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A Writing Challenge for all Jane Austen Fans.
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This badge is for all your creativity inspiried by Jane Austen and otherwise! I looked and as as a group member I am honored to give you this badge for the amazing Newsletters and all the things we have learned in your Jane Austen group.  *^*Heart*^*
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Happy Anniversary of the date that Pride and Prejudice was published!  Since you have taught me more than anyone I've ever known about Jane Austen and her times, I thought you deserved a little Darcy action in your port.  Enjoy!  *^*Heart*^*

Hello! Welcome to The Jane Austen Writing Challenge Contest. I am the leader of The Jane Austen Group but you don't have to be a member to participate in this challenge. I just ask that you are a fan of Jane Austen's novels. I have decided that you may use any of the challenges anytime. If you are brave, you may choose to do two of the prompts in your story. Please one story only per contestant each month. The word limit is 1,000 words or less. Entries should be over 250 words. Hope to see an entry from you here. Write for the challenge and post it here in {bitem:} form here in the forum. If there are less then five entries, I will choose one winner. If there are more then five entries, I will choose two winners. Winners get their choice of a Jane Austen Merit Badge or Pemberly Romance Merit Badge. We haven't had any entries in awhile. So when we do, I will review the items and give a Merit Badge within two weeks time.

I will give out 25K Jane Austen Ribbon or Elizabeth and Darcy Ribbon to every qualified entry. Only 1 Awardicon per author.
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Do any 2 of these challenges and you will receive any Jane Austen Merit Badge of your choice on this page.
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Thank you for all the wonderful things you do here!  You make it a delight to log in and write with you - I look forward to it and enjoy it immensely every time!  *^*Heart*^* Elizabeth smiles down on us and wishes us a gentle summer rain as we move into August!  *^*Heart*^*

30,000 Points will get you:one of the above Merit Badges if you don't want to do the challenge. I would love to see some entries though for this challenge.

If you would like to join The Jane Austen Group, send me an e-mail. Check out these forums:
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Prompt One Challenge: How I wished I lived in a Jane Austen novel! Choose any of Jane's novels and write like you are one of the characters from this novel. For instance, if you choose Elizabeth Bennet, write like you are Elizabeth. Second option: Write why you would want to be a character in a Jane Austen novel.

Prompt 2 Challenge: Jane Austen's Birthday is December 16. Write an item about Jane Austen and her novels and be sure to mention her Birthday in the item.

Prompt 3 Challenge: Would you rather live at Pemberly or Downton Abbey? I am hoping Jane Austen Fans and Downton Abbey Fans will get in on this one.

Prompt 4 Challenge: Darcy and Elizabeth have two daughters. Write a romance story about one or both of them.

Prompt 5 Challenge: What if Darcy and Jane would have ended up together. Bingley and Elizabeth?"

Prompt 6 Challenge: Emma and Darcy would have met and married?

Prompt 7: "My real purpose was to see you and judge if I could, whether I might ever hope to make you love me." Darcy Use this quote to write a story.

Prompt 8: What was Jane Austen's Easter like? What did she and her family do at Easter? Write a story or something of how Jane and her family celebrated Easter.

Prompt 9: "He is a gentleman and I am a gentleman's daughter." Pride and Prejudice

Prompt 10: How has Jane Austen and her writings influenced you?

Prompt 11: Does any of Downton Abbey's male characters make for a good Darcy?

Prompt 12: Northanger Abbey: Background: The Gothic Novel and Gothic Novel Readers, Ann Radcliffe. Compare Northanger Abbey to Ann's Gothic novels.

Prompt 13: Write what you like about the novel Emma.

Prompt 14: Write a acrostic poem about Jane Austen. To be fair, in the Jane Austen August 2019 Newsletter, I am offering a Jane Austen Merit Badge of your choice if you do this challenge. The same rule applies here.

Jane Austen Acrostic Poem  (E)
Acrostic poem about Jane Austen.
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Have fun with these.

Second Poser of Elizabeth and Darcy Colin Firth by best friend Angel. Beautiful work.

Jane Austen and books image Sig.
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