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Write and review once a week for the three coldest months of the year.
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I Write in December-January-February

This round is for writing that fits the E through 18+ Writing.Com rating.

Merit Badge in Season of Writing
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Congratulations on your new "Season of Writing" merit badge for your group,  [Link To Item #1868486] ! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We appreciate it! -SMs

This activity challenges you to write and review once a week for the three coldest months of the year. During December, January, and February you are asked to enter a writing contest per week. You must also review the fellow writer who posted his/her story in this forum right before you. Win the exclusive "Season of Writing" merit badge for participating at least 10 weeks.

Writers who go the whole distance without a single missed week will be able to collect this trinket:

*Snow5* Winter Writing Weeks: *Snow5*
Week 1: December 1 - 7
Week 2: December 8 - 14
Week 3: December 15 - 21
Week 4: December 22 - 28
Week 5: December 29 - January 4
Week 6: January 5 - 11
Week 7: January 12 - 18
Week 8: January 19 - 25
Week 9: January 26 - February 1
Week 10: February 2 - 8
Week 11: February 9 - 15
Week 12: February 16 - 22
Week 13: February 23 - March 1

Your Challenge: For each week, you have to create a new item for any contest here on Writing.Com.
Find writing contests on the contests page   or on the forum page  .

The Review Requirement
Each time you send in your written item, you must give a meaningful review of at least 250 characters for the item submitted here before yours by time stamp. You are asked to review the item that was posted to this forum. That review is due right after you post your writing here, at the latest before the week is up.
Attention! If you submit a written piece without a review for the previous entry you will be removed from the contest.

Your complete weekly submission contains:
B-item link to your static item.
B-item link to the contest you entered.
Review link to the review you sent.
Link to any item type using the b-item link {b-item:#######}.
Link to reviews using the review link {review:########}.

Things You Need To Know
Valid items are static items only.
Your item has to have a creation date that falls within that particular week. Writing.Com time is the only valid standard. For your entry to be counted, you must post to this forum within each week.
You may not miss the first or last week of writing & reviewing.

*StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* paddy1
*StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarR* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarR* *StarB* *StarR* *StarR* *StarR* *StarR* AlyCatAuthor (#3 on the way!)
*StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* Prosperous Snow Giving Thanks
*StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* Choconut ~ NaNo NaNo Nano!
*StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* ember_rain

*StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* Jay O'Toole
*StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarR* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarR* *StarR* *StarR* *StarR* *StarR* *StarR* S Ferguson~ Prepping for Prep
*StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* Elfin Dragon - poetry fiend
*StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* maryccasey

*StarB* *StarR* *StarR* *StarR* *StarR* *StarR* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarR* *StarR* *StarR* *StarR* Piratess Dawniebelle
*StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* πŸ’™ Carly - BLUE!!πŸ’™
*StarB* *StarR* *StarR* *StarR* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* LostGhost: Seeking & Learning
*StarB* *StarB* *StarR* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarR* *StarB* *StarR* *StarB* *StarB* Weirdone-Back in the games
*StarB* *StarB* *StarR* *StarB* *StarR* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* Andy~~NaNoing

Sign up is open. Post in the forum with your message: JOIN and send in 10,000 GPs sign-up fee.
A couple of days before the contest begins, I will add you to the group "I Write and send out a group email.

Please keep the forum for sign ups and submissions only. Email me with all other concerns or questions.

"Winter 2012/2013 = Success!"   "Winter 2014/2015 Round Wrap-Up"  
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by πŸ’™ Carly - BLUE!!πŸ’™ · 03-02-17 @ 9:45 am
by Annette · 03-02-17 @ 12:39 am
by Annette · 03-02-17 @ 12:37 am
by Jay O'Toole · 03-02-17 @ 12:32 am
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by Elfin Dragon - poetry fiend · 02-28-17 @ 2:06 pm
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by Elfin Dragon - poetry fiend · 02-28-17 @ 12:35 pm
by LostGhost: Seeking & Learning · 02-28-17 @ 12:46 pm
by Elfin Dragon - poetry fiend · 02-28-17 @ 2:15 pm
by πŸ’™ Carly - BLUE!!πŸ’™ · 03-01-17 @ 8:50 pm
by LostGhost: Seeking & Learning · 02-28-17 @ 3:59 am
by Jay O'Toole · 02-28-17 @ 1:04 am
by Elfin Dragon - poetry fiend · 02-27-17 @ 10:54 pm
by Elfin Dragon - poetry fiend · 02-27-17 @ 4:45 pm
by Annette · 02-25-17 @ 11:45 pm
by πŸ’™ Carly - BLUE!!πŸ’™ · 02-25-17 @ 6:23 pm

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