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Our special place to post review requests, and reviews which have been completed.

Hello and welcome to the review lodge.
You are welcome to use the tunnel which is connecting our mountain log cabin and the review lodge, had been specially constructed so that you can stay out of the weather. We will have under ground pathways through out our resort, so that we are able to roam about secretly, quickly, and without getting wet, freezing, or burning up depending on weather conditions.

*Quill* I'm ready to review, how about you? Reviewing is very beneficial for everyone. Authors learn how their writing impacts the readers and what they can do to make positive changes and improvements resulting in well written content.
Reviewers learn about different types and styles of writing. There are many more treasures to be found from reviewing and our experience has been that our writing and reading improves because we did some reviews.

*ThumbsUp* Our review lodge is open *Hourglass* 24 hours a day 7 days per week *Hourglass*. We will be having reviewing activities and raids, so put on your skis, snow boards, jump on your snow mobile, or whatever mode of reviewing transportation you prefer and have loads of fun reviewing. The tunnel(s) are available also.

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Donations of 5.000 minimum, will be posted
Donations 50.000 GPs or more will receive a MB
Donations 100.00 GPs or more will receive ribbon

tlsea 50.000
tlsea 25.000
Marcia~I'm Home :) 50.000

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*Dollar*You will be well compensated for your generosity of giving quality reviews. Gift points will be gifted for every review you affiliate with diaBILITY WRITERS GROUP so be sure to GRAB THE SIGNATURE OF YOUR CHOICE, check THE DROP DOWN MENU AT THE BOTTOM OF THE REVIEW and CLICK THE GROUP NAME TO AFFILIATE.

*Flagy* *Flagy*

We are interested in quality reviews which means details about why you:
like or dislike something
what emotions were evoked
how you feel about different parts of the writing (word art)
changes you think would improve the word art
why and how you related to the story/situation or did not relate

We hope these suggestions will help you gift to the writer insight about their written word art.
Reviews with good quality will be rewarded with more gift points determined by the person crediting the review. All decisions are final.

*Down*     *Down*     *Down*     *Down*
*InfoR* Please post completed reviews affiliated with this group below in the forum.

A group only review request page is active for member to member reviews.

"How To Review

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*LeafO* This review is a gift to you from "disABILITY WRITERS GROUP *LeafO*

Copy and then paste the code to create the example above.
{font:impact}{center}{size:3.5}{c:green}{e:LeafO} This review is a gift to you from {item:1817507} {e:LeafO} {/c}{/size}{/center}{/font}

Member image to use when reviewing or as group signature for other documents.

imagevfor group


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More signatures will soon be available. Signature donations to the group review lodge are welcome and very much appreciated.

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For each signature donated a surprise gift will be given.

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Please post any questions you may have about reviewing and reviewing signatures here as well as related appropriate reviewing information.
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