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A monthly contest for short, and I do mean short, stories! 50 to 75 words only!
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Thank you to Angels in my Ear for the awardicon which graces this page *Smile*

I am sure most writers have heard of the six word story that was attributed (however, falsely) to Ernest Hemingway- it told a heart wrenching glimpse in just six short words. This challenge will be a little easier on you- you will have 50 to 75 words to tell a succinct moment, an important scene or even a common one, that is filled with nuance.

There is a quarterly literary publication called Blink|Ink and they have termed this format, a 'blink' and offer the following as a definition-

“Blinks can be extraordinary, important moments- but they can also capture mundane things as well, stripped of context. Its the lighting of a cigarette, words shared at an intersection, the downing of a shot before returning to a dark home. We don’t know where home is, or what waits there.

Blinks focus on moments, alone, with the rest left to the imagination. They can be realizations, exchanges, places on the road, an extraction of a scene, the nuance of something we know to be more robust, but whose full story is told elsewhere.”

“The Blink is just the glimpse, the snapshot versus the movie.


Your challenge, should you choose to accept, is to create one of these 'snapshots'. At the beginning of every month, I will post a one word prompt and/or a picture prompt. You have the month to write your blink based on one prompt. At the end of the month, (no entries after 11:59pm on the last day of the month, WDC time will be accepted) Autumn wishes all a Merry Yule and Jellyfish will choose the winners. In order for all three prizes to be given out there must be at least five entries. Less than five entries mean only first prize will be awarded.


Winners will receive the following, and bragging rights!

*Starg*FIRST PLACE = Flash Fiction Merit Badge
*Starg*SECOND PLACE = 5000 GP's
*Starg*THIRD PLACE = 1000 GP's

From November 2016: All winners will also receive an exclusive BLINK! trinket! *Delight*

Your piece will be judged on creativity and the technical writing building blocks- grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Here are the rules, list form, for easier viewing


*StarG* - Write a succinct moment in 50 to 75 words.
*StarG* - Post your blinks directly to this forum. (If you wish, you may post in "b-item" format but this is not necessary *Smile*)
*StarG* - Post your word count either with your post and/or your entry.
*StarG* - If you are posting directly in to the forum, entries must be 13+ or below.
*StarG* - If you are posting a bitem or item link, entries must be 18+ or below.
*StarG* - Post your blinks before 11:59pm the last day of the month (EST).
*StarG* - In the subject line of your post should look like: Entry - 'prompt of the day' - 'date it is due'. Example- Entry- Salt- 08/27
*StarG* - Your blink will be judged on creativity, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


...are gratefully accepted *Delight*. Donations of 30K or more will receive a "Kindhearted" merit badge *Heart*

Lovely Donors

Spacecat - Thank you! MB x 2 sent.
IntueyL&L2P'ColaNAS - Thank you! MB sent.
Girlinwhite - Thank you! MB sent.
writeaway - Thank you!
Schnujo Won NaNo! - Thank you! MB sent.
🌙 HuntersMoon - Thank you! MB sent.
~Alexi~ - Thank you! MB sent.



Remember- you aren't expected to write a complete story in 50 to 75 words- you are creating a moment that draws a reader in and leaves the WANTING more, wanting a story.


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