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A 15th WDC Anniversary forum to honor past and present members. Who will YOU remember?
This is an image for WDC's 15th Anniversary Celebration

Image by kiyasama


I came across a beautiful event on Wikipedia called, Quinceanera.
In many countries, when a girl turns 15, she is celebrated in this fiesta de quince anos...15th Year Party.

According to Wikipedia, part of that celebration is:

"Ceremony of the 15 Candles
In this ceremony, the birthday girl hands a candle to each of fifteen people she considers were most influential in her life during her fifteen years. It is often accompanied by a speech, usually dedicated to each of the people that are given candles. This ceremony is also known as the Tree of Life. The 15 candles symbolize the 15 years the girl has "left behind". Each of the candles represents a special memory, a moment shared with any person who is invited to join the ritual. This is to give gratitude to these 15 people she will tell how they helped her."

Party balloons
Sneaky Gifty Thing

September marks Writing.Com's 15th Birthday.
Let's celebrate with 15 candles!

I sometimes think about past members. Who here remembers Gailey? What about the Opal Twins?

Reminiscing makes me smile!

Who was most influential in your time here on WDC?

Here is the fun part...

Choose the 15 WDC members from past or present who meant the most to you.
Yes, if you're like me, it's going to be a very hard decision!

List those names in a NEW POST in the forum below.
You can also reply/like other people's posts.

Here's an easy template if you wish to use it. This way, you'll only need to quickly type the handles in.

{center}{e:candleb} {suser:}
{e:candleb} {suser:}
{e:candleb} {suser:}
{e:candleb} {suser:}
{e:candleb} {suser:}
{e:candleb} {suser:}
{e:candleb} {suser:}
{e:candleb} {suser:}
{e:candleb} {suser:}
{e:candleb} {suser:}
{e:candleb} {suser:}
{e:candleb} {suser:}
{e:candleb} {suser:}
{e:candleb} {suser:}
{e:candleb} {suser:}{/center}

If a person who you are thinking about is no longer a member, simply write the old handle.
You can write a line or two about each person on your list only if you wish.

Let's get this party started!

A party hat divider
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