflections: A Book - Last Entry: 02-20-18 @ 8:44pm

         *Boat* Brother Nature - "Monkey Blog - Last Entry: 02-24-18 @ 5:25pm

         *Boat* Brother Nature - "Brother's Blog - Last Entry: 02-24-18 @ 5:23pm

         *Boat* Acme ~ 10 year WdC Anniversary - "Bloggerholic II - Last Entry: 06-14-17 @ 6:17pm

         *Boat* QPdoll - "The QPdoll Blog - Last Entry: 04-21-18 @ 9:12am

         *Boat* ~♥~Krysha~♥~ - "A Whole New World - Last Entry: 04-14-18 @ 12:30pm

         *Boat* ~♥~Krysha~♥~ - "Creativity, In Progress - Last Entry: 04-15-18 @ 12:46pm

Rated GC Boats

         *Boat* ~Minja- away~ - "Confessions of a girl who sail the world - Last Entry: 04-20-18 @ 10:29am

         *Boat* Jace - "From My Mind to.... - Last Entry: 01-04-18 @ 5:56pm

         *Boat* Octobersun - "Octobersun's Blog - Last Entry: 03-25-18 @ 12:03pm

         *Boat* Cinn - "On the Fringe - Last Entry: 02-10-18 @ 5:25pm

         *Boat* Char [Back in May] - "The Muse of Music - Last Entry: 06-10-17 @ 10:33am

         *Boat* Sally - "Pen Nibbles - Last Entry: 03-14-18 @ 6:18pm

         *Boat* Andy52in52~More Star Trekking - "Life and Stuff - Last Entry: 01-18-18 @ 12:24pm

         *Boat* SB Musing - "Mind the Shark's Teeth - Last Entry: 08-26-17 @ 1:46pm

Rated XGC Boats

Thanks for stopping by The Talent Pond's Blog Harbor!

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 Past Blog Harbor Activities  (ASR)
Details for past activities run by Blog Harbor.
#1985150 by Jeff


Brooke - Blog Harbor! is trying to get back to active and she thought what better way to start than a blog challenge? Who's up for it? We're willing to put up at least 150,000 in points for encouragement prizes like merit badges, etc. We might even be so inclined to slap a shiny ribbon (in addition) on the most active blogger's pride and joy at the end. Bigsmile

We don't know about everyone else but we sure do miss Beth and her Soundtrackers activities. We don't think anyone can duplicate her energy and excitement but we are going to channel our inner Beth and try and entertain the best we can with prompts and fun. We'll choose a different theme each week and give a daily prompt within that theme.

We have two other volunteers to help - we're thinking the fourth week will be guest-hosted by YOU. We will choose the last week's host based on how well you participate the first three weeks. So, what do you say?

Let's do this!!

HOST: Brooke - Blog Harbor!

HOST: Jeff

HOST: Brooke - Blog Harbor! & Jeff

HOST: ~Minja- away~


1. Prompts. A prompt will be posted every day. We'll do our best to post them around midnight WDC time, but since there are very few hard and fast deadlines (see below) please give us a little latitude if a particular day is posted a bit late.

2. Deadlines. All entries for a particular week must be submitted by the end of that week. The end of the week is 24 hours after the last prompt in a series is posted. For example, if the final Television prompt is posted at 12PM WDC time on Day 7, you have until 12PM WDC time on Day 8 to get all seven entries submitted. You can submit entries by posting links to the blog entries in the forum, either one per post or in batches, as long as there's a link to each individual entry.

3. Prizes. 150,000+ Gift Points in merit badges, awardicons, and GP awards.

4. Eligibility. Any and all Writing.Com bloggers are welcome to participate. However, you must be a member of "The Talent Pond and have your blog listed above in order to be eligible for any prizes. If you'd like to have your blog added to Blog Harbor, just fill out the "Mooring Instructions survey and I'll be happy to add you!




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