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Rafik's Genie is too Lazy to do anything...
Rafik: Aladdin, this djinn cannot be your best! He does nothing.

Aladdin: Have not your assets multiplied? Mine have shrunk since losing him.

Rafik: But uncle, all he gives me are promises and excuses. What I have gotten, I have done myself.

Aladdin: Ah, but without him, what would you have done? Very well, return him. I need him, and shall pay you well.

Rafik: No, Uncle. Perhaps... I ... should keep him.


Each day Rafik would wake up and speak to his Djinn about the things he would like to achieve. The Djinn Laurentius would nod, and agree that such would be done in short order. Then Laurentius would remind Rafik that timing is everything, and ask that he do something to expedite his wish...

And each night Rafik would consult the Djinn, and tell him of all he had done. Laurentius would nod and praise Rafik, and tell him that his efforts would not be in vain, and perhaps the next day Rafik would see all that Laurentius had wrought.

Eventually Rafik began to wonder if Laurentius had ever done anything more than lead him on, until the day he spoke to his Uncle.

Rafik has made his Djinn available to the public in this Forum, so that all would be able to reap the benefits of speaking to Laurentius. Yet the canny and lazy djinn has found a way to do even less work: he is not even going to make his promises or excuses! Instead, he asks that we do this for him... *Rolleyes*

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