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by Jeff
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An annual interlinked musical blogging challenge! Starts every September 1st.

Accolades / Special Thanks

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*Monkey* *Monkey* *Monkey* *Monkey* *Monkey* *Monkey*

This will be a ten day music blogging activity running
September 1st - September 10th!

*Monkey* The Rules *Monkey*

Concert / Live Music Edition!

This year we're blogging about music that we've experienced at a concert, or other live music event. Your challenge is to either:

         *Bullet* Pick ten songs from the same concert; or
         *Bullet* Pick ten total songs from among all the concerts you've seen.

Each entry must include the following:

         *Bullet* Where you saw it
         *Bullet* What you thought about the live version versus the original
         *Bullet* One of your favorite memories from Writing.com in the time you've been here. *Bigsmile*

If you've never been to an event with live music... first and foremost, you should really remedy that immediately *Pthb*... but seriously, please try and really think about other places you might have experienced live music outside of an official concert. Ever been to a wedding, or a corporate event, or even a bar with a live band? What about a talent show? Have you ever watched a singing competition television show like American Idol or The Voice? Try to think of some kind of live music you might have experienced in the past.

In the event that you absolutely cannot think of a single live music experience that you've ever had, I will accept the ten songs you'd most want to experience live/in person. In that case, please write about where you'd want to see it live, and an element of the song that you would most look forward to seeing live, or what you imagine would be different about a live version.

And it wouldn't be a Writing.com Birthday Week activity if there weren't some element to tie it back to the site's most popular week of the year... so as a bonus, each entry should include an anecdote or memory from your time here at Writing.com. Please make it specific; I'm looking for past contests or activities you loved, a particular past member you miss, a favorite item of yours that you've written, a crucial interaction you had with someone, a real-life friend you've made, etc. Generic (or boring!) memories like, "I remember that one month where I did a bunch of reviews" or, "I like interacting with people on the newsfeed" won't count. Go a little farther down Memory Lane. *Wink*

*Monkey* The Prizes *Monkey*

Each participant who successfully completes the challenge will receive:

Merit Badge in WDC Soundtrackers BoMB
[Click For More Info]

To the biggest, baddest Mariah Carey lover the world has ever seen! Your devotion to her and the worst Christmas song in all the world is commendable, if not disturbing... *^*Laugh*^* Thank you for your fabulous music choices (except that song) and for making the  [Link To Item #2014890]  such a punk-tastic success! Until we sing and write again! *^*Heart*^* ~TheWytch

The exclusive Barrel Of Monkeys Merit Badge (BoMB)!

*Monkey* Donations *Monkey*

Want the exclusive Barrel of Monkeys merit badge without participating in the activity? Just want to support The WDC Soundtrackers and our various activities? Anyone who donates 100,000 GPs or more during the contest round (i.e., September 1-10) will receive the exclusive Barrel of Monkeys merit badge.

Donations made during other times of the year that active contests are running will receive that challenge's custom badge. Donations made during the "off season" when no activities are currently running will receive a Music merit badge. For example, you can only donate to get the 12 Days badge in December, the WDC Soundtrackers badge in February, etc.

Please send all donations to "The Soundtrackers Group (Group #1979333), or submit them via a post in the forum below.

*Monkey* Patrons of the Arts *Monkey*

Christmas Dreams Adoreβ™₯ - 100,000 GPs

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by AmyJo-Giving Thanks as I can  •  09-04-23 @ 11:34 am
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