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by Jeff
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An interlinked musical blogging challenge from The WDC Sountrackers!
Thank you to Angels in my Ear for the Awardicon!

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*Monkey* *Monkey* *Monkey* *Monkey* *Monkey* *Monkey*

This will be a seven day music blogging activity
that runs during WDC Birthday Week (September 1st-7th)!

*Monkey* The Rules *Monkey*

*VinylY* Songs must connect with one featured performer from the previous song to the next song in your lineup. You can even connect solo artists via their other bands/projects if you want.

"Endgame" by Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran *Right* "Perfect Duet" by Ed Sheeran feat. Beyonce *Right* "Telephone" by Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce.
"Don't Give Up" by Peter Gabriel feat. Kate Bush *Right* "In Too Deep" by Genesis *Right* "In the Air Tonite" by Phil Collins feat. Lil Kim.
"Electricity" by Silk City feat. Dua Lipa *Right* "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars *Right* "Nothin' On You" by B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars

*VinylY* All seven songs are due at the end of the birthday week, so you have plenty of time to work at your own pace, plan things out, and give us seven great songs that are linked together!

*VinylY* For each song, create a blog entry that provides the name of the song, the artists performing the song, and a link/embedded video for a YouTube video or other online source where the song can be heard and/or the lyrics can be found. Then write a little something about why you chose that particular artist and/or song!

*VinylY* Post your entries here in the forum when they're finished! All seven entries must be posted by 11:59PM WDC time on September 7.

*Monkey* The Prizes *Monkey*

*Monkey* Each participant who successfully completes the challenge will receive:

Merit Badge in WDC Soundtrackers
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your fabulous completion of  [Link To Item #1970896] , 2015 Edition! Thank you for sharing you music, your stories, your poems and your memories! It was such a fantastic challenge thanks to you! *^*Heart*^* ~TheWytch

An exclusive WDC Soundtrackers Merit Badge and 5,000 Gift Points!

*Monkey* Then from among the participants who successfully complete the challenge, I will choose a favorite (or two, or three, depending on turnout) to award:

Merit Badge in WDC Soundtrackers BoMB
[Click For More Info]

To the biggest, baddest Mariah Carey lover the world has ever seen! Your devotion to her and the worst Christmas song in all the world is commendable, if not disturbing... *^*Laugh*^* Thank you for your fabulous music choices (except that song) and for making the  [Link To Item #2014890]  such a punk-tastic success! Until we sing and write again! *^*Heart*^* ~TheWytch

The exclusive Barrel Of Monkeys BoMB Merit Badge and 50,000 Gift Points!

*Monkey* Some criteria I'll use to pick a favorite include: diversity of song selection and engaging explanations of why you chose the songs. Bonus points for including birthday or celebration-related songs!

*Monkey* Donations *Monkey*

Anyone who donates 50,000 GPs or more will receive a Music Merit Badge for their generosity!

Please send donations to "The WDC Soundtrackers, group #1979333

*Monkey* Patrons of the Arts *Monkey*

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by Elle · 09-07-19 @ 8:45 pm
by Elle · 09-07-19 @ 8:08 pm
by LdyPhoenix · 09-07-19 @ 5:38 pm
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by Elle · 09-05-19 @ 11:59 pm
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by Kittiara · 09-05-19 @ 8:32 pm
by Kittiara · 09-05-19 @ 8:20 pm
by Kittiara · 09-05-19 @ 7:55 pm
by Elle · 09-03-19 @ 11:25 pm
by Annette · 09-03-19 @ 12:16 am
by eyestar~thanks anon! · 09-02-19 @ 8:10 pm
by Beacon-Shining-On⚓️ · 09-02-19 @ 7:19 pm
by Kittiara · 09-02-19 @ 6:58 pm

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