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Do you need help with an upgrade, auction package, or other help(s)?

I/we "disABILITY WRITERS GROUP wish for you, peaceful happiness and joy through out your nights and days.
Guidance and protection as you move forward and do necessary activities.
Stress free and wonderful times as you write and share with readers.
Your wish list granted as your belief and faith will allow and the discernment to know what you should do.


When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and the faith, belief, and other tools of life help you to do the right things.
When we have challenges sometimes we need a hand to help us realize our potentials, dreams, and abilities.
What is it we can do for you so that you are able to take the next steps toward success and by doing so be able to pass forward help for other people who are in need.


Do you need help with an upgrade? Post your details in the forum and we will help as much as possible. Let us know what level would be most helpful. What you plan to when you acquire this level to help members and groups or provide other benefits. Tell a little about you so we get to know you.


Are you hosting an auction package? Let us know how we can help by providing details of the auction needs.


We are looking for judges for our "disABILITY WRITERS GROUP CONTEST CABIN for "disABILITY WRITERS GROUP so we understand the need for help. Tell us about your activity/contest, and we will do our best to help spread the word so you can find the judges you need.


We hope you are having a blessed day. Do you have any prayer requests?


Are you challenged to find the words you need to proceed? Let us know and we'll go forth to find something to help and give you word wealth. Write with might for readers delight!


Donations are welcome and will greatly assist us in helping members, groups, and other activities in need of assistance to have a hand up. This will cause a ripple effect which abundantly shall spread smiles and joy, love and happiness, and merriment through out WDC.

200gps or more will receive a gold coin to 10 gold coins from "DWG Shop , depending on donation
30gps or more will receive an merit badge
50gps or more will receive an awardicon
75gps or more will receive a merit badge an award icon, and gold coin(s)


Autumn is howling at the moon! 50k awardicon given
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by Autumn is howling at the moon!  •  03-12-18 @ 6:13 pm

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