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by Jeff
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A yearly blogging challenge featuring cover songs and/or dead artists! Runs every October.

Resurrection Jukebox Logo

Welcome to Resurrection Jukebox, a music writing challenge brought to you by "The WDC Soundtrackers Group! This activity is held every October and celebrates the Halloween spirit by conjuring the spirits of artists both past and surpassed. If you think you have what it takes to delve into the dark history of music, read on!

How It Works

This is a blackout poetry (also sometimes referred to as redaction poetry) challenge! If you're unfamiliar with the form, you create it by taking an existing piece of writing and selectively blacking-out the words and phrases you don't want to use, leaving snippets that will form your own new poem. Here's an example:

How to create blackout poetry on WDC

During this challenge, your task will be to create fifteen (15) blackout poems based on EITHER:

         *Bullet* The lyrics from a qualifying song of your choice, OR
         *Bullet* The text of an obituary from a musician who has died in the past year (see below).

If you choose the lyrics from a song of your choice, that song must be EITHER:

         *Bullet* By an artist who is deceased, OR
         *Bullet* By an artist who is defunct, disbanded, or no longer performing

If you choose the obituary text, you must:

         *Bullet* Select an obituary from the following list: "Musician Obituaries (Oct '19 - Sep '20),
         *Bullet* Choose a song by that artist to include in your entry, AND
         *Bullet* Use at least the first four paragraphs of the obituary (you can use more or all of it if you want)

You CAN use both obituaries and songs of dead/disbanded artists of your choosing. You don't have to stick with one or the other. If you get stuck on a particular set of uncooperative lyrics, try one of the obituaries! Or if you want to do obituaries but aren't feeling particularly inspired by these specific obituaries, mix it up with some song lyrics from dead/disbanded artists that you pick!

Additional Resources

         *Bullet* List of the Deaths in Rock & Roll by Wikipedia  
         *Bullet* The Dead Rock Stars Club  


         *Bullet* The activity runs from midnight on October 1st to 11:59PM WDC time on October 31st.
         *Bullet* All entries submitted to the forum after the contest ends will be disqualified.
         *Bullet* All entries must include the following:
                   - Your blackout poem, BOTH in redaction form AND a reformatted version separate from the original text
                   - The song title AND name of the artist
                   - A YouTube link (either embedded or as a hyperlink) to the song
         *Bullet* You may use either book/blog item entries or individual static items
         *Bullet* You must create a new item or book/blog entry for EACH poem.
         *Bullet* You must submit your entries by posting individual links to each entry in the forum below.
         *Bullet* Please note which day(s) they're for in the message subject (e.g., Day 1 entry, Day 1-3 entries, etc.)
         *Bullet* You are free to post entries individually or with multiple entries in the same post.


         *Bullet* One lucky winner (determined by me) will receive a 50K Awardicon and 50,000 GPs!
         *Bullet* All participants who successfully complete the fifteen entries will receive our exclusive Resurrection Jukebox merit badge!

Merit Badge in Resurrection Jukebox
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs


Want the exclusive Resurrection Jukebox merit badge without creating any poems? Just want to support The WDC Soundtrackers and our various activities? Anyone who donates 100,000 GPs or more during the contest round (i.e., the month of October) will receive the exclusive Resurrection Jukebox merit badge.

Donations made during other times of the year that active contests are running will receive that challenge's custom badge. Donations made during the "off season" when no activities are currently running will receive a Music merit badge. For example, you can only donate to get the 12 Days badge in December, the WDC Soundtrackers badge in February, etc.

Please send all donations to "The WDC Soundtrackers Group (Group #1979333), or submit them via a post in the forum below.


         eyestar~hiatus offline - 15 of 15 complete *CheckO*
         Andy~Stargate WDC is live - 15 of 15 complete *CheckO*
         apenny4urthts - 2 of 15 complete
         Elfin Dragon - contest hunting - 15 of 15 complete *CheckO*
         Elle - on hiatus - 6 of 15 complete
         Witchy woman - 5 of 15 complete
         Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville - 4 of 15 complete
         Emily - 15 of 15 complete *CheckO*
         hullabaloo22 - 15 of 15 complete *CheckO*
         Lilli ☕ - 15 of 15 complete *CheckO*
         Jeff - 15 of 15 complete *CheckO*
         WakeUpAndLive~jumpup&down🌹 - 15 of 15 complete *CheckO*

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