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I am currently as Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, and Pain Scheduler for Memorial MRI and Diagnostic. I am Certified Phlebotomist,
Medical Assistant and C.N.A BLS CPR, Advanced First. Previous Medical First Responder

Completion Course Phlebotomist
Completion Course Medical Terminology Community College
Completion Course Medical Coding Community College
National Certified Medical Assistant yr. 2000
Certified Nutritional Aide
Certified Nurse Assistant
Completion Restorative
Emergency Medical Response FEMA

It would be a dream to work in the office at a Medical setting doing something I enjoy at the same time. Currently working as a Medical Assistant and National Certified Phlebotomist scheduling patients for pain injections.

Currently I am doing that.

Writing Experience *Down*

Writing Completion:
WDC Navigation Course 5 weeks
Completion Course Comma
Completion Course Poetry 1

Welcome to my Guestbook

*Angel* Thank You, ~ Santa Sisco ~ for the lovely pink ribbion. Much appreciation. *Angel*

This Guestbook was selected in Nominees for 2012 Quill Awards for Poetry

One of my favorite poetry Author Unknown:

Best poem found on here, although wrote from another writer here at poetry. com.

Songs poets sing, is no longer a great mystery,
from times of old, they were written in our history,
milk and honey were flowing, at a destination near the sea,
to enchantments cast by unholy women wrongfully.

To urban legends designed to be quite scary,
or little children floating in rhyme, as magic wishes carry
them, to another place or time beyond outer limits,
how lovely it would be, to make wishes and dreams, in well written poetry.

Few poets walk the world, and fewer will be cherished dreamers,
a real poet shares his heart and soul, with every poetic believer,
who dares to see a rock as an inanimate thing,
or a stick that was once a beautiful rose, held by a bride with no groom.

To most it is just a rock, not a dial to King Arthur's ruins,
that stick, is just something in the way of a lady's garden blooms,
and chicken of the sea, is not a catchy tune, yet is only a tuna doomed,
not all souls are poetic, nor do all want to hear a poem, they dare not dream,

for each man has his own way, to hope and dream, possibly he just scorns in reality.

Sign your name when scroll to bottom and keep all posts below 13 rating*Down**Smile*

Best experience is to know when you can get someone that is a fellow writer at Writing.Com to help revise your work. To let someone offer a word of words and the experience to know its okay to share with the world your opinions and thoughts. Never feel you can't share your writing, and that no one else is going to help you look at it the way you do. This is one of my favorite poems because it reminds me to break out of a box of writing and share. Also this poem is about the lake which I have lived for more than eight years.

Coming Ahsore

Merit Badge in Poetry
[Click For More Info]

Your poetry is fantastic, and still getting better! I'm so proud of you!
presented by a fellow Writer Charles.
Revised by Sum1 .

The swirling and swishing of the river plays in my thought.
First glance, waves are playing memories to be bought.
Although I’ve seen this same place long ago,
It is as if sailing in the water- dancing to my toes.

Looking in the waves, coming ashore,
Their color of amber and aqua green
Is beautiful, but never too serene.
They are like a story only to be told.

The rising of the raging waters
Is an outpouring of emotion for my soul.
Is my foot firmly on the ground
Or do I hear heaven's sound.

In the end, capturing the very idea
That I'm neither aware nor alone,
There is great comfort in knowing
The Lord sets my tone.

My writing is thoughts out of words. I never run out of thoughts so words will not be the unthinkable.

Things I think of in writing I notice the structure of the sentence and how it forms a story.
It's another thing to write a simple sentence but another to justify it.
Writing a short story in poetry style (can I hear Edger Pole) or (Black Raven) is the beginning stage for me.
Looking at other authors and how they work in structuring their sentences is what's amazing to me.

So on with the story this is how I got started....
I wrote a one article about trash that was featured one time in the middle school newspaper.
It's funny because the middle school newspaper was not really a newspaper but a flier of some sort.
Not a shuffled sounding newspaper with black print. Instead it was black print copied flier.
This is the first time noted that I really felt as if I accomplished something great.

Yep, that's right people. WDC is been a hobby and relaxing. This sight has helped with stress tremendously.*Star*

Back Ground Writing:

I'm a Alumni Student in the comma course at New Horizon Academy. I learned how to place commas into sentences. It's not always easy to see where to place my commas, but so, fun to put them down when writing sentences.....*Heart* I still go to Winnie's Comma graduate Alumnia sight if I have a questions.

Home background: *Down*

I have a beautiful daughter named Samantha and son named Shane. I work full time, and come to Writing.Com in my spare time.
My daughter Samantha has medical issues, but blessed she doesn't use a wheel chair for mobility, or that she doesn't have severe impairment of great magnitude.
Sam (AKA) Samantha, however, has vision loss, wears glasses, and has to face the fact of being blind one day.
Sam is a blessing and is a miracle as she grows older by the years.
If ever I need to find a miracle God exists- it's Samantha proof that he is love.

My son Shane is a handsome young boy who is AB honor roll and loves to be the best he can be for a son. When he doesn't play Minecraft he' s giving me hugs and sugars. What gets me through is kids and lots of fun out of life.

Maybe a fish or two on the line when I am fishing.*Laugh*

I live next to the river so the scene and drinking coffee gets me through.*Smile*
I do experience hearing impairement since child birth.
Difference between loss of hearning and actually total loss of hearing is a whole different explanation.
Being able not to hear and being mute to the outside of the world would be tough.
I'm not completely deaf, and have probably more ways of communication.

Since birth my right ear has moderate to slight hearing loss and my left ear has moderate to severe hearing loss; overall mixed severe hearing loss.

If anyone who has a disability and just want to talk to me IM tinageorge122082@gmail.com. It's important to know we are family and here for one another. I support those who have disability and we are all family. Love Always, Tina.

I enjoy the outside weather, the scenery of the lake, coffee, kids, and being a part of Writing.Com.

I'm affiliated with these groups.

WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group  (E)
Join the fun! We inspire reviewers through kindness and learning! Winner of six Quills!
#1300305 by Maryann
This is home to me. I come to this website at WDC and this group helped me in so many ways. One of the things I like about "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group is the courtesy and the friendship the captain or members give you. No matter if you don't know how to do added link to your page. The Power Reviewer's are there to help navigate, give you a smile, and really push to help with writing.

An Alumni Student with New Horizon Academy 'From The Ground Up' Poetry Class.

Thanks to: Winnie Kay , Maryann , ShelleyA~13 years at WDC , Lornda , Turtle ~ KanyáthƐko:wa:h Itchy Water~fictionandverse The StoryMaster because he inspires us all to keep writing
and many others who keep me writing everyday

Writer: Tina Marie George
Proud Member of WDC!
Write with heart-n-passion

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