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Closed! Thanks so much for a highly successful raffle~ Congrats winners :)

March 8 - April 12th - 11:59 p.m - WDC time

There are A LOT of AWESOME prizes and will be A LOT of WINNERS! Every single item will hide a prize. Every person who bids on that particular image, will be in a virtual dice roll for that image's hidden prize! *Star*

Ready to win some awesome prices? There's all kind of goodies hidden below. I'll hide each prize behind an image. You'll buy raffle tickets for the image you're drawn to. You won't know what prize lies behind, until the raffle is over. Then I'll roll the virtual dice for each person (and the number of times they bought the tickets. So if you bid on C and bought 10 tickets, then your name will be in the draw ten times) for each photo individually. Whoever wins the virtual dice roll for each image, will win the hidden prize behind it. *Cool*



*BurstV* Three Month Upgrade

*Burstv* One Month Premium Upgrade

*Burstv* 100,000 gps under one single image!

*Burstv* 50,000 gps under one single image!

*Burstv* 75K Awardicon

*Burstv* 50K Awardicon

*Burstv* 25K Awardicon with Merit Badge

*Burstv* Exclusive Merit Badges, including THREE of the newly commissioned "HOPE" Merit Badges, as soon as it's available!

*Burstv* Merit Badges

*Burstv* Awardicons

*Burstv* Reviews

*Burstv* GPs

*Burstv* And more!

When you buy your tickets, post the image letter and the number of tickets you want, and if gifted, to whom *Bigsmile*

*BurstP* ALL TICKETS COST 1,000 gps *Burstp*


Anyone donating 35K or more will receive a MB they do not have yet. Anyone donating 50K or more, will receive the new "HOPE' MB, as soon as it's received. *Delight*

Cu-Bella Lestrange - 35K *Heart**Boxcheckb*
Bones, beasts, midnight feasts - 100K *Heart**Boxcheckb**Badge*
iKïyå§amaCabre - 50K *Heart**Badge*
🌜 Howling @ HuntersMoon - 50K *Heart**Boxcheckb**Badge*
amyjo-Keeping it real and fun! = 10K *Heart**Boxcheckb*
Sally - 10K *Heart**Boxcheckb*
Jace - 50K *Heart**Boxcheckb**Badge*
Elle - on hiatus - 50K *Heart**Boxcheckb**Badge*
~WhoMe???~ - 100K *Heart**Boxcheckb**Badge*
ŴebBad2TheBone ŴiTcH - 50K *Heart**Boxcheckb**Badge*
GabriellaR45 - 5K *Heart*
Hannah ♫♥♫ - 35K *Heart**Boxcheckb*
Rust - 4K *Heart*
Life's a Beach... says Joey C - 30K *Heart**Boxcheckb*
Dee - 50K *Heart**Boxcheckb**Badge*
Shannon - 50K *Heart**Boxcheckb**Badge*
Asha Moonfall - Plotting Book! - 30K *Heart*
Gaby - 50K *Heart**Boxcheckb**Badge*
~Minja~ - 50K *Heart**Boxcheckb**Badge*
Lostwordsmith - 35K *Heart**Boxcheckb*
~Lifelessons~ - 50K *Heart**Boxcheckb**Badge*
Andy~your friend till the end - 50K *Heart**Boxcheckb**Badge*
The Run-on King PDG Member - 62K *Heart**Boxcheckb**Badge*
Pat ~ Rejoice always! - 50K *Heart**Boxcheckb**Badge*
GerMac - 35K *Heart**Boxcheckb*
r.a.garcia - 50K *Heart**Badge*

A) Before the Storm B) C) white wolf sig D)

E) Boat on water F) G)

H) ** Image ID #1060527 Unavailable ** I) J) Beauty of the Surfer

K) Invalid Photo #1036339 L) Sunrise on the bay M)

N) PensacolaBeachPierSide O) P) Addicted to WDC Sig

Q) R) pic for Hang Out forum

*Star*Proceeds will go toward helping fund my upgrade and commission merit badges*Star*

18 Winners! All Fantabulous Prizes! SERIOUSLY FAB!


Image A

Image B

Image C

Image D

Image E

Image F

Image G

Image H

Image I

Image J

Image K

Image L