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Earn rewards and reviews for entering contests and more
*Noteb* Welcome to the World Weavers' Network *Noteb*

There are many contests on W.com which look at genre stories or answers to a given prompt.
Many of them are on my favourites list and appear to struggle to get entries some months.

So, taking inspiration from "The Contest Challenge"   by Schnujo
and "Scheming Scoundrel's Forum of Finesse"   by LJ hiding under the bed ,
I am rebuilding the World Weavers concept into an activity hub.

Art for World Weavers' Championship forum


*Coingold* Short story contest entries will earn 0.5GP per word and a review from me
*Coingold* Every public review for genre fiction will earn 0.5GP per word.
*Coingold* Every public review for a story linked in this forum wille earn 1GP per word.
*Coingold* Each article or World Weavers' Compendium  entry will earn 500GP
*Coingold* Each month someone will get a Worldbuilding merit badge.
*Coingold* We will be accepting review requests through the forum.

Donations to World Weavers  are appreciated.

"* How to Earn"  
"* FAQ"  

See also "Contest Central Station"   by Jim Hall
"I Write In 2021"   by Showering Dutchessbarbie.
"Writing Contests @ Writing.Com"   by Writing.Com Support
"Activities @ Writing.Com"   by Writing.Com Support
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