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Contest challenges, just for you to show off your writing skills.
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Our contest cabin will be active soon after I have caught up on all of the other tasks demanding my attention around these parts. No, I'm not unhappy about all the things needing my attention, just letting you know that I need time and... BTW some extra hands...I might be able to grow extra hands maybe, however that will take time too, so I'll keep gladly working on our resort and get things up and running asap so that things are better than ever. *BigSmile*

Welcome to our contest cabin.
We are a family of writers who
enjoy challenges and offering
challenges to other writers. We
are glad you stopped to visit with
us. Are you ready for a challenge?

Click CONTESTS to see the other contests we sponsor.*Up*

This is the beginning of your contest adventure and a chance to show off your writing and your abilities in a awesome display of word art (word picture). The contests will vary from month to month, so visit often to see what genera and the prompt which have been chosen for your writing pleasure.

Submissions are to be, E rating is preferred, however the following are permitted as long as they are noted so that anyone who would want to read only E rated may do so safely.
E : Everyone
ASR : Adult Supervision Recommended
13+ : Recommended for Readers 13 Years and Older will be accepted. No other ratings, please.

You may edit your word art until the end of the contest, however to be fair and courteous to everyone, please do not edit your work after the end of the contest. After all the one you are cheating the most is you and your writing talent. If you decide to edit your entry after the contest, which is during the judging period, your entry will be disqualified.
At the close of the months contest, the judging will begin.
The winner(s) will be announced on or about the middle of the following month.
Judges may not enter the contest, however judges will be awarded gift points or other thank you gift for each contest which they volunteer to judge.
If you are a DWG member you will also receive 5 group points for each contest you judge.

We are looking for:
*Star* Uniqueness and creativity which shows that a lot of thought went into creating this word art picture. Show details about the situation as if the reader was watching a movie. Readers want to be involved with the story, and see it in their minds eye.
*Star* This story should be no less than 350 words and no more than 1500 words.
*Star* When writing poetry, there should be a minimum of 9 lines and a maximum of 45 lines.
*Star* The senses such as taste, touch, sight, hearing, smell, are important however, using what is necessary to show the events of the story will make your story telling alive and realistic.
*Star* The spirit and feelings should give clues about what is happening to the main character(s) and any other characters where applicable.
*Star* If you are writing work is based upon your personal experience show how you feel, think, wish, try to accomplish or get out of finishing this task.
*Star* Please check individual contests for special instructions.

The prompt will be posted at the beginning of each contest in the beginning of the month.
Any questions you may have about the contest can be directed to vpbanjo@writing.com

The genera will change from month to month, and sometimes be repeated with a different prompt because of popular demand.

*Right* is due on or before 11:59pm WDC time November 30th.


Thanksgiving is soon to arrive and you do not have enough food for your guests. How are you going to solve this challenging issue? Will you cancel Thanksgiving? Are you going to get an income, become a thief, or do something else. Will you trust God, Jesus, Holy Ghost to help you and guide you toward the solution you seek? Use the word Thanksgiving at least once in your word art. It's your story tell me what happens.


*Starstruck* Create a static item in your portfolio.
*Starstruck* Use bitem {b-item:xxxxxxx}(replace the x's with your item number) to submit your entry in the forum.
*Starstruck* For additional help see:WritingML Help for b-item


Judges needed for contests. Please contact: vpbanjo@writing.com, or dogpack in "disABILITY WRITERS MOUNTAIN LOG CABIN

*Gavel*Thundersbeard 30DBC JULY HOST judge
*Gavel* Innerlight 3 years for her ❤ judge
*Gavel* judge
*Gavel* judge
*Gavel* judge
*Gavel* judge
*Gavel* judge
*Gavel* judge
*Gavel* judge
*Gavel* judge


Donations of any size will help DWG award gifts and prizes to every winner and keep the activities and excitement alive and well. Any gift point donations will be rewarded and acknowledged as well as any other prize donations. This is a very good way to advertise your event or group.

Donations of 50K GPs or more will receive a merit badge.
Donations above 75K GPs will receive a merit badge and a surprise gift.
Donations over 100K will receive a MB, and Ribbon and a One Size Fits All Raffle Ticket.


*Heart* SisterCrow 10K donation: receives surprise gift *Heart*

*Heart* {s-user} *Heart*

*Heart* {s-user} *Heart*

*Heart* {s-user} *Heart*

*Heart* {s-user} *Heart*

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