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Can you write something every day?
owl on book
Welcome to your writing adventure!

We are glad to meet you!

This is our chance to share our writing with each other, and learn how to be excellent writers. Writing is a unique art form....Wait! Give me a moment and you will understand where I'm going with this statement.

Every writer isn't necessarily a poet, Novelist, or screen writer, however they are an artist. Writers use words, sentences, and other related tools to create their word pictures. Because we write, we are writers, there for as artists who use writing implements such as pen or pencil, paper, computers or word processors, we also are creating word pictures.

The beginning of a word picture starts with having all of the tools. For example what i use is my computer, a dictionary and thesaurus, the internet to do research, and a place to write notes. Please take the time to think about what tools will work best for you.

My next step....yes...there are for me steps to writing no matter what I'm writing. Is to have a place to jot down things I think of which I can use for writing projects. I've been know to leave a trial of paper scraps around the house. It didn't take long for me to realize this was not an effective nor efficient way for me to keep this information. Not only did I lose my notes, I lost my mind and my creative thoughts, YIKES!

Now I have folders on my computer housing my various writing information.

I like many types of writing, however it is a challenge and sometimes doesn't like me. As I practice this craft, study about how it is created, and written properly, I find I am slowly making progress. Together we can make much progress learning about writing and relater topics by sharing ideas, what we write, and resources. By sharing our writing with each other and reviewing; we can learn; as well as teach each other; how to more effectively create, using the written word, our word pictures.

Jump into your writing adventure and enjoy the experience.
Writing is a challenge and it is also a lot of fun, gives enjoyment which you can share with readers, and can be a good friend to you. Embrace your writer inside you and let the words free to flow as far as they can go.

Create or chose a static written item.
Submit your item using writingML {item:#######}
Please remember to affiliate your reviews with Disability Writers Group
Review written items using WDC review tool or page.
When the review is completed post, the review number in the forum {review:#######}
Comments, questions, or anything about writing is welcome in the forum. Even a little fellowship is ok, however we should try to keep on topic as much as possible.
Post your reviews in the forum using writingML {review:#######} and also whenever you have a comment or suggestion for someone feel free to reply to the post which is of interest to you.

Please tell us what the GENERA or TYPE of WRITING you are creating. It is interesting to know details about how, what, why, and type of writing you have written.

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