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by Jeff
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Every February, you're invited to chronicle the music that has influenced your life!

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A 28-day writing challenge to share your personal playlist!

As Dick Clark once said, "Music is the soundtrack of your life." And whether you're a casual listener of one genre or have an insatiable appetite for compositions of all kinds, we each have a unique soundtrack for our unique life. This is a chance for you to share the soundtrack of your life, in your own words.

How It Works

This is a daily blogging challenge, beginning on February 1st.

You can sign up at any time, by posting your interest in the forum. Please also provide a link to the blog you'll be using!

Each day's entry must include:
         *Bullet* The song title and artist
         *Bullet* A link to a YouTube video or other site where we can listen to the track

You can choose any artist from any genre of music, including those with explicit content. Just make sure your entries are rated appropriately.

Create a new post in the forum below, with a link to each of your static items or book/blog entries. Do NOT post your entries or links to your musical choices directly into the forum! Any direct posts to the forum will be suspended and disqualified. You may include links to more than one entry per forum post. If you are doing book/blog entries, please make sure they're all posted in the same book/blog item for easy reference.

Your entries can be on any topic you choose: autobiographical, informational about the artist, poetry or a short story... whatever the music inspires in you!

Catch-up entries are allowed if you get behind, but anything posted into the forum after 11:59 PM WdC time on the last day of February will be disqualified.


Last Year's Playlist. Which songs have you been listening to most often over the past year?


*Clef* ~ Each person who completes the entire 28-day challenge will receive the exclusive Soundtrackers Merit Badge!

*Clef* ~ Those who complete at least 21 days will receive a Music Merit Badge!

*Clef* ~ Additional prizes may be added depending on donations received.

*Exclaimr* NOTE: Posting entries with simplistic one or two line blurbs about why you like a song (e.g., I like this song because they're a cool band! or This is a great song! It's one of my current favorites!)), with no further expounding, will likely get you DQ'd from prizes. This is a writing challenge. I want to know why the music is special to you and/or what it inspires in you!


Want the exclusive Soundtrackers merit badge without blogging? Just want to support The WDC Soundtrackers and our various activities? Anyone who donates 100,000 GPs or more during the contest round (i.e., the month of February) will receive the exclusive Soundtrackers merit badge.

Donations made during other times of the year that active contests are running will receive that challenge's custom badge. Donations made during the "off season" when no activities are currently running will receive a Music merit badge. For example, you can only donate to get the Resurrection Jukebox badge in October, the WDC Soundtrackers badge in February, etc.

Please send all donations to "The Soundtrackers Group (Group #1979333), or submit them via a post in the forum below.

Our Benefactors

2022 Participants

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